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Noticeably, the internet has enabled every business to scale up to global levels. With communication fueling this unending exchange, media needs to facilitate this interaction from interpersonal to organizational levels. TEFL Courses in Pune. Language from a primitive and post-truth point of view serves this purpose. As much as the forums like radio, TV, and social media have increased, the communication mediums remain the same and seek a universal character. 


Ethnologue’s 2022 edition mentions the English language on top, with over 1.4 billion total speakers, of which only 372 million are native speakers. These numbers reflect the enormous non-native English-speaking population that engages in English communication for umpteen reasons.This need for the language opens up avenues for teaching and training aiming to enable communication skills and nuances. TEFL is one of the professional authentications that confirms one’s ability to foster English communications. 

What is TEFL

Teaching English as a Foreign Language, shortly TEFL, is an internationally accepted professional certification designating trainers to teach English as a foreign language.

A TEFL-certified faculty fills in the shoes of English teachers for non-native speakers in schools and universities at home and abroad, enabling English communication competence. 

Let’s delve into the list of Top institutes providing TEFL programs accessible from and in Pune.

  1. Henry Harvin – Best TEFL Courses in Pune

Henry Harvin’s TEFL academy provides two variants of the TEFL certification:

TEFL Courses in Pune

It is a precise 120-hour TEFL/ TESOL online certification course. The program comprises 15 modules on the TEFL-core subjects and five additional modules on digitized classroom operations and corporate grooming.

The curriculum design, coupled with a competent faculty core, aims at cultivating skills such as 

  • Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in English  
  • Classroom Management
  • Instructing young trainees
  • Formulating lesson plans, tests, and assessments

Post Graduate Program in TEFL

This 300-hour online interactive program constitutes additional modules alongside the former TEFL course. The accessory modules dive deep into the aspects of

  • Training the trainer
  • Business English training 
  • Handling young learners

These modules enhance the quality of tutorship in handling classrooms and the cognition of learners of all ages and ethnicities. Furthermore, dedicated modules provide sufficient tools and training to perfect using e-resources and digital media in classrooms. Successful completion of this program permits one the qualification of  PG TEFL.

The 1-year Gold membership at Henry Havrin equips the trainees with 

  • Leniency to attending multiple batches for a year
  • An updated and information-stacked LMS with E-learning resources
  • Valuable Internship opportunities that provide additional practicum


Accredited by the AAEFL, this program provides further assistance in obtaining accreditation in 


  • TEFL qualifications in the UK system 
  • Microsoft Certified Educator 
  • Cambridge Certified TEFL.

Placement Assistance

Reputed as one of the leading corporate training institutions and is affiliated with esteemed organizations like the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MSME, UKAF, UK Cert, Project Management Institute, Qkids, VIP KID, English First, 51Talk, Kids Castle, and ABC 360, Henry Harvin ensures 100% placement support for the trainees post-certification.

  1. ITA- International TEFL Academy – Best TEFL Courses in Pune

Considered the best by, ITA offers the TEFL program in two versions:

  • 11-Week Online TEFL certification course
  • 4-Week Intensive Online TEFL Courses in Pune

Both programs provide 120+ hours of live-interactive online training sessions backed by 24-hour support.

The 4-week intensive program demands 6-8 hour sessions a day. These sessions vouch to provide 160–170 hours of classes, scaling 40% more than the standards. 

One of the significant differences between the two versions is the quantum of the practicum. While the  4-week program accommodates only 10 hours of practical teaching, the 11-week variant avails 20 hours of it.

As a whole, both programs follow very similar curriculum designs and subjects, which include:  

  • Language in terms of Grammer, Phonetics, and LSRW Skills
  • Classroom Management using digital resources
  •  Error Rectification and re-assessments
  • Lesson planning and one on one mentoring


TQUK accredits all the TEFL courses at ITA.


  • Internationally regarded TEFL certification
  • Integrated feedback sessions that indulge in the smooth progress of trainees
  • Access to information-dense reading materials, assignments, and quizzes
  • Access to ITA’s peer groups and community of 40,000 teachers

Placement Assistance

In affiliation with major organizations like Apex English, Preply, Aupairia, Ila, NOVA, and speakEZ, a  dedicated job search support for a lifetime enables personalizations in terms of locations, and domains to ensure high possibilities of employment.

  1. Asian College of Teachers (Pune and Online) 


ACT’s course design integrates art, theatre, and music in language learning, besides the standardized TEFL subjects dealing with classroom management, lesson and assessment planning, and core language-centric areas such as grammar and LSRW skills. Some of the further unique add-ons are:

  • Multiple approaches to Langauge Learning
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Warmers and Context Setting 
  • Microteaching


TESOL Canada and TESOL USA accredit the TEFL programs offered by ACT.

