The Goods and Services Tax GST in India is among the massive tax differences observed in recent times. This new suggestive tax system, the GST was rolled out on 1st July 2017 to rebuild numerous prevailing taxes required by the state and the central government. Though the term sounds incredibly complicated and might seem perplexed initially, the fact is far different.

However, GST is one of the most substantial tax reforms that has helped as a stepping pebble for the One Nation One Tax agenda.

Therefore, unlike the formerly pertained taxes, GST Course is imposed at the phase of consumption and not at the phase of conception. This one fact makes GST the most simplified and logical taxation network, hence, eliminating all the interlinked obstacles in any form of trade.

Moreover, the GST can be further classified into 4 sections-

  • CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax)
  • SGST (State Goods and Services Tax)
  • IGST (Integrated Goods and Services Tax)
  • UGST (Union Territory Goods and Services Tax)

Therefore, with a predefined cluster of rules and laws for all the above sections, it becomes very significant for the general public to understand the basics as well as the facts on which GST works.

Moreover, keeping this in mind, to imbibe proficiency and guarantee to understand GST, numerous certification courses are being formulated by some of the well-known academic, economic administration institutions and private entities in India. Administering the GST Course is an additional advantage for several, contemplating the current pandemic crisis.

Thus, the online GST certification courses are organized to cater for candidates, business houses as well as experts too. The major purpose of the course is to procure fundamental and developed proficiency about several facets of Goods and Services Tax GST. 

Hence, by skimming into the academic and logical characteristics as well, these online GST courses deliver in-depth proficiency on topics such as management, enrollment, taxation, analysis, tax returns, agreement recording, and several laws applicable in GST.

The top 10 GST Courses in Indore

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

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Henry-Harvin logo

A statutory core regulated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, ICAI, prevails for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The ICAI has various methods like governing the accountancy faculty, teaching accountancy specialists, and assembling post-qualification courses.

ICAI has formulated a GST Course to prepare its members with the tardiest revisions to the finance and accounts industry pursuing the overture of GST.

Course Highlights-

  • Course name- diploma course on GST
  • Course duration-10 days program 
  • Course allowances- Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Jaipur and Ahmedabad- INR 1400+GST
  • For distinct cities- INR12,600+GST

The course syllabus is as follows-

While underscoring logical, problem-solving, and vital abilities, this course delivers a comprehensive and hustled understanding of GST law in a systematized manner. 

Topics wrapped in the syllabus involve-

• Interpreting the GST theory

• Levy, duration and place of allowance

• Tax value for intakes

• A transitional duration

• Valuation

• Enrollment 

• Returns

• Payment

• Rebate

• Evaluation

GST Course – Live Online GST Course | Get GST Practitioner Certification

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• Penalties and charges

• Advising in the progression

However, thorough exploration and awareness are empowered for each module. The course fulfils and analyses directly to a certificate for partaker. Similarly, you obtain 25 credits after the course and five credits after the exam.

Why should you select them?

• The international market for social assistance offers an opening

• Compute CPEs

• Faculty with specialist awareness

• Government-approved

Henry Harvin GST course fees:


Cities where Henry Harvin GST course are provided:

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Noida, Gurgaon

Henry Harvin GST Practitioner Course Ranks #1 in India by India Today, Prime Insights

Other Henry Harvin courses:

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Udemy logo

Udemy is one of the most prominent course providers internationally. It concentrates on promoting lives via understanding and instructing. Civilizations of any generation group can learn from anywhere. With over 150 courses in 65 various languages, Udemy is a multinational performer.

Key points-

  • Detailed GST Course Online
  • The course configuration of 42 hours
  • The GST course from Udemy takes you through the basics of GST and renovates you into creativity by the end of the course
  • The GST course wraps all the facets like the developed ruling, Eway bill, TDS, TCS, appraisal and audits
  • This course is for Cas, CA candidates, IAS aspirants, CS, LLB practitioners and Tax practitioners
  • Life-time entry for all the study equipment
  • On-demand e-learning videos

Course volume-

The course has 27 divisions which will be encircled in 299 lectures. It throws a beam on key factors of GST like enrollment, authority, filing, detriment, payment, and logical significances. 

Distinct courses by Udemy-

  • GST course and credential to develop your CA practice
  • Master GST course
  • Knowledge and GST portal A-Z Live experiments
  • Value-added Tax (U.A.E)

Therefore, the course fee is Rs. 4800/-


ICSi logo

It is ascertained under the act of Parliament as an exclusive nationwide association. In addition to its headquarters in New Delhi, the academy has provincial centres across India.

Therefore, with a mission to promote high-calibre specialists and aid good governance, ICSI wishes to become an international leader. ICSI and learners inexperienced programs can take a GST course to become knowledgeable with subordination and enforcement principles.

Course Highlights-

  • Course name- certificate course in Goods and Services Law
  • Course length- 5 weeks (6 hours online activity on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Course Fees- INR 7500+GST

The course syllabus is as follows:

Through the GST Program, you gain insight into GST’s fundamentals, principles, and nuances. In addition, it facilitates the nominee to develop GST concepts and educate them about the latest developments in the GST domain.

