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No matter what your business is? The concepts of six sigma can be applied and developed to aid companies in reducing waste and help many to save millions of dollars since its inception. The state of Ohio has a significant increase in business density. It means more efficient competition and companies must remain profitable and more efficient. This Six Sigma Certification in Ohio confers business insights for working professionals to improve business processes and enhance productivity.

Top 10 Six Sigma Certifications in Ohio, USA

What is six sigma?

Six Sigma refers to the techniques to improve the quality, flow, productivity of the business and its processes. All it involves improving the working environment, employee motivation, teamwork, and communication. The objective of six sigma is to reduce the defects, flaws, and roadblocks that hinder the achievement of the business and its ultimate goal.

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Top 10 Six Sigma certification in Ohio

1  Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Quality Management Academy accomplishes a six sigma certification course in Ohio. Henry Harvin Education course is highly ranked in leading media houses. This Six Sigma Certification course, Ohio follows the Lean and DMAIC[Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control] methodologies to impart the necessary skills. Its curriculum follows [IASSC]the International Association of Six Sigma certification Book of Knowledge.  

 It is offered in the self-paced or a live instructor-led online classroom format. This course has 1 to1training  and corporate training are available on request. It has an E-Learning process and it allows the learners to access numerous tools, techniques, video content, assessments, and many more. The trainers of Henry Harvin (six sigma certification in Ohio) are experts in  the industry and provide excellent learning skills to all its students

Address:Henry Harvin House B-12,sector 6,Noida,Uttar pradesh,201301

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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Working hours:open-closes 10pm


Course Duration:28 hours

Course Fee: USD 300

Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:

FloridaLouisianaArkansas, Kansas, VirginiaMinnesota, Connecticut

Ohio Address: 2515 Jay Avenue First Floor, Cleveland, OH 44113, United States

2. Six Sigma Development Solutions (SSDSI)

SSDSI provides six sigma certification in Ohio.  Six Sigma development solutions is a certified Accredited Training organization (ATO).with the international Association of Six Sigma Certification(IASSC). It provides a course in a number of training locations in the US and also globally. The six sigma certification in Ohio is held both online and offline. This course provides interactive tools such as games, videos, and simulations and keeps the students engaged. It helps the students to learn the Six Sigma methodology. powerful root cause Analysis tools help the students to solve the problems quickly. It provides 20 hours of pre-classroom preparations. It provides 40 hours or 5 days of live or virtual classroom sessions. It also provides 20 hours of post-classroom six sigma certification requirements.

Address; Six Sigma Development Solutions, Inc

17330 Preston road suite #200D

Dallas TX 75252

Contact number:(866)-922-6566

Course Duration: It provides 20 hours of pre-classroom preparations. It provides 40 hours or 5 days of live or virtual classroom sessions. It also provides 20 hours of post-classroom six sigma certification

3. Global Six Sigma USA (Six Sigma Certification in Ohio)

A world-renowned leader of Lean Six Sigma Training and certification is Global Six Sigma USA. The programs of Global Six Sigma USA are internationally recognized. It is open to the public and structured to fulfill the essentials of adult learners. The learners get hands-on approaches and practical skills that can be easily translated into real-world scenarios. The instructors and mentors have10 to 30 years of hands-on experience in six sigma. It provides internationally recognized in Ohio. After the completion of this course, the learners will acquire the knowledge of six sigma. The learners were able to use statistical tools to analyze process metrics. They can complete the six sigma projects by utilizing charts, process maps, prioritization tools, and control plans.

Address Global Six Sigma USA LP 6500 River Place Blvd

Building 7, Suite 250 Austin, Texas 

Contact number: Toll-Free in the US (866)409-1363

Course Duration:1 day 

Course fee: $499

4. Invensis Global Learning Services

Invensis Learning, broaden the course portfolio to meet the global requirements and evolve the learning needs. It is a global training organization. It has emerged as a market leader. It provides professional training solutions worldwide. It customized the business requirements and served as a trusted partner. It is interactive instructor-led training. It has a certified trainer with rich domain knowledge and experience. It has lifetime access to six sigma webinars and also has 5 free e-learning courses for the learners. The learner has the flexibility to retake the six sigma exam within two months of the first attempt.

Invensis Global learning is an accredited training provider for all recognized certification courses.

It caters to the five training delivery modes to both individuals and enterprise teams spread across geographic locations and time zones. Invensis Global training and certification courses are accredited by governing bodies such as AXELOS, people Cert, IASSC, EXIN, EC, council. It bestows a unique learning ecosystem that combines both formal and informal learning options through instructor-led sessions and access to LMS.

Address ;Invensis Inc.,1000 N West  street,suite 1200,Wilmington ,DE 19801

Contact number: +1470-260-0084

 Course fee:INR 16542/

5. Skillogic (Six sigma certification in Ohio)

Skillogic is delivering six sigma training for more than a decade. It is a global leader in Six Sigma Certification in Ohio. Skillogic Six Sigma is accredited by the global quality boards.TUV, ICFQ, and ISSAC.It has a Flexi pass, The learners can attend the session anytime in 3 months and earn, money back, case study approach with high-quality high-quality study materials. It offers the complementary course of Business Analytics Foundation were said to be features of the skip logic training institution.

Training is designed around case studies, problem-based learning approaches to improve a learning experience. It encourages the immediate use of newly acquired skills. The best of two methods, classroom training, and online learning is blended learning. courses are conveniently constructed with a blended learning model to fit the candidate’s requirements. Friendly customer care executives will be always at the candidates’ doorstep service. Instructors of skip logic are certified and highly qualified with decades of experience in the subject matter.

Address-six sigma development solutions, INC

17330preston Road suite #200D

Dallas,Tx 75252.

