Our first teachers for all our financial knowledge are our parents, but to be a financial analyst Certified professional is altogether a step higher. There is a shloka in Sanskrit

“Shanyash kanaysh vidhyamartham ch sadhytae,

Shantyagae kurtu Vidhya kantyagae kurtu Dhanayam.”

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Certified Financial Analytics Practitioner' (CFAP) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program

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Which means

“Knowledge should be gained through minute-by-minute efforts. Money should be earned utilizing each and every resource. If you waste time, How can you get knowledge? If you waste resources, How can you accumulate the wealth”

In simple words, it is important to learn the utilizing time and resources in order to gain knowledge and wealth. In modern times this study is called a financial analysts Course.

What is a Financial Analysts Course?

 A Financial Analysts Course means you are being certified in Investment banking, mutual funds, derivatives, portfolio management, equity/debt research, financial services, fund management for large institutional investors, and the banking industry. The main focus in the course is on analysis and research sides as compared to accounting.

Importance of financial Analysts Course

After becoming an expert and a professional financial analyst- 

  1. You play a vital role in the organisation in making the financial decisions based on data.
  2.  Companies look upon you to examine data and providing actionable information on 

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         – stability


  1. You evaluate businesses , projects, budgets and other finance- related transactions to determine their performance and suitability.

The Financial Analyst Course is the beginning of a great career, so let’s study! 

Top 10 Financial Analysts Course in U.S.A

The U.S.A is the third-largest country by land area and population. It is a product of large-scale immigration from many countries. It can proudly boast about the quality of education so most of the students from all over the world prefer studying in the U.S.A. Studying in the U.S.A gives a rich cultural experience. The tuition fees are expensive here but there are many financial aid plans including loans, grants, and scholarships that are available. Top 10 Financial Analysts Courses available here are.

This is a Certification program from one of the topmost India’s online educational institutes. Main highlights of the course are

-It is ranked top in the industry by Trainings 360.

-You get hands on training on financial analytics using R 

– The main focus is on learning with the projects 

-You get regular job support , Interview Skills preparation and career services.

– You become a part of the alumni network with 23,000 proud Henry Harvin alumni

-This course is recommended byIIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay Alumni

-It is trusted by corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Host oks, NTPC, SABMiller,Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments.

– You become a  Certified Financial Analytics Practitioner  

-Get One year membership of Henry Harvin Finance academy along with benefits as

*E-learning access which means recorded videos, PPT,Case studies

* Internship is conducted with Henry Harvin or partner firms

*Job opportunities are given regularly on mail

*Full support is given in clearing Interviews with startups and Top Corporates.

 Course Duration – 24 hrs brush up sessions 

                                   50 hrs E- Learning Access

# Northeastern University Financial Analysts Course

Northeastern University Financial Analysts Course logo

 Financial Analysts are well-compensated and have bright prospects in the modern job market.

The certification course at Northeastern University provides graduates with skills to succeed in the financial industry. University provides special benefits to complete your Financial Analysis Certification Course

1. It has a strong support system from the beginning of the course which aids in career, academic and financial aid counseling.

2.  Experiential learning is a part of the curriculum which is involved in both theory and practice.

3. You have an option of both online, on-campus, or a hybrid of the two.

4. It has an expansive global alumni network that provides connections and opportunities.

5. It works in 100% online format or in-person at the Boston Campus.

6. It will help you develop an understanding of how to prepare and interpret financial statements, create and manage budgets.

7. It will help you prepare for the Massachusetts CPA exam by earning 120 credits as it is industry informed curriculum.

8. You can connect with the extensive network of alumni, who are employed at organizations such as State Street, Bank. Of America, EMC, Verizon, Genzyme, and AT&T.

MSF in Quantitative Finance 

Full time-30 semester hours

Online also available 

# University of Pennsylvania 

University of Pennsylvania logo

The Wharton school of finance is considered the world’s Powerhouse for financial knowledge. The alumni, students, and faculty over here is ready to take any financial challenge in their stride. The faculty and the research team over here is known for making groundbreaking research. It has experience of more than 120 years in the finance world.