Hence, as soon as you enrol on the course, you will access the study material in soft copy form. You will be instructed what, why, when, and how of GST-related knowledge.

Therefore, to take the online analysis, you have to comprehend GST and its compliances completely. At the end of the course, you can receive a joint certificate from ICSI and BSE Institute Limited.

Moreover, the ICSI GST Courses are reputed to be the best online GST Training in India. Their website and pamphlet can be downloaded to learn more.

Therefore, why should you elect them?

• Affordability

Post Graduate Program in GST

100% Practical GST Training | India's 1st GST Certification Course | Featured by Aaj Tak, Hindustan Times | Delivered by Award-Winning GST Speakers

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• Mentorship from industry professionals

• An ICSI and BSE certification can improve your LinkedIn profile

• Updated with the latest knowledge

4. Vskills 

v skills logo

Vskills offers online certification exams and skill improvement programs constructed to improve employability. A certified GST skilled training program is available through this provider. There is no suspicion that this is one of the promising online GST courses that you can grab to become a certified GST practitioner.

Hence, you choose the GST Training program and enrol yourself for it as part of this self-paced program. In addition to the study material, LMS access is also given to those who enrol. The online exam can be taken at any time and from anywhere pursuing the learning process. Your employability will gain if you obtain more than 50%.

Course Conclusions-

Course name- online GST training

Course length- 28 hours session

Course fees- INR3,499/-

Therefore, the course syllabus is as follows:

All the necessary elements of GST are involved in this cohesive program. This program involves the following modules-

• Basics of taxation and GST

• A GST concept

• Tax enrollment

• GST invoices

• Input tax returns

• Miscellaneous

Why should you select them?

• Certification by the government

• Certification valid for life

• An e-learning procedure that lasts a lifetime

• The program is self-paced

5. Cleartax

cleartax logo

Among the list of online GST Courses is Cleartax, which facilitates finances, tax incomes, capital, and time difficulties for Indian entrepreneurs. Nowadays, ClearTax supports over 2.5 million users, more than 20,000 tax practitioners and job owners in India.

Moreover, it contends India’s most substantial tax and economic assistance phase for people, companies, and tax specialists. Delivering the best solution for filing income tax returns, GST filings, invoicing and more, they provide the best consequence.

Course Highlights-

  • Course name- detailed e-learning certification on new GST returns
  • Course length- 8+ hours in-depth activity
  • Course fees- INR3,600

The course syllabus is as follows-

It wraps current progress in GST through lectures given by industry specialists.

Course topics involve-

• GST returns basics

• A new policy for GST returns

• New policy versus the old one

• The filing procedure for RET-1,2,3

• Surveys of ANX-1,2

• CA’s case surveys

Why should you select them?

• Educators with knowledge in CA

• Pedagogy in detail

• Affordability

• Appraisal and certification of Cleartax

6. CA Club India

CA club india logo

CA CLub India was founded in 1999 to serve as a forum for finance experts and tax specialists to share and disseminate their proficiency. More than 3 million fellows have adopted this outlet, making it prominent.

Therefore, from elementary to advanced GST training, they strive for superiority. Professionals such as CA Bimal Jain transform you’re circumspect into logical understanding.

Thus, one of India’s adequate online GST courses is delivered by this institute based on applied learning knowledge. Check out this course.

Course Highlights-

Course name- GST Course

Course length- 61 video hours, or 1.5 months

Course fees- INR6,599

The course syllabus is as follows-

You will attain a thorough awareness of the GST system through this course. The course wraps all significant factors to make you GST-ready by the end of it, such as-

• GST tax and allowance

• Persons accountable for tax and registration

• Value and duration of supply

• Credit for input tariffs

• Supplier’s location

• Supply with zero-rating

Why should you elect them?

• Union allowance 2021 update

• E-book GST

• Certificate granted by CA Club India

• Course access for two months

7. TaxGuru

Tax Guru logo

One of the massive terms in online finance training is TaxGuru. TaxGuru is an education division that intends to cube an intensive learning understanding, expose challenges, and hone creative ideas to motivate your career.

Therefore, CA Raman Singla directed the course, educated more than 30,000 specialists and composed the best-seller “Complete Analysis on GST.” In this course, live streaming and online learning are incorporated to surpass real-time classroom clasps.

Course Highlights-

Course name- GST certification course

Course length- 30 hours listed course

Course fees- INR10,000+18%GST

The course syllabus is as follows-

The course syllabus involves topics from important to developed levels, involving compliances, GST returns, electronic invoicing, and new GST returns, with case analyses-

• GST liberty, theories, and basics

• Taxes integrated into GST, GST Amendment Act

• Filing a GST return

• Enrollment

• Taxation, allowance, and valuation

• Tax credit for infusions

Moreover, reading equipment is delivered in E-formats with live query explanations.

