Arise and awake and stop not till your goal is reached.

Swami Vivekananda

This famous quote from the teachings of Swami Vivekananda not only motivates you in every aspect of life but also makes you cautious about the goal that you wanted to achieve. We are here to know about Creative Writing Exercises and story writing. Creative writing exercises are the best way to enhance your creativity and help in story writing.

1. Write on a blank paper and pen( any vague idea)

Always carry a pen and paper with you. Or note down any ideas you get instantly on your phone. Because some ideas will just fly away as time flies. 

When you find some interesting stuff you can add on.

Just jot down some fascinating things that you noticed at that moment.

This creative writing exercise would help you in story writing what you have witnessed in your daily life.


When you see some image try to notice or identify 10 different words from that scene or image. Try to find good titles for your story writing. Write a sentence from each word and connect them altogether.


2. Ask at least 3 questions How what and why

People ask frequently asked questions. FAQ, the person asking questions, men’s and women’s questions, and answers vector illustration. Internet communication platform concept. Online forum users

Ask at least 3 questions on the subject or theme that you have decided to write. This story writing can be built according to each heading and subheading.

Whatever you do daily, ask yourself these three questions at least What am I doing? Why am I doing and how am I going to do it?

 For example, you are reading a book of your own choice that which you have bought from friends or the library. Try answering these questions.

These are just simple questions and just 1 example of creative writing. You can choose your questions and write accordingly.

1 Why am I reading this book?

2. What am I going to read?

3. How am I going to use the knowledge imparted from this?

3. Look around for an inspiration

Just open your eyes you may find a teacup, a photo frame, a window, a bus, a car, a train, a flight,  the sky, mountain, river, sea not?

Just write a few sentences about that and connect the dots.

For example, I had the fragrance of Darjeeling tea in a cup gifted by my granny on my 16th birthday. Instead of just writing I had tea.

There were beautiful mountains in the western ghats. I wish I would stay there all my life. Since it was a monsoon season, The river was full and flowing swiftly as if it is returning home after a long break. We witnessed mesmerizing waterfalls from that river. 

Now connect all three with a birthday celebration theme.

4. Remember the words of wisdom from great saints

Saints saying hide so many words within try decapsulating it. Dig deep, drill deep for better understanding. Put it in your own way.

“The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.”

You can put your understanding in your write-up. What are beautiful moments according to you? What is joy? What are you seeking?

In short, take prompts from different sources. Here I have mentioned great sayings from saints, you may take different quotes from famous influencers. This helps to get a story writing, in turn, would be a simple yet powerful creative writing exercise.

5. Talk to someone open-heartedly

Talking our hearts out to someone we trust not only relieves our burden but also enhances our mood.

Spend at least 5 minutes speaking to small kids. They will unveil the fantasy world to you. Write that. This would be the ideal prompt for fiction and creative writing exercise.

Beware of what you speak and whom you are speaking to. The best is to talk to yourself.

If you don’t talk to yourself in a day you had missed an opportunity to meet a great person, that is you. You are the creator of your own destiny.

6. Write the stories told to you.

There are a lot of stories that have been heard right from your childhood. Put them on a piece of paper. Mother is the first teacher of a child. Speaking to her gives pleasure and helps in your creative writing exercise as well. Her struggles, Her dreams about you. Just jot down the moments.

I always enjoyed when my father’s fascinating real stories.

Here is one of the stories.

Once my father and his friends went on a trip. That was a dense forest. There were around 10 guys of the same age. All were around 8 to 12 years. One guy named Narayana has seen that place before and he took the lead. There were mouth-watering fruits, all the leaves were so green as it was rainy season. There was a hissing sound from a bumble bee having the nectar from the lotus in the pond. The pond was so clear and could see the reflection of nature in that. An elephant’s trumpet was heard. Narayana warned everyone to be silent till the elephant finds its way out of the pond. All kids followed his words except one. Manav was an outlaw by nature and he went in front of the elephant. It has thrown out him like anything. But fortunately, he fell on the dense creeper which in turn saved his life. After this, he learned a lesson. Later everyone walked into the leadership of Narayana. He took him to the place where the corpse are found in heaps.

