We have selected the best 10 Selenium courses online in this blog post if you want to improve your Selenium automation testing skills.


These selenium online courses will give you the knowledge and practical skills you need to become a successful selenium tester.

Here is a list of the top 10 Selenium courses online that will teach what Selenium is, how it works and what benefits it brings to developers.

However, if you are not familiar with Selenium, here is a quick guide. Selenium is a free automated testing tool for web apps including Chrome, firefox, internet explorer and Opera.

Selenium allows you to write automated tests in any language, including Java, C++, Python and others; however, most companies use it with Java.


Selenium Courses Online

Top 10 Selenium Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Selenium Courses Online

Rating: 9.9/10


One of India’s top-rated selenium course is available online through the Henry Harvin Institute. Over 5128 people have been trained successfully.
By enrolling in this course, students will get in-depth knowledge of WebDriver, Locating ways of doing things, Page Object Design Patterns, Mobile Testing, Selenium Grid, and much more.

The training will teach developers and manual testers how to use a powerful solid base structure on which bigger things can be built to automate web apps and combine them into the company’s DevOps steps.
Learn how to use supporting technologies such as TestNG Framework, Robot Class, Cucumber, and Gherkin to manage your automation surrounding conditions.

Why should you apply for Henry Harvin Selenium Courses Online?


To begin, Henry Harvin offers a (like nothing else in the world) 9-in-1 plan that includes training, projects, internships, certification, placement, e-learning, master classes, hackathons, and gold membership.
In fact, the programme they provide is designed to provide students with a learning experience that will prepare them for real-world challenges and possibilities.

Experienced Certified Instructors

What’s more, Henry Harvin takes pride in providing high-quality learning experiences with skilled and experienced instructors.
Their professors have years of teaching experience and are certified in their fields of study. Besides, they make sure that they have the knowledge and ability to do things very well to provide high-quality instruction.

Gold Membership and Post-Training Support

Also, Henry Harvin offers an in-depth learning experience that continues beyond training sessions. The gold membership from Henry Harvin includes a one-year membership with extra advantages such as unlimited live sessions and batch access.
Students can also, attend as many live sessions as they want, and gold membership allows you to study from a variety of professors and topics.

Customized Training

Henry Harvin understands that each learner has different needs and learning styles as a result they provide personal touch training programs that are created to fit individual learning goals and choices.

Their skilled trainees communicate closely with learners to figure out what they require, gaps in skills and learning goals and then provide suited training solutions to solve these issues.

Schedule flexibility

After that, when one thinks about that learners may have busy schedules and may find it challenging to commit to a certain class schedule.

As a result, Henry Harvin provides a flexible timetable for their sessions allowing students to select the schedule that works best for them.

Henry Harvin’s flexible schedule allows students to attend classes at times that are most comfortable for them at the same time without missing out on other work.

Session Recording

Henry Harvin responds that learners may miss a lesson due to unexpected events or may want to return to a class to improve their learning. That is why they provide access to recorded sessions, allowing students to watch class recordings whenever they choose.

Henry Harvin MasterClasses

More than that, with Henry Harvin, you will get a chance to learn from professionals about the ever-changing industry function, how new-age solutions are shaping this industry and how future leaders are helping the industry’s development.

One-to-one training

Even so, Henry has always been, an expert in the training part with their nothing like it teaching careful way, their useful one on one training helps learners in getting to an expert position. Moreover, each learner is given an experienced guide.

Covered Skill Sets

  • Core java ideas
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Automation: solid basic structure on which bigger things can be built
  • Scope of test automation
  • Locating ways of doing things
  • Travelling safely through methods
  • Test cases using Selenium IDE

Cities in India where the Henry Harvin Selenium Course Online is Provided:

AhmedabadCochinKolkata, Chennai, MumbaiDelhiCoimbatore, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Online, Pune

Henry Harvin GST Practitioner Course Ranks #1 in India by Insights Success

Henry Harvin Providing Other Courses:

2. Vskills Certified Selenium Courses Online

Selenium Online Course by Vskills

Rating: 7/10

Vskills more than that, provides this advanced and professional certification programme for web testers and professionals that use Selenium test automation to test Java-based software computer programs.