Why should you elect them?

• As your educator, a professional in GST

• Resolving live queries

• Limited access to session recordings

• The modes of communication followed were both Hindi and English

8. ConsultEase

Consultease logo

ConsultEase is another prominent term in the list of GST Courses online Indore. Familiar with improving learning curves, the institute offers finance, taxation, analysis, and banking courses. While they offer GST courses for specialists and learners, their major priority is on GST Courses for learners.

Therefore, ConsultEase offers GST courses formulated for beginners or freshers new to the Goods and Services Tax realm. They can access recorded lectures on their dashboard as part of the self-study procedure. Survey the course assistance.

Course Highlights-

Course name- GST course for beginners

Course length- 12+hours

Course fees- INR1,500+GST

The course syllabus is as follows-

The course wraps both basic and logical topics. The following is a quick synopsis of the course syllabus-

• Constitutional theories and background

• Taxes, liberties, and supplies

• Registration

• GST recoveries

• Supplier’s location

Moreover, modules are also broken down into bite-sized content and topics. Your certificate will substantiate your corporate sector alternatives after finalizing this course.

Why should you elect them?

• Affordability

• This is a self-paced course

• Especially for beginners


NIIT logo

Several courses are available at NIIT, involving software, IT, banking, finance, and taxation. Established in 1981, the globally acknowledged institute delivers several programs and courses to people from different domains.

However, brick-and-mortar institutes soon recognized the ability of online learning and hopped on the bandwagon. One of India’s best online GST courses, this institute is acknowledged and renowned for various awards and recognitions.

Course Highlights-

Course name- overture to GST

Course length- 20 hours

Course Fees: not mentioned

The trained industry professionals guide you through this intensive learning program to assist you to understand GST concepts completely. With a comprehensive focus on improving retention through real-time practice, the course is an excellent blend of academic and practical proficiency.

The course syllabus is as follows-

Concept-based programs, in partnership with Tally, a guide to conceptualizations that entail-

• The theory of the GST

• Services and Goods

• Availability and importance of supply

• Invoices and input credit

• Tax returns and payment

• Outcomes of non-compliance

• Records and accounts

Besides, this program comes with an embedded Tally exam.

Why should you elect them?

• professional veteran personnel

• Tally certificate

• practical training

• intensive learning program

10. GST Center

GST Centre logo

The GST Centre provides vibrant, student-centred, and creative programs for accountants, finance experts, and students. The GST Centre offers a combined learning system available to everyone, led by a specialist faculty and management team.

Moreover, there are three levels of diploma course offered by GST Centre, which are-

  • GST Beginner
  • GST Intermediate
  • GST in Tally

Therefore, you can select any course based on your level of expertise.

Course Highlights-

Course name- diploma in Goods and Services Tax

Course length: browse the website

Course fees- INR6,500

Moreover, you have to spend extra for certificate attestation here.

The course syllabus is as follows-

This is the basic level course syllabus-

• GST overture

• Tax collection and tariff

• Input tax credit

• Credit Notes, Debit Notes and Tax Invoices

• Accounting & Records

• GST payment

• Electronic Waybill

Therefore, there are additional topics in advanced and intermediate courses. Browse the website for more details.

Why should you elect them?

• Streaming live classes

• LMS procures study material and video content

• Developing simulation software to increase practical experience

• Certificates of compliance


We hope that the list above and the features mentioned would be incredibly helpful for the nominees to conclude on which institute to choose. 

Therefore, with the above list of Top 10 GST Course in Indore, certainly, a lot of candidates would walk forward with awareness about GST courses and the job alternatives they would provide. GST is a comparatively new requirement. 

However, GST courses achieved under subject matter specialists’ guidance with the assistance of prominent institutes would excavate paths for many. Best of luck!

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Q1. Will I get a certificate after the GST course culmination?

Ans. Yes, at the culmination of the GST course a certificate will be given. It will help the nominees to grab opportunities in the corporate region.

Q2. Are there good employment alternatives after finishing the GST course?

Ans. GST is the hugest tax reform of sovereign India. Every company is compelled to pay it. Then huge corporations need skilled people to handle it. This unlocks the floodgates of chances for the GST-qualified people. 
Therefore, it is getting developed with time. But the truth is that the market is filled with degree holders. But companies need people with logical proficiency. The theory will not fit into the corporate provision. 
Thus, converting a requirement on a logical ground is the required skill. This GST course will help in expanding logical understanding. Here the personnel is not an educator but a practising expert.

Q3. Is it necessary to have Finance or Commerce experience for a GST course?

A. It may be beneficial. But we wrapped the GST from the beginning. The legislation’s amendment Act is the initial trial of this course. After that, every significant section is examined at length. The icing on the cake is a logical illustration. Thus, a newcomer can also learn GST from this course effortlessly.

Q4. Will the GST certification course help in becoming an experienced GST practitioner?

A. The answer is yes. It is good not only for getting employment but also to begin your practice. The business people can do it to deal with their taxation problems.

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