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Become a pro in Six Sigma, but first, you need to know what it is meant for.




Six sigma is referred to as a quality tool and management tool in easing out the daily work process of an organization in a more systematic manner. We all know that there have to be systems so that our customers and working people would like it very much and always depend on us, but one should keep in mind that when there’s no proper work system, then the customers won’t be believe us at all even though we give them more confidence that “our quality will be good, we won’t lose your hopes on us”, just by saying it. There is a best six sigma certification in New York to train people to the expert level outside the workplace.

We’ll consider the top 10 institutes offering Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in New York.



This institute is one of the best and known all over the world. Henry Harvin® provides the best quality education on all different types of courses starting from course training to internship and further training. They have accreditations and affiliations from recognized training partners and corporates. The institute covers all the student’s requirements to tune them to a professional with reasonable charges/ fees. There are several courses offered in this academy, and each has an opportunity for a student to plan for a better future. Henry Harvin® is a good suggestion for taking the six sigma certification course anywhere. There are openings for six sigma certification in New York too.

Take note of the key features of this course:

  • Online training sessions for 28 hours.
  • Will be taking up projects on the DMAIC process to understand the value of the quality.
  • Internship post online sessions to gain more knowledge and experience.
  • Get certified with a mark of CSSE-GB from Henry Harvin®
  • Register for the Six Sigma certification course,attend the classes with training.
  • Assessments to be attended to get certified with a minimum passing of 50%.
  • E-learning material, internship training, weekly job support portals, recorded video sessions, Bootcamp sessions every month, boosting interview skills and enabling career services — all in one-year GOLD MEMBERSHIP OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT ACADEMY.
  • 12 projects will be taken up, after training to gain wide exposure.
  • Get 24/7 lifetime access, to all the learning resources.
  • Learning study modules are as per the IASSC syllabus.
  • Top corporates such as IBM, hp, Accenture, PHILIPS, McAfee, etc are hiring candidates, which is a turning point for them.

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Benefits of the six sigma certification course:

  • Basic knowledge about six sigma, its foundation, and its significance on the organization and business.
  • Apply the practical intellect over theory using DMAIC practice.
  • Engage in building up the quality of working systematically in an organization by taking up the projects as Henry Harvin® has got recognized corporate trainers to tune-up.
  • Understand how the quality can be improved by reducing unwanted wastes such as time, resources, and men.
  • Learn to a level up of new management and quality tool which helps you to take up strong decisive skills.

Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:



These are technology training institutes of Six Sigma Certification in New York, America. As it’s an instructor-founded company, they aim at focusing and commitment by giving the best learning experience at easy prices and train thousands of students every year in Microsoft®, Adobe®, Cisco®, CompTIA®, ISC², and PMI® related courses respectively. They bear licenses from the New York state education department and get accreditations from Better Business Bureau. Also got registered under PMI® Education, CompTIA being its authorized partner, Pearson Vue being the authorized testing center and Microsoft Imagine Academy being the program member.

TIA prepares you to get certified with six sigma green belt certification with 5-day sessions and 35 PDUs which can add to a candidate’s professional skill for their PMP certifications. The instructors have taught six sigma green belt certification in New York for around 10,000+ candidates and even the corporates too. Their goal is to provide quality-based plus experience learning on the courses with reasonable fees.

Key features of this course:

  • This is one of the institutes providing six sigma certification in New York at reasonable fees.
  • Instructors in the six sigma certification course are 10+ years of experience in process management and 5+ years in teaching.
  • Being licensed, provide fewer fees for the course and claim a money-back guarantee if the course didn’t feed well for the candidates and have good passing rates.
  • Exam after six sigma green belt certification course and get certified.
  • 5 days online sessions or can take up classroom sessions with real-world experience from the instructor.
  • Can retake the course, if required as many times within 1 year and need not pay the fees.
  • Learn the basics, implementation, methodologies, data collection, and statistics in the six sigma certification course
  • DMAIC methodology – understand each stage in the six sigma certification course.
  • Using statistical graph methods to increase performance in an organization.
  • Application of management and planning tools in DMAIC stages by performing hypothesis testing.
  • Top corporates and governments being trained in TIA include Bank of America, United States Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force, American Express, etc.

Benefits for learners:

  • Instructors of 10+ years experience and 5+ years of expertise in teaching will tune the students to understand the concept and brief application of the six sigma certification course.
  • Doubt sessions were allowed with the instructors before the session started.
  • New York State is licensed and regulated as per the New York State Education Department.
  • 35 PDUs is worth for support of your PMP certifications.
  • Corporate training and federal government branches training are available and are under the Fortune 1000 companies list. 


