In the current era, there is an ardent need for IFRS professionals. What is better than an IFRS certification course? So, We have totally mentioned a list of 10 IFRS certification courses in Lucknow.

What is IFRS?

IFRS stands for International Financing Reporting Standards. It is a set of global accounting standards issued by the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB) and IFRS foundation. It’s globally recognized. In a globally developing country like India, a basic knowledge of IFRS would be advisable for working professionals.

Why an IFRS certification course?

  • Basic knowledge in the list of International Financial Reporting Standards would obviously boost your profile. 
  • You will be able to work in more than 100 countries since knowledge of IFRS Standards is globally acknowledged.
  • IFRS has a huge demand in different fields like IT, banking, accounting and insurance industries.
  • Even if you are willing to start your own business awareness about the list of IFRS Standards is an added advantage.

Where to find the best course?

You might be wondering where to find the best IFRS certification course. So Lucknow people, we have found out the top 10 IFRS certification courses after huge research.

1. Henry Harvin – IFRS Certification Courses in Lucknow

Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin


IFRS certification by Henry Harvin Finance Academy can easily be ranked as one of the top-ranking courses. Henry Harvin finance academy offers you the best training on IFRS with trainers who have experience of more than ten years. The course curriculum is being provided by the best in the profession.


Who can take up this course?

  • Business scholars
  • Working professionals in the accounting field.

Course objective:

  • To make you understand the structure of IFRS.
  • To help you to implement the IFRS to various business components.
  • To help you practice disclosure requirements.
  • To make you generate group financial statements.

Key features 

  • Prestigious certification from Henry Harvin.
  • 60 hours of virtual training.
  • Trainers with an experience of 10+ years.
  • Get a one-year membership which exclusively allows you to E-learn through the brush-up video sessions, games, projects, case studies and recorded videos for a year.
  • Highly qualified study materials.
  • Become a prestigious alumna of Henry Harvin.
  • Guaranteed Internship opportunities.
  • Experience Industry projects during the course of the training.
  • Every week job opportunities.

Henry Harvin® IFRS Course Ranks #1 in India by The Tribune

Henry Harvin IFRS course fees

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided

BangaloreChennai,  GurgaonKolkataMumbaiJaipurHyderabadLucknowChennaiGurgaonKolkata, Pune

Other Henry Harvin Courses

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2. Revenue Recognition – IFRS Certification Courses in Lucknow

Contact No: +91 9891953953        

Revenue recognition-IFRS 15 & ASC 606 is a course created by Raffaelson academy offered by Udemy. Its is a good rated course with the most affordable fee.

Who can take up this course?

  • ACCA students
  • CPA students
  • Students of different accounting programs
  • Accounting manager
  • Finance manager
  • Finance directors
  • CFOs
  • Finance experts

Course objectives

  • Identify contracts with computer
  • Identify the separate performance obligations
  • Determine transaction price
  • Allocation of the transaction price
  • Recognise revenue
  • Accounting for revenue

Key features

  • On-demand 4 hour video
  • 6 downloadable source
  • Certificate of completion

3. International financial reporting standards (IFRS) by Rowan Malwerbe – IFRS Certification Courses in Lucknow

This course provided by Udemy can also be considered as one in the top list of IFRS courses.

Who can take up this course?

Anyone who wants to gain a basic knowledge of IFRS can take up this course.

Course objectives

  • Understand the IFRS standards with practical knowledge and application.
  • Understand the new revenue standard (IFRS-15).
  • Understand how the consolidation of financial statements work with the application of IFRS 10
  • Obtain the actual IAS and IFRS standards to apply.

Key features

  • Rowan Malherbe has an experience of more than five years.
  • Full-time access
  • Certificate of completion

4. IFRS E-learning by Deloitte – IFRS Certification Courses in Lucknow

This course is free and it’s an e-learning course where the learning is very efficient.

Who can take up this course?

Anyone with an interest in IFRS can take up this course.

Course objectives

  • Using real-life scenarios to demonstrate and apply
  • They provide sections to explain the principles and theory
  • Reference materials are provided to support learning
  • A printable certificate if you pass the assessment at the end of each module.

Key features

  • Module relates real-life scenarios with the course.
  • The module uses worked examples to illustrate aspects of standard in action.
  • The whole module is free of cost.
  • You will be provided with a certificate.

5. ACCA-FR(F7) Financial reporting – IFRS Certification Courses in Lucknow

This course by Syed Muhammed Ali shah offers a complete knowledge of financial reporting based on IFRS standards. The trainer having experience of more than twenty years in finance this course is a complete package.

