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You must have come across the service delivery manager job description on various job boards. Ever wondered who a service delivery manager is? In large companies or small businesses, a skilled service delivery manager ensures the seamless delivery of products and services to its customers. In other words, a service delivery manager guides the service delivery team with an effective service plan to build the company. Undoubtedly, service delivery managers are in high demand these days. This blog will cover everything about the service delivery manager job description as well as its possibilities.

Service delivery manager job description

To begin with, service delivery managers are professionals who are at the core of customer interaction. They play an essential part in improving the services offered by the company. Undoubtedly, this is a job role which requires a high level of interpersonal skills as well as communication skills. Subsequently, a service delivery manager will be closely interacting with clients, employees and management of the company. Similarly, a competent service delivery manager creates effective customer-centric policies and procedures. Becoming a service delivery manager is not only financially rewarding but also offers a challenging role. So why wait? Earn your certification today from reputed institutes like Henry Harvin to launch your career as a service delivery manager. Now, let’s get to know in detail about the service delivery manager job description.

Service Delivery Manager

The primary role of the service delivery manager is to facilitate the delivery of high-quality services to its end users in a timely and cost-efficient manner. A service delivery manager should perform technical as well as administrative roles to bring out the best results. A skilled service delivery manager will fix technical issues, manage team performance, handle finances and track service support procedures. Also, they will ensure the best standards in service delivery. Moreover, the focus is on bringing out high-level customer satisfaction. Unquestionably, the customer-facing role will enable the service delivery manager to plan effective service delivery strategies. People with impeccable communication skills, as well as leadership skills, will ideally fit into a service delivery manager job description. Many businesses desire a competitive advantage in the global market. Consequently, the role of an efficient service delivery manager becomes all the more significant today.

Service delivery

Various industries provide different types of service delivery for a range of products. It could be a general information-related service or an industry-specific technical service. The most common kinds of services include 

1. Information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) services

ITIL services focus on meeting clients’ technological requirements through related hardware, software systems and infrastructure. Also, this widely used service delivery model has proven standards in delivery practices such as service level management, financial management, capacity management, continuity management, and availability management.

2. Local services

Local administrative bodies offer multiple services to their citizens or residents. They include services in health care, education, managerial procedures, tax, bill payments and so on.

3. Legal services

Legal service providers are the ones who provide legal advice or assistance to their clients. Therefore, customers can avail of this service from law firms or alternate legal service providers. In this case, the clients can seek clarity on legal terminologies or processes coming under the law.

4. Health services

In health services-related service delivery, the providers ensure that the clients receive assistance in medical treatment as well as supplies. Here, the providers are usually health institutions or insurance companies.

5. Consulting services

Consulting service delivery aims to support clients with the necessary training and information for growth. The services offered here are content writing, human resources, business processes or financial procedures.

In all the above models, a skilled delivery manager will fit into the service delivery manager job description perfectly.

Is service delivery important?

Indeed, service delivery is crucial these days as it helps people to connect with providers for services. A good service delivery culture includes healthy interaction between both customers and organisations. Undoubtedly, this will bring out the best practices in service delivery. The company should inform the clients of the services or related updates now and again. Subsequently, it will lead to a transparent working relationship between them. Also, a customer-focused service delivery helps different businesses establish themselves among their competitors. Moreover, any company aspiring for growth should focus on the timely delivery of high-quality services. Without a doubt, the service delivery manager job description emphasises the role of service delivery in the growth of industries.

Service delivery manager job description

The path to becoming a service delivery manager


It is desirable to have a bachelor’s degree in a business-related field to become a service delivery manager. Also, there are cases where a mere high school degree can get you the position. Additionally, relevant training and certification in business administration, customer service, information systems, ITIL, project management and logistics are deemed necessary.


Along with education, experience in other job roles in customer service, project management, and leadership is mandatory. As a result, a service delivery manager can identify issues and quickly resolve them in the business process. Furthermore, staying updated on recent trends in the industry is a plus in this career. There are numerous service delivery-related publications and resources available in the market. No matter which industry you want to join, relevant experiences will help you build a fitting resume for the job.

So be ready with the above two requirements before applying for the role. Now let’s move on to the service delivery manager job description.

Service Delivery Manager Job description

If you are serious about pursuing a career as a service delivery manager, then you must understand the service delivery manager job description thoroughly. A service delivery manager is responsible for the all-around service delivery performance of the company. The duties vary depending on the type of institutions they are part of. They are widely employed in tech companies, logistics firms, health care services, small-scale as well as large-scale businesses, government organisations and so on. 

Who is an ideal candidate? 

To begin with, a suitable candidate will know how to work closely with other professionals in various departments and implement effective customer-centric policies and procedures. Additionally, one will take measures to see if the services are complying with the best standards in service delivery. Indeed, a motivated and experienced professional can guide the entire service delivery team against all the odds and meet deadlines. Consequently, this role mandates working in diverse areas. That is to say, an ideal candidate should possess multi-tasking skills. A passionate one will always find creative as well as refreshing ways to reinvent service delivery. The focus is on meeting end-user demands and maintaining positive relationships with them. Sometimes, one is expected to give round-the-clock services to meet the demands of the job.