CSSC is an official standard mark for six sigma training providers all over the world. These are professional standardized six sigma certification course academies providing certifications and affiliations to millions of students to pursue good careers in any part of the world. Top universities such as Boston University, The University of Utah, The University of Texas, top academic institutes such as Henry Harvin® Academy, Aveta Business Institute, etc.

They aim to ensure that the accreditation providers have given quality learning and training to the students meeting the minimum standards of professional level. Noting that all the criteria are well met by the providers, or any new instructors are professional meeting the requirements of the course and the standards are monitored, and any changes in the certification. They have headquarters in New York and is been recognized by Government bodies such as IRS – INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS.

Key features of this course:

  • One of the standardized six sigma certification in New York.
  • Enhancing problem-solving applications through DMAIC stages.
  • Opportunity to be trained as a team member in a specific area or department of an organization.
  • Required less commitment on the projects, as small projects are assigned to the trainee unless professionally trained as in Black Belt.
  • The examination will be conducted, In 3 attempts a student can pay examination charges, before an attempt and after 3 attempts being failed, but minimum marks to be scored if the exam has been taken.
  • Certification will be provided if the student has attained 280 points as a minimum score out of 400 points in the exam.
  • This won’t be added to the project requirements, but as a pre-requisite to the level II six sigma certification course (green belt).
  • 1 year period to complete the exam successfully, once the examination fee is paid.
  • Provides six sigma certification course in different areas of business.

Benefits at the CSSC – six sigma certification in New York.

  • Offers learning in 2 ways – one who’s confident in a basic theoretical body of knowledge and trained by us in six sigma certification course (green belt – level I) can sit for the exam.
  • Other ways can utilize free self–study guides, through self-paced or by guide training can also sit for the exam.
  • Should have previous certifications, which is certified standard from the council to take up this course.
  • From students to professionals, institutes to corporate and government can get trained and certified.
  • Fees are charged in the above said both ways.
  • One who’s aspired in the theory BoK can attend for a one-time exam, who is doing six sigma green belt certification in New York.
  • Another way is by utilizing their self-study material and can take up the exam on 3 attempts without paying extra.
  • Six Sigma certification course is a prerequisite for level II six sigma green belt certification in New York,which is a plus mark for project participation for an aspirant.



Known for its wide historical significance from dating back to 1853, which is before the Civilian war started, Manhattan College was started by the 5 Christian brothers in the beginning to route beyond the practical implications of the study and learning the basic ethics of the Christian religion for the students on Manhattanville.

In today’s date, it’s called the Jaspers as it was established by the brother Jasper who was a good person in the discipline of Christian ethics and a baseball coach. The basic aim is to maintain the tradition of Christian ethics and understand the norms of the Christian religion. As it has its prominence since the 19th century and the traditions and culture they brought, the college holds the beauty in religion and its culture being unique.

Further history of this college is mentioned in their home site to study and understand the knowledge of their values, ethics, and traditions because in today’s date it’s been the traditional college which follows catholic as its identification.


About its courses, Manhattan College offers a variety of programs for learners to benefit and grow in their future. It also offers a six sigma certification course with exam preparations and a certificate on the completion of the exam. Under this course, they offer six sigma green belt certification in New York which is a self-paced course that is divided into 10 modules.

Key features of this course:

  • There are experts to teach you out on real experience on the course.
  • You can use a mobile or laptop or PC to attend the course and exam.
  • Gain a badge and credit awarding for the course completion.
  • Video content to enable good understanding.
  • Let’s you for real-world case studies to work with.
  • Refund will be given 5 days from the date of buying of the course, but the registration fee will only be refunded if 10% less of the course is completed in the certificate.
  • Course completion will be measured in the course progress chart.
  •  After completion of the course, the student will be directed to take up the MindEdge Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.
  • Score a minimum of 70% on the course assignments and practical exams to take up the above-said examination.
  • This is one of the traditional methods for a student to score well with the six sigma green belt certification course in New York.

Learner’s benefits:

  • Learn about the concepts, tools, and techniques in the six sigma certification course in New York.
  • Understand the DMAIC processes used in different organizations and implement them.
  • Learn to use tools and techniques to gain success while doing projects.
  • Determine your roles and responsibilities and support your team members in reaching targets.


Become profound and a master in scoring well points/ marks by taking MindEdge Six Sigma Green Belt certification exam.



