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   Be a business person or an employee, but the need remains the same.

   Everyone wants to be successful in their respective field. For business people, they

   want their business more productive and profitable. For employees, their goal is


   to give an outstanding performance to elevate their grades.

   In this competitive world, to stay competitive, upgrading the profile is much needed.         To push your career ahead six sigma certification in Kansas fits the bill.

  What is Six Sigma?

       Six Sigma is a technique that strategically drives with a set of tools to improvise the business process, which reduces the defects and improves productivity.

       Here in this blog, I will be listing the top 12 six sigma training institutes in Kansas.             This list will give you an idea to take a call.

1. Henry Harvin (Six Sigma Certification in Kansas)

        Henry Harvin is an ISO 29990:2010 certified institute. Henry Harvin ranks among the Top 500 Edtech companies globally. In India, it ranks among the Top 100                      companies.

        Henry Harvin brings experts from various industries to train the people, which gives them a real-time learning experience. This institute has won the award for ” Best Corporate Training Platform” and “Game-Based Learning Company of the Year 2020 “.

  • Henry Harvin provides excellent training for Six sigma certification in Kansas.
  • Henry Harvin provides the best curriculum, they have associated with International  Association for Six Sigma Certification(IASSC)
  • Henry Harvin is tied up with various industries to provide trainees with real-time project. 

     The Six Sigma Green Belt course at Henry Harvin helps the Trainees

     to understand the five principles of Six Sigma (DMAIC)

  • Define the process and the problem in the organization.
  • Measure the current performance of the organization.
  • Analyze the process for issues and root causes.
  • Improve and implement the actions.
  • Control and maintain the improved process.

Benefits with Henry Harvin  (Six Sigma Certification in Kansas)            

  • Henry Harvin offers interactive 36 hours of flexible course timings.
  • They give you 100% placement assistance.
  • E-Learning access for twelve months, you can go through all recorded sessions.
  • Henry Harvin provides you with real-time internship projects which help you to lay your foundation stronger.
  • Provides free Bootcamp sessions for twelve months where you can tune your soft skills.
  • Henry Harvin offers to access live sessions for a lifetime.
  • Henry Harvin offers doubt clearing sessions through zoom calls also connects you in the WhatsApp group to stay interactive.                                                                                         

Other courses offered by Henry Harvin                       

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.
  • Master Black Belt Certification.
  • The Postgraduate Program in Lean Six Sigma.

Henry Harvin Provides Six Sigma certification courses in Kansas across other cities in United States.

 Fees structure

           Course fees: Rs 17500

 Contact details

Post Graduate Program in Content Writing

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             Mob: +91 9015266266

             Mail: [email protected]

Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:

Arizona, WashingtonArkansasNew JerseyColoradoTexas

2.Star Agile

   Star Agile provides both online and offline classes. They provide around twenty-five courses, their services spread across many countries. They have successfully trained around 50k students.

 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers                     

  • Course Modules are in sync with ASQ & IASSC.
  • Training on Minitab tools for strategic analysis.
  • The Course integrated with DMAIC and lean methods.

Benefits with Star Agile             

  • 100% Practical knowledge with Case Studies & simulations.
  • They provide lifetime access to the recorded video sessions.
  • The course duration is 32 hours.

Other courses offered by Star Agile             

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.
  • Master Black Belt Certification.
  • The Postgraduate Program in Lean Six Sigma.

Contact Details


              India:+91 9513393880

              USA:+1929 356 2010

         Mail: [email protected]

3. (Six Sigma Certification in Kansas)

  has worked with around 5,000 companies and provided training to over        25,000 students. Their programs are globally offers classroom training, onsite training, virtual classroom training, and blending training.

 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers                              

  • Create charts, process maps, and control plans.
  • Statistical tests to improve the process.
  • Use of Minitab tool to run statistical tests.

Benefits with                 

  • Tutors have 30 years of experience in the real-time industry.
  • They offer a wide range of flexible, structural programs.
  • Cost-effective training programs.
  • After completion of a course, you can access their instructors.

Other courses offered by               

  • Six Sigma White Belt.
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
  • Six Sigma Jump Start.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt.

Fees structure

            Online live greenbelt project certification $300.00

Contact Details

             Mob: (877)497-4462

             Mail: [email protected]

4. Grey Campus (Six Sigma Certification in Kansas)


                The Six Sigma green belt course is certified by ISSAC. Grey Campus has                       associated with 5000 Organizations and offers around 30 Courses. Grey Campus               instructors have in-depth knowledge of Six Sigma having real-time industrial                     experience. Grey Campus is recognized globally.

