Every business needs to ensure good quality standards. This helps a business in retaining its customers. It maintains their loyalty towards the business. Many a time businesses are blind to the quality management approach. In such cases, businesses suffer a lot in terms of market image. Further, deterioration in the quality leads to a drop in the sales. These tips given below will largely help the business in its growth and expansion. It will help in building loyal customers and in maintaining its market image.


20 quality management tips to enhance your business are-

1. Avoid distractions

It’s pretty obvious that in order to keep the disturbance away from productivity we must keep ourselves engaged to work by humming a song you must keep some distractions like social media apps like twitter and facebook away from you for good concentration.

2. Stop Multitasking

A person cannot be a multi tasker no matter how much he or she tries they are not experts in handling many tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking can decrease your efficiency in working. When you do multitasking you may not be able to function properly as there may be many tasks running in your head.

3. Be Accountable

You must accept your faults you must show that you have the ability to swallow your ego. You must take responsibility for the work assigned to you and must make sure you finish the work on given time period.

4. Read…. A lot

Reading books may give the person knowledge it makes you richer and wiser. Reading helps in improving work performance.

5. Set milestones

Here you may think that what you have achieved work within 1,5,10 years milestones collects the progress done by you in the given time period.

6. Review Personal Benchmarks Regularly

Here you may try to go back and check at the achievements you have gained so far experience.

7. Know Your Limits

In this we decide what serves right for us and we learn to say no to things which are wrong. We know what is in our favor.

8. Batch Tasks & Meetings

To accomplish your work the best way is to divide among the group don’t switch tasks until you complete the given task. The meetings also follow the same pattern.

9. Take time off

In order to refresh yourself, you may take a vacation so that you have the enthusiasm developed for work.

10. Ask Questions

In this, you can ask any questions related to matter no matter how stupid the question may sound. And we must get quick answers otherwise it may be time-consuming.

11. Simplify Complex Processes

We must look at simple solutions to solve a problem rather than choosing the long process.

12. Be punctual

Punctuality is the key to success. We must do the work assigned at a given time period.

13. Delegate Properly

We know you can do it all, but it’s in everyone’s best interest if you focus your talents on the most important duties. The easier duties can be left to the people who are paid to help you—take advantage of collaboration and delegate tasks to the next-best people who can complete them. And, whatever you do, don’t micromanage.

14. Mentorship

Mentorships are mutually beneficial relationships. The mentee gets to learn old tricks and wise solutions, and the mentor receives interpersonal fulfillment.

15. Use digital organization tools

Digital media tools like social media apps like Facebook, Twitter to reach out wide audience.

16. Use physical organization tools

Some organizations use traditional methods like writing on a diary, having a wall calendar, having a memo pad. If you clean your desk after finishing the tasks you are considered as a responsible person.

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17. Identify Blind Spots

Blind spots are those things you do (or don’t do) that you don’t notice, yet others do. In order to identify these, you have to be able to take an honest look at yourself and dissect your actions versus intent. Ask your peers to weigh in, and be willing to take feedback.

18. Be Clear

Communication is the key bad communication can lead to misunderstanding in case of marriages, phone conversations, emails.

19. Sharpen Priority Identifying & Management Skills

You have to know what is your priority and must consider it first. Choose projects according to deadlines if you are not good at deciding what to do.

20. Keep Learning

Your brain is a muscle so keep updating your brain by gaining knowledge from your surroundings.

Quality Management Principles which boost organizational performance :-

1. Customer Focus

The main agenda is based on the customer’s interests. It revolves around the customer perception of quality. Basis of this perception, the changes are made. If this first principle is met with the revenues rise, customer loyalty also sees a significant growth.

2. Leadership

Any quality management project needs good leadership to be successfully implemented. Without a leader’s direction, the project may go haywire. In order to improve the quality, the leader should create a balance between all the elements involved.

3. People’s Involvement

Peoples involvement in the quality management process is utmost important the staff involvement will be the most important part as staff of the organization whether outsourced may check

4. Process Approach

The process approach may tell about how the business can improve its position. It tells how you achieve your business goal.inorder to achieve business goals we need to follow some processes.

5. Systematic Approach to Management

It is about understanding the unrelated procedures but the unrelated procedures are used for adding changes to organization’s viability and proficiency in accomplishing its targets.

6. Continual improvement

The business objective should be continuing every time so that business improvement can take place all the time not only once.

7. Factual Approach to Decision Making

The decision making process is the important process here the decision should be taken visely in order to avoid any losses to the organization.

8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relations

This ensures good relations with suppliers which help in growth of good quality supply chain.

Issues/Problems in Quality Management

  • Lack of teamworkDistort or disagreement between the team members may affect the work they perform there may be disagreements on certain points. This results to lack of teamwork.
  • Miscommunication- Miscommunication in the organization can cause many problems and this may affect the functioning of the organization. Sometimes the chain of information would be weak. Malfunctioning of such communication devices can lead to several problems.
  • Lack of communication communication is the key for every organization but sometimes people may face lack of communication. It leads to malfunctioning of devices.
  • Rigid Approach-A rigid approach, when applied to a business, can lead to deviation in quality standards. Businesses at times need to be flexible and adapt to change in order be in line with the market trend.
  • Lacking Motivation The motivation level of the staff and team members reduces and their interest in completing their assigned work decreases and this may affect their work performance.

Tips/Steps to improve quality control

  • Put Resources to Preparation– Any business which is having full control over the company is functioning properly whereas a company which doesn’t have control over the workers activities in an organization. The company must also take care of the money they have invested in doing their business.
  • Compose Quality Circles – Here the company recognizes what is the correct way of functioning of the company.  In Quality circles members are given an expert advice on how to grow the company by its position the circle may give business ideas to grow the organization.
  • The Control Charts- These charts are used for maintaining quality between two benchmarks. These benchmarks are set in a graph they are known as control limits. The quality of the graph should not go beyond the control limits. They should always be either of upper and lower sides of the graph.
  • The X bar chart

    It’s a type of control chart for quality control here  the quality is measured in arithmetic way.

  • P Chart- It is a statistical chart for quality control. It observes the ratio of nonconforming units of a sample. Here, the ratio of nonconforming units in a sample size is defined in a different way. It is the ratio of a number of nonconforming units to the sample size, n. The underlying distribution here is a binomial distribution.

    Conclusion :-

    As you can see, there are a lot of strategies to try if you want to improve work performance within your company. The good thing is that productivity can be contagious, and using communication tools like the ones that Broadly offers can greatly increase that productivity.

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