Medical writing being a crucial part of medical science involves the development and production of digital documents that deal with clinical research, medicine, and health care. 

A medical writer must know about both writing and science as the companies or employers look for people with specialties in the field. Writers do have to have command over pharmaceutical and specific ailments. 


Along with technical and soft skills, one needs to know based skills for medical writing. Having a scientific background is a great boon for writers while it is not mandatory yet it becomes easier in understanding the big picture with a specific background.

It is best if you are completely aware of what you are writing and could explain if needed. Nobody wants a person who has no idea of what he/she is writing.

  • Biostatics and Epidemiology: biostatics is the application of statistics to exclude events in medicine that are due by chance alone while Epidemiology deals with the study of diseases to prevent or control diseases.

Epidemiology studies diseases among people. The distribution of diseases are as follows: 

         Endemic – disease at the expectation

         Epidemic – disease above expectation in one point

         Pandemic – disease above expectation in many points, 

                            Spreading beyond national borders.

     Consumer Health Writing:  Health writing is for someone who wants to work in the field of evidence-based health writing that is up to date and resourceful. It involves writing simple English for the audience could understand using medical terminology sparingly. You need to write health information that is accurate and current.

  • Abstracts and Posters:  Abstracts are the submitted documents for consideration to scientific and medical conferences while posters or slides are used for presentations in the conferences. Abstract has multiple roles in the distribution of research results.
  • Grant Writing: grant writing is a field with much growing importance. It is the subspecialty of medical writing. The main responsibility of a grant writer is appealing proposals with freshly added perspective.
  • Regulatory Writing:  Regulatory writing is one of the main areas of medical writing. Most of the Ph.D. holders in life science or any science-related med-subject are employed for this job in clinical research organizations (CROs), pharmaceuticals or biotech companies. They need to produce varieties of clinical documents throughout the treatment that includes reporting data, clinical trials, etc.
  • Scientific Journal Writing: In scientific journal writing, the communicators work with the researchers and physicians to write and revise the manuscripts. 
  • Continuing Medical Education (CME) Writing: Continuing medical education consists of maintaining, developing, and enhancing the professional performance that a physician uses for the patients, Educational methodology for physicians, practice management, etc.

Top 10 Medical writing Courses in Vishakhapatnam

Medical writing is growing in the health care field. More than ever now, it has gained abundant popularity in various pharmaceuticals, CROs, and communication agencies. Due to the pandemic, there is a need for medical writers everywhere. 

Therefore, when you have a scientific background with writing competencies and are seeking out courses that could help to accumulate your abilities then here are a number of the first-class course providing institutes you can look for:

1. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is Asia’s first certified medical writing course. They teach all genres of medical writing and strengthen your skills. You will learn how to communicate the medical details effectively to the non-medical audience. They have experienced mentors to guide you in every step, they also teach you all the necessary traits to succeed in freelance medical writing.

They provide placement and project support, and internships. The good part is that the course is offered both online and offline. With this facility, many candidates around the world can attend the classes. They also provide monthly brush-up sessions worth INR6000. You will get one-year gold membership of Henry Harvin writing academy. American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, MSME, and government of India, recognizes the certified medical writing specialist certification. 

Duration of the Medical writing course in Vishakahapatnam

16-Hours Live Virtual Training + 24hrs Live Online Brush-up Sessions + 50hrs E-Learning Access

Certification: CMW certification.

Contact details: +91-9015266266

Course Types, Benefits & Fees:

To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-

Cities in India where Henry Harvin medical writing course is provided:


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:

2. Clini India:

Clini India

Clini India is one of the institutes that has gained a lot of popularity and reputation in the medical writing areas. It has a very inventive approach to clinical research. The course will be taught via lectures, group assignments, case studies, workshops, and site visits that are conducted by professionals.

The professionals here have great experience and are the best industry specialists who work in multinational pharmaceuticals or contract research organizations. They will guide and prepare you for ongoing industry demand.

They provide in-depth career guidance as per your qualification. They also provide one-on-one counseling along with a mentored framework to help you achieve your goals. You will have the access to the Learning Management System (LMS) portal so that you can study anytime from the vast array of material. 

