English is emerging as a global communicating power. We take it as the world’s lingua franca and use it as verbal communication across the globe. English has a dominant presence in all through the most developed and developing and underdeveloped nations.  It is becoming popular each day.  The English language has also expanded International career scope after TEFL certification across the globe.

  We use the English language extensively in government departments, science, technology, education, law, and media.    In pursuits of higher education in science and technology, students make a great effort to train themselves to be fluent in English. The corporate houses carry out their correspondences and communications in English.  So the best TEFL certification is an essential component to educate the people in the English language. It also builds international career scope after TEFL certification.


The Global economic power and laudable development of IT sectors cover their outreach in all of the international locations. Every nation wants to be a part of the global economic progress and IT advancement. No countries want to remain Isolated. Eventually, English is the only language that plays the role of Lingua Franca. Now all these sectors understand the value of knowing, understanding, and communicating proficient person in the English language.

The present world is growing naturally as a job prospective market for TEFL certified teachers.    So the jobs of English teachers are in high demand in more than 42 countries not only in the field of the academy but also in the field of trade and commerce.

Now, what do you think?  Are you going to stay at the home village or domestic town and squander your precious time with your old friends and doing the identical thing as a pond frog?

 Or do you want to manifest your dream and undertake a challenging career to travel the world, gain experiences, build skills, and learn diverse cultures from a specific nation while earning?

 You can fulfill all your cherished desires only when you make an international career scope after TEFL certification.

 Jobs Flood Internationally With the Best TEFL Certification.

    What is TEFL certification? 

 TEFL symbolizes Teach English as a Foreign Language.  TEFL is an international course for teachers who opt for an international career scope opportunity. The global independent body accredits the certificate which is accepted globally.  It is just like a passport to the entire globe. All the countries open their doors ways for TEFL certified teachers.  They recognize the TEFL qualified teachers as the powerhouse of English communication.

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The Prerequisites of TEFL Course:

The TEFL course does not require any specific qualification. The aspirant must be 18 + and fluent in speaking English.  If you want to adopt the English teaching profession, the employers prefer a bachelor’s degree TEFL certified teachers.

 If you are serious about getting a TEFL course, the TEFL certification course would be your turning factor. Several -accredited establishments carry out TEFL certification online and TEFL certification in-classroom study. We can classify the TEFL course into numerous distinct types where you can build your international career.

There are dozens of TEFL certification. So you need to be defined a few top TEFL certification paths for your guidance.  We divide them into three approaches to the path as the First is in-person, the second online, and the third combined.

Types of TEFL Courses

1. In-Person course:

When you be a part of the TEFL certification course in a classroom setting, you attend class physically, ask the question, take the task, do classroom assignment, interact with your classmate, and do more practical work.  You get proper guidance from your teacher in a classroom setting physically. You receive a class assignment as well as a home assignment. And the subsequent day, you get the entire task scrutinized by TEFL teachers. So there is a wide scope of gaining knowledge in the face–to–face setting. You learn under the direct observation of TEFL professional teachers.  In-Person course benefits you to complete the course in a shorter period of time.

2. Online Course :

By satellite communication facility, you can reach out to absolutely everyone from any nook of the world in a twinkling of your eye.  Even the Government departments hold their virtual meetings through video conferencing. The Judiciary system hears the criminal’s defense proceeding through conferencing.  The online method has emerged as a popular aspect of present-day activity.  Many bonafide institutions arrange TEFL course online for TEFL aspirants.   You can access the online class from anywhere. The only thing you need is a computer, electricity connection, tablet, smartphone, and sound internet connectivity.

You will attend the class at your convenience. Suppose if you are working anywhere, you can attend the course after office hours. The Institute professionals guide you with classwork, but also they assign you homework digitally. You submit your home assignment through Email to your mentor, and they revert feedback of your assignment earlier than your subsequent class.  Although it is a fair bit of time taking you to complete your course with a strong conviction inflexible manner.   The institute provides you with accredited TEFL certification soon after you complete the TEFL course. You can note that the institute arranges the course with full -time tutor support.

