Haven’t we all come across a catchy tagline that lingers at the back of our minds? Businesses use creative and persuasive writing to advertise and introduce their products. Copywriting course in India uses the power of words to influence the buyer’s decision. Businesses need assistance in creating attractive home pages, interesting landing pages, sales letters, subscription pages, intriguing blogs, articles, e- letters, and more.


Copywriting course in India has become a lucrative job, especially during the covid pandemic. Many businesses need talented content writers and this has led to a boom in job opportunities in this field. Web copywriters are more in demand. Modern times have instigated the desire in people to work from home. Although the demand for quality content writers is growing, there is also an increase in the competition in this field. It is very important how you set your foundation and where you learn your basics. Learning from the right educational institution and adding an accredited certification can assist to boost your resume.

Here I am going to help you by listing the top 10 institutions that aid in sculpting you into an accomplished copywriter. 

1. Henry Harvin – Best Copywriting Course In India

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Henry Harvin Education does a great job at including all the necessary components to make you into a successful copywriter. The institution offers an instructor-led, time-bound course, ensuring to motivate you to finish your journey. The Copywriting course not only offers assistance to become a skilled copywriter but also provides tips and tricks to ensure you keep growing throughout your career path. It tutors you to make great content and also to analyse the content’s effectiveness and reach.

The Copywriting Course Entails:

  • You will learn to research. It is very important to understand the industry trends and the competition in the market to create an effective ad copy.
  • You will be exposed to the characteristics of good Copywriting course in India. Here you will also be taught the difference between good copywriting and good writing.
  • The trainers will explain the recipe for good copywriting. Before you write for a client it is important to understand the client’s product and his position in the market. 
  • A good copywriter should know his/ her audience before starting the job. You will be taught how to write with simplicity and precision to clearly voice out the message needed to be conveyed.
  • You will learn about posting on social media. Social media has become a big part of our lives. It is important to harness and use these platforms to best benefit the client and to advertise your skills. 
  • The trainers help you understand the best copywriting practices that help you recognize social trends and stay relevant. It is very important to keep your writing fresh and to grow your vocabulary.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to turn your love for writing into a successful profession. You will understand the type of content the buyers are looking for and the content that sells. 

Duration / Cost: The course is a 16-hour deadline-driven course.  The self-paced courses cost Rs 8,550 and the trainer-led online classrooms cost Rs 9,500. You can also avail of their No cost EMI option for payment.

Benefits Henry Harvin Provides:

  • You have a choice of selecting the type of class that suits your busy schedule. They provide Online Classrooms, Self paced classes and corporate training classes.
  • The institute offers 100% placement support. They dedicate a class to help you with resume creation and to arm you with strategies to market yourself on social media platforms.
  • Their faculty boasts 10 plus years of experience on the subject.
  • They provide monthly boot camps to revamp your ideas and knowledge on the subject.
  • You will receive a 1-year gold membership with access to video recordings, slides and a library of knowledge on copywriting course in India.

Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Course Fees


Cities in India where Henry Harvin Copywriting Course is provided:

Mumbai, Online, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ernakulam, Hyderabad


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2. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE) – Best Copywriting Course In India

IIDE offers digital marketing courses to people around the world. The institute hires trainers with vast field knowledge and is proficient in the subject. Copywriting course in India with Certification is an introductory course that aims at helping you to familiarise yourself with copywriting. 


Copywriting courses

Course Syllabus:

  • You will be introduced to the basic components of copywriting and types of copies.
  • You will be taught the process of digital copywriting.
  • You will learn the importance of catchy headlines and the difference between slogans and taglines.
  • Copywriters use emotions to connect with their audience. Here you will learn various ways to incorporate emotion into your content.
  • You will be taught social media content creation.
  • The trainer will help you to unravel copywriting tools and techniques. They will also guide you in creating persuasive copy presentations.

Features of this Copywriting course:

  • The course is a blend of online lectures and assessments. They provide up to five practice tests and assessments to help you test your knowledge on the subject.
  • The lectures are made available only for up to 30 days.
  • This is a short three-hour course with multiple lectures that have an average duration of 5 minutes. These short lectures aid even the busiest to complete the course. 

Duration / Cost: This Copywriting Course is designed to be short and crisp. You can complete the course in around 3 hours. The course costs Rs 3,813 plus tax.

3. Institute of Copywriting – Best Copywriting Course In India

Institute of Copywriting is headquartered in Delhi, India. This institution is entirely dedicated to copywriting. Their website is unique and intriguing. It is a blend of simplicity and it proudly displays talent expected from an institute devoted to writing. The courses need to be attended in person and are presently available only in Delhi. To apply for the course, you need to send an email to the institute informing them about your interest.


