The year 2021 has seen every kind of lockdown: full lockdown, partial lockdown, travel bans, and curfews. The painful sting of the ongoing pandemic is being felt by every person on this planet. The healthcare industry has been busy pumping out vaccines and research papers to try and share life support knowledge gathered in the laboratories. The technical jargon and medical terminology used in these publications are not easily understood by all. Our society may face an unhealthy situation where there is abundant knowledge with a small group of people and the rest remain ignorant to the realities that may be useful to save lives. Here is where medical writing becomes functional. A medical writer fills the void by transferring knowledge from researchers and scientists to the general public.



Medical Writing

What Is Medical Writing?

Medical writing Course denotes any technical writing in the medical discipline. This includes writing research-related papers, health care articles, and magazines, news articles, promotional content related to drugs and diseases. To simply put it, medical writing is translating complex scientific vernacular and concepts into layman’s language. It is a lucrative profession, especially during this covid era.

Marriage between English and Science:

A combination of aromatic spices and fresh ingredients makes good cooking. Likewise, medical writing needs mastery over both scientific knowledge and the English language. 


Science and English Marriage

  • Medical Writing is a meeting place of good writing skills and technical medical knowledge. 
  • Individuals in both medicine and English domains can strive to enter this profession. 
  • It is important, they wield mastery over wordplay and have a strong understanding of the recent scientific and research advancement in healthcare. 
  • It is an easier transition for a person with a medical degree to brush up on their English skills than for a person with English background to jump into this field. 
  • Anything can be achieved with enough striving. If you are someone without a scientific upbringing but are talented in skillful eloquent communication, you need to meticulously update yourself with the improvement in the healthcare industry. It is vital to perform extensive research before starting to write your content. 

Audience recognition:

Only with the proper approach can any work lead to success. Recognizing whom we need to communicate to help you to formulate content that kindles the right action. 



  • A proficient medical writer needs to understand their audience. 
  • Effective writing ensures most of the information is retained by the reader. 
  • Before creating the content one should be clear about who we are writing for and what is the best medium to communicate to them.
  • Medical writers write on varied platforms. For example, online newsletters, magazines, journals, scientific research reports, or can even write promotions.
  • In case a pharma company hires a writer to help promote their drugs, it is essential for him/her to distinguish the target audience group from the general public. 
  • The content needs to be tailored according to the needs of the customer. This will ensure the content instigates a positive reaction in sales of your employer.

With human well-being being the centre of discussion, the medical industry is seeing immense growth and will continue to broaden. Thanks to the innovation of new technology, companies are developing and producing new drugs more frequently to battle the increasing illness rates in our population. The Medical writer converses through his content and educates the population about the availability of a drug and who can use it. Writers are also hired to promote drugs and clinical apparatus that have newly entered the market.    

The pharma industry has flourished in manufacturing many new laboratory equipment and diagnostic tools. The writer’s role becomes very important here. He/she drafts regulatory documents, safety reports, and the user’s manual for these machineries. It is necessary that these documents are formulated in simple language and contain precise information. 

Advantages of medical writing: 

There are many benefits one derives from choosing this profession. Here I have listed some highlights that make this field mighty beneficial.


Medical writing jobs

  • This is a highly specialized field. Once you get into the industry, it is easy to find jobs and change employers.
  • The profession offers substantial remuneration. Big pharma companies and hospitals compete to get talented medical writers.
  • The work gives you satisfaction and fulfillment. The thought of impacting others’ lives positively, offers moral contentment.
  • The jobs in this field provide the option to work from home. This option is especially useful for mothers and people who enjoy operating from their cosy home spaces. One gains the advantage of avoiding traffic.
  • When the writer is backed with enough research, he/she has the freedom to add creativity to his/her work.
  • There are many online and offline medical writing courses that can help to catapult you into this domain.