Contact number(866)-922-6566

Course Duration:12-Day 2hrs a day online Training program /3-day Full -time Classroom.

Course fee:290/

  6. Benchmark Six Sigma

Benchmark SixSigma institute has the experience of training over 25000 professionals. They integrated lean and six sigma in their programs for more than a decade. Their special terrain is the use of multi-sensory approaches. The facilitator has conducted hundreds of programs. They have significant training experience both in manufacturing and services.

Perks of Benchmark six sigma 

  1. Training provided by former managers and they have experience in problem-solving
  2. IASSC certification.

Six Sigma courses and their fees

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification – $1800 
  • Lean Six Sigma BlackBelt training and certification-$3500

Address -5398, Harbourwatch way, 

#302, Mason, Ohio45040, USA.

Contact number-+15136579333

7 GreyCampus 

Gray Campus creates the world’s best platform where aspirants can access high-quality online sessions. They focused on practical sessions. The best value learning experience paired up with learning content was created by top instructors who were very dedicated.24/7Q&A support from the subject expert is equivalent to the learning experience. Grey campus is the one-stop platform in Six Sigma.

Perks of Grey campus 

  1. Grey campus provides Lean Six Sigma Courses.

2.GreyCampus provides IASSC and ASQ certificates.

Six Sigma Courses and their fees

SixSigma Yellow Belt training  with  the fees of%%EDITORCONTENT%%nbsp; 1100/

Six Sigma Black Belt training costs$ 1100/

Six Sigma Green belt and Black Belt combined, training and certification with $ 1500/

Address-Grey campus Inc.7924,

Preston Rd STE 350,

Plano, Texas 75024, USA 

Contact number-+15183026767.                            

8. Certification Planner

Certification Planner is a learning platform. It provides the industry-recommended short and long-term training and certification program. This program bridge the gap between academic and professional education. Certification planners are global promoters of skill development achieved through structured learning. Certification planner, the brand trusted by fortune 500 companies. They have touched over 45,000 professions across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.

Perks of  certification planner

  • The courseware Designed and fine-tuned by industry experts to deliver an optimized learning
  • It is Delivered through models that make learning convenient
  • They are Supported by investment guarantees like “Guarantee to run courses*”, “100% Money Back Guarantee*”, and “Pass assurance”.
  • They provide With customization option to better suit the requirements of learners

Six Sigma courses and their fees

Dual  course of Lean SixSigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt training

Online live session  -$999/

Online self -learning-$ 199/

Dual course of  Lean Six Sigma  Green Belt and Black Belt

Online live session -$ 999/

Online self -learning-$ 199

Address- 2150 South,1300 East Suite,500

Salt Lake City, Utah 84106, USA.

Contact number – +18553221201  

9. ASQ (American Society of quality)

ASQ is a global organization. More than 130 countries were its member. It provides enhanced expertise, professional networks, tools, and solutions. They provide professional training, certifications.ASQ’s Mission is to empower individuals and communities of the world to achieve excellence through excellence.

Six Sigma courses and their fees

Six Sigma Yellow Belt training – $ 899($ 799 for ASQ member)

SixSigma Green Belt training- $ 5749( $ 5179 for ASQ member)


Six Sigma Certifications and their fees

Six Sigma Yellow Belt-$ 394($ 244 for ASQ member)

Six Sigma Green Belt -$ 438 ( $338 for ASQ member)

Address- 600, North Plankinton Avenue

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202, USA.

10. IASSC (The International Association for Six Sigma Certification)

IASSC is the most well-recognized institute in the world. It offers only lean six sigma certification in Ohio.

Six Sigma Certifications and their fees

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and its fee is $195 USD 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and its fee is $295 

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and its fee is $395 

Address- The Esplanade Center 2415

                  East Camelback Road, Suite 700,

                       Phoenix, Arizona 75024, USA

                   Contact number – +1 602 734 0561. 

     Career Benefits of SixSigma Certification

The certified six sigma can improve their CV. This is eligible for jobs demanding analytical backgrounds. The learners of six sigma can cultivate capabilities for statistical inference-based decision making and data-driven problem-solving skills. They can gain the skill to explore, analyze and solve management problems using 20 management tools. Six Sigma Certification in Ohio is the most celebrated program of the time benefiting professionals in a huge way.  As compared to other professionals, Six Sigma Certification just prepares for the best by receiving prestigious positions to serve effectively.


Now it is time to make a final verdict, Where to pursue the Six Sigma course? The factor depending on the pursuing the six sigma course is the validity of the certificate, brand name of the institute, duration, and fee. Let you choose and enjoy by implementing six sigma.

The management team of organizations that intend to implement and practise six sigma would become quality controllers, project managers, software quality controllers, project managers, software quality engineers, practitioners, and professionals who want to learn and implement the six sigma methodology. By implementing they can become senior-level management, researcher innovations, and consultant.


1. Will I get internship opportunities during the Six Sigma certification in Ohio? 

Yes, the trainees will be updated with internship opportunities from time to time by the experts via mail during and even after the completion of the six sigma certification course in Ohio. 

2. What happens in the one-to-one training at Six sigma certification at Henry Harvin?

In the one-to-one training provided by Henry Harvin, the trainee gets to customize their own curriculum and time of learning pace. 

3. How many modules are there in the six sigma certification course provided by Henry Harvin? 

There are 6 major modules in the six sigma certification course with two complementary modules that aim to help the trainees get well versed with soft skills and resume writing.

4. Does one need any sort of industry experience before taking up the six sigma certification course?  

No. The six sigma certification in Ohio is rather curated to help you gain industry experience through training. Thus, one needs no prior experience before taking up this course. 

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