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Is your confidence staggering as a result of your inability to communicate in English? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This article will help you navigate the top 12 English Speaking Course Online to effectively communicate. English is a widely understood and spoken language. English has become an essential part of national and international interactions over the years. Furthermore, English plays a vital role in our daily lives, particularly in our professions. As a result, there are numerous career opportunities because fluency in English is required in the majority of professions.

English as a language includes fundamental grammar, listening, writing, and reading abilities.


 Although the language is not difficult to learn, mastery cannot be attained overnight. Enrolling in the right English-Speaking Course, on the other hand, will make the learning process faster and easier. This article will not only help you find the best English-Speaking Course, but it will also provide you with useful tips and methods for learning English. Furthermore, the English Speaking online course is appropriate for students, professionals, and stay-at-home moms. The top 12 English Speaking course online will allow individuals to effectively learn English at their own pace.


TOP 12 English Speaking Course Online

1. Henry Harvin Institute (English Speaking Course Online)

Henry Harvin serves as the best platform for online English-speaking courses. With its 100% hands-on training, this course in particular will assist you in achieving English proficiency. The comprehensive English-speaking course curriculum covers core English speaking fundamentals such as pronunciation, diction, spelling, vocabulary, and more. Furthermore, the experienced trainers assess each candidate and cater to their specific requirements. Not to mention the 9-course package, which includes extensive training, e-learning, hackathons, boot camps, projects, internships, certification, placement, and, of course, gold membership to boost progress. Accordingly, the English-speaking course has benefited over 1000 candidates. Moreover, becoming an expert in Global language is only a step away with Henry Harvin.

Key Highlights

  • 9 in one program
  • 100% Practical Training
  • 1 Year Gold Membership of Language Academy
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee

Contact Information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: +91-9891953953


Henry Harvin’s English speaking course in other cities:


Other Languages at Henry Harvin:

As Henry Harvin is a Language Academy by itself, it also offers courses in the following languages.

2. Empower English Academy

Empower English Academy is a well-established English speaking course online provider whose goal is to instill confidence in its students when speaking English. Nonetheless, it believes in effective communication and thus provides quality training to all of its students. Furthermore, the expert trainers with over 4 years of corporate experience give each candidate their undivided attention. Students can clear up any doubts and questions during the interactive sessions. Empower English Academy understands the value of effective communication for a successful career. As a result, it has organized a variety of programs to improve communication skills. Individuals seeking to improve their English-speaking skills, in particular, will benefit the most from English-speaking courses and programs.

Key Highlights

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Study Material
  • Field visit
  • Competition

Contact Information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: +91-9892263444

3. British School of Language (English Speaking Course Online)

BSL is a language-centric education provider, rendering excellent services in language and IELTS preparation. In addition, to imparting on-site training, BSL also specializes in running online English-speaking courses. Furthermore, BSL is affiliated with the prestigious British Council (IELTS) and Pearson Test of English (PTE). Get trained under quality trainers coupled with various activities to accelerate learning. Furthermore, the English-speaking course structure is designed with the goal of achieving the level of proficiency in mind. Furthermore, BSL has assisted over 1000 candidates in carving out their careers through online English-speaking courses.

 Key Highlights

  • Online assessment
  • Customized training
  • Best study material
  • Access to LMS
  • Interactive sessions

Contact information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: +91-8009-0000-14

4. Alpha Spoken English and IELTS Institute

Alpha Spoken English and IELTS Institute, based in Hyderabad, is a growing English-speaking course provider. It has helped several candidates gain confidence in speaking English over the years. The program includes activities and regular assessments to track individual performance in addition to the comprehensive curriculum. Furthermore, the experienced trainers provide extensive lectures and guidance throughout the course. After completing the course, you will be awarded a certificate demonstrating your proficiency in communication skills.

