Are you looking for Financial Analyst courses in Bangalore? Read this article to help you decide on your best institution.

Organizations nowadays need real-time information regarding their business, people and customers to make significant business decisions. Finance is a mandatory factor in increasing the value of businesses. 

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As essential business functions exist, it overlaps with analytics in various areas. So for constructive financial planning and forecasting, analytics plays a crucial role in establishing business goals. By combing financial analytics, companies can gain financial data and take core actions to improve their performance.

Pursuing financial analyst courses in Bangalore will give you an in-depth understanding of a business’s financial information and performance. Therefore, by taking up financial analytics courses, students can learn financial and statistical formulas and their analysis. 

Once you complete the courses, you will become a financial analyst. You can build a career in financial analytics in various ways, e.g., doing B.Com/ M.Com, Chartered Accountant, etc.

Upon completing financial analytics courses, you will have great job opportunities in finance, insurance, banking, securities and mutual funds. 

What is Financial Analytics?

Financial analytics deals with a company’s financial data and predicts future financial scenarios. It significantly helps shape businesses’ approaches through reliable, accurate insights. 

With financial analytics, industries can easily calculate their business profits and residing all the questions related to their businesses while envisaging future business profits.

Top Financial Modeling Courses in Bangalore:

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is a reputed and one of the world’s few mastery Development Organizations, and offering demanded Learning Solutions to a wide range of business and university audiences. So, they put forth advanced learning methodologies that are vital in today’s world. 

Henry Harvin Academy’s effort to make the educated employable through various skill training, certifications, courses, and programs via the offline, online and self-paced platform.

Benefits of one-year membership of Henry Harvin: 

  • E-learning access to recorded videos, LMS, games, projects, and case studies is available through e-learning.
  •  A guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin to experience real situations.
  • Additionally, job alerts are sent out every week.
  • Boot camps and Hackathon concepts generate the latest knowledge related to a specific field. Moreover, they gain knowledge and confidence from these events.
  • Industry projects support gaining in-depth knowledge on Finance Analyst topics. As a result, students become confident in learning and solving real industry challenges. 
  • GCAO pedagogy affirms flexibility of learning and ease of learning. 
  • Brainstorming sessions, group activities, and hands-on training with advanced tools keep learners engaged. 

Course Duration: Instructor-led classes for 70-hour.

2. EduPristine

EduPristine provides online and offline training programs across the globe. Ranked in one of the best Finacial Analyst courses in Bangalore in top education blogs. Moreover, the institute has trained 15000+ people. 

Besides, students undergo special webinars and internships. The institute uplift students with courses in multiple domains like digital marketing, content writing, SEO, BAT, and finance. 

Its mission is to deliver people explicit knowledge at a minimal price.  

About the Course:

The three months course includes 50 plus hours of lectures and 100 plus weekly practical assignments. The financial analyst course endeavors for students with financial analysis and decision-making skills. Moreover, EduPristine offers a guaranteed internship for two months. After completing the course, the candidates are awarded Master’s certification from the institution that MSME, the Government of India, recognises. 

The course contains six modules. Afterward, the students learn about accounting concepts, financial modeling basics, its types, business valuation, and financial statements.

 3. IMS Pro school

 IMS Proschool provides both online and offline modes of training. Starting in 1997, IMS delivered skills necessary for future professional opportunities. So, this institution’s vision is to mentor, motivate and assist the young population. 

IMS believes enriching the youths would build a strong future for them. The institute offers programs in finance, accounting, marketing, and analytics. Individuals with a graduation degree can be on the spot for this course.

 About the Course:

The online training includes 55+ hours of classes. Students who complete the course get a joint certificate from NSE Academy, NSDC, and IMS Preschool. Interested students can also take additional certification programs given by VBA and Marcos. The training program best suits all candidates who have a keen interest in finance.

 The syllabus covers excel basics and advanced techniques, formulation of charts and graphs, building a model from scratch, and pivot tables. Hence, this course’s main purpose is to develop practical and functional skills. You can develop financial statements, valuation methods, management, and analysis knowledge. 

 Certification: Available

 4. ProSchool

 preschool has developed a trademark in the list of top financial analyst courses in Bangalore. This institute aims to upskill students in the finance industry. Established in 2016, the finance academy is known for its cognizance in finance training programs, certification, and skill development worldwide. 

Moreover, it offers 100 plus courses with 5000 plus lessons and modules. The institute presents practical courses and training which can help real-world approach situations.

About the Course:

Financial analysis is a certified program with 29 courses, from which students must select at least 14. The certified candidates have the essential skills to do financial analysis. 

 The course provides an overview of financial analyst skills, accounting, budgeting, and forecasting processes. Additionally, the 180 plus interactive learning exercises assist their students with professional finance experts. The FMVA program affirms a better confidence level and decision-making potential in finance.

 Certification: Available 

5. Imarticus Learning

The institute believes that learning can happen at any stage of life. With the advancement of technology, Imarticus leads in preparing a tech-driven, professional community. So, the learning platform was founded in 2012 and has partnered with top academic organizations like KPMG, NSE, IIM Lucknow, Moody’s Analytics, and IIM Calcutta. The programs include finance, analytics, and marketing modules. 

 About the Course:

This course is a collaborative program with KPMG. The program covers accounting and financial modeling, strategies for valuation, and equity research. 180+ hours of curriculum upskill the knowledge of financial analysis. Imarticus provides you with placement services once you complete the course.