“Wharton’s emphasis on rigorous and quantitative analysis is balanced against the importance of practical application. Everything we do has a reason, and that reason stems from problems that executives face in their jobs every day.” Professor Michael Roberts

Special features of the financial analyst course in this university-

  • You will be able to use the power of spreadsheets to map and predict data.
  • You will be able to create your own quantitative models.
  • You can read income and cash flow statements 
  • The basic understanding is developed between financial statement data and non- financial metrics which can be linked to financial performance.
  • 100% online courses are also available 
  • The schedule is flexible and adjusted according to your deadline.
  • You can start from a beginner level.
  • It is available in English, Russian,  Portuguese (Brazilian ), Korean.
  • You can choose from 4 different courses in Financial Analyst

*Course 1- Fundamentals of Quantitative Modelling

*Course 2-Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models

*Course3-Financial Acumen for Non- Financial Managers

*Course 4- Introduction to Corporate Finance 

Course Fees- $57,770

Degrees available- Bachelor, Masters , Doctoral and Postgraduate Certificate 

#New York University

New York University logo

 It is situated in New York as the name suggests so this financial analyst course can be done there or online. Highlights of this course

-You becomes an expert in Excel, key financial and corporate finance concepts.

– Full valuation model is learned to make on a public company.

-you can build an integrated 3 statement financial model. 

– Review of company presentations , earnings releases and financial reports to determine model drivers and assumptions.

– Students get a custom workbook with step by step instructions.

-Computer classroom with a PC for each student to work on.

-Small in person classes are given

 Course fees – $1195

Course duration-35 hours

# University of Michigan Financial Analysis Certification Course-

University of Michigan logo

This course is mostly based on fundamentals of financial analysis as applied to both corporate finance and financial markets.Capital budgeting is the main focus of the course. The concept of risk is introduced and the CAPM is used to derive cost of equity and the weighted average cost of capital. You learn the concepts of competitive capital markets and market efficiency.You are taught the working of the financial markets using the trading room.The principles of equity valuation are also covered. In the end ,term structure and bond valuation are taught.

Course Duration -2.25 hours

 There are many more options to choose from in the U.S.A for the financial analyst Certification Courses but if you want to try an online course as it is easy and convenient. An online certification can be done anywhere and you don’t have to leave your present occupation .

# Harvard Business School 

Harvard Business School  logo

It offers a unique financial analytics course taught by highly reputed  Professor Janice Hammond. She currently teaches Supply chain management in the MBA program and is program chair for theHBS executive education international women’s foundation and women’s leadership programs.Highlights of the program are

1) You learn to apply basic statistics to real business problems 

2) You strengthen your analytical skills before pursuing an MBA or other graduate program.

 3) You develop a data mindset to make more informed business decisions and advance your career.

4) You can craft sound survey questions and draw conclusions from population samples.

5) You will implement regression analysis and other analytical techniques in Excel.

Course Duration- 8 weeks , 40 hours 

Course fees- $1,600

This course is a part of the three course Credential of Readiness program- consisting of Business Analytics , Economics for managers and Financial Accounting – available for $2250

#XLRI Jamshedpur

XLRI Jamshedpur logo

It provides a executive development program in financial analytics –

This course blends easy to use statistical tools with complex machine learning tools and algorithms.It helps the students to develop a special skill set in analysing data. Students become experts in financial analysis using powerful tools like R and Python. Highlights of the course

  • You get certified by XLRI
  • You get  practical knowledge to perform financial analysis using R and Python
  • It is a well planned mix of theory and practical applications.
  • It helps in stock ,Rakeysh predictions to customer profitability.
  • The course helps you to perform exploratory and predictive analysis in Finance
  • Lectures are imparted by top and experienced faculty.