Features of Medical Writing Jobs:

There is an ocean of possibilities for writing professionals. Many companies and businesses hire medical professionals to communicate effectively to their audience. Pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, media publications, healthcare websites, medical institutions are major employers in this field.

  • A medical degree or a certification course will come in handy to pocket a job offer. A strong footing in medical writing is useful while creating content. 
  • This lockdown is a great opportunity for those who want to change their career tracks.
  • Skilled medical writers are paid generously. 
  • Although there is a tap on how much one can earn as a professional in the industry, one can earn handsomely doing freelance medical writing.
  • One can excel at scientific writing without much hassle. With adequate knowledge of medical sciences, scientific writing can become an easy task.
  • As a freelance medical writer one can create health blogs, newsletters, magazines, and train by writing on online portals.
  • Hospitals recruit medical writers to ensure efficient communication. Hospitals require promotion. A skillful medico-marketer will come in handy. 

Heart of Medical Writing: Fixing an Objective

The crispy crust is essential to good pizza, similarly objective is critical to good writing. Effective writing can be achieved through proper planning and the right approach. Understanding the objective helps one to achieve the goal in a planned fashion. It is vital for a professional to fix the objectives before jumping into action.

  • A successful Medical writer brainstorms the objective first before starting to write the content.
  • Medical writing’s objective varies depending on what type of writing you are doing. A safety guideline document is intended to educate the reader. Newsletter writing, healthcare blogs, and magazine writing aim to inform and persuade the reader. Content for marketing directs to ignite action from the reader and aims to increase the sale of the intended product or service.
  • Any writer should create content keeping in mind the final goal of the company. If you are writing content for medico-marketing, the ultimate goal is to sell the hirer’s drug or product, or service. 

It is important to have a strong foundation in the core concepts of medical writing to flourish in this field. Many medical writing courses help give you a detailed insight into the tips and tricks that build you into a great content writer. Here I am going to list a few institutions that can help you to get into this profession.

1. Henry Harvin Education:

Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WatsApp With Henry Harvin  

Henry Harvin logo

The Medical Writing Course offered by Henry Harvin is ranked no 1 by Higher Education Digest. The institute has incorporated all the necessary ingredients to reform your desire to be a medical writer into a reality. This course is a blend of pharmaceutical regulatory writing and medico-marketing techniques. The syllabus allows you the freedom to enter into a wide spectrum of technical writing. They offer certification after successful completion of the course. Henry Harvin’s certification can act as a key to open doors during your job hunt.

Training Includes:

  • You will learn the necessities, scope, and features of medical writing. One needs to first understand what Medical writing means and what it entails.
  • You will learn in-depth knowledge of scientific writing. Example: scientific news, scientific reviews, research papers for journals, and case reports. This will equip you in understanding the basics of scientific writing.
  • You will be taught the clinical study designs of drug development. By understanding pre-clinical development and research, you will become capable of writing content that showcases abundant medical and research knowledge.
  • You will be introduced to medical writing for clinical trials.
  • Your syllabus encompasses clinical evaluation, periodic safety updates, and performance evaluation reports. 
  • The trainer teaches you about the regulatory strategies in clinical trials.

Duration and Cost: You only need to dedicate 16 hours of your precious time to master the basic concepts involved in medical writing. The course costs Rs12,500. No cost EMI payment options are available for payment.

Features of this course:

  • The institute offers this course every week, so there is little to no wait time.
  • They provide three ways to attend the course: self-paced course, live online classroom, and corporate training.
  • You will get 100% placement support for up to 1 year after completion of the course.
  • You will get 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin.
  • The trainers have over 15 plus working experience in the industry.