Grey campus is an online learning platform making students train them professionally to be strong enough to face real-world experiences in the working space. They aim at creating a modern environment in giving enough technical support for students to help them increase skills in the courses they have opted for and get trained from the recognized and well-experienced experts through online mode and not by the traditional method of attending the lectures and allowing an ease doubt session environment for 24/7.

When it comes to online mode, any candidate can learn six sigma certification in New York too. Their mission is to increase high technology through online mediums and maintain stability by ensuring the students are comfortable learning and scoring well. They also provide six sigma certification courses of different belts. Of which let’s take a look at the six sigma green belt certification course in New York, its features, and how they’re giving support to their students.

Key features of this course:

  • Learning guidelines, examinations, Body of Knowledge are affiliated and accredited as per the ASQ – American Society for Quality.
  • 1-year access to the course as per the ASQ curriculum.
  • The exam will be conducted after studying the course at your place.
  • Course completion certificate with 35 PDUs.
  • Two ways of training options – On-demand self-learning and group learning.
  • On-demand self-learning includes video lectures, tests based on real cases, and 24*7 student support portal (includes doubt sessions, and others too).
  • Group learning needs to contact the campus admin.
  • 3+ years of work experience full-time in one or more areas of SSGB BoK is eligible to take ASQs certification.
  • The exam is of 100 marks, MCQs with 4 hours duration.
  • Microsoft, Apple, Türk Telecom, DrFirst, Amazon, Facebook, CISCO, JP Morgan are some of the global corporate hirings.
  • One of the six sigma certification in New York offering online.

Learner’s benefits:

  • This is the IASSC accreditation training organization.
  • Learn at your own time.
  • Learn the basics of the six sigma and DMAIC approaches.
  • Learn different charts such as Pareto, run charts.
  • Experimenting based on real cases.
  • Boot camps sessions after the training sessions come with quizzes and tests to have a thorough practice about the course.
  • Have several professional industrialists to give you expertise sessions.
  • Will be having master class sessions to dig deep into the course to perfect yourself.



Established in 1919, Syracuse University is located in Syracuse, New York state. They teach various business courses for students to enhance learning experience skills. They provide online and on-campus education to students which prepares them to be professionals and lead themselves in different fields in this global business competitive world. Online courses on academic like full-time MBA, MS, and Ph.D. programs with flexible time schedules to do research activities by areas of selected study (6 options, anyone). For gaining, competitive strength there are other executive programs offered online which are six sigma certification courses. They’re top-ranked online assistance providers for six sigma green belt certification in New York.

Key features of this course:

  • Offering six sigma certification in New York for more than 10 years.
  • Taken online completely, projects will be assigned to be completed within the duration of the course.
  • Optional doubt sessions to assist you related to material or project, on-site.
  • Will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Fees include certification exam fees (check the below link for further fee details).
  • CSixSigma GB – designation will be given, once the course is completed and attended the examination.
  • For designation follow the preferred standards such as completion of the project or real–cases test and attend 100 marks exam after 40-hour course session.
  • Access and lean six sigma green belt certification in New York at your convenient time.
  • The exam is open-book online mode.
  • CSSC – accredited for six sigma certification course.

Learner’s benefits:

  • Understanding the practical concepts of six sigma tools and techniques.
  • Application of DMAIC tools to achieve lean six sigma project.
  • Making students proficient in lean six sigma to pass the six sigma green belt certification course.
  • Making students apply lean or six sigma green belt tools and techniques in real cases, projects, and future careers.



Began during World War II, ASQ has been a frontier organization to assist the manufacturing organizations in building the quality standards and improving them, thereby maintaining them by increasing the number of experts for building those standards wherever they set for the journey in the field of quality in manufacturing organizations.

As they started during World War II, finally established in the 1980s and today’s date they have reached 130 countries worldwide being the global organization, having their service sectors in Mexico, India, and China. They have given the authority, worldwide to expand the standards of quality through excellence.

ASQ offers six sigma green belt certification in New York through on-site or E-learning training. The aim of learning this course is to understand the problems and solve them at low costs, analyze the critical situations in the industry and collect data for analysis.

Key features of this course:

  • Increase the ability of problem-solving skills and analytical skills.
  • Implement a changing environment by setting up the standards in the manufacturing industries and business organizations.
  • Master the application of DMAIC techniques.
  • Prepare you for the lead role through green belt certification as an identity.
  • Achieve the improvements in the working areas by saving cost and time.
  • An examination is provided on-site and at the available locations based on different languages. For on-site (computer-based) language is English only. For other languages, check the link below.
  • Candidate must have full-time, paid work experience; interns cannot apply for the course.
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in 1 or more areas of the certified six sigma green belt BoK can apply.