Combined Course:

 You understand the benefits and shortcomings of each online and in-person TEFL class.  Nowadays, you can attend the course online as well as in person. The TEFL combined course comprises two courses: The first being online and the second being in-person. The combined course is an excellent form of TEFL teaching for anyone who does not have the ability to his full potential to attend the intensive class course.

 The participants can join the TEFL certification online to learn the theoretical aspects. And at the same time, they make use of it in practice under an in-person classroom course.   You can easily get your degree course in English in addition to online TEFL certification. The combined course brings duel benefits to the aspirant’s profile.  After the completion of the course, the institute offers you accredited TEFL certification that is recognized globally.

The Best TEFL certification

What kind of TEFL course do I need to adopt in my international career scope to manifest my dream to teach English overseas?

OR What would be the best TEFL Certification?

  If you’re serious enough to build your career, you spend 120 hours on a TEFL learning course.  You get an accredited best TEFL certification.  Several institutions are on our lists that provide TEFL certification.

1. Henry Harvin

For Best TEFL certification,  Hanry Harvin TEFL Academy has been ranked number one (1)  in providing the best guidance and producing the best corporate professionals.  You can enrol with Hanry Harvin.  The institution offers you a specific learning method that is a 120- Hours online self-paced course. American Association English as a Foreign Language (AAEFL) grants the TEFL certification.  You can complete the course program within a time limit of one year of registration.

The Institute collects a reasonable fee course from the participants.  Currently, it offers you a course for 299 American dollars with online LMS support with ample topics.

 The professional trainers impart the TEFL course. They’re specialists in their respective domains who have vast knowledge in a specific field.  They cover the course devotedly to the learning aspirants.

The Course takes 120 Hours that demand 8 to 12 weeks duration to complete it. Anyone can attend the course as it does not have any preconditioned qualification.

 Henry Harvin is an incredible organization. It has produced thousands of dynamic and the best TEFL-certified teachers across the globe. Hanry Harvin extends job assistance with 1200 + placement partners over and above 42 nations spread in a different parts of the world. It has a media partnership with Russia Today Bloomberg, Japan, News English, U.S.  News, and CCTV News.  The institute sends the accredited certificate to the students in less than two weeks via Email soon after the completion of the TEFL certification online course. The Accredited TEFL certification remains valid for life and does no longer require any renewal.

Several  TEFL institutions offer the best TEFL certification online. Here is the listing of the top 10 TEFL Institutions. We brief out the information for your convenience to select the online courses as referred to below:

Rank#1 Henry Harvin, offers the best TEFL certification course online already discussed above.

Also Check the Review of Henry Harvin TEFL Course

2. Bridge Education

It is a part of Bride education Group, Inc. it offers a basic and master certification. The course requires a 40 –Hours foundation course. The Fee cost goes up to 14850 INR. The TEFL course covers classroom management, lesson planning, vocabulary, analyzing, teaching grammar, and error correction. Bridge education arranges the best TEFL certification course online. They give you job placement support after the course completion.

3. Act Delhi

 It offers special three–week international courses besides the 120-Hours in-class program. They charge INR 45000 as a TEFL certification fee. ACT Delhi provides JOB assistant support across India, and it also renders placement campaigns through India and uploads job data on its Facebook site.

4. World TESOL Academy

World TESOL Academy covers a 120-Hours TEFL online course, and it collects USD 34 as a course fee in a single payment. It teaches an 8-module online program that contains the primary idea of TEFL, imparting techniques, and classroom management. It also extends a 100 percent job placement assistant to its students.

 5. Udemy

 Udemy is one of the best indigenous institutions for the best TEFL certification. It provides the course as to how you apply TEFL methodology, classroom management, and English -professionalized video of 3.5 hours with downloadable sources. IT offers feedback to overseas students. The course fee is INR 1600. They also assist the candidate for job placement.