Details of Medical Writing Courses by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin has strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Medical Writing Courses.
  • However, the overall duration of the course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, teh fee for Medical Writing Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Fees Structure:-

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by Teh Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Writing Courses physically


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Symbiosis School for Open and Distance Learning –

Contact No:- +91 9552588162

Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages logo

Medical writing simply put is a process where the writer acts as a bridge between the knowledge acquired from the scientific and research community and the general public. Symbiosis School for Open and Distance Learning offers a certificate in Medical Writing Course. You are required to follow an online admission process. Firstly, you are required to register and pay the program fee. Then you need to print out the application form with your photo and necessary documents. Once they are verified by the institute, they will supply the study materials in 15 days.

Eligibility: One needs to be a graduate in Medical sciences or in Life sciences.


  • The institute provides a 24/7 learning management system.
  • The institute has a good track record in distance learning.
  • The students are given exposure to projects and case studies to help gain experiential knowledge.
  • After successful completion of the course, the institute provides placement assistance.
  • The students learn through virtual classrooms. 
  • The course entails a comprehensive curriculum covering the latest advancements in the field.

3. Biomed Informatics – 

Contact No:- 099896 84450

The medical writing profession is one that is highly technical in nature. It requires relentless research and the accuracy of statistical data. Biomed Informatics is a leading clinical research organization. The institute is dedicated to human health. It contributes to society by producing skilled healthcare-related professionals. The institute offers Medical Writing Courses to help professionals move up their career ladder. You will receive a certification when you successfully complete the course. The certification will help to add value to your resume.  


  • Students learn through online classrooms.
  • The course offers flexible timings so that you are able to fit the classes into your busy work schedule.
  • The institute offers placement support to help land your dream job.
  • The course can be learnt at your convenient pace. If you are a quick learner, the course provides fast-track options.
  • The institute provides a unique option of choosing one student – one teacher option where you receive complete attention from the trainer.

Medical Writing Course Curriculum:

  • Students learn to write clinical study reports and protocols.
  • Students will learn to create patient safety narratives.
  • Students will get a detailed understanding of Investigator brochures and on Medical Product Dossier. 
  • Trainers will teach ICH Guidelines.
  • The course also teaches you periodic safety update reports. 

4. E-media Write

E-media Write

Medical writing forms an integral part of the medical industry. They have an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people. It is critical that their content needs to be written in a way that is easily understood by the audience without compromising its statistical accuracy. The institute provides Training with a Certificate in Medical Writing course/ Medical Communications course. 

Medical Writing Course Features:

  • Medical writing can be pursued by people with medical backgrounds and excel at English skills. 
  • Practical learning is essential in becoming a medical writer. The course offers interactive workshop sessions.
  • The course includes exposure to case studies, presentations, and exercises.

This profession is one that can be performed from home; a boon during the pandemic. As a medical writer, you are helping improve the lives of people with your work. Effective communication is important in taking information about lifesaving drugs to the people in need. Lack of medical knowledge is a deterrent to this profession.

5. Coursera

Contact No:- (800) 952-5210


Coursera is one of the largest Massive Open Online Courses. They offer courses on a wide range of subject matter. The course syllabus is handcrafted by experts in the field. They partner with various reputed educational institutions and companies to offer their courses. They aim to educate people around the globe. To fulfill this objective Coursera offers quality courses free of cost. Writing in the Sciences Course is provided in partnership with Stanford University. They offer subtitles in nine different languages.

Features of the course:

  • This is a beginner-level course. This course is appropriate for any person aiming to venture into this field. 
  • The course provides a flexible deadline to help you learn at your pace.
  • The course requires approximately 30 hours of your precious time to complete the course.
  • At the end of the course, you will receive a shareable certificate that can be easily added to your resume.
  • You will acquire skills relating to medical writing, grammar, and science communication.

The course syllabus includes:

  • The course starts with an introduction to key concepts in effective writing.
  • Students learn the importance of active verbs and active voice. Good writing showcases strong verbs.
  • Students learn to use various sentence structures and to write strong paragraphs. It is important that the content created is engaging and informative. 
  • Students learn to get quickly to the verb in the sentence.

Tips for Medical Writers:

Everybody is keen on shortcuts to success. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to achieve good writing. 