Copywriting courses

The institute offers 3 levels of Copywriting course classes: 

  • A six-week class: This course offers a detailed introduction to copywriting and is open to all. The course is a combination of classes, assignments, and trainer feedback. 
  • Copywriting Super Class (3 months): This course is designed to churn out proficient copywriters into society. Successful completion of the six-week course will make you eligible to attend this class. Copywriting techniques, brand positioning, types of campaigns, media types and various other topics are covered in depth.
  • Portfolio creation course (3 months): The students who complete the Copywriting superclass become eligible for this class. Any agency looking to hire, demands a portfolio to showcase your capabilities. This course helps in making you industry-ready. 

4. SkillShare – Best Copywriting Course In India

SkillShare is an online community where individuals with prominent skills set come to impart their talent and experience to the world. You will come across various teachers who are not trained to teach but are accomplished in that particular subject. Learners around the globe approach this platform aiming to acquire knowledge. Skillshare is known for the wide range of topics they provide. Here we are looking at a particular course on copywriting that has the highest number of student participation.  Copywriting For Beginners: How to Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy is a course offered by Jesse Forrest.

 Copywriting courses


Copywriting courses

Features of the course:

  • The brief one-hour course is broken into 16 short videos. This comes in handy, especially for those of you who are caught in a tight schedule.
  • This course aims to help you master the fundamentals of copywriting. You will become proficient in writing interesting web pages and successful landing pages.
  • The course helps you to understand the consumer’s mind. It is crucial to understand the audience to create effective copies. 
  • The course teaches you easy exercises to overcome writer’s block.
  • You will learn to transform boring products into irresistible needs. 

Duration / Cost: The course requires just around one hour of your precious time. You will need to sign up for Skillshare to avail yourself access to free classes and you can get the premium membership to avail of unlimited access to classes.

5. Coursera – Best Copywriting Course In India

Coursera is one of the prominent Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Coursera offers courses in partnership with reputed educational institutions. The syllabus for every course is custom-built by experts in the industry to tailor to the needs of the learner. The Strategy of Content Marketing Course is offered by UCDAVIS, University of California. 

 Copywriting courses


Copywriting courses

Course Features:

  • This course offers the luxury of flexible deadlines. This option offers freedom to busy working professionals and to people who prefer to learn at their own pace.
  • Coursera aims to provide online learning to people around the world. In that perspective, the course provides subtitles in 10 different languages.
  • This course is entirely made available online. You can attend the course from the comfort of your home.
  • The certificate you receive upon completing the course will help boost your resume and is easily shareable.

Duration / Cost: This course is spread over 4 weeks and requires 19 hours of effort. 

Syllabus of the Course:

  • The teachers will help you understand the content market ecosystem.
  • You will learn the 7A framework. It can help you create strategic content that can capture your audience’s attention and help to derive the desired action from your potential customers. 
  • You will learn to include emotion in your content. You will create empathy and experience maps to better connect with your customers.
  • Towards the end, you will learn to manage your content. 

6. Upgrad

Upgrad offers an advanced-level course for digital marketing as a whole. An in-depth look at Copywriting is part of the syllabus. Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication course is available to both professionals who aim to move up their career ladder and to students who wish to start their journey in digital marketing. The course is broken down into 4 parts: Branding and communication, Social Media and content marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Marketing Communications – Public relations. You can choose to attend all the courses or specialize in one particular field. You will be exposed to over 15 case studies and live projects.

 Copywriting courses


Copywriting courses

Duration / Cost: The total duration needed to complete the course varies between 6.5 to 11 months. The cost of this course is between Rs 87,750 to Rs 1,27,750 plus taxes depending on the number of courses you choose. No cost EMI options are available for payment.

Options available:

  •  You can choose a custom path aimed at achieving your dreams and goals.
  • You can opt for an executive track. Here you will focus on learning the basics of digital management and learn to use five plus tools to run campaigns.
  • There is a Management track. This track focuses on helping you create and to analyse social media campaigns.
  • You can avail of a leadership track where you manage campaigns and create SEM and SEO audit reports. 

Eligibility:  This advanced course requires you to have a bachelor’s or equivalent degree.

7. Lead Academy

It is important to understand, although copywriting can be fun, it is business and not art. The most crucial factor of copywriting is that it should instigate the desired action from the audience. Lead Academy helps to understand the kind of writing preferred by businesses to promote and sell their products or ideas. Copywriting course in India is tailored to create efficient and productive copywriters.


