The demand for skilled managers has skyrocketed over the past two decades due to the expansion of large and small businesses. A management degree can increase your chances of being hired by a top firm and push you to dizzying heights of success.

The business world is quite alluring. It is especially true for individuals who desire achievement, is willing to take chances, and are responsible. Pursuing an MBA degree is always a good idea, regardless of whether your goal is to become a manager, attain a better position in a global organisation, or pursue entrepreneurial endeavours. In the following ways, these 16 types of MBA courses in India can benefit you.

  • Enhance knowledge and hone abilities.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and business owners.
  • Learn to approach any situation from multiple vantage points.

An MBA program provides options for pursuing courses in several fields, including finance, marketing, management, strategy, and economics. Your selection of a concentration for your MBA will rely on the skill set you wish to develop. All MBA programs are designed to improve your business acumen and give the required support. The following are some MBA concentrations that you can pursue.

Types of MBA Courses in India

There are various MBA programs in India. MBA programs include full-time, executive, distance, online, part-time, and one-year programs. 

1. MBA- Financial Management

This course is one of the most popular MBA programs among the various MBA courses. Aspirants choose MBA Finance to achieve excellence and develop leadership abilities in Financial Management, and Financial Management, among others.


  • A bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Science, or the Humanities,
  •  Those who have completed CA/CS/ICWA 
  •  Who has an engineering background 

Are eligible to enrol in an MBA Finance course, as there is no prerequisite for enrolling in MBA Finance subject. In addition, there is no age restriction for entry to the MBA Finance program. MBA Finance courses can be studied at any age, depending on the individual’s pursuit of a management degree.

These MBA courses in India combine regular business courses with Fund Management, Corporate Budgeting, Investment Analysis, etc. These are some of the most popular jobs for graduates:

  • Financial Consultant – 58,800 USD per year
  • Accounting Manager – 71,200 USD Annually
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)- 132,800 USD per year 

2. MBA Marketing

MBA in Sales & Marketing Management is one of the most popular MBA programs to gain expertise in consumer behavior, Communication, Services Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

  • Mathematical Ability, Good Communication Skills, Analytical and Leadership Skills, Reasoning and Problem-Solving Abilities,
  • MBA Marketing depends on your personality and enthusiasm for the curriculum.
  • The MBA in Sales Management is pursued by individuals who have a knack for dealing with ever-increasing numbers of people,
  • who have excellent communication skills and comprehension of human behaviour, and who may engage in general to specific marketing activities.

Here are a few examples of types of Management courses in India:

  • Marketing Manager – 64,850 USD/year
  • Market Research Director – 79,000 USD/year
  • Director of Sales – 90,950 USD/year

3. MBA Human Resource Management (HRM)

Managing and keeping the best human resources in the workplace has become challenging. As a result, the demand for candidates with an MBA in human resources is expanding year after year in the corporate and industrial sectors. With a growing awareness of the importance of human resource management in corporate organisations, specialists with MBAs in HR are in high demand to hire, manage, and retain personnel in these busy and demanding times. Consequently, MBA HR Jobs have witnessed increased campus postings at MBA schools.

Here are some examples of post-graduation employment opportunities:

  • Manager of Human Resources (HR) – 66,900 USD per year
  • Manager of Employee Relations – 75,400 USD per year
  • Director of Human Resources (HR) – 88,000 USD per year

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

MBA HRM is the appropriate choice if you are sincerely interested in an organisation’s most sensitive ‘Human’ aspect. The program demands the Human Resource Manager to ensure that the business has the requisite number of talented individuals knowledgeable about their work and organisational objectives. 

The program’s fundamental purpose is to build a sensitive HR professional with the necessary abilities, knowledge, and sensitivity to manage the core business and human resource-related difficulties easily.

The MBA HR courses cultivate the essential HR specialist competencies and the proper attitude for today’s business climate by giving an understanding of the people management challenges and practices pertinent to each industry.

4. MBA International Business

International Business is the cornerstone of economic growth. People who get an MBA in International Business understand how they can gain the country’s most valuable foreign currency with superior managerial abilities.

The MBA in Worldwide Business course provides essential knowledge of the skills required for international operations. It teaches proficiency in worldwide marketing, finance, and international norms of conduct.

Manager of Foreign Business, Manager of International Finance, Manager of International Operations, Manager of Exports, Manager of Imports, and Manager of Logistics are among the entry-level positions and profiles provided to candidates by domestic and international organisations.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

MBA IB is, in fact, an MBA in international corporations. You can take this course if you are interested in worldwide operations and global exports and imports.

5. MBA Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics is becoming increasingly valuable as the demand for professionals able to analyse and explain massive data increases annually. IIMs in India have added Business Analytics as an integral program or elective in their MBA programs. 

Realising the significance of the MBA in Business Analytics, India’s leading universities and private management schools now offer it as one of the essential types of management courses in India.

In India, more than one hundred business schools offer MBA in Business Analytics as either an exclusive full-time program or as a standalone two-year full-time/1-year fast-track full-time management degree.

Companies employ Business Analytics consultants to obtain the most effective recommendations and courses of action based on Business Data Analysis and scientifically derived future forecasts. MBAs in Business Analytics are receiving more fantastic placements. They are in high demand among top recruiters, as firms require people who can make business decisions based on scientific business data analysis.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

MBA in Business Analytics is a comprehensive curriculum that covers the most recent analytics tools, techniques, and business applications. Case studies from the real world are discussed to help learners thrive in their business responsibilities utilising data analytics. You could enrol in this program if you have the analytical skills and desire to learn in this emerging managerial sector.

6. MBA Supply Chain

MBA in supply chain prepares you for inventory management, warehousing, and transportation of diverse commodities required by the business. It provides expertise in Logistics – National & Global, Supply Chain models, and Transportation, amongst other essential areas.