Medical writers need to ensure strong basics in scientific terminology and concepts. Clinical research papers require a complete understanding of the drug development process and drug safety processes. It is crucial that any statistics mentioned in their content must be acquired from a reliable source and have to be accurate. Any scientific document or research needs to abide by the technical guidelines of that nationality. Along with the science base, the writer needs to ensure proper grammar and appropriate language usage in his content. To become a successful writer one needs to steer clear of plagiarism and copyright issues. 

The covid pandemic has changed the lives of many people. Many faced the harsh punishment of losing their jobs. Although the pandemic denotes sad times, it can become a period of great opportunity. This is the best time to change your career track. There is innumerable job availability for a medical writer. A career in this field can be profitable and interesting.  

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Ques.1 Is research important in Medical Writing?

Ans. Research forms the crux of medical writing. You can deliver good content only with extensive research. The medical industry is an ever-changing one. It is important to keep yourself updated and informed of the new innovations in technology and drugs.


Ques.2 Is it enough to have good writing skills to enter into the medical writing field?

Ans. If you have an adequate English background you can enter the field of medical writing. But it is important that you educate yourself on the necessary topics to do effective medical writing. It is generally easier for people with medical and science backgrounds to enter into the medical writing field. They only need to brush up on their English skills.


Ques.3 Is a medical degree important to enter into this profession?

Ans. Having a strong scientific foundation can help to make the work effortless. A medical degree will also be useful to convince recruiters to offer you jobs. But a person without a medical degree can also flourish in this field. Persistent knowledge gathering and a creative mindset can help excel in this field without the assistance of a medical degree. 


Ques.4 How to ensure medical writing is the correct profession for me?

Ans. A zeal towards medical sciences and a passion for writing are enough to qualify you to choose this profession. There are no correct or incorrect professions. Once you have chosen this path, you should continue to sharpen your skills, you will see that you will quickly climb your professional ladder. To get a rough feel of what is required of you in this occupation, you can take up medical writing courses. Most institutions offer an internship program once you successfully complete the course. These internships not only give you experiential knowledge but also help you to get a glimpse of what is required of you in the real world.


Ques.5 Can I become rich by taking up a medical writing profession?

Ans. Yes, in time you can. Medical writers get handsome pay. Although the pharma companies and hospitals offer attractive packages, there is still a tap on how much you can make working with an employer.  But you can rake up money as an experienced freelancer.


Ques.6 Is the medical writing profession interesting?

Ans. For a person who has an inclination towards the medical sciences, this profession is a boon. In this field of work, you have the liberty to concoct exciting content that blends both creativity and statistics. You have the choice to select the medium of work and what work you wish to do. Medical writing is a vast spectrum of opportunities. You can choose scientific research requiring vast medical knowledge to medico-marketing, where one is more focused on the creative end. With experience, you also gain the freedom to change lines along your career path. 

Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 online by Higher Education Digest | Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a Medical and Scientific Writer

View Course

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  17. A medical writing Course denotes any technical writing in the medical discipline. This includes writing research-related papers, healthcare articles, and magazines, news articles, promotional content related to drugs and diseases.

  18. Any technical writing in the medical field is referred to as medical writing. Writing research-related papers, health care pieces for magazines and newspapers, news items, and advertisements for medications and illnesses fall under this category.

  19. This includes writing research-related papers, health care articles, and magazines, news articles, promotional content related to drugs and diseases. To simply put it, medical writing is translating complex scientific vernacular and concepts into layman’s language. It is a lucrative profession, especially during this covid era.

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  25. Medical writing denotes any technical writing in the medical discipline. This includes writing research-related papers, health care articles, and magazines, news articles, promotional content related to drugs and diseases.

  26. Medical writing denotes any technical writing in the medical discipline. This includes writing research-related papers, health care articles, and magazines, news articles, promotional content related to drugs and diseases

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