Key Highlights

  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • IELTS Training
  • Online Session
  • Expert Guidance

Contact Information


Email: Not available 

Contact number: 098482 09098

5. ELTIS (English Speaking Course Online)

English Teaching Institute of Symbiosis is a reputable institution that has been imparting education for over 45 years. Furthermore, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, has granted it the status of ‘Deemed to be University due to its outstanding track record. The English-speaking course prepares students to confidently and effectively take over any conversion. It also provides a welcoming environment for learning spoken English. Meanwhile, expert trainers provide complete guidance and incorporate activities to make the learning experience more interesting. ELTIS’s dedicated team uses a variety of English teaching methods to meet the needs of each individual. The English-speaking course at ELTIS is open to interested individuals seeking to improve their English-speaking skills.

Key Highlights

  • Seasoned Trainers
  • Interactive Training
  • Administrative Support
  • Practical Training
  • Corporate training
  • Resume writing

Contact Information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: +91-20-25677431

6. Stanford English Academy

Stanford English Academy is among the leading English-speaking course provider extending its services to thousands of students. The academy also provides courses for both young and adult students. Corporate and business spoken English courses prepare candidates to communicate effectively with clients, teammates, and others in the workplace. They not only curate an up-to-date curriculum, but they also tailor it to the needs of the candidates. Stanford English Academy offers IELTS training to interested candidates in addition to online English-speaking courses. Stanford English Academy has been named “The Best English Academy in India” for the second year in a row (2016-2017) and continues to uphold the title through its excellent services.

Key Highlights

  • Tailored- made Programmes
  • Wide range of Activities
  • Seasoned Trainers
  • Interactive virtual classroom

Contact Information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: +91-98 9226 4224

7. Speakeng India (English Speaking Course Online)

Speakeng India is an ISO 9001:2015 certified training institute with years of experience providing the best English-speaking courses in India. It emphasizes the problem-solving and optimizing level of proficiency in English through its language-centric courses. Moreover, there is a wide range of English-speaking courses each curated to meet the requirements. The handpicked trainers provide in-depth knowledge to all students and even hold one-on-one sessions to clear individual doubts or queries. In addition, the course includes interactive team activities such as role-plays, monologue sessions, grammar, public speaking championships, extempore, debates, survey sessions, and so on to boost learning.

Key Highlights

  • Practical based training
  • English Language Testing System
  • Best techniques & methodology
  • Interactive activities
  • Structured Learning Process

Contact Information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: +91 9148294666

8. BM English Speaking Institute

The BM English Speaking Institute in Mumbai makes sincere efforts to transform individuals who lack English speaking skills into confident communicators. Expert trainers ensure that candidates are able to hold a conversion in English by the end of the English-speaking course. First, the trainers assess each student’s understanding of the subject. Second, carefully planned actions are taken based on their needs. Third, regular assessments are carried out to monitor class performance. As a result, careful consideration is given to accelerating learning. BM English Speaking Institute also hosts webinars and workshops to help with overall personality development.

Key Highlights

  • Up-to-date teaching methods
  • Online assessments
  • Conducive environment
  • Interview guidance
  • Personality development  

Contact Information


Email: Not available

Contact number: 098203 82342

9. Speakwell Skills Academy (English Speaking Course Online)

Speakwell Institute is a promising Spoken English course provider with a positive learning environment and enthusiastic teachers. It recognizes the significance of spoken English in improving communication skills and thus provides a variety of online English-speaking courses. As a result, the program focuses on laying a foundation of core fundamentals such as grammar skills, neutralization, and vocabulary strengthening. After finishing the English-speaking course, you acquire the confidence to construct better sentences with more interesting phrases. Speakwell Institute offers personal coaching in addition to group training to meet the needs of the individual. Moreover, the institute has helped over 1000 students advance in their careers.

Key Highlights

  • Audio-video sessions
  • Conversation Practice
  • Online Assessment
  • Comprehensive Curriculum

Contact Information


Email: [email protected]

Contact number: +91 7738341313

10. Let’s Talk Institute

Since 2005, Let’s Talk Institute has been a recognized spoken English training organization. It has helped to raise the level of proficiency among its students. Furthermore, the simple English speaking course online curriculum enables students to acquire core skills involved in learning English. Not to mention free access to English lessons, which allows for more flexible learning. Aside from English-speaking classes, the institute also provides corporate, business, accent, IELTS, and TOEFL preparation. The overall course structure is intended to promote personal development. Furthermore, the course guarantees English fluency with a neutral accent.

