Python is a programming language that is gaining immense popularity among the workforce. The reason behind its growing popularity is its simplicity.

Even people without technical backgrounds (like accountants, Human resource professionals, Sales professionals, etc.) can use Python to create various applications and software. Hence the USP of Python is its user-friendliness.

Python can be used for different fields like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and data visualization.

If you are a beginner, you may want to create projects using Python language as that is how you would excel in your programming skills.

Let us look at some interesting and exciting Python project ideas for beginners.

1. Mad libs generator

Mad libs are a vocabulary game that gives you a story with many words missing.

All you have to do is to fill the blanks with the words that you think are appropriate for the storyline. You get clues for the missing words like if it should be a noun or a verb or any other form of the word. In the end, it is fun to know how your story has turned out to be.

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You can create a program using Python language to create the game of Mad libs generator. You can create this project using Tkinter and the basic concepts of Python.

Tkinter is a library resource for creating the graphical user interface. The mad libs generator project is suitable for beginners and is made by following below steps;

  • Importing modules
  • Creating a display window
  • Defining functions
  • Creating buttons

2. Hangman

Hangman is a fun game based on vocabulary and general knowledge. Both kids and adults can play this game.

Basically, in Hangman you need to guess a word by guessing alphabets one by one and you get chances till the Hangman falls and dies. These words can be any country, city, animal, or from any other category.

Hangman is another good idea for new learners to create a project using Python language as it is simple as is based only on random and time modules. You can follow the below steps to create the Hangman project on Python.

  1. Create a project
  2. Make a Python file
  3. Name your Python file
  4. Download the full source code.

3. Desktop notifier app/ reminders

In the current digital age, we cannot do without reminders and alarms. We all need reminders in our day-to-day life both at home and in the office.

For working professionals, there are these notifiers on their desktop or laptop that reminds them of any important task to be done, like an email to be replied to, a meeting to be attended, etc.

You can create such a desktop notifier app using Python that can run on a system and keeps sending different reminders for different tasks.

This project can be made using modules based on Time. You can use library sources like notify2 and requests to create this project.

4. Youtube video downloader

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This is an interesting Python project idea. The major source of any kind of video today is Youtube. For any small or basic information, we switch to Youtube for the relevant videos. There are some videos that we want to download permanently but it is restricted by Youtube.

You can create an app through which you can download videos from Youtube in various formats. It may sound a little difficult to make such a project on Python but on the contrary, it is very easy to build this project and very suitable for students and beginners.

You can create this project using basic concepts of Python, pytube, and Tkinter library and following the below steps;

  • Importing libraries
  • Making the display windows
  • Creating fields to enter links
  • Creating functions to start the downloading

5. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a very common game played among kids. It is usually played between two friends. You have to make a fist and say “Rock Paper Scissor” and then have to form a shape of either a rock, paper, or a scissor from your hand.

There are conditions of the hand shape which decide the winner, like if you make a paper from your hand and your friend makes a scissor then the scissor will win as the scissor can cut the paper. Similarly, between Rock and Scissor, Rock will win and between paper and rock, the paper will win.

This game can be played online where the computer will be your opponent. This can be an interesting Python project idea for beginners. This project can be created using Tkinter and Random module.

6. Tic Tac Toe

We all have played Tic Tac Toe and it is one of the quickest games. It is a very simple game played between two people. In a grid of nine squares, two players have to draw their respective symbols(x and o), and whoever makes either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal with three x or o on the grid wins.

This is also an easy project that can be created using Python. The modules used are Time and Math.

7. The Snake game

The Snake game is a very popular and fun online game. The generation which saw computers and mobile phones just being introduced would relate to this classic game as it was one of the very few games available on phones and computers.

This is a very simple game, where the player has to move the snake towards the fruit. With every fruit that the snake eats, it becomes longer. The challenge is to keep moving and eat the fruit and avoid touching its own tail.

You can create this project in Python using the turtle module, random module, time module, and concept of Python.

8. Calculator

We need a calculator in our day-to-day lives to make calculations. It is a must on our phones and computers. This is also an interesting and easy project using Python language.

Before starting, you need to download the source code for the calculator program in Python. Then you can proceed with creating a Python calculator with the help of libraries like Math and Tkinter.

9. Currency convertor

A currency converter is required by people working in banks, Foreign exchange departments, Stock exchanges, and other institutes dealing in foreign transactions.

However, even students and general working professionals, and non-working people too need the currency converter to know the rate of a particular currency.

Creating a Currency convertor app on Python is another simple project that learners and beginners can make. You will create an application based on GUI that will convert the rates of different currencies and display the rate of the currency to the user. For eg, the conversion of the US dollar to the Indian Rupee.

Along with basic knowledge of Python, you will need ‘tkinter’ for User Interface and ‘requests’ for getting the url

Below are the steps to be followed while creating a currency convertor app;

  • Getting the real-time exchange rates
  • Importing required libraries
  • Creating the currency converter class
  • Making the UI for Currency convertor
  • Creating the main function

10. Rolling a Dice

This is a very simple program that can be made using Python language. It is just a virtual version of dice rolling that we do while playing games like snakes and ladders and Ludo. A normal dice has numbers (in form of dots encrypted) from 1 to 6 and when you throw the dice it gives you any random number from 1 to 6.

Similarly, the Dice rolling project on python is programmed in such a way that when you click on a command as set by you, for eg. “Roll” or “Roll the Dice”, any random number from 1 to 6 will be displayed. It will also prompt you if you want to roll the dice again.