In India types of MBA courses, the positions are available at the Manager, Coordinator, and higher levels. MBA students are increasingly selecting MBA in Supply Chain Management programs.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

Any graduate can enrol in this program. If you enjoy coordination and are interested in supply chain management models and related processes, you should register.

7. MBA in General Management

MBA programs in General Management are famous and teach students critical thinking, problem-solving, and risk management skills. These competencies enable future graduates to hold managerial or administrative jobs in various organisations (private, public, NGOs).

In these types of MBA courses in India, Professional Development, Business Analytics, Project and Economics for Managers, Organisational Behaviour, etc., are among the courses you will take. You can apply for the following managerial and administrative posts after graduation:

  • Manager of Business Development – $72,100 Per Annum
  • Real Estate Administrator – 77,100 USD per year
  • Manager of Risk Management – $94,100 Per Year

8. MBA Family Business

MBA Family Business allows students to further expand and strengthen their family business and venture into entrepreneurship with innovative ideas.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

If you are motivated to follow the “Make in India” and “Start-up India” initiatives, this course is for you. In quickly changing corporate settings and economies, the next generation of business owners desires to manage uncertainty and volatility effectively.

MBA Family Business and Entrepreneurship Program is developed to help satisfy the next generation of family business owners’ demands to cater to this group.

The program encourages entrepreneurial endeavours and the expansion and modernisation of family businesses to make them successful and growth-oriented.

9. MBA Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management is an emerging field of study. These types of management courses in India improve your employment possibilities by focusing on preventive Healthcare, treatment and pharmaceutical management, Hospital Administration and Management, and health insurance.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

You can enrol in the MBA Healthcare Management program if you are a science graduate with a background in life sciences, biology, biotechnology, and other relevant fields and have a deep interest in healthcare planning to become a part of healthcare management/hospital operations.

10. MBA Agri-Business

IIMs in India have recently expanded their MBA offerings to include full-time MBA in Agribusiness Management programs. In recent years, several universities, Agriculture Business Management schools, and top MBA schools have recognised the demand for this MBA program and developed MBA Agribusiness programs.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

MBA Agri Business is ideal for those with a background in agriculture, Agri engineering, food engineering/technology, agriculture science, or biotechnology. Moreover, if you have a deep interest in Agriculture and allied business activities and intend to pursue a career with this MBA program with excellent growth possibilities, you should enrol in it.

11. MBA in Rural Management

More than fifty per cent of India’s marketing, finances and human resources management would involve rural management. India will require more MBA graduates in rural administration in the next three to four years. To meet the needs of India’s rural market, which has vast potential, many international corporations seek employees with an MBA in rural management.

Eligibility in These Types of MBA Courses in India

So utilising locally accessible raw materials, the Rural Management program provides instruction and management of rural markets dominated by agriculture and allied products. If you are interested in rural governance and intend to become an expert in the field, you should pursue an MBA-RM.

12. MBA in Consulting

MBAs in Consulting integrate regular business courses with Business Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Business Communication, Consulting, Negotiations, and Ethics courses, among others. These types of MBA Courses in India enables students to comprehend the impact of business dynamics and human relations more thoroughly.

MBAs in consulting are ideal for individuals who like verbal and written communication, are excellent listeners, and can analyse activities and provide criticism in these types of management courses in India.

13. MBA in Operations Management

MBAs in Operations Management strengthen the students’ analytical skills and educate them on how to apply mathematical models and systems. These types of MBA Courses in India enable future graduates to enhance the quality of products and services while cutting manufacturing costs.

Business Analytics, Operations Strategy, etc., are a few of the specialized courses you will take in India types of MBA courses.

14. MBA in Global Management

The MBA in Global Management is the second most popular MBA specialization. These types of MBA Courses in India are designed to assist students in comprehending cultural variations and how international/multinational businesses must adjust their strategy to different nations and markets.

15. MBA in Technology Management

MBAs in Technology Management are appropriate for students with a passion for technology and understanding its potential, consequences, and hazards. These types of MBA Courses in India instruct future graduates on how to utilize software and hardware to enhance the effectiveness of businesses, products, and services.

In addition to business and management classes, you will also take Technological Innovation, Manufacturing Strategy, etc., programs.

MBA in Engineering Management

MBAs in Engineering Management instruct prospective students on how to make more informed management decisions by incorporating engineering principles, techniques, and systems. In these types of MBA Courses in India, students are taught how to examine various engineering solutions, evaluate risks, and execute solutions that improve the performance of organizations in highly technical engineering fields.


Based on functions or industry Sectors/Domains, around 3000 B-Schools in India offer more than fifty distinct MBA programs. MBA Marketing and Finance are India’s most popular MBA programs, followed by MBA Human Resource Management and MBA International Business.

Henry Harvin Education is the industry leader in the online skill training program that the market demands. It has a reputation for providing innovative programs. Moreover,  it is a globally respected brand for outstanding training programs. Henry Harvin is aware of the importance of acquiring entrepreneurial abilities. It is the ideal platform for pursuing MBA courses and Junior MBA programs.


Which types of MBA courses have the least amount of math?

Ans: However, international and human resource management areas have less mathematics in their curriculum.

Do colleges allow MBA completion without a CAT?

Ans: A few elite B-schools also offer Direct MBA admissions without the CAT. Numerous private colleges also provide direct admittance to MBA programs based on their various university entrance examinations, Personal Interviews, or the candidate’s previous qualifying exam score.

How long does an MBA program last?

Ans: The conventional MBA is a two-year, full-time, on-campus program. An accelerated MBA can be completed online or in person and typically requires 11 to 16 months of full-time study to finish.

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