Contact details:


Mon to Fri 9 am to 6 pm

Email: [email protected]


3. James Lind institute

James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute with student support in India is based in Switzerland. Along with India, many other countries have student support. The institute is legally authorized to offer higher education programs and award private degrees.

James Lind Institution is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Clinical Research Education (ACCRE) and the American Board of Accreditation Services (ABAS).

Their main motive is to provide the best education to the students through a comprehensive and integrated academic program. Senior professionals from the industry review all the training programs. The faculties are supportive and open to queries. They have decades of experience in the field.

They prepare you well for the placements by providing you with all the resources. They will help you build your resume; provide interview preparation materials, a profile page, and access to job portals.

They have an in no way ending approach to exceed expectancies for best and service in all they do. Shaping the career of college students is at the middle of all they do. For achieving this, all capability ways are explored ranging from mentoring to presentation and referencing earlier than the relevant industry.

Contact details: 

            Phone: 41225182828

Email: [email protected]

Web: https://jliedu.h

For admissions: [email protected]

For HR inquiries: [email protected]

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4. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices is also a renowned institute in India providing medical writing courses. It is an online course that can be done by students or working people as a part-time course to brush their skills and can comfortably schedule their timings. Candidates here will learn all the major and minor details.

This institute offers various benefits such as:

• It provides online learning so that students from every corner can enroll in the course.

•Provides executive learning

•Focus on strength

Check out- Medical writing course in Bangalore

5. Symbiosis six-month certificate program in medical writing

Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages logo

The prerequisite for all-around prepared and qualified clinical and logical journalists who have taken an accreditation in the clinical composing course is expanding systematically. Composing experts who can precisely prearrange and decipher complex clinical exploration and measurable information are expanding sought after. 

The individuals who can tailor the data for controllers, strategy creators, academic local area, and financial backers just as the overall population is expanding popular. Medical services areas like pharma, clinical gadget organizations, clinical exploration associations, scholastic foundations distributors offer charming vocation ways for hopeful academicians and post-doctoral understudies, researchers, and specialists. 

Capability in clinical and logical composing is currently a base prerequisite for experts who wish to go for education. Taking into account the scarcity of valid learning alternatives this program targets giving exhaustive experiences on clinical, administrative, and logical composition to those hopefuls wishing to enhance their vocation.

Duration of the program: 6 month-1year

Contact details:


4th floor, SUHRC Bldg, Hill Base Campus, SIU Knowledge Village,

At Post Lavale, Taluka – Mulshi, Dist- Pune 412115,

Maharashtra, India

020 66975075 /

020 66975074

[email protected]

6. Emediwrite

Emediwrite offers medical, health care management, and marketing solutions. Through a portfolio of the technology platform and marketing solutions. 

The customers can use a pool of the world’s best doctors, clinical technologists, innovative and IT specialists, and business measure trained professionals, along these lines conveying framework resources for bridle medical services information to address complex difficulties in the medical care scene.

They provide journals and books, customized printed materials, electronic (audio, video) products portfolio, and digital services.

Students get their hands on the pieces of training.

An individual simply needs to have a decent order over the English language, great clinical information, and astounding PC abilities to make a profession in this field. Understudies who wish to wander into the field of clinical composing are urged to take up this clinical composing on the web course.

Contact details:

Registered Office/Head Office:

26/18, Second Floor, East Patel Nagar,

New Delhi: 110008

Phone: 011.47234471, +91.9811646864

Email: [email protected]

Also check- Medical writing course in Pune

7. Biomed informatics:

Biomed informatics is another online course provider for medical writing to grow in the field with great skills. The institute provides live classes with experienced faculties who are always ready to help. They offer placement support, regular track slots, flexible timings, and students get opportunities of facing job interviews.

BioMed Informatics today is outstanding amongst other Clinical Research Institute. BioMed Informatics Training courses appreciate an extremely significant degree of acknowledgment from driving Global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CROs, Clinical Research and IT Companies. BioMed Informatics Programs are mainstream among the understudies in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, India, USA, Mexico, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

They offer Web-based Training – Intern Experience Certification and Placement Assistance (IT/Non-IT/Pharma/Healthcare/Biotech), Online Training – Pharmacovigilance/Drug Safety in Oracle Argus Safety Database with Practical Hands-on Training with Project Experience Certification and Placement Assistance, Online Training – Drug Safety, scientific writing with experience, etc.