Copywriting courses

Benefits of the course:

  •  This course helps to boost your copywriting profession. You will be able to take the next step in your career ladder. 
  • You will receive a strong foundation in copywriting. This course will help to deepen your copywriting skill and knowledge.
  • This is a self-paced session aimed to fit into the busy schedules of working professionals.
  • The platform offers 24/7 access to tutors. You can clear your doubts whenever they arise.
  • Upon completing the course, you will receive a certification for additional pay.

Benefits You Receive from Institution:

  • The institute offers lifetime access to study materials.
  • The course is designed to be flexible and there are no fixed schedules.
  • The course is broken into short videos which you can view even while you are travelling.
  • The students are given email customer support around the clock.

8. ECT (Education and Career Times)

ECT is a government recognised educational training institute that focuses on helping people find their dream jobs. Its headquarter is situated in Delhi. The institute boasts experienced professional trainers who have impressive experience in Digital Marketing. They allow students to work on live projects to give exposure to real-world problems. Their Digital marketing Course gives a clear understanding of the market and content creation.

Topics covered:

  • The trainers give an introduction to Digital marketing.
  • You will learn to design and develop websites.
  • The course helps you to get familiarised with Word press.
  • You will indulge in content development and creative design.
  • You will learn how to research keywords and keyword search tools.
  • You will take a deep dive into the operations and importance of SEO. The syllabus covers e-commerce SEO, Local SEO, and Technical SEO.
  • The trainers teach you the functions of google analytics and how to place Google ads.
  • You will become clear on how to monetize your skills in digital marketing.
  • You will be introduced to Social media Optimisation. It is important to choose the right platform to network with and boost your skills and business. 
  • The course includes education on how to earn as a freelancer and techniques in getting high-paying clients. 
  • You will learn the steps in starting a digital marketing agency and the steps involved in successfully selling digital products.
  • You will be capable of becoming a successful blogger.

Cost: The cost of the course comes to Rs 24,999. 

9. Udemy

Udemy offers a wide range of topics at an affordable price. This institution focuses on delivering quality study material to students around the world. The courses are often offered in levels of difficulty and one can choose depending on their capability and existing knowledge. Copywriting – Copywriting Basics – Secrets That Bring Sale is a course aimed at beginners.

Features of the course:

  • The courses are structured to be self-paced and on-demand videos.
  • The platform offers lifetime access to study materials for this course.
  • The course entails three downloadable resources on this topic.
  • You will receive a certification after you complete the course.
  • The online material can be accessed on multiple devices such as mobile phones, TV, laptops and desktops. This makes it convenient to access it during travel.
  • The course is divided into 9 sections and 19 short lectures.

Duration / Cost: This is a short course. It requires only 1.5 hours of your valuable time. The course costs Rs 490.

Copywriting Course Syllabus:

  • You will learn to create content that actually sells.
  • You will get an understanding of crafting a relevant message to the right kind of audience that will become prospective customers.   
  • You will learn the importance of effective targeting.
  • You will be introduced to the role of copywriting in successful marketing.
  • You will learn the effect of retargeting. 

10. Alpha Academy

Alpha academy offers Business Sales Copywriting Specialist Course. Copywriters are always on the lookout for new ideas and interesting concepts. It is important to create an understanding of the market situations and the competition in the market. This helps one to effectively create content that is successful and relevant. The course aims at aspiring copywriters who strive to build a profession in digital marketing. 

Course Features:

  • You will receive access to study materials for a period of 1 year.
  • This is a beginner-level course.
  • You will receive certification upon completing the course.
  • The course includes 2 quizzes on the subject you learned.

Duration: The course can be completed in 5 hours and 40 min.


  • You will receive tips and tricks to formulate winning sales letter concepts.
  • The course teaches you effective sales letter formats.
  • You will receive a detailed overview of how to write a sales letter.
  • The course offers real-life examples to help you gain experience.
  • In the end, you have an opportunity to attempt a mock exam before your final test. 

11. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy is a recognised Digital Marketing Institute that offers the most effective Copywriting Courses with placement.

Essential characteristics of the Copywriting courses in Bangalore:

  • It includes over 20 lessons with guidance from industry professionals.
  • You develop your abilities by working with some of the most advanced tools in the content area. 
  • They provide job alerts, career counselling, and LMS access around the clock.
  • The course is associated with a Jain university. Therefore, you receive a course certificate from Digital Academy 360 and Jain university. 
  • The career help includes one-on-one mentorship, resume and portfolio preparation, personality development, soft skills training, career counselling, and simulated interviews.