6. Asian College of Teachers

Asian college of teachers is one of the best TEFL institutions. It collects only INR 50. Asian colleges of teachers design a curriculum that alleviates their students to become TEFL –specialized teachers. They have made certain prerequisites to qualify the candidate for the TEFL certification course. The first being the ability is to be fluent in English. The second one is the ability to basic writing. It also provides complete job placement assistance.

7. The Tell Org

The Tell Org conducts the best TEFL certification online course with a 120-Hours duration. It is also available with joint classroom teaching. The course costs $509. It also renders a 168-Hours course known as a level 5 TEFL course.  It costs $579.

The professionals reshape the courses to the level of global standards. It provides excellent English grammar guidance, classroom management, and TEFL methodology. It gives you tutorial- online support to resolve any doubt in learning and teaching English. It aims at creating world-class TEFL teachers. The institution backs you with 100 percent job placement assistance

8. Frameworks Education Group

  Frameworks Education Group determines eligibility for the candidates that must have a basic degree. They must attend 21 years old age with fluency in the English language. They also must have 1200-Hours teaching experience. The institution provides one of the best TEFL certification courses. The education group makes the students capable to teach English grammar playfully. And it enables them to teach English creatively in each set online as well as classroom management. It also equips the students to tackle any hidden challenges while taking the classes. The course costs 95 UK pounds.

9. OxfordTefl

 OxfordTefl is one of the best TEFL certification courses existing in the market. It covers 4 weeks course with 6 hours of education each day.  It also engages scholars 2 to 4 hours of home study compulsorily. The institute accelerates the students with all stages of skill to teach English impressively and conducts 6-Hours online observance classes for teaching practices with older college students to train them practically.

The students get written assignments of 750 to 1000 words. The cost of the course is 1400 pounds. It covers a 100 percent online course. Oxford Tefl provides TEFL assistance for entire life and searches out the best incredibly paid jobs for the participants and visa facility.

10. TEFL Academy

 TEFL Academy enrolls students from far off the places online with its Academy. The course covers teaching -unique features of business English, grammar, and 30 –hours top-up course for the younger college students. It is affiliated to DEAC(the US State Department recognized body).  The course costs USD 530. And it takes 198 –hours duration to complete the course. You can access 6 months course online.  They also give you job placement support overseas.


you need laptop, smartphone, and strong internet connectivity for TEFL online course

What benefits could I get from the best TEFL certification?

Earn a Certification

Once you complete the course, you earn a most credible accredited certificate that opens the door to endless job opportunities worldwide. The TEFL certificates lead you to the entrance to the distinct platform of the highly paid job as TEFL professionals. It enables you to quench your mental thrust to explore new nations with prosperous natural and cultural history while earning.

Make an international career scope after TEFL certification

The English teaching job pops up everywhere in the world each day.  TEFL certified teachers are in great demand across the globe. We underline the worldwide locations for your international career scope as follows:

TEFL certification boosts up your career and enables you to work with a divergent group of people overseas.

Opportunity to work with people overseas

Locations In Asia

Because the global economic trade and commerce raised the demand of English speaking employees to have a smooth transaction of anything with full of transparency through better language communication. . As a result, Asia has emerged as the most English learning location where TEFL certified teachers are in high demand with the lucrative package. So fascinated in  English teaching job in Asia is the most luring destiny for TEFL certified teachers. Apart from the payment, the package adjoins perks like lodging, flight fare, and leave.  You make good money and gain experiences, skills, language, prosperous culture, and natural background while traveling distant places during vacations.

Asian nations like China, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia,  and UAE search for TEFL certified English teachers.  The normal range of payment is $1500 to USD 5000 per month.

Locations in  Europe:

English is a native language for many counties in Europe. They want to preserve their rich language legacy for the future generation. The English language has borrowed words and phrases from old Latin, Greek, French into  English classical old form and has existed until the time of modernity.  English wants to retain both the blending of old charm and new modernity. So the English teachers with TEFL certification pick European countries as they receive a competitively high salary.

