Introduction to Best Career options after BA

Graduation is a very important milestone in everyone’s life. This is very true, especially with one’s under-graduation,( B.A.) As with every achievement, there follows an element of anxiety. Graduation is no exception. After all the excitement of the Graduation ceremony is over, the anxiety factor creeps in regarding the best career options after BA. The search begins either for a hunt for career options or pursuing your higher studies. In this article, let’s explore the best career options after B.A.There are many institutes that offer different career options from which you may choose the one that suits you the best. This article attempts to explore the best career options and a few job opportunities after BA that are offered by various institutes. The article is divided into categories for easy understanding and enjoyable reading.

Category 1

Opportunities for further education are listed below:

Category 2

Opportunities in Government/Competitive exams are listed below

  • Bank PO
  • Government Services

Category 3

Job Opportunities for B.A.Freshers

  • Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations

After Completion of a B.A., it’s quite natural to meditate on the opportunities for further education. Here are a few options to consider which have scope after completion of B.A.

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Category 1-Analysis

1. Master of Arts(MA)

It is a common trait in Indian Families to encourage their wards to pursue MA/MCOM/MSc soon after their Undergraduation in their respective degrees. This is done to facilitate them get a deeper insight into their subject in addition to acting as a safe harbor. Apart from making a mark in academia, completing your MA enhances your job profile and paves way for better job opportunities. So it is always ideal to pursue your post-graduation to get a better hold on your subject.

2. M.Phil

Master of Philosophy(M.Phil) is another step toward mastering your subjects in BA & MA. At this stage, you will have a deeper understanding. This is a 2-year research program that helps you choose your area of study. It also equips you to develop an acute sense of insight into the subject matter through a series of exercises like presentations, submissions of thesis and defending your paper, etc. After obtaining this degree, if interested, you may take up a Ph.D. to upgrade yourself.

3. B.Ed

After completing a BA, if you wish to get into the teaching profession in schools, you need to complete a formal training known as a Bachelor of Education(B.Ed). This is a professional course and is a requirement to be fulfilled to become eligible to enter the teaching profession. It is a two-year course that can be pursued full-time or even via distance education.

4. MBA

MBA has been a favorite amongst students when it comes to professional degrees. The best part about MBA is that you can be a graduate in Economics, English, or any other subject and still study MBA. The most important criteria for eligibility is clearing the entrance test called Common Admission Test CAT. You can chalk out a great career by learning the nuances of business by taking up MBA. You can check out for MBA course in Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education

Mini MBA: Online Certification Course by Henry Harvin

 This is a short-duration mini MBA course that will be helpful for entrepreneurs, budding professionals, and executives who are looking forward to taking a leap in the field of business management. The Mini MBA Program aims to help participants transition into great professionals, business owners, or entrepreneurs. Through this program, you will get to build CEO-like entrepreneurial intellect and achieve necessary business-oriented marketing skills, technical skills, and finance.

The unique pedagogy, your practical wisdom, and updated curriculum will help you develop a creative business mindset, which assures better career opportunities. This also provides a chance to launch or scale your own business. You will spend less money and time investment compared to the traditional business schools.

Duration of Mini MBA course and a few perks 

The duration spans across six- week training period along with twenty-four hours of brush-up sessions and fifty hours of E-Learning access. You will get to learn the much-needed business marketing and technical and financial skills that help get a holistic business overview. A key perk is earning a global audience for your business. Pursuing MBA in a reputed institute will be a visiting card towards the best career options after BA.

5. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a type of Advertising delivered through Search Engines(SE), websites, Social Media Platforms, etc. Digital Marketing is probably the fastest growing and the most demanded field of Marketing that assures a promising career path. Taking up a course in digital marketing and acquiring a certification is the best career option after BA. It will enhance your job profile. It offers various job roles like Digital Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Executive, Inbound Marketing Manager, Analytics Manager, etc. Each job role develops and hones the skills and strategies required.

The arena of Digital Marketing is undoubtedly job-oriented and result-driven. Its dynamic nature facilitates knowledge enhancement and creativity. Therefore, it is a much sought-after arena amongst everyone. Undergoing a certified course in Digital Marketing will be one of the best career options after a BA.

Henry Harvin Education

The Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing offered by Henry Harvin is ranked #1 amongst the Top five Trending Digital Marketing courses by India Today. You get to learn from Industry Experts on Mobile SEO(Search EngineOperation), Technical SEO, Off-page SEO, Local SEO, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

This program includes training in Advanced Digital Marketing, Digital Content Writing, and Advanced Excel, along with Simulated Digital Marketing Projects and Hackathons. You can master the art of  Social Media Marketing such as Facebook and Instagram Marketing along with LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Marketing, and Youtube Marketing. The key perk is guaranteed internship and premium job support.