Learner’s benefits:

  • Achieve the improvements in the working areas by saving cost and time.
  • Increasing the delivery of the products and satisfying our customers by improvising and stabilizing the quality.
  • You’ll be given many ways to appear for the exam, question bank, handbook, and study guide to study, or even through online, self-paced, or even virtual.
  • The Body of Knowledge (BoK) is a beneficiary for your lifetime and can help to get you good jobs, not only through certification.
  • The above points add value to your company where you work and credibility to your profile.




Global Six Sigma is a leading consultancy service offering lean and six sigma certification course in New York. They assist the overall organizations and employees who are experienced in tuning the quality standards matching today’s business challenges. train up individuals to take up projects which are effective to their potential to face real-world business cases.

As they provide through online mode, they train people in six sigma various belts and levels which include projects. Training through online or virtual learning, six sigma offers six sigma green belt certification in New York too, where we can study at our place without inconvenience. provides a six sigma green belt certification course in 5 ways to learning options. Online LIVE green belt webinar, green belt training – SigmaXL-based, green belt training – Minitab-based, green belt project certification, and Seminario virtual green belt. is accredited and affiliated by PMI®, ISSSP, IACET, BBB, SHRM – Recertification Provider, Institute of Credentialing Excellence.

Key features of this course:

  • On-demand course using SigmaXL software.
  • Made for professionals with little or no experience in six sigma GB, helping them succeed in six sigma projects.
  • Will get project certification also, as in several institutes, certificates are given after projects as holding the identification.
  • Accessibility of the training manual, with ‘print’ option for 1 year.
  • Permanent license for SigmaXL software usage in Mac or PC.
  • A list of many project prototypes and job assistance for six sigma projects.
  • Online quizzes and comprehensive two-session end examinations.
  • Certification for course completion also includes 4 CEUs from IACET and 40 PDUs from PMI.
  • Project certificate (additional charges applied for this certificate) will be provided as an added experience after the examination.

Learner’s benefits:

  • Will help and strengthen you and the organization after understanding the deep insights about the six sigma concept and its applications, methodologies.
  • A printed copy of the presentation slides will be provided (additional charge – excludes course fees).
  • Taught by the instructors how to use SigmaXL software at the end of the course training.



MSI is a trade association offering professional courses for the professionals to improvise quality processes in the organizations, by upgrading their working credibility and development and increase in career opportunities. They represent around 50 states and 34 countries to lead through global voices of the professionals who are the future growers of the organizations to foster and improvise the strategic quality process and management. They have several accreditations such as Process Improvement Credentialing Standards, BBB, CPD certified, and Trust Pilot, also they own charity programs under MSI CARES and work with the White House to join and support for the Pledge to America’s Workers initiative.

They are specialized in six sigma certification courses in meeting the professional standards which help the professionals to develop their quality standards and work thereon.

MSI provides self-paced six sigma green belt certification in New York, where you can study at your convenience, at any location.

Key features of this course:

  • Will receive online learning materials and exams at your location.
  • The certification exam is done online mode and the certificate is mailed thereafter.
  • Open book exam, with the timely exam, therefore, there’s no time to look for answers.
  • Course completion time is 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • The physical book is a guidebook not only for preparing for exams but also for future use, which is available.
  • The certificate will be received after the results are announced plus, two copies of training verification letters for future reference for your employers.
  • 20 PSUs after successful completion of the course.
  • Certification is directly provided by the MSI which is accredited and not any third-party accreditation.

Learner’s benefits:

  • Learning how to reduce defects and improve the quality process in all areas of an organization.
  • Understanding the DMAIC process and its applications.
  • Analyzing SIPOC diagrams and determining the Critical-to-Quality (CTQ) and Cost of Poor Quality (CPQ).
  • Understanding the basic concepts and the popularity of the six sigma green belt in an organization.
  • Knowing the value of a customer and understanding their feedback on the products and services.
  • Exclusive YBsim™ and GBsim™ simulations to help you gain experience and confidence to take up projects.
  • All included – training, certification, projects, simulations, examination in one certification course.



Expert Rating is an ISO 9001:2015 company, which is certified by the TÜV SÜD America. Being the leading IT online quality standard company, by providing 1000+ online certification courses and skill assessments to over 25 million people in 65 countries globally. Their certification is worthy for the professionals to assess essential skills for their future career goals. Their office is located in USA, UK, and India.