  English teachers are also in high demand in non-native English-speaking European nations like Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Greece as the national languages are  Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, and Greece. They prefer the best TEFL-certified English teacher to educate them in the English Language. They also prefer an English tutor to teach them individually at home.  The salary may vary from $ 3000 and  USD 5000 per month in those Top 5 countries.

Locations in South America:

South American tropical climate naturally attracts people from all corners of the world. The counties have abundant serene and clean sea beaches. The humans are friendly, generous receptionists, and extremely entertainers to guests and visitors.  South America is a blending of non-native English-speaking nations.  Like Asia,  South American countries are also rising high economically and technological information. So English is emerging as an inherent element of the south American semantic medley. 

   So for TEFL teachers eager to work in an environment of diverse culture, rich natural beauty, and ancient historical heritage, It becomes a natural destiny for the best TEFL certified teachers. The top 5 countries that offer a wide range of English teaching profession in South American countries are Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Peru speak Spanish, Portuguese, and Aymara. They offer an average salary of $1500-$4500USD per month.

Locations in Africa:

The African continent is popular for its virgin natural beauty and tribal dwelling land. It becomes a natural destiny for TEFL licensed instructors. You can get a beneficial job effortlessly. The countries like Morocco, Kenya, Senegal, Egypt, and Tanzania want TEFL certified experts to educate them. The common salary is $1000 to USD 4000 per month.  The residing cost is very low in African nations. So you can save a lot of cash for your lifestyle.


 The Business world seeks employees who have proven themselves. They also have worked with a diverse group of people from different cultures internationally. And they also might have met many challenges.  You get the scope of mingling, working, and living with local communities of different nations.  This is what altogether you gain by teaching English abroad. The best TEFL certification provides plenty of opportunities across the globe.


To make an international career Scope after TEFL certification, The best TEFL certification is mandatory for teaching English abroad. There is a huge demand for English teachers. Plenty of jobs are available worldwide. According to the British council, around two billion peoples will learn English by 2020.  Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong stated in June 2015 that more than  300 million peoples are learning   English in China in the ongoing years. 

The world requires thousands of TEFL certified teachers as most of the teachers serve teaching job for one to two years and go back to their native land. So there remains a constant turnover of teachers in the profession.  In addition to the new teaching job, old vacant sits need to be replaced by new TAFL teachers. The more world trade will increases in the global scenario, the greater number of the best TEFL certified teachers we will require.  Even India is not untouchable for TEFL teachers.  

The parents apply all efforts to make their youngsters fluent in English right from primary to university level.  India is one of the fastest flourishing nations to be a potential job market for TEFL teachers’ destiny in the future.  Hence, we can say TEFL certification is a gold stand credential to qualify a person to build an “international Career.


Q-1. What is the basic qualification required for the TEFL path?

The TEFL doesn’t require any prerequisites. It requires 18 + age, fluent in English, and simple writing ideas. If you have a desire to teach in English, You need a bachelors’ degree. As most business houses choose to graduates.

Q-2.  Why do we need a TEFL certification to teach English abroad?

The TEFL certification is an essential component for an English teacher to teach English abroad. The certificate proves that you are an expert in the English teaching profession. It is also just like a license or passport that opens the doorways to step into plenty of job opportunities.

Q-3. How large is the English teaching market in the globe?

As many as 82 countries have a high call for TEFL-certified teachers. Millions of academies require English teaching professionals. The marketplace covers Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. In China itself,   300million peoples learn English that is equivalent to the American population. So the market for English teaching is very large.  

Q-4. What is the basic qualification required for the TEFL course?

The TEFL course doesn’t require any prerequisites. It requires 18 + age, fluent in English, and basic writing concepts. If you want to teach English, you need a bachelor’s degree as most business houses prefer to graduates only.  

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