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Haven’t we thought about it? Not many of us because the moment we see all the formulas and mathematical symbols we get too scared. Therefore most of us think it is not the right options for us.

Financial Analytics Certification Training with R

Certified Financial Analytics Practitioner' (CFAP) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program

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Believe me, the financial analyst job is high paying career options. They act as an advisor to the investors and inform them of the risk and opportunity in investment. You can be a Financial Analyst  course only after doing financial analyst courses.

Wealthy people are not shy of paying big salaries to the employees who can assist them in doubling or tripling their wealth. 

As I am going to reveal more about it, dig out yourself from fear and start dreaming of becoming rich by doing a financial analyst course.


You can opt for courses like

  • CFA which stand for Charter Financial Analyst. This course offered by the CFA Society of Bangladesh. We shall discuss this below in details.
  • CFI is a global trainer offering FMVA certificate in the area of finance interested students in Bangladesh
  • Finance course offered by Bangladesh colleges under the M.B.A program.
  • Few Universities are offering Post Graduate Diploma in Finance.
  • Online Certificate courses are available in Advanced Financial Analysis & Modeling.
  • Distance learning courses are also available for Bangladeshi students.



Henry Harvin logo

It is one of the leading career and competency development organisations. The institute conducts various programs for the development and enhancing the career of professionals. It offers various courses in the domain of content writing, digital marketing, Six sigma and Financial analytic course.

Most of its program is designed keeping in mind working professionals, but even students can gain benefits out of it.

With the advent of technology like high-speed internet and online teaching tools, it is easy for institutes to reach out to students across the globe. The only requirement from the student side is a good quality internet connection and a PC.

Henry Harvin also offers financial analyst courses and the certification it offers CFAP (Certified Financial Analytics Practitioner).

CFAP is a 100% online course that equips students with skills to explore, analyse and solve financial sector problems.

It’s 32 hours instructor-led course with 50hrs study.


Training 360 ranked Henry Harvin Financial Analyst courses top in industries.

In Henry Harvin, all courses training conducted is 100% practical.

You will get job support and interview preparation along with career service.

 160 corporate plus 60 colleges put their trust and recognition for the Course.


Its is a 100% online course. You can log on to the website and fill the form.

Pay them online after filling the form. Mostly all classes are conducted on Sunday.


In this course, you are taught to uses the R tool. This R tool enables you to learn analytics-based business decision making that drives the company’s ROI.


A. Financial Analytics Course with R-

Financial Analytics course is a certification program that assists candidates to explore, analyze and solve financial sector problems using analytics tools like R & Advanced Excel. It is focused on evolving statistical models and using simulation. R in this course allows the reader to use the text and code to enthusiastically indulge in the financial market.

  • Henry Harvin provides the core concept of this course to reach the epitome by acquisition of knowledge. 
  • It helps you to understand analytics-based business acumen to drive a company’s ROI.

B. Financial Analytics Course with Python

The financial company is adopting Python at a tremendous pace. Moreover, some of the largest investment banks are wielding it to build core trading and risk management systems. The experiential learning by Henry Harvin helps both developers and quantitative analysts to embark on Python. Financial Analytics with Python Course is a leading trend in the industry. 

  • Henry Harvin’s course also alludes to Python data structure, high-performance I/O operations with Python Tables, date/time information handling, etc.
  • It also assists you with mathematical techniques and teaches financial algorithms like integrating Python with Excel, building financial applications, and many more.

C. Financial Analytics with SAS Course

Financial Analytics with SAS Course helps you to analyze, explore and solve financial problems by using analytics tools like SAS & Advanced Excel. You can have an in-depth understanding of Data Manipulation & measurement, Analysis & Summarization after completing this course.

  • Henry Harvin equips the students with goal-oriented financial education.
  • It guides you to adjust macro changes in predictive models. Moreover, they help you to make better data-driven decisions to expedite market share.
  • You will be able to do financial analysis after completing this course with Henry Harvin.

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Financial Analytics Course is Provided:


Other Henry Harvin Courses

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Charter Financial Analyst is an acronym of CFA. It is the most prestigious certificate for professionals looking for a career in the field of Finance.


Any candidate who is a graduate or have appeared in the final year of the bachelor degree program.


Work experience: Minimum of 4 years of work experience. It can be any experience not necessary be in the field of Finance:


A combination of professional work experience and education that totals at least four years

It consists of three levels, level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. After clearing all the three-level, you are certified as a Charter Financial Analyst (CFA).


On successful completion of CFA certification, you will work eighter of these profiles.

Portfolio Manager: As a portfolio manager your responsibility is to manage and invest the fund on your client behalf. You have to ensure a good return on the investment made.

Credit Analyst: Credit analysts are the people who will study the creditworthiness of an individual or an entity. His finding will suggest whether to extend credit to an individual or an organisation.

Equity Research Analyst: These are individual who will analyse equity of industries and will tell whether it’s worth investing or not. Their report on equity stock will determine how the stock will perform in future.

Merger & acquisition Analyst: In this profile, the M&A analyst plays a role when there is a merger between two companies or when there is an acquisition.