Expert Rating is an awarded winner by Google as Google SME Heroes Award for excellence in growing and expanding their business IT in innovative ways. Being an ISO quality certified standard, the certifications, learning resources are of well standard to make the students or professionals feel ease to understand the concepts and theories, methodologies after a thorough study of the well standardized and updated, summarized, and meaningful content learning materials.

Expert Rating is the leading ISO six sigma green belt certification in New York provides training and certification programs to the leading corporates such as IKEA Systems, Google, Ericsson, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Coke, Citrix, and many more.

Key features of this course:

  • 50% offer available for the purchase of a combo course – one along with this course.
  • In the online program, 2-4 weeks are required for completion.
  • Online test after course completion, conducted at your place.
  • Certificate delivered physically and a copy online.
  • Employee verification feedback to candidates who have pursued certification in their academy, every year.
  • Course fee includes – learning materials, exam fee, certification (hard copy), and mailing charges.
  • If failed in the first attempt, 3 attempts are given after $10 is charged for re-exam.
  • Certification is to be renewed annually, and permanent access is provided for study material after the course is completed.
  • The certificate mentions the score, which is an added credential to your loyal customers, employers, and your profile.

Learner’s benefits:

  • Learning the basic concepts and principles of six sigma green belt certification
  • Helps you to deal with business problems and find solutions effectively by reducing cost and wasting quality time.
  • Be skilled professionals in learning the methodologies and their applications by utilizing resources, reducing cost, eliminating wastes, and providing positive results on the business process without quality time being wasted.
  • Can be employed in various areas of businesses such as automotive, healthcare, electronics manufacturing, and transportation sectors.
  • Can be hired by the top corporates such as Hershey’s, Motorola, Honda, SONY, cannon, 3M, IBM, Honeywell, Siemens, and many more.
  • Some of the leading roles you’ll get senior IT Project Supervisor, Lead Manufacturing Engineer, Process Growth Engineer, Data Scientist, Project Engineer, etc.



Let’s understand why Six Sigma should be essential nowadays and is good to adapt to that practice.

  • Six sigma is a noted essential tool and is commonly used in all workplaces.
  • It gives good quality on the production process, therefore, the end finalized product will be in an acceptable state by the customer himself.
  • It allows to train and bring changes in the working lifestyle of an employee and that includes your boss too.
  • It creates many experts out of this, tool to minimize issues and bring solutions.
  • It brings togetherness in process and working people.
  • Ensures resources are used in their best way as much required.
  • Maintains the quality to the effective, based on customer’s need.
  • In each process, time is managed within the period of the production or the process.

After noting the above main points, we’re sure how it can be helpful to many of the working people. How this can benefit them? Does it increase the KPI of each employee in the workplace? What to do if I should be trained?

Now, talking about the training, some companies who’re adopting this tool might train their employees to the expert level. But one can get certified in this course and take up several projects or work in a high role in the industry. There are different levels of training of this course, the first Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Black Belt (level II and III), and Master Black Belt.

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Q.1 What is Six Sigma?

Ans: Six Sigma is an essential quality tool, used to solve several business process problems. It is used for eliminating unwanted wastes, optimum utilizing the resources, eliminating unwanted time, and reducing several costs by minimizing the factors of production.

Q.2 What are the different belts of Six Sigma?

Ans: Belts in Six Sigma are called levels which lead a candidate in a step understanding of the Six Sigma types, their methodologies, and applications.

Q.3 Which are the belts/levels of Six Sigma?

Ans: As per the CSSC organization, there are 4 important levels, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

Q.4 Why green belt certification is important?

Ans: After the yellow belt, green belt certification gives a candidate wide exposure of how to deal with real-case projects that are based on business problems outside. This can build confidence to face interviews and expertise in this course.

Q.5 How is the certificate accredited?

Ans: Certifications are a matter of identifying your role as a trained professional, therefore, accreditations are of important. A Six Sigma Green Belt certification should be accredited by CSSC and IASSC. The certificates with the accreditations uphold your identity to succeed while taking on any individual projects or working for the industry.

Q.6 Does Six Sigma Green Belt certification in New York offer an online mode?

Ans: After the sudden pandemic era which all of us have gone through, the institutes and academies offer online course certification, as well as online open-book examinations.

Q.7 Are there universities or colleges that offer Six Sigma Green Belt certification in New York?

Ans: Yes. Top-ranked universities and colleges offer continuing professional education courses such as Six Sigma Green Belt certification in New York. The certifications also hold a high value to your credentials.

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