The bones of the corpse were so long, so big, that measured more than 10 feet. Their teeth were so big that have measured our palm’s length when joined together. Seeing this everyone was about to faint. Luckily Narayana had some mystical spray, he had sprinkled on all of their faces. There was a lion’s roar heard nearby. Everyone was searching for Narayana. He had just run away after hearing the roar. All the folks ran away here and there. There were a group of herds, with their cows. This guy showed them the way and they reached home with fearful hearts.

Stories have their own value in attracting each and every one. Because people like to know about something fascinating or morale or gossip.

Vector cartoon grandmother reading fairy tale book to girl kid sitting at the armchair. Illustration of elderly parent-child on the background of the home interior with a dragon princess castle on wall imagined by a kid

7. Look into your daily routine

At the end of the day sit and look over what has happened from morning to this time. What made you laugh today? Did you make someone happy with your words or actions? This is the best creative writing exercise to stay in the line of your wisdom.

8. Read good books

Find some good books to read. You may have a collection of books at your home or on your mobile. If this is so routine to you. Just write the random numbers from 1 to 10. Search that numbered books on your bookshelf. Write bits and pieces from there. Try to give a finishing touch to it by connecting everything to a plot.

Or try to find any book of your favorite genre and search a page. Randomly pick the words from that book according to the date, month, and year.

for example, the date is 20 Jan 2021. Pick the 20th line word. the next 1st paragraph sentence and the next 20th line and 21st line ideas. or glance at the pages to get an idea of what you want to write. Note down the best ideas. This creative writing exercise would help in prompting more ideas.

Books are considered to be the speechless great friend. But it also depends on what kind of book you chose. This creative writing exercise would be great if you are able to choose vast topic-oriented books rather than simple ones. You would get multiple options for the prompt. Story writing would also be great.

9. Write a letter (to yourself or dear ones)

Write a letter to your near and dear ones, your father, mother, daughter, son, nephew niece, brother, sister, or your dearest friend. This would enhance your relationship and also meanwhile adds a lot to your creative writing exercise.

Here is a sample letter for the little one.

My dear daughter,

This world is not only a bed of roses but also a path of thrones, a way full of hurdles. Life is like an ocean where the waves are continuous. It is up to you however you take it. The troubles in life are so common but never ever stand still and just count the waves, go play with it and have fun, but be careful. You must be cautious every day, every minute.

Face the troubles bravely, but never lose hope. The Sun and your mom are with you.

Life is like a gymnasium, work your stress out to fit into this Universe.

Life is a playground. Play here with utmost enthusiasm.

Life is like a drama, act in the living present.

Life is full of struggles, be courageous enough to face and win.

Have compassion towards others, Love all, Be patient enough till your time comes, and Forgive others for their mistake. At hook or crook do your work with sincerity. Money comes and goes but it takes an enormous amount of energy to be harmonious. The universe is in need of good people, can you become one my dear?

Yours always


Writing a letter to yourself ( maybe your younger self)  would be the funnier part of the creative writing exercise.  Writing to others would shower bounteous love upon the receiver.

10. Teach what you are best to someone

Assume you are writing to a person who does not know anything. Or lesser known about the skill that you are proficient about. This may be from cooking to driving a vehicle. This creative writing exercise would make you relive the moments from the beginning. How you started cooking, what did you do first? Did your vehicle get an accident on the first ride?

Teacher standing near the blackboard and holding a stick isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon woman character near chalkboard and pointing on the alphabet. School and learning concept

11. Ask someone to tell random words

Ask your near and dear ones to dictate some 10 words. Write one sentence with each word. The sentences should be framed in such a way that they sentences should comprehend each other it should be like a paragraph connecting each and every word.

1. Thunder
2. Drenched
3. Kids
4. glittery and sparkling
5. rain
6. Station
7. Train
8. Alone
9. Halloween
10. Unicorn
11. Magical wand
12. Dream
list of random words

Here is the short story or paragraph generated by random words.

