“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”

BY: Alferd Mercier


Summer schools are one of the best places where a child can go and spend the rest of their beautiful and enjoy while learning new things. But as a parent, it is quiet confusing  while making the decision about, where the child should go and build a new exposure.

Boston is a wonderful place which is alive with students, and young people. So, the parents might be looking for various summer schools where they want to get their child enrolled into. You would wander around different places or consult different people, but now you are free from all this work because you have reached the perfect place.

So, after reading this blog you would know the perfect place to put your child into, from where the child can benefit from the extra learning.

Some of the summer schools where your child can go and enjoy his/her summer are.

1.Henry Harvin Summer School Academy



This programme are from the children from standard 8-10. In which the child gets to learn and experience new things. It helps the kid to know about the on-going situation of the market.

It evens improve the presentation and the creativity skills of the student. It encourages coordination among students which is at the utmost importance among the students.

Henry Harvin also provide these Courses

Junior MBA course

Business Accounting and Taxation course

Data Science Course

Business Analyst course

2- Harvard Summer School

It has a choice of over 100 non- credit courses. It helps in giving the pre-college students a preview of college studies. It also has on- campus housing.
this program is mainly for the high school students who are going into college.

3- Boston University Summer Team

Take on new academic challenges, explore a variety of interests, and consider possible majors. It helps the child to learn how to balance his/her schoolwork and social life. It gives new experience to the kids by making them live in a college dorm.

It helps the children in becoming a part of the dynamic social community and get engaged in fun activities on campus and throughout Boston.

4- The Newman School

Earlier it was build for the purpose of providing college preparation to veterans returning from service to their country in World War II.

 Over the years, Newman Prep evolved into a co-educational, diploma-granting program, and eventually began to accept younger students into the ninth grade. It offers a diploma program of which the students may take advantage in their junior and senior years.

5- English School in Boston

This is a place where the students would receive extensive care from the teachers and the staff.

This place enables the kids to join work and tourism together. It is a place where the students can learn how to write English and express its writing.

6- The Advent School

It is an urban school who reflects the diversity in Boston. It is a forward thinking curriculum which inspires and engage the child and his/her passion for learning.

It creates a culture of collaboration where every child gains the confidence to take actions and get connected to the world.

7- Stafford House Of Boston

English is a very essential language for every child.

A child with fluent English can do wonders in life. It helps the child to improve his/her quality of work and raise up high in life.

With the help of this summer school, this quality would be raised in your child.

8- School of Fashion Designing

good training can help you learning advance preparation for such constant changes. Success travels with trendsetters and fashion industry interprets it well. The fashion industry is fast paced, exciting and full of creativity and glamour.

Children interested in fashion designing will surely enjoy this summer school!

It helps them in bringing more interest to that particular subject. It also creates a platform where the students can display there talent and and take a step forward in their career life.

9- British International school of Boston

The British International School of Boston is a non-sectarian, co-educational college preparatory day school located in the Moss Hill in Boston, MA. BISB offers education for ages 3 to 18.

This is a wonderful place where your child can spend his/her summer without any hesitation!

10- Boston Term Summer University

Boston University Summer Term offers a wide range of academic opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as high school students.

This university is committed in providing a vibrant and robust remote learning experience, and encourage the children to familiarize themselves with the Remote Learning Resources and Guidelines they are providing for all students in summer 2020.


Summer is a time when the child can flourish his/her talent without any study pressure. After reading this blog you will get to know various options where you can get your child enrolled into……. so, what are you waiting for?

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