Course Duration- 4 months 

Eligibility for the course- *for Indian participation’s-Graduates/ Diploma holders in any discipline

*For International participants- Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognised university.

*Proficiency in English 

*Statistics/Mathematics as a subject up to class 12

*Working professionals with a minimum of 2 years of work experience 

#Great Learning is providing a PG program in Data Science and Business Analytics. Highlights of this program are

  • It is an online financial analytics course with a personalised mentorship
  • It gives a dual certificate 
  • This program is working in collaboration with Texas Mc Combs and Great Lakes
  • Tools used in the course are Python,Machine learning , Tableau, SQL,Data mining ,Predictive modelling
  • It is an industry relevant earning program for working professionals 
  • The studying patterns is convenient, weekend online classes with personalised mentorship format
  • It is acclaimed by faculties of UT Austin, Stanford , ISI and Great Lakes.
  • It prepares you for real life projects and makes you job ready
  • It is a program that delivers career outcomes like 48% average salary hike within 6 months of graduation from the program
  • Full support is given in recruitment process, there are drives conducted for the same
  • Mentorship is given completely 

Course Duration- 11 months 

# Udemy Financial Analyst Course- 

Udemy logo

It is a highly recommended online course by 365 Careers which is the best selling provider of finance courses . The company’s courses have been taken by more than 1,000,000 students in 210 countries.

If you’re trying to prepare for an eventual career in finance, but are still looking to round out your knowledge of the subject. The complete financial analyst course might be a perfect fit for you.” Business Insider

This is one of the testimonials for Udemy to help you decide the benefits of this course. Highlights of this course

  • The name of the course is – The complete Financial Analyst Course 2020 ,it includes tools like Excel accounting, financial statement analysis, business analysis,financial math, PowerPoint.
  • It helps you carry out regular tasks faster 
  • It helps you work with large amounts of data without difficulty 
  • It helps you to have better knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping principles 
  • You learn to build company’s Profit and Loss statement from scratch
  • You can create Balance sheet from scratch
  • A better understanding of 10 K reports
  • Better assess whether a project is feasible through the Net present value technique
  • To perform industry analysis you become an expert 
  • You understand what drives a company’s value

Course Duration- 18 hours on demand video, 13 articles and 431 downloadable resources 

Full time access , access on mobile and TV

Course fees- ₹9,600with a 30 day money back guarantee



Here, they give  financial analysis pro degree in collaboration with KPMG in India It helps you build mastery across various functions within core finance.Highlights of the course

  • You learn job relevant skills such as financial statement analysis, modelling and valuation, equity research, transaction execution.
  • You are taught all the techniques of Excel and PowerPoint
  • Full career support is given, you are able to transform your career into various roles with finance
  • You can stand out in the crowd because of the Certification endorsed by the industry
  • Live facilitated instructions are provided to bring the best learning outcomes
  • It is approved by 360 degree learning courses
  • Experiential learning is given ,supplemented by 6 real world projects
  • They work by the principle of blended learning which means live training by senior faculty and experts from KPMG India is given.
  • The facility of LMS gives access to all the course material and self paced videos
  • Tech aided instructions are given
  • The placement portal of IMARTICUS serves to give you access  to extensive job leads and references.

“The objective of the collaboration between IMARTICUS and KPMG in India is to bridge existing skill gaps and enhance job readiness for candidates so that they can be placed at global financial houses” Karan Mariah -partner CFO advisory , KPMG in India

Course Duration- 180 hours

Course fees-₹60,000 online fees


CFI  logo

CFI financial analyst course covers investment banking, financial planning and analysis, private equity, corporate development, equity research and other areas of corporate finance. Highlights of the course are 

-The name of the course is Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst program.

-They have 12 required courses on topics ranging from accounting and finance fundamentals 

– Excel skills, the FMVA financial analyst certification will help you stand out in a crowded job.