Who can take up this course?

  • Accountants and students who are doing financial reports based on International Financing Reporting Standards(IFRS)
  • Financial Accountants learning IFRS

Course objectives

To help people gain knowledge of 

  • Tangible Non-Current Assets
  •  Borrowing Cost
  •  Impairment
  •  Provisions and Contingencies
  •  Intangible Non-Current Assets
  •  Investment Property
  •  Inventories
  •  Events after the reporting period
  • Government Grants
  •  Earnings Per Share EPS
  •  Biological Assets
  •  Goodwill
  •  Non-Current Asset Held for Sales and Discontinued Operation
  • Financial Instruments
  •  Revenue from Contracts with Customers
  •  Leases
  •  Reporting Financial Performance
  •  Interpretation of Financial Statements
  •  Accounting for Inflation
  •  Final Accounts
  •  Consolidated Financial Statements

Key features

  • The trainer has an experience of more than twenty years in the field of financing.
  • It is very detailed.
  • It provides knowledge of every term of IFRS

6. ACCA diploma in IFRS by Grant Thorton

This is one of the best courses which offers online training for people all over India. This is the ideal course for a finance professional. The syllabus of the training program is completely based on ACCA Diploma in IFRS.

Who can take up this course?

  • Qualified chartered accountants
  • CA students
  • Management accountants
  • MBA (finance)
  • Professionals working in finance 
  • Accountants


To help people master

  • Asset accounting
  • Revenue
  • Presentation
  • Liabilities
  • Group accounting
  • Financial instruments

Key features

  • Case studies
  • 80 hours of learning
  • 20 hours of recorded video
  • Training material
  • BPP training material
  • Post-training support and query management
  • Certificate of participation 

7. IMS Proschool 

The certification course on IFRS from IMS proschool is one of the best courses available online.

Who can take up this course?

  • Accounting professionals
  • Other qualified professionals
  • Graduates based on accounting

Course objective

  • Apply financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reporting
  • Prepare group financial reporting

Key features

  • You will be provided with 55+ Hours of “Live & Interactive” training program on IFRS.
  • You will get study material & recorded sessions.
  • Another 15 hours online tutorials on  Dip IFRS.
  • You can clear your doubts face-to-face with the help of experts.

8. E-Learning certification in IFRS by Earnst and young 

This is a course that implements the syllabus of ACCA’S diploma in IFRS program.

Who can take up the course?

Is anyone willing to gain more knowledge of IFRS.

Course objectives
To help you understand and explain the structure of the framework of IFRS.

  • To help you in applying relevant financial reporting standards to key elements of financial reports
  • To help you identify and apply disclosure requirements for companies in financial reports and notes.
  • To make you prepare group financial statements (excluding group cash-flow statements) including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures.

    Key features

  • You get 6 months access to EY Virtual Academy.
  • About 60 hours of recorded videos of virtual instructor-led training sessions
  • About 10 hours of e-learning videos 
  • Presentations and publications
  • Other relevant material
  • You will receive query support through the email.
  • Regular assessments
  • You get a certificate of completion on clearing the final assessment.

9. IFRS e-learning program by KPMG 

This is the best course for people who are busy and can’t spare time for the regular classroom. This is very flexible.

Who can take up the course?

  • People who have a thirst to know about IFRS
  • Couldn’t spare time for regular classes.

Course objectives

To create E-learning material that will help you in understanding IFRS better.

Key benefits

  • Training e-learning content is updated at regular intervals.
  • It comes in a complete package as training modules and sessions.
  • Provides a global and consistent approach, integrated with the solution, in terms of training models, contents, technology and change management.

10. ACCA Dipifr from PWC 

It is a qualification by ACCA which in the developing global nation India would be very helpful.

Who can take up this course?

Finance and accounting professionals would find this course very useful.

Course objectives

To help you learn how to apply IFRS in real life.

Key features

Students will be provided with

  • Regular tutorials
  • Assignments
  • Workbook
  • Updated past examination content

IFRS Certification Courses / Classes in Lucknow with salary

Experts in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) who work for the world’s top accounting firms earn a starting annual package of Rs 8 lacs to Rs 15 lacs per year. Following your specialization in the IFRS, you can expect compensation in the range of Rs 20 lacs to Rs 25 lacs per annum as you develop experience and spend roughly 6-8 years in the firm.

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