Service delivery manager job description

Service Delivery Manager roles and responsibilities

Service delivery manager roles and responsibilities differ depending on the industry. Most industries require skilled service delivery managers to meet their goals. The most notable service delivery manager roles and responsibilities include

1. Service management

The task of the service delivery manager is to ensure timely as well as cost-effective delivery of high-quality services. An ideal service delivery manager will cross-check the procedures and processes to produce exceptional service delivery. Further, he must create new service delivery strategies and keep reinventing the service delivery framework. Apart from this, this job role puts customer satisfaction as its priority.

2. Quality management

Service delivery managers must focus on effective quality control of all the services available in the company. One should regularly monitor the performance of service delivery to its customers. Furthermore, he should outline effective personnel management strategies. Recruitment and training of employees as well as creating an effective partnership between other departments are some of his functions. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most valuable roles featured in a service delivery manager job description.

3. Technical insight

The service delivery manager will serve as the leader of the desktop management team. Similarly, he will collaborate with design team members to bring out the best standards in software as well as hardware technology. In addition to this, he will stress high-performance standards for various devices. Hence, this is considered to be one of the most noted service delivery manager roles and responsibilities in his job profile.

4. Meeting support team

Providing technological support for the proper functioning of meeting rooms is very crucial. A service delivery manager is in charge of educating the staff on meeting room resources and operations. Above all, the team must ensure the ready availability of hardware and software systems required for its users. These are the service delivery manager roles and responsibilities under the service delivery manager job description.  Undoubtedly, an able candidate will pull off all service delivery manager roles and responsibilities smoothly. 

Skills required

The most necessary service delivery manager skills are the following

1. Communication skills

To start with, service delivery managers should possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. These service delivery manager skills will enable them to interact with clients and other stakeholders daily. Unquestionably, good communication skills will make them assist the team members, report to the management and be in touch with customer needs and preferences.

2. Leadership skills

The ability to lead the entire service delivery team requires dedication and effort. The service delivery manager must earn the trust of the service delivery team as a reliable leader. Similarly, the team will need their leader’s motivation to tackle complex issues. Of course, a good service delivery manager will work with the team to bring the best results. Consequently, good teamwork creates better delivery of services to customers. 

3. Problem-solving skills

From time to time, the team may encounter challenges in the service delivery process. Therefore, a service delivery manager should find the most productive and viable solutions. Apart from this, the problem-solving measures must take up a customer-centric approach. Without a doubt, problem-solving skills are one of the most vital service delivery manager skills that one should possess. 

4. Decision-making skills

Service delivery managers go through the decision-making process regularly. Hence, decision-making skill is counted among the most significant service delivery manager skills. They must use their analytical skills not only to evaluate problems but also to make a decision in the business process. Mostly, their decisions prioritise company value and customer satisfaction.

5. Organisational skills

A service delivery manager will organise work among the team members and delegate tasks to them. In short, a talented service delivery manager would know how to utilise resources steadily. Moreover, this skill becomes significant when dealing with finances, meeting deadlines, and analysing reports in service delivery. Also, coordinating with third-party providers demands impeccable organisational skills.

These service delivery manager skills will enable them to perform their tasks efficiently. Generally, acquiring these skills will make you an apt candidate according to the service delivery manager job description. Now let’s talk about the prospects of a service delivery manager.

Scope of Service Delivery Manager

Without a doubt, the career of a service delivery manager offers immense scope for growth and success. Most service delivery managers take up jobs in technology companies and professional services. Besides, they have immense opportunities in IT services, Aviation, Finance, Insurance companies, Hospitality, E-commerce and Logistics. For instance, an IT service delivery manager will deal with technical issues and review the IT service catalogue. Similarly, in a logistics firm, a service delivery manager undertakes regular inventory checks and meets customer demands. Gradually, with experience one can rise to the role of a senior service delivery manager. That also depends on the industry one is part of. One can even get placed as a service delivery director in a firm. Also, service delivery managers can adorn multiple job profiles such as client service manager, customer service manager, and food service manager.  

Service delivery manager job description

How to improve employability as a service delivery manager

Pursuing this career can be rewarding if you are a master in communication skills, analytical thinking and leadership skills. Indeed, top recruiting companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Airtel, and Tata group look for talents who have proven their merit in customer service and managerial roles. You may possess all the relevant skills mentioned in a service delivery manager job description. But it’s crucial to keep upskilling to meet the demands of the labour market. Along with education and experience, one must enhance employability with industry-recognised upskilling programmes and certifications. This will give your resume better visibility among others. Also, it provides you with bigger chances of landing your dream job.