– to join CFI financial analyst course first you enrol online and after that develop a study plan in the calendar

-The requirements to complete the CFI program are 

*7 optional prerequisite courses( accounting, finance, Excel skills)

*9 required core courses (financial, modelling, business valuation, intermediate finance and financial analysis topics)

*3 required elective core courses from a choice of 6( industry specific financial models, special topics)

* Complete each of the above required 12 courses with a grade of 80% or higher on the final assessment.

Select a suitable course according to your needs in America or online but let’s see the benefits of becoming a Financial Analyst .

Why become a Financial Analyst certificate holder?

Not only becoming a certified  financial analyst helps you stand out in your career but you learn to plan ahead  and better than rest of your colleagues 

  • Gain skills to move ahead in your career .
  • You get the confidence to deliver high quality work in this field.
  • You can assert yourself as a leader in front of many people.
  • You are way ahead as you have practical experience in performing advanced financial analysis. 
  • You supplement an undergraduate degree that wasn’t a business degree.
  • You supplement an accounting background. 
  • You can change your career in midlife too from one industry to another. 

It helps you to be noticed in a crowd and stand out as a star.

Financial analysis Course and Python

Python is a very versatile language with a simple syntax and a great readability. It is used for building highly scalable platforms and web based applications.It is the most popular programming language. The most important part of Python is its syntax – it is said to be closest to the original mathematics syntax which makes it perfect for playing around with numbers.

For a beginner it takes about six months to learn Python from a scratch. As Python is a number based and versatile programming language, it is used widely in the financial sector . It is used to build websites and web applications.Different sectors where it is used 

-Banking Sector-It is the best application to make banking software, it can be used online and offline.A lot of payment gateways can be made and maintained using Python. ATM software is also developed in Python which helps in fastest processing of transactions.

– Cryptocurrency Trading-Python is a program used to analyse past and present pricing data of crypto currencies to closely estimate pricing trends.Special Python programs such as Anaconda are highly suitable for data analytics and have made traders’ lives easy.

– Automate Stock Trading – Trading in shares requires a lot of data and thousands of numbers per day to become valuable information. Python helps to plot data accurately but it also helps to use most out of  the data in each trade.It is used to analyse the prices of the same commodity/ instrument/ stock in different markets.It can return the highest and lowest prices across markets in various parts of the world.

Python is a very useful language in a burdened industry such as finance. As it is a versatile language and due to its number oriented base there are many courses now available with both Python and Statistics for Financial analysis. The benefits of learning it together are 

  • You can pre-process , save and visualize financial data into pandas data frame.
  • You will be able to manipulate the existing financial data by generating new variables using multiple columns.
  • Apply the statistical concepts( random variable, frequency, distribution )into financial contexts.
  • You can build a trading model using multiple linear regression model.
  • You can calculate the performance of the trading model using different investment indicators.

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    Hi i am Gaurav , The course, which I recently completed, was simply great. I learned a lot of useful information during my master’s admissions interview for finance,

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  7. It was very helpful. Got to learn about excel in detail. Financial analytics is very helpful in analysis process of data. Mean, median and mode and other financial tools are of great importance when we have to do analysis on big data.

  8. This is a good course to learn the basics of financial analysis using statistical tools in excel. Overall this Financial analytics training course is quite good enough to get basic ideas on different statistical tools like- mean, geometric mean, standard deviation and many more. I’m quite happy that I got the chance to enrol for this course.

  9. Wow, what a great course! Covers all of the basics in using Statistical functions in Excel. Now i feel intelligent! And very conversational in the stats of Excel. So take this Financial analytics course and you will also see what it can do for you.. You will not only be intelligent but also impress by yourself!, your friends and other professionals.

  10. I just finished the course, it was truly amazing. I gained so much practical knowledge that was during my master in finance admission interview, and grasped overall structure in finance industry. Thanks a lot and looking forward to your other courses!

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    Multiple choice questions enhanced skills and test knowledge through self test.

    Person willing to learn must go through course and exercise on screener is very good and well explained to find fundamental stocks for investment in long term. Thank you for sharing this article .

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