A career as a Medical Writer in 2021

Medical Writer as a Career

“During recent years medical writing career option has become extremely popular among content writers because of the luring compensation package that comes with it.”


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Medical writers’ job no doubt, is one of the most well-paid of all writing jobs but it also demands a lot of specific skills from the professional writer. If you are someone who understands medical concepts, terms and abbreviations, and can create regulatory and research-related documents or for healthcare websites and magazines, then this is an ideal job for you.

As a medical writer you will not only find employment in pharmaceutical companies but you can also write for healthcare journals, online healthcare portals, hospitals, newspapers, etc.  All of these, including research papers and journals, need extensive medical and scientific writing support, and without competent medical writers they will be handicapped.

Eligibility Criteria

Ideally, people who have bachelors or masters degree in any life science-related field come into this field as they are well acquainted with medical terminology and are more likely to be a success as medical writers. But many professionals who have a bachelors or masters degree in the English language along with basic knowledge and understanding of human anatomy, disease pathology and medical terminology, are doing a wonderful job as medical writers.

There is no mandatory criterion fixed for medical writers so if you have good language command and you can understand life sciences, then a little coaching will help you to become a competent medical writer.

Responsibilities of Medical Writers

“Medical Writers have great responsibility on their shoulders, there is no place for error; any miscommunication on their part will severely undermine the research, drug or product.”


Before you decide to become a medical writer you must go through what will be expected from you. Some of the common responsibilities expected of medical writers are:

  • Creating monographs
  • Developing content for healthcare websites, magazines or news articles
  • Creating apt content for clinical trial related documents
  • Writing medical case reports and articles
  • Able to extract data from statistical analysis reports
  • Presenting everything precisely and concisely
  • Developing product dossiers for submissions to the regulatory authority
  • Developing promotional materials for products
  • Writing disease or drug-related educational and promotional literature
  • Ensuring that the content, format and structure of the documents comply with the guidelines
  • Ascertaining quality and scientific accuracy by reviewing and proofreading content

Competencies and Skills Required

“For Medical Writers it’s quintessential to have skills that ensure the information is presented in a clear, concise manner, and in compliance with applicable regulations.”


It is a well known fact that not every writer can create well-written and well-structured medical documents. So, what skills must you hone if you want to be a successful medical writer?

Here are some of the major skills that you need to perfect before you embark on this journey of medical writing:

a) Make sure you have a brilliant command of the English language as communicating clearly and precisely is of utmost importance

b) Develop clarity of thinking so that you are able to present complex information in a logical way

c)    Evolve a perfectionist’s attitude, giving attention to minutest details

d)     Ensure errorless grammar and spelling

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e)      Master the ability to follow and write briefs

f)       Acquire excellent project-management skills

g)      Demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines

h)      Hone your research and analytical skills

“Specializing as a Medical Writer needs acquiring the required skill-sets in a targeted manner.”


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Career Benefits

  • Great salary and compensation.
  • Lots of scope to advance your career as there is an ever-growing demand of Medical Writers.
  • A wide range of jobs- Choose to work in the office or from home; full time, part time, in house, freelance and fixed-term project roles. 

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