Key Highlights

  • Effective Communication skills
  • Access to 1200+ Free English Lessons
  • Audio-visual Lesson Plans
  • ESL Certified Courses

Contact Information


Email: [email protected]

Contact number: 919820946223

11. Cambridge Academy of English

Cambridge Academy of English is an educational organization dedicated to meeting the needs of students and the community by providing excellent services in areas of demonstrated competence. Nonetheless, the faculty is motivated by scholarship and research to foster a conducive learning environment for its students. Cambridge Academy of English welcomes candidates who want to improve and achieve their goals by taking advantage of its carefully curated courses. Through a hands-on approach, their professional certified trainers prepare students to interact with other people. Furthermore, the practice test allows students to assess their level of knowledge in the subject. You will receive a standard Cambridge Academy of English Course Completion Certificate after passing the Elective exam.

 Key Highlights

  • Structured Online Courses
  • 5 levels: Primary to Advanced
  • Qualified Trainers
  • Practice Activities
  • Learning Materials

Contact Information


Email: [email protected]

Contact number: 080-40943580

12. Engmates (English Speaking Course Online)

Engmates is a leading English Speaking Training Institute in Delhi known for its innovative teaching methods and interactive learning methods. Subsequently, experienced trainers employ result-oriented methods of teaching English. Along with assured English-speaking training, equal emphasis is placed on developing public speaking skills. Students’ knowledge of the language is first assessed here, and they are then directed to appropriate learning methods. Furthermore, the faculty keeps track of progress in English speaking skills among students to ensure growth. To accelerate learning, the English-speaking course incorporates operative grammar, word enhancement, debates, role play, podium sessions, and other activities. Overall, the institute is dedicated to providing the best services in order to create a community of confident English speakers.

Key Highlights

  • Interview Preparation
  • Personality Development
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Practical Training

Contact Information


Email:  [email protected]

Contact number: 8010263263

13. FluentU

What if you could learn English with online English speaking classes while watching Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, Inspiring Talks, Music Videos, and more? Exciting isn’t it? That’s what FluentU is. FluentU is a website/app that teaches English with short web videos like news clips, movie/series trailers, music videos, etc. This is one of the most interesting and best English courses online.

Each video includes interactive subtitles that allow you to click on an unfamiliar word to access a video dictionary and view definitions, example sentences, pronunciation guides, and a list of other videos containing that word. The learning methods here will help you improve your English. You can hear how native speakers use English in casual situations. This will help you get used to the native English pace and sentence usage in context. 

At the end of each video, you’ll receive an assessment quiz customized to your needs based on what you’ve learned so far. In addition to all these points, this best English course online FluentU app on iOS or Android allows you to practice your pronunciation using voice recognition features during these review sessions.

Duration: Annual membership fee

Fees: 29.99 USD monthly

143.99 USD yearly (Offer period at the time of the last review)

14. Oxford Online English

Among the best English course online and if you’re looking for customized online English speaking classes that make you a better English speaker, then give Oxford Online English a try. Among the numerous courses that they have, one specifically is devoted to speaking skills. Just book a class, and you’ll be assigned a native teacher with whom you will have video lessons over Skype, WhatsApp or whatever is convenient for you.

Also, as you progress with each lesson, you’ll get personalized feedback on how to improve. Additionally, you’ll also have access to free lessons that will aid your overall language learning. Pricing is flexible and you may even check out their free videos to decide if it’s worth the investment.

Duration: one-on-one classes are available for 30 minutes to 90 minutes. Prices vary accordingly.

Fees: 30 Minutes – 24.99 USD(2,039.71 INR), 60 minutes – 6.99 USD(3,019.16 INR), 90 minutes – 52.99 USD(4,325.10 INR).