The enrolment fee for Charter Financial Analyst  Courses is $ 450. Addition to this fee is registration and exam fees. The fees differ with registration period for example fees for early bird $650(March) $950 standard(August) and for late registration $1380 (September) for each of the levels.

Exam for CFA level 1 is held two times in a year (June and December) and for level 2 and level 3 once in a year.

The exam pass rate is between 30% to 50%

All study & course materials are from CFA institute. There is hardly any book you will find in book stores.

Where should you contact for CFA information:

You can get in touch with the CFA Society of Bangladesh situated in Dhaka. You can also write to the secretariat via email:[email protected]


CFI is a leading institute providing online Financial Analyst courses. Students from 170 countries have enrolled in this course. Over 500000 individuals from top universities, accounting firms, operating companies and banks were delivered with CFI’s program and certifications.


The course is for a student seeking a career in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance and equity research. The teaching step by step with a real example, giving you the experience of the actual Financial analyst work environment.


There are no eligibility criteria for this course. It is open for all students regardless of their background education and experience.

As we know that this course is about financial modelling and valuation, not all student comes with the knowledge and concept required for this course.

The students need not worry, CFI has number of prerequisite courses that an individual can pursue before the  FMVA certification course. There is no additional cost involved in these prerequisites courses. Students can only take this course after registration to F.M.V.A program because the cost of these courses is included in the tuition fees.


 It requires students to fill an online form to register for F.M.V.A program. Students need to fill the form with personal details and contact information. After filling the form students are required to pay the full fees of the course to complete the process of registration.

The application for the course is available throughout the year for interested candidates. It is completely online. CFI offers F.M.V.A certification that has international accreditation and globally recognized as a benchmark for professionals in the field of Financial modelling and valuation.

The F.M.V.A consists of various courses, and all of them are offered online with a practice test and final assessment.

Candidates can earn financial modelling and valuation credentials by clearing 12 courses and obtaining 80% marks in each of the courses.


$497 is the total course fees for registration in the F.M.V.A course.

Course Requirement :

To obtain F.M.V.A certificate, students are required to complete various courses online, focusing on various aspect of financial modelling and valuation. This includes three types of courses.

  • The program has 7 optional prerequisite courses to strengthen the fundamental concept and a revision of the required course content.
  • Compulsory 9 are required courses that all Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst aspirants need to complete. 
  • Optional are 3 elective courses which each candidate needs to complete from 8 different course options.

Therefore a candidate will have to clear 12 courses for achieving the F.M.V.A certificate.

F.M.V.A Certification subject wise weightage.

Topics Weight percentage
Financial Modelling 25%
Finance 23%
Forecasting and budgeting 8%
Excel 17%
Valuation 10%
Presentation and Visuals   8%
Accounting 5%
Strategy 4%


Financial Analysts from CFI are well placed in investment firms, banks, derivatives and insurance industries.

Candidates are placed in industry as Financial Analyst which highly sought after job in financial industries.



PFS is an institute that provides training on financial analyst courses. Based out of Dhaka Bangladesh, PFS is highly ranked for its training on various courses in Financial Modeling, Equity Valuation, Risk Management and MS Excel.

They also conduct training for CFA level 1 level 2 and level 3 and FRM for students planning to take these Financial analyst courses.


  • CFA Level I, II & III preparation courses
  • FRM Part I preparation courses
  • Financial Modeling Tools and Techniques
  • Mastering Excel Skills
  • Equity Valuation Masterclass


The training and classes for the design of the course by keeping in mind the student’s availability, reachability and accessibility.

The flexibility of classes: For making the training flexible courses are structure in modules to provide maximum flexibility. Also coaching is mostly done Friday and Saturday for professionals and university students so that can join the class.

Experience & skilled instructors: The institute ensures that students are trained by industry veterans and skilled professional who have industry experience. The instructor well qualified and have the competencies and professional experience to conduct coaching.

Quality study materials: Students are not only well trained here but also get quality study material in forms of printed notes, tapes, textbooks and revision books

Distance learning: For students who are residing in faraway town and cities and cannot travel, PFS has an option in the form of distance learning.

All lectures and training are made available to students online.

Through distance learning student can take advantage of online lectures, class, notes as per their suitable times.

App-based learning:  PFS has created an app name as “Finance school app” for clients. The app is available on both the android and ios phones. Clients can study online, basic features are free and there is a nominal cost for premium features.

Contact address:

Good Luck Center,6th floor .151/7,1205 Green Road, Dhaka 1205.

Contact number +8801708522652

Or if you wish to contact through email, you can write to [email protected].


Its is leading institute in Bangladesh focusing on business education. The institute offers both undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. The undergraduate courses are BBS whereas Post Graduate courses are MBA.

There are certification courses also available with the IEBR.