 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers  

  • They conduct master classes to get a deep knowledge.
  • They train you on DMAIC Methodology.
  • Process capability and Stability.

Benefits with Grey Campus         

  • Live Bootcamps Sessions held.
  • Round-the-clock support from the team.
  • Provide detailed materials for future reference.
  • Offer on-demand self-learning. Access to video content and simulated tests.
  • Flexible Course timings and one-year offer for online sessions.

Other courses offered by Grey Campus 

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training.
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green and Yellow belt combo training.

Fees structure

         Course Fees Rs 13300.

Contact Details

         Mob:+91 7416664433

         Mail: [email protected]

5. Benchmark Six Sigma


            Benchmark Six Sigma certification in Kansas has completed 1500 Batches. They have trained around 40,000 trainees, they have associated with ASQ and Exemplar.

  Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers             

  • Minitab practice during the workshop.
  • Problem-solving aided by data-driven techniques.

Benefits with Benchmark Six Sigma Certification in Kansas           

  • Free online project assistance.
  • 24 hour LED online training.
  • Membership in the larger business community.
  • Course Material kit for green belt body of knowledge.
  • Post-training online webinar for future reference.

Other courses offered by Benchmark Six Sigma       

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training.
  • Master Black Belt.
  • Business Modeling Expert.

Contact Details

   Mob:+91 9811370943

   Mail: [email protected]

6. Certification Planner   


             Certification Planner has trained over 40,000 professionals in various domains.                   They offer 250 courses and have a team of 100 instructors.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers             

  • How to Manage projects by utilizing less time and money.
  • Map performance through various Lean Six Sigma tools.
  • Improve the organization’s performance by minimizing the variance.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis.

Benefits with Certification Planner                   

  • High-quality course materials provided for learning
  • Lifetime access for recorded videos
  • Money-back guarantee course
  • Dedicated support staff.

Other courses offered by Certificate Planner       

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Plus IASSC Exam.
  • Dual Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt Certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Plus IASSC Exam.
  • Lean Management Certification Training.
  • Dual Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt certification.

Fees Structure       

  • Fees for In-Person Classroom $ 1799.
  • Fees for Live online classroom $ 999.
  • Fees Online Self-study $ 699.

Contact Details   

           Mob: 1855-322-120

           Mail: [email protected]

7. Consak Inc (Six Sigma Certification in Kansas)

      Consak Inc registered with the project management institute(PMI), they have                 experienced and certified instructors. The success rate at Consac Inc is 100%. They             follow a standardized course content.

 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers     

  • The aim is to give in-depth knowledge on DMAIC(Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) format.
  • Real-time projects which enhance the profile to be competitive.
  • Provides training on how to select the proper statistical tools
  • Online and offline classes are available.

Benefits with Consak Inc   

  • 15 Hours split into three sessions.
  • LSS certificate issued from Consak inc Canada

Other courses offered by Consak inc   

  • Lean Management
  • Six Sigma Lean
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.

Contact Details

         Mob: (416)877-4526

         Mail: [email protected]

8. NAIT(Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)

      NAIT is a fifty-year-old institute, trained many students across the globe. It has provided training for corporates in 60 countries. NAIT is the leading apprenticeship trainer in Canada.

 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers       

  • Courses are limited only to online classes.
  • Hands-on experience industrial trainers are handling the batch.
  • Allows students to grow their confidence enhance their skills.

Benefits with NAIT               

  • Opportunity to participate in the Master Instructor Program(BMI)
  • Interactive trainers assistance in design and crafting
  • Work-integrated learning gives the real-time work experience.

Other courses offered by NAIT         

  • Introduction to Lean
  • Lean Six Sigma Data Analysis
  • Applying Lean Six Sigma to Business Problems.

 Contact Details


             Mail:[email protected]

9. Aveta Business Institute

      Aveta Business Institute launched its first Six Sigma online course in 2004. They                  have trained around 150,000 people across the globe. They provide training to many        organizations and successfully turn them to perform better.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers       

  • Their training help to enhance the problem-solving skills
  • Customized industry training programs
  • Access to their video content materials.

Benefits with Aveta Business Institute         

  • Real-time materials prepared by experts from the industry.
  • Course extension offered with no additional charges.
  • Their certifications have no expiry date, no need for renewals.