The program checks your knowledge of selenium test automation in a variety of areas such as recording, changing and fixing tests.

As a result, it is an excellent course that gives you both related ideas about why they happen and practical knowledge of the subject.

3. Coursera’s Web and Mobile Testing with Selenium

Rating: 7.5/10

Coursera Selenium Courses

Overall, this course covers all of the key ideas of testing web and mobile platforms. As well as, the basic approach and the use of the Selenium framework for web computer programs.

This program in general, will give students a solid foundation in web and mobile testing basic rules by the end of this year. Along with the practical skills needed to execute automation testing.

4. Pluralsight’s Automated Web Testing with Selenium

Rating: 6/10

Basically, this program focuses on teaching how to test online apps using a recording and reading approach with Selenium.

Besides, you need to read about the related details and course summary to be aware of the needed things and other information. Then follow it with a more advanced approach with Selenium WebDriver.

5. FutureLearn’s Selenium Courses Online

Rating: 7/10

This module explains test automation, its importance, and Selenium’s role. It is centred on showing how to use Selenium for test automation.

Therefore, it is a wonderful choice for you to have basic knowledge of selenium as well as the practical use of the basic rule.

6. Advanced Selenium By Linkedin Learning

Rating: 8/10

The advanced Selenium course by linkedin learning teaches you how to install the tools you need, such as the unit test framework, dependency manager and plugins for each language as well as how to begin writing tests.

Furthermore, the result is a workable sample that you can use to figure out your options or develop into your custom satisfaction.

7. Educative: Understanding Selenium

Rating: 7.5/10

This path provides a deep look at testing different technologies with selenium many times. Selenium browser automation enables testing to be done across many applications.

Now internet users read a variety of things. Because of its quality of being like a lot, internet testers find it to be widely accepted. As a result, if you need to discover how to handle selenium, this is the path for you.

You will also run multiple test events in this way, using different tools for producing or putting things right, such as having a reaction, and Java.e.

By the end of this direction, you will have got more getting a thorough understanding that will allow you to use selenium effectively.

8. Zeolearn

Rating: 8.5/10

The online Selenium direction is good for persons in general who test, undergo growth, and work in support teams. Here’s what you will learn!

  • Learn how to automate web application testing using Selenium and make sure of faster test results.
  • Secondly, learn to limit the test scripts with a variety of data.
  • Also, you will learn about Web Driver programming.
  • Lastly, learn how to combine different Selenium test cases to improve as much as possible costs.

9. Qspider

Qspider Selenium Course

Rating: 7.5/10

With spider selenium courses online, one can learn to use Selenium for handling happening challenges. It is the best choice for manual testers in fact non-programmers who are interested in learning automation coding with Selenium.

A person can also get more out of their marking powers by writing the most working well and good at producing an effect of code for automating test examples.


EDUCBA Selenium Courses

Rating: 8/10

This selenium testing training is a collection of different online courses and several chapters grouped under each course. More than that, the core and advanced ideas of Selenium testing ideas and automating the testing of web computer programs using the Selenium framework are covered in this course.


In the end, starting on the trip of getting control of test automation with Selenium can be both getting worked up and hard. However, with great amounts of more than usual and regular, of note Selenium directions online, you can with belief in yourself become the owner of the expert knowledge, powers to do well needed to be very good, the good in this field.  Have in mind to select directions that align with your learning polished and nice looking form and purposes and be ready to give time and hard work into experience and research.

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Que 1. Who can attend the selenium course?

Ans. Also, from testing professionals to quality promise engineers, application testers who aim to explore automation, and software developers to software engineers this course is open to everyone.


Que 2. What are the benefits of enrolling in selenium courses online?

Ans. You can have hands-on experience with popular automation testing tools and will be able to learn and understand the core Java ideas.


Que 3. Can a non-IT professional learn the selenium course?

Ans. Because Selenium is a free and open-source tool, anyone can learn it.


Que 4. Is coding needed for the Selenium program?

Ans. Only Selenium WebDriver needs programming skills. Selenium IDE needs no programming knowledge.

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