You can improve your CV and LinkedIn Profile with professional development and get into a high-paying job with a decent salary

Average Salary

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager (entry-level) is around ₹5,48,755 per annum in India. A Senior Digital marketing manager’s salary ranges between ₹7,09,800-₹10 lakhs, with an experience of over 5-9years of experience in India. For better reference, a statistical image is shared below:



6. Graphic Designing 

Graphic designers are experts in creating visual communications to convey messages in a very effective and aesthetically appealing fashion. This job incorporates many tasks and responsibilities like:

  • Designing web pages,magazine covers,annual reports,brochures,books,logos,signs,annual reports,advertisements and other communication materials
  • Selecting type size and style to improvise the readability of text and image.
  • Producing drafts for clients to review and carry out revisions based on received feedback.
  • Meeting up with clients in gaining an understanding of their expectations with regards to the shaping up of their proposed communications.
  • Creating or incorporating illustrations, designs, and pictures that reflect the desired theme and tone of the communications.
  • Review final productions for checking errors and making sure where the final prints reflect client specifications.

Graphic designers working with computer systems will be able to thrive about a 25%gain in job growth. This is one of the best career options after a BA

Average Annual Salary

Source: Ambition Box


7. Video Editing

In today’s scenario, becoming a video editor is a great career as there are so many opportunities mushrooming with more innovative concepts that are always on the lookout. This option, therefore, is a career-driven path that supports you with an extremely promising career. With the boom of OTT platforms, the battle for streaming supremacy rages between Amazon, Disney+Hotstar, Netflix, HBOMax, etc., and more and more film and TV content are being created that depends on Editing.


Video Editor salary in India ranges from ₹0.5 lakhs to ₹6.0 lakhs with an average salary of around ₹3.0 lakhs. The salary estimates are based on 2.8k salaries received from a few video editors. (source: Ambition Box)

This is one of the best career options after a BA.

Category 2

1. Bank Probationary Officer(PO)

Bank PO’s job is always considered a lucrative career option along with being a white-collar job. Every year lakhs of aspirants compete in PO exams as it offers high career growth and prospects for a bright future in the banking sector. Though B.Com is preferred for people aiming to get into this banking sector, having a degree in BA, makes you eligible for the Bank PO exams that hire people in the government banking sector. If you have scored a minimum of 60% marks on graduation, you can appear for the SBI PO  and IBPS PO.


The Gross salary of the IBPS PO is somewhere around 57,000 and after deduction, the net in hand salary remains around ₹52,000 to ₹55,000

Bank Probationary Officer is one of the most reputed and most desired job profiles among the graduates. This is one of the best career options after a BA.

2. Government Services after BA

Following are some of the Government jobs you can apply for after your BA

  • UPSC civil services like IAS, IFS, IPS
  • SSC-CGL(Staff Selection Commission)
  • Posts in Indian Railway
  • Bank clerk
  • Bank PO Posts in RRBs
  • LIC, general insurance
  • LDC to officer posts in state government through state PSCs
  • Defense Service
  • Public Sector Undertakings(PSUs)

Several Government Organizations like Banking, Public Sector Companies require a Graduate or any Degree for various Officer level and administrative level posts. Therefore, Graduates with BA have lucrative options to opt for, along with many jobs in the private sector. However, there will be entrance exams in order to screen candidates.

This is definitely one of the best career options after a BA.

Category 3

Job opportunities for BA Freshers 

1. Content writer 

Content writing is an art and as such doesn’t require any degree. Students who have completed !0+2 in any subject with an aggregate of 50%of marks or equivalent to it from a recognized board can take up a career as a content writer.

Entrance Examinations

Universities and colleges conduct entrance examinations to provide admissions for content writing courses. In order to get admission to respective colleges or universities, students must appear in the entrance exams. admissions are provided on the basis of evaluating students’ performance in the entrance exams. There are many popular entrance exams like

  • IPU-CET(Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test)
  • JMI-EE(Jamia Milla Islamia Entrance exam)
  • DU-JAT(Delhi University Joint Admission)
  • AMU-EE(Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam
  • JNU-EE( Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Exam 

Nevertheless, having a related degree like BA in English can definitely be of great help. Anyone with excellent language communication and writing skills can make a great career as a content writer. So, this is one of the best career options after BA. There are many types of Content writers like:

  • Technical/Academic Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • SEO Writer
  • Senior Editor

Taking up a content writing course with a reputed institute like Henry Harvin definitely makes a quality difference. Let’s explore Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course.

Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course is ranked amongst the top content writing courses. This is recognized by the American Association Of EFL and Content Writing Association of India. You get to learn 30+ content types like

It is a 9-in-1 course with training, projects, internship, and certification, along with 100% placement guarantee support for one year after successful completion.