12. Inventateq

When it comes to training in information technology and related fields, Inventateq is a very reputable name. They offer one of the best Copywriting course in India. The Copywriting course with placement is conducted by some of the brightest minds and consists of 30 to 35 hours. 

You have the option to attend classes on weekends or during the week.

The course emphasises practical application and delivers numerous practical assignments. Additionally, you get access to mentors with over five years of expertise in the digital domain. They offer a comprehensive comprehension of the web space. The mentors guide you and help you gain confidence by providing proper replies to interview questions.

Additionally, they provide many certification courses for professionals. Digital Marketing, SEO, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Blockchain are other courses provided by this academy.

13. Online Idea Lab

Online Idea Lab is one institution that offers Copywriting course in India, the United States, and Canada. They provide the best Copywriting course with placement. Moreover, by delivering various content-related programs, they want to upskill individuals based on their inclinations, interests, choices, and abilities. You also have access to a self-paced introduction to content writing and creative writing. Another training is the content writing and blogging boot camp.

Online Idea lab offers classes on digital marketing, Amazon Web Services, blockchain, and Python, in addition to the best Copywriting courses.

 In addition, they provide short courses that enable you to work on simple projects, obtain the necessary qualifications, and learn a great deal from industry professionals.

14. Content Knockout 

Content knockout is one of the most popular Copywriting course in India. Ms Monica Samuel, the mentor, is a leader in the digital sector. She assists career-minded individuals in acquiring superior writing and marketing skills. This course lasts three months, although you can complete it earlier. You must exert the necessary effort to learn the subtleties of writing at content knockout.

In addition to offering the best Copywriting courses, it provides digital marketing consulting services to organisations. The course covers the fundamentals and principles of content creation and how to design strategies that convert and deliver the desired results for businesses.

15. Nestsoft

Nest Soft Technology offers one of the most sought-after Copywriting course in India. Since its founding in 1997, it has endeavoured to become the foremost software development company. They provide comprehensive solutions and consulting services to IT corporations, institutions, startups, and other businesses.

They are a highly diverse provider of software solutions. As a result, they provide a variety of courses to enhance entiredividuals’ skills for writing real employment chances. They have one of the best Copywriting courses.

Copywriter- A sales Magician:

The use of rhymes, descriptions and catchy tag lines helps the customer always keep your product in mind. The phrase “Finger licking good” instantly reminds us of KFC and its delicious fried chicken. Appropriate and timely use of unique content can help catapult your business in the market war zone. Copywriters yield the power of persuasion in their content. By infusing emotion and wordplay the copywriter is able to sustain a relationship with the customers. The market cauldron churns out abundant job opportunities for this field of work. Every business is hunting for good copywriters. You only need to keep your pens and keypads ready. 


Copywriting courses

To excel in this field you need to continue to sharpen your skills. The work of a copywriter is fun, but one should not forget that this is business and we need our content to sell. Although you may have mastery over the language, you will never know the business of the client as well as the client. Any content writer should make it a part of their job to distil important knowledge from the client. Only in understanding where the client’s business stands in the market and their competition, will you be able to produce a successful piece of content that instigates action from the audience. 

Practical Copywriting Course for Beginners

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Q.1 How do I become a copywriter?

Ans. Anyone can become a copywriter. A voracious interest in writing is enough to qualify you to choose the copywriting field. Although an English degree would aid in your journey to become a copywriter, you do not need a degree. To become a professional copywriter, a clear understanding of the topic and creativity are essential. Certification Copywriter courses can help to impress agencies and businesses in need of this expertise.


Q.2 What is copywriting?

Ans. Copywriting is the art of creating and publishing strategic content that helps to build brand awareness and aids in kindling the desire in the customers or prospective customers to buy the client’s product. Good copywriting content should help the business to convert a dormant audience into customers. 


Q.3 Can I become rich using copywriting?

Ans. Yes, you can. Copywriting is a great way to make money. There are many job opportunities available for this profession. Although there is a tap on how much you can earn from conventional copywriting agencies, one can make huge cheques as a freelance copywriter.


Q.4 How do I get a job in the copywriting profession?

Ans. It is important that you are clear on the fundamentals of copywriting. A certification course would immensely increase your chance of grabbing a job. As a fresher, you can start by creating profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn. It will be helpful if you create a portfolio to showcase your talent to your recruiter. 

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