Besides,  the ACT, as a training institution has accreditations from 

  • Acccreditioon service for Schools, Colleges, and Universities (ASIC)
  • British Quality Foundation
  • International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • CPD certification service and NCC from the UK 


  • ACT’s globally qualified TEFL certification
  • Opportunity to qualify for the TESOL Canada Certificate (after appearing in the TESOL Canada Exam)
  • Cambridge TKT Certification  

Placement Assistance

ACT collaborates with global education giants like Microsoft Certified Educator, IALLT, Montessori Europe, Childhood Education International, etc, securing ample placement opportunities. The ACT promises 100% lifetime job assistance through the accessibility to the ever-active Job portal.


ACT  provides a 3-week in-class program that covers 120 hours of sessions and 6 hours of tutoring practicum.

  1. INTESOL Worldwide


This TEFL course constitutes 120-hour Online interactive sessions with academically equipped faculty in 6 months entailing the standard quantum of practical tutoring.

The course subjects expand into four broad units coveting the core TEFL areas: 

  • Planning and organizing sessions and information
  • Study of the language like grammar, phonology, lexis selection, and formations. 
  • Training to teach language ensures engagement, classroom governance, and assessment formulation.


Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals based in the United Kingdom approves this INTESOL’s TEFL program.


This TEFL course claims to be a dual certification program that awards the INTESOL and ALAP.  

Placement Assistance

Having produced invaluable human resources for 23 years, INTESOL guarantees placement assistance across several branches in Russia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, South Africa, Turkey, Japan, Bolivia, the UK, Iran, and India.


INTESOL offers a 3-week intensive offline program in Pune spanning over 140 hours. While the curriculum largely resembles the online course but with more peer-and-trainer interaction sessions. 

  1. TEFL Pros 


The TEFL Pros’ 120-hour Digitial TEFL course program comprised of 10 board modules covers the standardized subjects and practicum. The modules set up the context on the role of teachers and students, focusing on strategic lesson planning in LSRW skills. The program delves into executing the flow of the classes on specific occasions like the first and last day, emphasizing utmost student interactions.  

In addition to the standard components, the program includes 17 hours of explanatory video classes.  


ACCREDITAT recognizes this TEFL curriculum on the parameters of quality of assessments, knowledge of instructors, integrity, and quality of the course design.


As a part of the job assistance, TEFL Pros empowers the trainees with video sessions of mock interviews and resume guides equipping them with updated teaching guides. 

Rated by GoOverseas, as one of the top job assistance frameworks, TFFL Pros integrated professional portfolio assures placements.

  1. LCTT- London College of Teacher’s Training (Offline & Online) 


The TEFL program at the LCTT  extends for 120 hours in 4 months. Following the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology inculcates the course design adhering to the standardized TEFL subjects.

Across the nine modules, the course remains largely similar to typical TEFL course designs alongside the add-ons:

  • History of several teaching methodologies
  • Language Acquisition 
  • Integrated learning through drama & games  


  • Approved Center of OTHM
  • International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Langauge (IATEFL)
  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • Chartered College of Teaching, UK
  • The Quality Council of India (QCI)


LCTT boasts of 100% placement assistance support employing the following resources.  

  • Several Live sessions across the program focus on grooming the trainee.
  • LCTT conducts Special Webinars for Placements spreading awareness of the additional requirements based on new openings. 
  • The official Facebook page of LCTT provides regular updates on new roles.


London College of Teacher’s Training conducts a TEFL course in Pune comprising 150 hours.

The TEFL Academy (TTA) Best TEFL Courses in Pune

TTA offers a 120-hour self-paced TEFL certification program extending over nine detailed units within the accepted TEFL curriculum structures. With individual assignment modules for each section and practical teaching training, the program completes after clearing a final test.

In addition to core topics, the course provides free 30-hour top-up courses in

  • Teaching Young Learners 
  • Teaching Business English  
  • Teaching Online & 1:1

24 weekly one-hour webinars with recording accessibility and a TEFL toolkit.


Enrollment in the course provides access to TTA’s exclusive jobs board. Brimming with regular job listings across the world, the Job board enables impressive placement assistance


  • Department of Education National Accreditor approved Approved Quality Curriculum (AQC).
  • Qualifi awarded by the UK’s Ofqual

  1. World TESOL Academy 


Following the standard curriculum outlines, this program offers a 120-hour holistic TEFL program. The program extends over seven modules and final assessments, inculcating the attributes of the English language structures, learner management skills, and language teaching techniques.