Contact details: 


8. Coursera


Coursera offers a medical writing course called writing, a clinical composing course. This course instructs researchers to turn out to be more viable scholars, utilizing viable models and activities. Subjects include standards of good composition, stunts for composing quicker and with less tension, the organization of a logical original copy, peer survey, award composing, moral issues in logical distribution, and composing for general crowds.

 Through this clinical composing on the web course, the understudy will sharpen his language, clinical composing abilities, science correspondence, and composing abilities. The Leland Stanford University is usually alluded to as Stanford University or only Stanford offers this course. This college is arranged in California. The course content involves eight units of study material that covers every one of the parts of the logical or clinical composition. This course is complete and among the most well-known courses for clinical experts to take.

You will benefit from courses from the world’s best teachers and colleges. Courses incorporate recorded auto-evaluated and peer-inspected tasks, video talks, and local area conversation gatherings. At the point when you complete a course, you will be qualified to get a shareable electronic Course Certificate for a little expense.

Duration of the course: 59 hours

9. Freelance Medical Writing from Udemy

Udemy logo

This course assists you with choosing whether clinical composing is a proper vocation decision for you to seek after.

It is a growing field. One must be a postgraduate in (eg. MD or Ph.D.), English familiarity, and composing capacity. 

 Experts who are in a logical or clinical profession and are encountering burnout or they simply need to invest more energy at home with their families, at that point this clinical composing course is for them. Clinical composing or medical writing on the web course is a professional decision that a couple of individuals have found out about. 

Notwithstanding, for somebody with a solid science foundation and composing capacity, clinical composing is an incredible method to procure significant pay working from the solace of your own home. In this course, understudies will be acquainted with clinical composition as a lifelong decision. Points like what clinical composing is and what it isn’t, sorts of clinical composition, the significance of composing capacity, and such different subjects will be talked about.

10. Clinical research course online

The course offers clinical research certification and project-based training from the best corporate trainers with unlimited interview calls and a 100% placement guarantee.

 The institute offers formal online training in pharmacovigilance and clinical research. The educational plan of this best online course in the clinical examination from CRBtech is created in such a way to ingrain in students a solid base in clinical research and build up their aptitudes in a coordinated effort just as systems administration. Group CRB comprehends that this preparation is not only fundamental for turning out to be better clinicians, yet additionally winding up being better free specialists. 

The range of abilities sharpened by CRB students will end up being valuable for complex vocations in the field of clinical examination.

Contact details: 


Medical Writing Courses in Visakhapatnam Job Description

The development of scientific documentation by trained writers is known as medical writing. A medical writer frequently works collaboratively with scientists, doctors, and other subject matter experts to generate clear explanations that graphically describe research findings and adopt the concept.


Medical writing is a field, which fresh graduates, as well as medical practitioners, can opt for in case if he/she wants to quit the present work or maybe one, has a certain interest in writing along with good background knowledge about medicines. Some many PhDs and PIs are excellent, medical writers. You just need to have a desire about doing something out of the box and follow your dreams.

Keep writing.

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Ques1. What skills do I need to be a medical writer?

 Ans.  Experience with clinical wording
Magnificent composition and publication abilities
Comprehension of administrative prerequisites and endorsement measures
Capacity to investigate data and sources to create content
Regard for the trustworthiness and precision of information
Capacity to interpret a huge amount of specialized data into succinct, drawing in content
Ingenuity and tender loving care
Task the executives abilities and the capacity to design work and regard cutoff times.


Ques2.  Do you need a doctorate to be a medical writer?

Ans . A postgraduate education might be needed for administrative clinical composition. Something else, most clinical authors start with a four year college education.


Ques3.  Which types of medical writing exist?

Ans.   Examples of common medical writing include marketing, clinical, scientific, and regulatory writing.


Ques4.  How much is the Medical Writers’ salary?

Ans.  The salary depends on the experience level, industry categories and degree. Research suggests that annually a beginner medical writer earns between $52,000 and $80,000.


Ques5. What requirements are there to work as a medical writer?

Ans.   If a candidate has experience in medicine or science and a degree in writing, such as journalism or English, then they are preferred. Otherwise, a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field is enough.

Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 online by Higher Education Digest | Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a Medical and Scientific Writer

View Course

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