It was a rainy morning, with thunder and lightning, I was literally drenched and walking to college. A beautiful rainbow was formed, It was just like the water droplets kissing the Sun. There were a couple of kids playing in rain. A baby in her mother’s arms was seeing that kid with glittery and sparkling eyes. A metro train station was just nearby. The train came on time, passengers were getting down from it. There was a person who got down last with bushy hair. He was all alone and baffled. He looked all around. There was a Halloween doll hanging onto the corner of the station. He was just scared looking at it. He just walked a little bit. There he found a birthday celebration with a unicorn theme at another corner of the station. the birthday girl was having a magic wand in her hand and was just mesmerizing. Oh, it was just a dream. I realized this when my mom pulled me out of the blanket.

Here are some of the Frequently asked questions

What is creative writing?

The art of writing stories in an attractive way. Basically, it’s any type of writing which is authentic and more of an expression of self. Imagination is the main key here. The author should be able to create a mesmerizing new world for the reader. You may be thinking what is the sole purpose of this? it is to express feelings or share life experiences with the needy, and also entertain readers for fun and making them be present in a fantasy world.

What would be there in creative writing or what are the types of creative writing?

Fiction(novels,novellas,short stories)
Movie and Television scripts
Personal essays

how can I begin my creative writing?

By enrolling yourself in the course.
By following the above-mentioned 11 creative writing exercises.
By writing daily. Story writing improves through these creative writing exercises, so do it on a daily basis if you are really serious.

How can I overcome writer’s block?

Now you have enrolled and finished the courses completely. You are able to write great few words. But when you sit to write you will face issues this is called writer’s block. that is caused due to lack of inspiration and/or fear of comparison.

how to enhance creative writing?

Creative writing can be enhanced through creative writing exercises and by using prompts.

What is the necessity of creative writing exercises?

1. It gives an idea or potential topic to the native.
2. It enhances the skill of the writer and makes the flow of the topic would easier.
3. It can be utilized to write any form of topic viz, fiction, nonfiction, dialogue writing, poetry, blogging, copywriting,

How can I use creative writing exercises to awaken my soul?

1. Practise, practice, and Practise is the main key here.
2. Enhance vocabulary through various methods like collecting words daily, using them in sentences, and Speaking those words with friends.
3. Try different creative writing exercises. It not only gives vividness. but also enhances your mood to write. Remember only diversity can bring unity.
4. after you are done with all this try merging them if possible for example storytelling and daily introspection or talking to someone.
5. Try to have a mentor or a circle where you can get them corrected.

Few creative writing prompts just for your reference.

These incidents are just executable, do try and have fun with story writing.

  1. Write about the most deafening sound you have heard. Make your characters real and make them hear it for the first time. Describe the whole lot in great detail.
  2. Find a line from the top ten songs list and describe the mood of the song. Give every detail about the music. It should be in such a way that the reader would be at the tip of their toes to see and hear that song.
  3. Imagine a blind restaurant where everything is dark. Describe it like a girl is taking her guy on a date. The food should be enjoyed in dark. They must feel everything and then write about it.
  4. Describe the cuisine of your native place. Create a character and make him describe the food that he relishes, and the aromas that are coming from that.
  5. Write something about the first touch. It may be a baby holding her dad’s fingers or her first kick in the womb.
  6. Write a story entirely in a conversation mode between the character.
  7. Write about the 3 entirely useful but completely neglected objects around you. They may be anything, for example, a broomstick, a foot mat, and a comode. Create a character who loves all these. Describe how compassionate he would be.
  8. Write about the most difficult stages of your life. Make it so understandable to a reader how pathetic it was for anyone to pass that stage.
  9. Write about the characters who are angry with each other but love deep inside.
  10. The flair of writing can be enhanced by giving it a realistic touch. Write about your life experiences of humiliation, proud moments, happy times, etc.

Final words from me

Have the habit of writing daily at a fixed time. It must be such that no one should disturb not even yourself.

Practise makes a man perfect, Write, look at it with critical eyes, re-write it and then publish it.

Protect yourself from writer’s block. Come out of it by hook or crook.

Enhance the readability of the audience by inserting attractive words and infographics.

Share with your own circle first and check the reaction. Widen your audience by putting them across social media.

Do not pressurize yourself to be perfect all the time remember slow and steady wins the race. Make it swift yet full of patience.

Be a voracious reader. Great things can happen only through great efforts. Reading widens your horizon and imbibes more skills to instill in you.

I hope all these creative writing exercises are fun and you enjoy the saga of writing in your story-writing life.

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