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Unquestionably the supply chain is a crucial part of any business. It comprises a network of companies and all the people participating in producing and delivering a product. From a tiny packet of a matchbox to a gigantic machine, a network is a must, thus making the supply chain a significant component. Do you often get a sudden wave of interest in how such a network works? Are you someone who has no clue what the supply chain is; however, you want to delve deep into it? Or are you someone who loves gaining knowledge and is looking for supply chain books that will provide you with comprehensive content? If you aren’t sure which books to consider, we have discussed them further in the blog.

It is no doubt reading is a great habit to develop. It is indeed one ocean of wisdom. Even though the world has become technology-driven, the excitement rushing down your spine while reading a book is tremendous. Books offer comprehensive details: starting from scratch to complex topics. We have listed the top 11 supply chain books, do give them a read. 

1. The Supply Chain Revolution: Innovative Sourcing and Logistics for a Fiercely Competitive World

revolution of supply chain

In this book, the author has given real-life examples of how prominent companies have achieved success beyond expectations. The book has described the new supply chain techniques to outperform your competitors. Further, the author delves into how the supply chain is a powerful weapon and how using it effectively will eventually assist you in gaining an advantage in the market. In addition, this book is a practical guide to help you master profitability and increase revenue. Also, it provides you with knowledge of analytical tools for sourcing services effectively. With a strategic approach, this book will help you drive your business to success. 

Author – Suman Sarkar

Ratings – 4.3 

2. Supply Chain Management For Dummies

supply chain management

The author of this book has managed to elegantly describe how the supply chain is connected, from sales to human resources. The book has the ability to help you make decisions that positively impact other areas of your business. Further, the book emphasises on Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model and provides fundamental techniques to keep the business running efficiently. To sum it up, the book delves deep into what you need to know to ensure your impact leads to positive results. It is one of the impressive supply chain books recommended for novices and experts. 

Author – Daniel Stanton

Ratings – 4.6

3. Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Core Disciplines for Top Performance

The book is the second edition that primarily describes management strategies for successful supply chain management. Moreover, the author has comprehensively given real-world examples to improve supply chain management and grow your business effectively. In addition, this book helps readers develop strategies to take their SCM operations to an advanced level with the help of easy-to-use graphs and diagrams. In conclusion, the book aims at making the supply chain more adaptable. 

Author – Joseph Roussel and Shoshanah Cohen

Ratings – 4.4

4. Essentials of Supply Chain Management 

supply chain essentials

It is one of the most terrific supply chain books out there. Further, outlines the core concepts of supply chain management. It is an easy-to-read and well-structured book. Further, the book concisely uses examples and delivers advanced practices for supply chain management. If you are a working professional with prior knowledge of supply chain, then considering this book for in-depth knowledge is a great choice. 

Author – Michael H. Hugos 

Ratings – 4.4 

5. Supply Chain Metrics that Matter

important metrics in supply chain

Without a doubt, it is an essential read for professionals. Along with quantitative analysis, Lora has managed to connect finance and supply chain in the book. The book is an overview of metrics that matter and the metrics that don’t; when it comes to the supply chain. The author has used a novella outlook to make people understand clearly to balance the supply chain to drive value. Furthermore, it pinpoints how to improve supply chain management through numerous comparisons. 

Author – Lora M. Cecere 

Ratings – 4.1 

6. Managing Supply Chain Operations

If you are a new learner in this field of the supply chain, starting your journey through this book is a good choice. It aims at teaching learners about supply chain operations. It comprises theory as well as a practical approach to it. The book offers rich content in-depth. Further, the author has comprehensively provided case studies and methods for the strategic implementation of supply chain management techniques in the advanced global world. Above all, it is a remarkable academic read for college-level courses. 

Author – Leonardo Decandia, Rosa Oppenheim and  Lei Lei

Ratings – 4.2 

7. Operations and Supply Chain Management

This book serves as one indispensable read. The in-depth concepts cover a variety of topics related to service operations and supply chain management, such as reducing the cost of supply chain processes and integrating and collaborating with customers and suppliers and more. Further, it outlines the analytical content that links decisions to relevant data using mathematical models and tailored strategies to solve problems. To sum it up, it is one of the engaging supply chain books. 

Author – F. Robert Jacobs and Richard Chase

Ratings – 4.6 

8. Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation

This book has described multiple aspects of the supply chain. It is an easy-to-read and comprehensively written book. It introduces high-level strategies and concepts while providing students with the practical tools to solve supply chain problems. To sum up, it is one of the terrific supply chain books. With the strategic framework, the book has managed to attract readers. Further, it helps gain insight into the supply chain and master the practical management that enables it to improve supply chain performance.

Author – Sunil Chopra & Peter Meindl

Ratings – 4.2 

9. The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit: Over 100 Tools for Transport, Warehousing and Inventory Management

The author has provided a practical approach to this book to optimise the management of logistics and supply chain processes. It covers a variety of aspects that are important for the supply chain, such as warehouse, inventory, outsourcing and transport managers. Additionally, the book provides an overview of a toolkit that includes vital management tools such as Fortna’s Product Line Intelligence Design, SMART, DMAIC, and Gantt charts. It is one of the well-crafted, informative supply chain books. 

Author – Gwynne Richards and Susan Grinsted

Ratings – 4.6 

10. Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth

supply chain growth

This book undeniably holds significance for those with a vested interest in supply chain management. Yossi Sheffi has delved into the contents of global supply chain complexities immensely. The author has provided real-life cases on how to build global supply chains and will also gain valuable insights. It is a captivating read for those looking for a comprehensive logistics and supply chain management book. 

Author – Yossi Sheffi

Ratings – 4.7

11. Total Value Optimization: Transforming Your Global Supply Chain Into a Competitive Weapon

supply chain books

The book offers a remarkable exploration and deeper insights into optimising networks. It is an indispensable guide that efficiently articulates the concepts that are navigating around supply chain complexities. The primary focus of the book is to enhance supply chain maturity effectively. The book offers a comprehensive approach that engages and challenges the minds of business leaders. Overall the book is an exceptional read. 

Author – Steven J. Bowen

Ratings – 4.0 (

Scope and Certificates

It is worth noting that the supply chain field offers numerous scopes. Hence, investing time in a professional certificate can open doors for you. One of the most prominent online institutions (Henry Harvin) provides a Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management. With the help of this course, you will master supply chain management skills and practical tools with the comprehensive curriculum. Overall, it will help you refine your job profile and further assists you in clearing the technical interview. 


To sum up, the supply chain is one broad field. Hence, high-valued and well-structured books related to the same broadly exist. We have listed out all the valuable supply chain books in this blog. Here, you will unveil the most captivating reads that will further assist you in building in-depth knowledge about the subject. You will master new core concepts, techniques and practical tools. Additionally, professionals in the field have produced these high-quality resources that have been proven effective. 


1. What are the career options in the supply chain? 

This broad field offers numerous job roles such as Operations Manager, Logistics Analyst, Supply Chain Manager, and more.

2. How can we get started with the supply chain? 

You can either pursue comprehensive professional courses available online. Or, you can seek a college degree. To sum up, both offer numerous scopes.

3. Are supply chain books helpful? 

Professionals have written these well-structured books. These supply chain books lay out a strong foundation that assists individuals in education, business and careers.

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