You can also opt for a monthly membership, details of which can be seen on their website

15. Alison: Speaking And Writing English Effectively

Another best English course online is from Alison. If you wish to improve both your speaking and writing skills, then give this course on Alison a shot. Although open to all, this course is best suited for students and those looking to work in academics or journalism.

From some points on how to use language effectively, tips for exams to how to best approach a text, this course covers all. You’ll learn vital communication skills, including tips on the right tone and voice to use, thereby enhancing your presentation skills and oratory skills.

You may also check other courses from Alison such as the Introduction to Conversational English course. In just one to two hours of coursework, this course promises to make you a better English speaker.

Duration: A short introductory course of 2-3 hours. 

Fees: Completely free. However, you get a certificate that you can add to your CV.

16. Perfectly Spoken

The platform has a lot of English resources for different levels, and the best part is that you can access it for free. Another Best English Course Online!

Perfectly Spoken informs you which course is best for which type of learner and is taught with video lessons covering a variety of topics and speaking skills. Perfectly Spoken offers general beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, as well as situational English conversation courses. For example, English for hospitality, and business English, English used in movies, etc.

Check out Facebook live exercises, podcasts, Instagram clips, and blog posts. Oh don’t worry! It’s all free! However, if you need more, there are also paid plans that offer some extra features. Examples include practice exams, specialized courses, unlimited access to lessons, and course completion certificates.

Course Duration: Depends on the course chosen (5-60 lessons)

Course Fee: Most resources are free. However, they have a pricing plan. For more information on our pricing plans, please visit our website

17. Future Learn – Understanding IELTS: Speaking

This English online course offers a course focused on exams. Some may be looking for the best online English courses to improve their language skills for exams. For example IELTS exam. IELTS is one of the most popular English proficiency tests, so getting a good score is a top priority for many people.

The British Council’s FutureLearn platform has a section dedicated to the IELTS exam, providing tips on how to pass the speaking section and improve your overall communication skills. No courses are currently being held. However, if you sign up with your email address, you will be notified when it starts.

Course Duration: 3 hours a week for 3 weeks.

Course Fee: For pricing, please visit

Simple Tips to Improve Spoken English

Spoken English: Tips & Tricks to Speak Fluently - Leverage Edu

Learning a second language can be a strenuous task. However, with the right training and a few simple steps, you can achieve spoken English fluency. Furthermore, these pointers are applicable regardless of your skill level.

1. Listening Ability

Listening skills are essential for improving spoken English. You can learn much more than new words by carefully listening to the trainer. It is critical to not only know the words but also to observe how they are said. In native countries, for example, the words “you” and “ya” are frequently used interchangeably. Pay attention to these details and incorporate them into your everyday speech to sound more natural. Although listening to new words and sentences may appear difficult at first, perseverance is rewarded.

2. Imitation

Do not shy away from exploring the active side of learning spoken English. Playing, repeating, and imitating are all activities that promote effective learning. According to research, imitation is one of the most effective ways to improve spoken English. Listening carefully and repeating what has been said, including intonation, emotion, and word choice is one way to make progress.


It is critical to reflect as you practice speaking English because it allows you to detect errors in spoken sentences. One effective method is to record your speech as you practice. In fact, this is advantageous in two ways. First, you become acquainted with how you sound when speaking English. Second, you can keep track of your progress as you practice. Apart from self-evaluation, receiving feedback from your trainer will boost your progress.

4.  Audio-visual books

Viewing audio-visual books, in addition to reading books, magazines, and other materials, helps to improve spoken English. The audio-visual books can be played repeatedly to learn proper pronunciation, which is not possible in real-time tutoring. You can practice by carefully listening to and repeating the sentence from the book.

5. Make notes

Making notes as soon as you learn a new expression or phrase will help you remember it and use it in a conversation. Repeat these lessons aloud until you can say them without looking. Taking notes will aid memorization and allow you to easily incorporate them into your speech.

6. Improve your pronunciation.

Pronunciation is an essential component of learning spoken English. There is no easy way to learn correct pronunciation; however, employing mechanics and practice is an excellent way to improve pronunciation. Furthermore, it necessitates a variety of mouth and tongue movements. This can be learned through careful listening and imitation skills.