For a candidate who is interested in Financial Analyst courses, they can apply for Certification course for Advance analysis and modelling with Microsoft Excel. Besides the certificate course, they also offer Post Graduate Diploma in Capital Market Investment (PGDCMI)


For a certificate course in Advance analysis and modelling with Microsoft Excel. Students from financial and non Financial backgrounds, professionals from financial like G.M and higher designation who are in the process of making a decision can also join the course. The course is highly beneficial from MBA and MBA finance student who are in the final stage of their course, as this will give an added advantage in the job market.


Each class is of 3 hours duration. The total course duration of 36 h.

The course fees are BDT 7000.00                                                                                                                  

Contact Address: UIU Bhaban, House # 80, Road # 8A Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1207.


IBER of United International University offers a weekend-only professional postgraduate diploma (PGDCMI) for professional. The objective of designing this course is to create a specialist in the field of investment for the capital markets. The course is also meant to upgrade the analytical and managerial Skill to qualify for globally recognized Financial Analyst courses like Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA).


The course is only for the professional, especially from a financial background. The course design to meet the demand of the investment company to fill the gap of sparkly populated experts in this field.

Prerequisite for this course

The prerequisite for the course is any Bachelor degree from a recognized university.


To apply for the course. Purchase the admission form available at UIU office BDT 500.

Fill the form with all required information, photos and documents like all relevant certificates and national id.


The course duration is 24 weeks ( 6 months approx.). Each term is of 12 weeks( 3 months approx.). PGDCMI has Six courses of Eighteen credit hours and 1 project of 4 credit hours divided into two parts & need completion in two terms.

First-Term: Covers topic like 1) Quantitative Methods for Financial Analysis 2) Analysis of Financial Reports 3) Capital Market Investment Project – Part I 4) Foundations of Portfolio Management. 3 hours credit for each topic and each topic is of 100 marks.

Second-Term:  The topic for the second term are 1) Equity Investment Analysis 2) Technical Analysis 3) Advanced Portfolio Management 4) Capital Market Investment Project – Part II. Each topic is of 100 marks with 3 hours credit.


PGDCMI is not the online financial analyst course however it is based on classroom lectures. There will be two lecture on Friday and one lecture on Saturday. The students will experience a form of classroom learning, problem-solving in collaboration, case studies, individual/team assignments, topic-based projects, class discussion & presentations.


  • The minimum CGPA required is  2.50.
  • Complete 24 credit hours of the required courses and the project papers.
  • Complete Program courses within two consecutive years.
  • Clear with a passing grade in all the required courses and all parts of the project papers.


  • The pass out of the course will be recruited as Financial Analyst with Banking and Financial segment of the industry.
  • The background of this course will help him to further his studies in more advance courses namely CFA, CFI, CIAI, FRM etc.
  • He can be invest consultant with any firm.
  • He can get into specialized domain like stockbroking.


Institute of Business and Economic Research (IBER)

United International University

United City, Madani Avenue, Badda
Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh

I have tried my best to enlist all the information regarding the Financial analyst courses both online instruction and classroom teaching available in Bangladesh. 

In my view, Bangladesh is the youngest country among all the other south-east countries and therefore it is catching up with them in all sectors including education. As the economy of the country will rise with the year to come, it will open the door to many new specialized financial courses.

Also, I feel,  students and our society, in general, try to attempt the most lucrative career in medical engineering and MBA leaving aside some other good career opportunities available in finance. However, this could be also due to non-availability of information.


Financial Analyst performs research on macroeconomics and microeconomics and develops insight on investment. How different sector is performing and what is the opportunity available for investment in these sectors for short term as well long term.

Company owners follow their recommendations for business investment because they have extensively worked on data collected from different sources. The financial analyst applies different modelling tools to generate financial reports for the company owners and investors.

They prepare a report of their findings and present it to management and investors to make investment decisions.


 A bachelor degree is enough to get you in for the financial analyst courses. You can even apply if you have appeared for your final semester of Bachelor degree. Work experience of four years can also assist you in the application of this course. A degree in Math or Finance would be an added advantage for this.

Passion is what you need more than the degree to excel in your career. Your love for the subject must be utmost. The more you are passionate, the better you will do in your career.

The financial analyst courses are available globally you can learn from any part of the world. However, in this post, we are exploring the financial analyst courses available in Bangladesh.


 There are many reasons to study in Bangladesh. After its independence in 1971 from Pakistan, Bangladesh has gained significant importance in the region because of the rising economy. Its vibrant culture and art that influenced the entire south-east Asian regional cultures.

Bangladesh’s Food, culture, arts and festivals have similarities with India and Nepal and are evidence of the influences of these countries.

For the student, the country not only offers the best cuisine but a bracing climate with mild winter and tropical summer with the heavy rainy season.

In Bangladesh, the usual trend after schooling or finishing college is to join a reputed university. The family and everyone around will always push a student to join famous universities and graduating from there for a successful career.

It is good to have a degree from renowned universities because of the merits and benefits it opens out for candidates future options. However, having a degree from topnotch universities is not the end of the road. A pass out from well-known colleges and universities have a brighter chance of making it into the most demanding courses like financial analyst courses.

The financial analyst certificate complemented by a graduate degree from a famous university adds a lot of value to candidates evaluation for a position in a well-known organization.

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