Leadership is an important skill for business, one that you can cultivate in a Teen MBA. Being a young leader will set you apart from the masses and will benefit you in your career and life both.


A genuine leader is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Importance For MBA

An MBA is only a qualification, It doesn’t make you a manager. Many people believe that getting a degree signifies the end of their learning. A degree only qualifies you to learn from real-life experiences.

In business, there are targets to meet and deals to close and there is always a time crunch. To be able to pull through all these ordeals successfully, a leader is required.

An MBA degree throws students from different backgrounds together and forces them to work with one another. A good leader would play a vital role in bringing people together to be an efficient team.

Leadership enables management skills to be effectively communicated and prepares you to understand the overall company culture and the needs of employees.

Importance For Teens

You must start honing your leadership skills from an early age. Starting to build leadership skills as a teenager can be the foundation for skills learned later—it’s a way to build that base of experience, of trial-and-error, that is key for understanding and leading groups.

Leadership isn’t about having all the answers but enabling others to find solutions themselves. It’s about getting the best out of people, managing diverse groups and being inclusive, whether that’s across different nationalities, cultures or genders.

You cannot rote-learn all the secrets of leadership, only through experience and time. Therefore, it would be better to start early and where better to start with that a Teen MBA.

The Secrets Of Leadership


Passion helps ensure that you jump out of bed every morning and get to work on your goals. It is also highly contagious. Watching a passionate leader energizes the whole organization. 


It’s when you’re really hungry for success that you start to go after it, and do all it takes to get it. You must keep trying no matter how long it takes for you to get where you want to get.

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

Babe Ruth


Once you have the passion and the hunger, you will see a road emerge in front of you. You need discipline to stay the course.

In life, as in driving, it’s not enough to find the best roads and then drive on them. It’s important to ensure that the roads will take you where you need to go.

Things To Remember

No job is too small.

Retain your humility. Don’t let titles and success go to your head. Remember to polish your own shoes.

Success doesn’t come in an instant.

There is  magic in teamwork.

When you groan and say this is bad, the mind gets conditioned to look for difficulty in opportunity. And when you say that it’s good, the mind looks for opportunity in difficulty. And therein lies the difference between winners and losers.  

Life isn’t just about getting, it’s also about giving.

Other Resources

A few months ago, I read a book titled ‘The Secrets Of Leadership’ by Prakash Iyer. It has definitely helped shape my mind and personality and I would recommend you all to read it.

Henry Harvin also offers multiple Teen MBA programmes that will help guide you to become young leaders.

You could also check out these videos to learn the tactics required to be a good leader.

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