11. Alarm Clock

An Alarm clock is also a necessity and we need it daily for waking up in the morning and creating alerts for different tasks.

Nowadays people have alarm apps on their devices, especially the phone.

As a beginner one can create an Alarm application with the help of Python, another good Python project idea. It is a Command Live Interface application. You can make it more interesting by adding a youtube link and designing it in such a way that when your alarm rings, the particular video of the youtube link will be played.

12. Contact book.

Today we won’t be able to do without a contact book on our devices, as it is not possible to remember the ten-digit mobile numbers of our contacts. There are hundreds of contacts on our phones with information like names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses that we need to save and keep handy. Creating a contact book using Python language is a very good Python project idea for the learners and beginners. This is a command-line project in which you will design the app in such a way that will allow the user to not only save the contact but also update the contact information, delete any contact and search for a contact,

You should use PyQt and SQLite database as it is an ideal platform for saving contacts.

13. Typing test

Typing test is really helpful to people who are new to computers. You can practice typing using a typing test application. It is very useful as it not only shows your speed but also tells you the accuracy, with the mistakes you did during your typing test. Based on your results you can improve your typing speed.

To create a project of typing test in Python, you need basic knowledge of python programming and the pygame library.

This is an exciting Python project idea as it also allows you to explore python programming more.

14. Guess the word

In this game, the computer will generate any random word but the player cannot see it. The computer asks the player to guess any letter. If the word contains that letter it is placed at its position in the word. If the word doesn’t contain that letter then the computer asks the player to guess another word.

The player gets 10 chances to guess the word. You can also customize the number of chances.

This is an interesting game for kids and another good idea for Python projects for beginners. You need the random module in Python to create this game. You can also have exposure to the conditional statements (if, else) and learn about using strings and loops.  

15. QR code generation using Python

A QR code is a bar code that once scanned, will lead to the information linked with that code. This is an advanced technology to get particular information.

You just need to scan the QR code using your phone camera or a scanner on your phone. For eg. If you scan a Paytm QR code at a shop, you will be directed to the payment link for the product purchased and you can directly pay using Paytm. Another interesting Python project idea for learners. You need to use the pyqrcode and pypng module in order to create the QR code application in Python.

16. Word counter

This is a simple tool that will tell the total number of words in a particular text. This is useful to writers and students who have a target or a limit to writing a certain number of words.

There are different methods by which you can create a word counter tool on Python language. They are;

  • Split function
  • regex (findall()) function
  • sum() + strip() + split()

17. Horoscope

There is a large number of people who are avid believers in the horoscope.

They are always curious to find out what their horoscope has in the future for them. Reading horoscope is an intriguing app for such a segment of people.

Creating a horoscope is an interesting Python project idea. You can develop this tool with the help of the DateTime module and the pytz module.

18. The Fruit Ninja game

This is a fun online game for children. It is very simple. Players need to cut the fruits using the mouse as a knife. The challenge is that there are also bombs placed with fruits and So if you touch the bomb thrice then the game is over.

Creating the Fruit Ninja game is an interesting Python project idea. This game is created with the help of pygame, random, sys, and os module.

19. Weather application

Like a calculator, alarm, and calendars, even weather application has also become a necessity in our devices.

It becomes a handy tool if you want to know the temperature of a particular place. It also tells the weather forecast for the next few days.

Creating a weather application is another Python project idea for beginners. You need to request a library source for this application.

20. Sudoku

Sudoku is a very popular and interesting game both offline and online. The objective of the game is to fill a 9*9 with numbers in a way that each row and column have all the numbers from 1 to 9.

It is suitable for teenagers and grown-ups and is a good way to pass time, especially during travel or free time.

For creating a Sudoko game on python, you need the pygame module.


There are many more interesting and exciting Python project ideas especially for beginners as they are very simple to understand and user-friendly. You can search for further ideas online.

As a new learner, creating such projects will give you more exposure and confidence to gain mid-level and high-level knowledge of the python programming language.


Q1. How can Python be useful to people from a non-technical background like accounts and HR?

A2. Yes, you can learn Python without any IT or programming background. Python is a very easy programming language, and that is the beauty of Python and makes it so popular worldwide.

Q2. How can Python be useful to people from a non-technical background like accounts and HR?

A2. With the help of Python, you can develop softwares, data analysis, ways to automate tasks, and data visualization.
For non-technical professionals like accountants and HR professionals. Python can be very useful in developing tools that would help in analyzing different types of data like fiscal data, employee data, etc., creating software that can automate the work and not only reduce the manual load but also ensure accuracy.

Q3. How long does it take to learn Python?

A3. If you are self-learning then it depends upon your speed and the time you put to learn.
Typically if you are occupied with other jobs then it takes around 6 months to learn Python.

Q4. How can I learn Python on my own? Where can I find resources to learn the Python language?

A4. There are several sources available online through which you can learn python on your own.
The official document published by Python is “The Python Tutorial” available on
Henry Harvin, one of the leading online education providers also offers various courses in Python programming language.
You will find a pool of websites and guides online for studying Python, still to name a few are;
·        Learn Python at Codecademy
·        One month Python
·        Google’s Python class

Q.5 What are the types of Python courses that I can find in Henry Harvin?

Below are the Python courses provided by Henry Harvin at different levels;
·        Python development course
·        Machine Learning with Python Course (CMLP)
·        Data Science with Python
·        Financial Analytics with Python (CPMA) Course
·        Business Analytics with Python (CPBA) Course
·        Marketing Analytics with Python (CPMA) Course
·        Python Full Stack Development Course

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