7. Set a Goal

Plan activities that will help you learn spoken English. Knowing your priorities is essential for developing a learning strategy. Keep in mind that, no matter what, your priority should always be efficient English, not perfection. That is, your primary focus should be on effectively communicating your message. To do so, you must set realistic goals that can be achieved with practice over time. Furthermore, your actions should be aimed at achieving your goal.

8. Acquire new vocabulary

Expose yourself to as many documents, books, songs, series, magazines, and even social media in this case. Doing so will give exposure to different slang and new phrases. Listen as much as you speak; this activity will expose you to new expressions and proverbs that can liven up your conversations. Additionally, as you come across these phrases, take immediate notes so you know how and when to incorporate them into your speech.

9. Conservation

Putting your knowledge to the test is the most effective way to improve your spoken English. When you apply what you’ve learned in a real-world scenario, you gain experience with how to strike up a conversation and gain confidence over time. You can start a conservation project with yourself, your tutor, your family, or even your friends. As you gain confidence, you can gradually progress to settings such as an office, an interview, a public setting, and, of course, competitions if you so desire.

10. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Most people avoid activities in order to avoid embarrassment. The solution is to make as many mistakes as possible and learn from them. It can be difficult to remember all of the rules and words in a sentence. In such cases, it is preferable to continue speaking even if you make mistakes. Most of the time, people will understand what you’re saying and may even correct you if you’re wrong. Therefore, don’t let your fear prevent you from speaking at all. The more you speak, the more words will come to mind and you will be able to articulate sentences more quickly.

It is important to note that there are no hard and fast rules when following these suggestions. In addition to your English-speaking classes, the aforementioned tips will produce the desired results. Furthermore, not all of the tips may be applicable to you; in this case, you can always select one or a combination of the listed tips.


Spoken English Classes, इंग्लिश स्पीकिंग कोर्स in Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar ,  English Pillars Educom Private Limited | ID: 7403454533

The significance of English is now recognized throughout the world. English is a medium for conducting business and exchanging ideas at both national and international levels. According to the survey, over 95 per cent of employers in many non-native English-speaking countries regard English speaking skills as an essential part of the job. Furthermore, acquiring fluency in spoken English opens up a plethora of opportunities for higher education abroad. Learning English not only leads to better job opportunities in one’s own country but also abroad. Additionally, knowing English makes traveling more exciting and rewarding.

Above all, one can learn to appreciate Western pop culture, music, theatre, and movies, as well as participate in various communities. Overall, learning spoken English improves communication with English speakers all over the world. It is important to note that while learning a second language can be difficult at times, the results are equally rewarding. Keeping motivated can help you improve your spoken English. The top 12 online English-speaking courses listed above will assist you in selecting the best English-speaking training for you. Similarly, these courses will assist you in reaching your goal of speaking English confidently.


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Q. Is English-speaking course in demand?

A. Yes, many people find this course useful as it attracts better opportunities inland and overseas.

Q. How long does it take to become fluent in English?

A. It depends upon the hours of instructions and practices you undergo. However, on average, it takes about 3-6 months to become fluent in English.

Q. What is the nominal fee for English-speaking courses in India?

A . The nominal fee of English-speaking courses in India ranges from 10 to 20 thousand or bid higher depending on the levels chosen. Note that the type of facilities and reputation of the institute determines the course fees.

Q. What is the eligibility for enrolling in English speaking course online?

A. There are no criteria as such. English speaking course online is open to all including business professionals, homemakers, school/college students, etc. An individual interested in improving spoken English can sign up for the course.

Q. What are the different levels of language proficiency?

A. There are about 6 levels of language proficiency as per CEFR. These are A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. These levels are usually used to signify the learners speaking, reading, and writing abilities.

Q. Is learning English difficult?

A. No, although it may appear difficult at first but once you get acquainted with the basics, the rest will come easy to you.

Q. How can I improve my English?

A. A concoction of the right English-speaking training and efforts on your end will do the trick.


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