Key Takeaways

  • 40 hours of extensive training in Content Writing 
  • Proud owner of a globally recognized CDCWCertification
  • You get to experience professional content writing as per current industry standards.
  • Learning the technical know-how of launching basic websites and personal blogs.
  • A great and effective way of building content strategy to reach and engage your target audience.
  • You get personalized job notifications every week which are designed to bring the best job options for you.

By taking up courses at Henry Harvin writing Academy, you are enhancing your job profile and choosing one of the best careers after your BA.

Average Salary for Content Writer in India 

Image Source: payscale


2. Journalism    

Journalism is a form of writing that recounts the true happenings of people. It is the production and distribution of reports on the interaction of facts, events, and ideas, and also reporting about people that are the “news of the day”.Journalism, over the years, has increased as the communication channels have facilitated the broadening of the mediums from Radio, TV sets, and print media to social media along with online news websites. With the surge in communication channels, the number of audiences has also increased correspondingly.

A career in Journalism: scope 

You can work as

  • Editor
  • Cartoonist
  • Photo Journalist
  • Proof Reader
  • Feature Reader 
  • Leader Writer 
  • Correspondent/Special Reporter

Is Journalism a good career?

The answer is a definite yes. Undoubtedly, Journalism remains an essential occupation in this digital era as well. By possessing certain essential qualities like strong analytical skills coupled with specialist knowledge, you can very well become a successful journalist. There are specializations in this field as well.

You can take up a Master of Journalism and Mass Communication and become a successful Television and Film Director/Producer, Content Writer, or Event Manager.

Needless to mention, Journalism has emerged as an extremely popular career option amongst the millennials and generation X like you. Hence it is undoubtedly one of the best career options after a BA

Average Salary of Journalists in India

   Image Source: payscale

                                     Image Source: payscale


Blogging is emerging as a full-time career option in today’s scenario. Undoubtedly you can make a great career out of writing blogs. Advertising, Affiliate marketing, sponsored articles, goods, and services are the major ways by which bloggers generate money. It will definitely become a much more lucrative job in the near future. Blogging is not restricted only to writing but also to a business by itself. This involves a good understanding of your topic, sales, and digital marketing. This, additionally, gives you an understanding of content marketing. By using your writing skills, you can become an entrepreneur based on your content marketing skills. You can blog on the following

  • Personal blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Finance blogs
  • Professional blogs
  • Affiliate blogs
  • Guest blogs
  • Niche blogs
  • DIY blogs, etc.

Microblogging is currently gaining significance due to the combination of instant messaging coupled with content production. Here, you can share short messages with an online audience to improve engagement.

Affiliate Blogging

This is gaining significance lately for beginners as you do not have your own products or services. All you have to do is simply promote other people’s products on your blog. The result of which, when someone makes a purchase, you get to make a commission out of it.

Bloggers are, in fact, Influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and most of the Social Media. Blogging is one of the best career options after a BA.

The average salary of a Content Writer with blogging Skills in India

 Image Source: payscale


4. Public Relations

Public Relations is definitely a career avenue for those who possess excellent communication skills and those who wish to pursue a career that involves interacting with lots of interesting people. This profession involves you understanding the listener’s psyche and molding it in your favor. The demand for candidates with good communication skills is a basic expectation in almost all industries and PR is no exception.

International Focus

Several countries are hiring Indians in various leading marketing positions based on their PR skills, especially in the US.

Job Prospects for PR are very assuring in various industries if only you possess excellent communication skills and convincing abilities. Advertising agencies and marketing companies are on the constant lookout for PR professionals. Several PR professionals parallelly take up a course in photography or Visual Communication and get placed with film-making agencies in Mumbai. Therefore, the job prospects are bright in India.

PR is one of the lucrative professions to pursue today with a National average salary of ₹31,020 per month in India.

  Image source payscale


PR indeed is one of the best career options after BA.


After attaining a graduation degree in Bachelor of Arts(B.A.), many of us are lost in deciding the next steps. You can choose to pursue higher studies, take up a job, etc. The career options after BA though based on your interests can be confusing at times. This article which attempts to explore the best career options after BA might prove useful to you.

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1. What can I do after completing my BA?

You can pursue higher studies to gain expertise in a specific subject. Alternatively, you can try for Government jobs, and competitive exams also.

2. What options are available after completing a BA?

You can prepare for Government exams like UPSC, SSC, CGL, Railway exam, SBI PO, LIC, etc.

3. Can a BA student study MBA?

Yes, You can pursue MBA after Arts, Commerce, or Science stream.

4. Can arts students crack UPSC?

Yes, students from the humanities or arts stream can crack UPSC without coaching.

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