 The course gives a 360-degree learning experience, so the enrolled students are ready to take up jobs. The mock interviews are expert-driven. The curriculum of the course includes case studies, lectures, and projects. So, the program mentor reviews the hands-on projects.

 Each person gets a dedicated trainer to support them throughout the financial course timeline. After completing the course, students achieve certification co-branded by Imarticus learning and KPMG in India.

 Certification: Available

 6. NSE India

 NSE is yet another renowned institute offering financial analyst courses in Bangalore. National Stock Exchange of India Ltd has served the country for 25 years. The vision of this organization is to create leaders from the sub-continent to the global level. Besides, the institute provides online interactive courses, recorded courses, offline classrooms, post-graduate programs, and partner programs in different fields.

 About the Course:

The online financial analyst course consists of 59 videos. NSE gives 30+ study materials for reading purposes. Passing the exam gains your certification eligibility. The course includes financial and statement basics, valuation methods, DCF modeling, trading & transaction comparables, strategy & prospective analysis, and related case studies. 

 Moreover, this program helps you to build financial models. Rapid financial market growth has built large scope and competition for skilled financial experts. Further, students looking for a flexible financial modeling course can enroll here. 

 Certification: Available 

7. Zell Education

The search for top online financial analyst courses in Bangalore has no border limits. Institutions that offer online/offline education across the globe can be considered the best learning platforms. 

This institution has been a great place for visionaries and inventors. Since the beginning, the institute has helped students with its immense knowledge in trading and financial skills.

About the Course:

The specialization program offers a 100 percent revised curriculum. So, you can complete a course within three to four weeks. The economic specialization acknowledges your fundamental modeling and valuation skills. Moreover, the syllabus introduces key topics like spreadsheet models, financial modeling techniques, forecasting, and common investment analysis.

 All the candidates are enlightened with a Capstone project. It offers a real-world situation to work with. Thus, you get an international certificate post the course completion. You are filled with data analyzing skills and risk identification techniques.

 Certification: Available

8. Coursera

 Coursera is yet another learning platform for developing skills. The virtual site has a lot of professional courses ranging in various domains. Most people joining online financial modeling courses in India prefer Coursera. So, with a mission to provide education to all, Coursera has partnered with 200+ best institutions and universities across the globe.  The few courses are available free of cost or at an affordable price. 

 About the Course:

When you search for financial modeling courses on their site, you may end up with 150 different financial courses. You can select the required topic from basic modeling techniques, cash flow modeling, and decision-making abilities to spreadsheets. Coursera has unlimited courses and study plans.

 They offer candidates with tremendous knowledge in flexible hours. Moreover, with a seven-day free trial, you better understand the curriculum. The self-paced learning methodology is seen here. There are no live classrooms. 

You understand the topics with the help of course materials and video recordings. Grading is done by analyzing the candidate’s quiz scores and assignment works. 

 Certification: Available

 9. Udemy

 Udemy is an organization dedicated to knowledge seekers. The online learning platform connects students throughout the world. It offers 196k+ courses in 75 languages. The course count increases day by day. According to their report, a total of 50 million people has been benefited from the help of Udemy.

 It is a self-paced program. You can learn in your comfort zone and access content on your gadgets.  

About the Course:

As online learning has nothing to do with limitations, an enormous number of courses are available in the financial modeling category. You can choose a course according to your requirement; it may be an excel specialization, modeling for business, or investment banking.

You can be ahead of your competitors by selecting the course, adding it to the cart, and pursuing it. The learning process is developed very simply by the above steps. Udemy provides courses at flexible hours – anywhere anyone can access the LMS. The students get an authentic certificate after completion of the course.

Moreover,  Udemy also secured a place in the top 10 financial analyst courses in Bangalore.

 Certification: Available for paid courses

 10. Global FTI Pvt Ltd

 The Wall Street School, commonly referred to as TWSS, was started to provide practical investment banking and equity research skills. Founded in 2009, the Delhi-based institution has a wonderful spot in India’s list of finest online financial modeling courses. Customized corporate training is an added advantage.

About the Course:

Students applying for the course must pass through an eligibility interview. Merit-based seat availability is seen here. Spending six weeks can prepare you to upskill in a particular field. 

 The curriculum is split into ten modules. The course covers intermediate and advanced excel basics, finance concepts, business modeling, comparable company, and transaction analysis, discounted cash flow, merger model, and leveraged buyout.

The last module aids the students with mock interviews and resumes editing techniques. Their placement network has about 250 plus leading global companies.

 Certification: Available  

Summing up

 This article overviews the top financial Analyst courses in Bangalore. Here, the course curriculum, duration, and certificate are analyzed to give a brief report. After reading the above content, you can get a basic concept about financial analyst courses worldwide. 

These institutions make learning any course easier and more comfortable. Every course has its learning solutions. So, you can surf the internet to review the best training programs according to your job or educational needs. Don’t let your interest fade away.


Q1: Is it worth pursuing financial analytics courses in Bangalore?

Ans: Pursuing financial analytics courses and certifications stipulates numerous career opportunities with good salaries across the field of finance, banking, insurance, corporate financing, retail outlets, and many more. 

Q2: What is the eligibility for financial analytics courses?

Ans: Aspirants interested in entering the finance field can enroll in financial analytics courses. Individuals with a degree in finance, business, commerce, or similar can select financial analytics certification courses to excel in this field.

Q: What are the job responsibilities and roles available in financial analytics?

Ans: You can explore different job duties after completing financial analytics courses, relying on your interest and qualifications. Some roles include financial analysts, risk managers, financial advisors, investment and business development managers, investment strategists, etc.

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