Henry Harvin Courses

To enhance your employability, it is essential to keep upgrading your skills and adapt to the evolving labour environment. There are various industry-recognised certification courses available in leading institutes like Henry Harvin to help you achieve your goal. These courses will allow you to not only imbibe but also demonstrate skills. Unquestionably, Henry Harvin is one of the leading ed-tech companies with over 600 upskilling as well as reskilling certification courses to its credit. Earning certifications by upgrading your skills can make you eligible for a salary hike as well as career growth.

ITIL Foundation Certification Course

Henry Harvin’s ITIL Foundation Certification Courses are the best upskilling courses in the market. Indeed, joining this course will take you one step closer to a career as a service delivery manager. ITIL services are widely used in service delivery. Awareness of software applications becomes immensely helpful in cases where companies use particular software applications for their service delivery process. Being well-versed in ITIL services is one of the most sought in-demand skills in the service delivery platform. Also, this is one of the most critical skills included in the service delivery manager job description.

Features of the course.

  • The course comprises 16 hours of online classes
  • They are two-way interactive sessions
  • Indeed, it will give you a firm understanding of core concepts
  • Similarly, study the basics of IT service management 
  • Familiarise ITIL service life cycle and service capability
  • Moreover, earn an advanced level of knowledge to understand the ITIL scheme
  • In addition to this, handle live industry projects
  • Case studies and quizzes
  • Subsequently, enriching sessions on soft skill development
  • Last but not the least, Internship and placement support

PMP Certification Training Course

Similarly, Project Management Courses provided by Henry Harvin are another plausible option to go for. Their PMP certification training program is the best for project management professionals. Most industries seek candidates having relevant experience in project management to join their teams as service delivery managers. Hence, investing in a PMP certification course is a viable option for many who want this dream career. Undoubtedly, it will help you acquire all the necessary skills mentioned in a service delivery manager job description. Also, certified PMPs are paid better than other professionals in the same post.

Highlights of the course

  • To start with, the course provides 36 hours of online training
  • Secondly, you will have industry experts as trainers
  • Most importantly, a comprehensive curriculum 
  • Learn project management strategies and core principles
  • Additionally, access to e-learning content is provided
  • Furthermore, participate in live projects
  • Also, gain internship opportunities
  • Placement assistance
  • Lifetime membership of Henry Harvin management academy
  • Lastly, an opportunity to join renowned companies

Check out this demo video of Henry Harvin’s PMP training course.

Other courses by Henry Harvin


The service delivery manager role is a lucrative one. With essential service delivery manager skills, one can easily fit into the role. A fresher in the industry receives approximately five lakhs per annum. Reports from various job sites state around 17-18 lakhs annually for senior delivery manager posts.

Future of service delivery

Customer satisfaction can lead to increased revenue and growth for any business or organisation. Recent research shows that most customers desire to switch suppliers, rather than take part in constructive feedback when service delivery fails. If service failures go unnoticed, it can lead to a loss of customers. Most services performed occur in real-time with little scope for repetition. As a result, maintaining consistency in service delivery is a huge task. Therefore, one must acknowledge that occasional service delivery failures are unavoidable. In short, one can conclude that timely and efficient service delivery can make or break any industry or business.

Take a look at this interesting video on the service delivery model.


Service delivery manager is a well-paid post compared to other job profiles in the industry. Owing to exceptional career growth, reputation and job security, this job is in great demand among young professionals. Various industries require service delivery managers to perform diversified roles. Hence, ensure that you have the necessary skillset narrated in the service delivery manager job description before applying for the job. Moreover, the booming of e-commerce and the digital world provides multiple opportunities for service delivery managers. All you need is to harness the new avenues out there. 

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Ques 1 : What is the role of the service delivery manager in various organisations?
Ans: Service delivery manager roles and responsibilities differ according to the job roles they perform in an organisation. The most important role is to ensure the timely delivery of high-quality services to their clients.

Ques 2 : What are the essential skills required to become a service delivery manager?
Ans: A service delivery manager performs multifarious roles in an organisation. Hence, only a highly skilled professional can meet the demands of the job. Good communication, as well as leadership skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making skills, and organisational skills, are some of the skills which can help one to perform well as a service delivery manager.

Ques 3 : Which are the prominent fields where the service delivery manager is required?
Ans: IT sector, Health services, Hospitality, Administrative services, Finance sector, and E-commerce offer massive scope for service delivery managers.

Ques 4 : What are the daily responsibilities of the service delivery manager?
Ans: A service delivery manager performs multiple tasks daily. He must play administrative as well as technical roles in his position. Also, he has to manage a team and effectively communicate with them. Apart from this, he has to prepare and execute plans for better service delivery. Furthermore, he will have to minimise the cost of service delivery without compromising customer satisfaction.

Ques 5 : What is the average annual salary for a service delivery manager in India?
Ans: Mostly, salaries depend on the experience one has. On average, one can earn around 17- 18 lakhs per year when hired as a service delivery manager.

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