  • CPD Certified Services


Affiliated with popular organizations such as DADA, Education First, i Tutor Group, Go overseas, etc, World TESOL academy ensures post-certification placement assistance with a savvy job board streamlining the updates of TEFL-based roles at the earliest. 

Scope and Levels of TEFL


  • Technically, one doesn’t require any degree or tutoring experience to take up the TEFL certification. An accredited curriculum of TEFL certification involves rigorous training and practicals. The aspects of the course, being for teachers, assume a level of English prowess and delve into testing it. One is trained as a TEFL instructor in planning and executing English courses for non-native talkers and navigating online and offline the classroom dynamics. 
  • The pay scales for a TEFL-certified trainer range from £300 to £5000 depending on the country where one teaches. These salaries remain predominantly between £500 to £2000 in Asia and  Central and South American regions, but the highest paychecks go up to £5000 in the Middle East & African nations.  
  • With the online and offline abundance of roles as full-time and part-time tutors in esteemed universities and institutions with flexible schedules, TEFL instructors enjoy a sense of autonomy and self-ownership besides the salaries. 

Levels of TEFL

TEFL certification further comprises several levels that denote one’s proficiency in the language and experience in teaching the language to non-native speakers. 


It is the 1st category of TEFL proficiency, which requires a minimum of 120 hours. While it might seem the most affordable level, the lessons, training, and experience are limited. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enter the TEFL domain and thus is suggestible for a fresher to begin with level 3.


It is currently the most demanded level of TEFL certification. While having further categorizations within Level -5, there is a subsequent increase in the minimum session hours.

  • Level 5 TEFL Certificate 180-Hours
  • Level 5 TEFL Diploma 300-Hours
  • Level 5 TEFL Advanced Diploma 420-Hours 
  • Level 5 TEFL Advanced Diploma 500-Hours

The 180-hour, 300-hour, and 420-hour versions include additional specialization sections like teaching online, and Business English, teaching IELTS. These specializations boost the scope of faculty in several universities. 

The Advanced Diploma of Level 5 constitutes 500 hours of session time, making it equivalent to Cambridge’s CELTA.  

Delta -Level-7

This category is the most advanced level of TEFL. Here one almost attempts to finish masters in TEFL. The trainees of DELTA teach fresh TEFL teachers.

So precisely DELTA involves learning how to teach the teachers. Being the highest level of TEFL, DELTA requires the utmost attention in finishing it to enjoy the abundant high-paying opportunities all around the world.

But pragmatically, it is always recommended to begin the TEFL progression from level 3, which demands relatively easy for freshers. It provides an insight into the work nature and avails discovering the niche and testing one’s passion for teaching.

Criteria for selecting a TEFL program

Numerous institutions offer TEFL certifications, but it is vital to understand the criteria for selection, as ideally, the certification from the correct place covers training, practical experience, and placement assistance.

  1. Quantum of training

Accreditation for any level of TEFL training needs a minimum of 100 hours of academic learning and 6 hours of practical training. 

Thus, a TEFL Level 3 program requires at least three months to finish. 

  1. Faculty

The qualification of faculty core that undertakes the training has to have adequate qualifications. DELTA or ESL education degree holders are the most appropriate trainers.

  1. Placement

Placement assistance and support do not confine to a bunch of updates forwarded from a Job Portal. Given the innate nature of the roles, the affiliations and connections of the training organization play a part in pooling the information openings.

The placement assistance here includes preparing a presentable portfolio, interview guidance, and employment contract negotiations.

  1. Accreditation

Accreditation can be defined as the stern review of the course design and content based on the quantity of training and the quality of it based on the subjects and faculty’s competence.

Many accrediting organizations also give memberships to several institutions. These memberships are not the same as the accreditation. 


The above list provides a wide range of options for completing the level-3 TEFL program. 

While Henry Harvin’s TEFL programs look convincing enough with several additional benefits, the TEFL academy also has a similar range of add-ons.

Also, the LCTT- London College of Teacher’s Training,  Asian College of Teachers (Pune and Online) provide TEFL Courses in Pune substantially new and intriguing subjects to the core curriculum design. 

Besides the comparative conclusions, an actual personal interaction as a part of the inquiry is suggestible before narrowing down on the program and institutions.

While most of the courses provide an online option, the reception at the institution end clears any doubts.

English speaking resonates regard and respect in Indian communities. This reverence for the language is one of the prime reasons why English is integral to the Indian Education framework. Many universities abroad weigh Indians’ skill sets against native English speakers, but the preference still leans towards a non-native trainer.

This roots in the fact that as non-natives, most Indian trainers are familiar with the problems of non-native learners in contrast to the native speakers. In such contexts, TEFL is a vocational avenue with the potential to make one’s dreams of a successful career true. TEFL Courses in Pune

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