Other courses offered by Aveta Business Institute       

  • Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification.
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.
  • Six Sigma White Belt certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification.
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt certification.

Contact Details

       Mob : 1-800-399-3052

       Mail :[email protected]

10. VarSigma (Six Sigma Certification in Kansas)     

         Varsigma is associated with ASQ(American Society of Quality) to meet global                     standards. Varsigma has trained around 25000 professionals across the globe. The             trainers have 15 years of experience. Varsigma conducts 170 workshops every year.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers         

  • 27 Hours of LED classroom training.
  • 36 Hours access for e-learning sample question papers.
  • Overall course duration is 63 hours.

Benefits with VirSigma     

  • Real-time projects to enhance the profile to stay competitive.
  • Free learning on statistical analysis.
  • Regular webinars and expert forums provide adequate support.
  • Course modules are periodically reviewed and upgraded.

Other courses offered by VarSigma   

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt + Black Belt Refresher.
  • Lean Expert- Advanced Lean Tools and Techniques
  • Business Analytics Practitioner.
  • Certified Risk Manager.
  • Robotic Process Automation.

 Contact Details

        Mob: 91-9811554779

        Mail: [email protected]

11. ASQ

        ASQ provides professional training and certification globally.ASQ customers are from more than 160 countries. ASQ is a global organization. The resources they provide are Quality progress magazine, an online video series, and a quality resource library.

Six Sigma Certification in Kansas offers           

  • Define and describe lean concepts.
  • Use value stream mapping to identify the value-added process.
  • Use of SIPOC model for analysis.

Benefits with ASQ     

  • Instructors are available for support even after the sessions.
  • Flexible course timings.
  • Real-time project experience.

 Other courses offered by ASQ       

  • Entry-level – Live Virtual Learning Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
  • Entry-level – Live Virtual Learning Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • E-learning Industry Specific Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • Face-to-Face Learning Lean Six Sigma Champion.

Contact Details

            Mob: +1-414-272-8575

            Mail: [email protected]


        Pro-Sigma 20-year-old training institute that trained over 2000 professionals and              completed 20 high-end projects. Prosigma aligned with IAASC and their instructors          having strong industrial background experience.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Course offers       

  • Workshop for simulated analysis using Minitab tool.
  • Interactive exercises using lean tools.
  • Maximum topics covered in the scheduled time frame.
  • Real-time internship projects.

Benefits with ProSigma       

  • Offers 6 hours post-program support
  • 54 Hours of the learning package having flexible online and offline mode.
  • Offline workshops in star hotels with complimentary lunch. 

Other courses offered by ProSigma     

  • Lean Six Sigma White Belt.
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Fees Structure

       Online: Rs 9000

       Offline: Rs 14000

Contact Details

      Mob: 9999410549

      Mail: [email protected] 


Many organizations face challenges of competence which roadblocks their growth. To stay competitive in the business world, any organization should evaluate itself. Deploying skilled resources is of utmost importance also for bringing all skilled resources under a cohesive approach can only achieve by the leadership of excellence. Six Sigma Certification in Kansas is the one that builds the efficiency for organizations to overcome all challenges.

Explore the list, contact details of all institutes given ring them for further update.

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What is the difference between Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma?

In the business community, there is an ongoing debate between Lean Sigma and Six Sigma. Most of them believe either method is the most effective in reducing waste and improving the production cycle. The objective of Lean Six Sigma and Six Sigma remains the same.
They both intend to create the most efficient system by eliminating waste, but they take different routes in achieving the goals. Lean Six Sigma is a systematic way to eliminate waste, while Six Sigma is a set of techniques that aspire to reduce waste.

Which certification is ideal for me out of Lean Sigma and Six Sigma?

If you have 3+ years of experience working in engineering-related industries, then Six Sigma is the most suitable for you. If you lack experience, then you can always choose Lean Sigma. There are no prerequisites in choosing Lean courses.

What are the Levels of Six Sigma?

White Belt
Yellow Belt.
Green Belt.
Black Belt.
Master Black Belt.
Champion Belt.

What is a Champion in Six Sigma?

In general, a champion is one who excels at something but in Six Sigma to be a champion one should have great proficiency in implementing the six sigma methodology which is a process to streamline the business. Champions usually hold a senior role in the management these people might be vice presidents, project directors, or senior managers who are capable to take the organization to next level.

What is Minitab?

Minitab is an analytical software tool that is widely used in data analysis. Analyzing data is a crucial part of Six Sigma projects in particular in the measure and analysis phase of DMAIC.

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