Let’s solve this exciting puzzle:-

I am an innovative database technology 

No one can hack or cheat with your system when I am there

I am a distributed digital ledger that stores all kinds of data 

I am unique and decentralized

Some even call me as king of the cryptocurrency world

Guess who I am?

I am yours only Blockchain technology

Blockchain Certification Training Course in India

What is Blockchain?

Have you ever imagined a completely digitalized world? If not then you can imagine a world like that. Where you may send money directly to anyone that too without any existence of the bank. Being a part of the digital world all you need would be an online wallet that will be completely safe and hassle-free also it would not be tied with any bank. Still, you will be able to enjoy your money and you may have full control over your money. The best thing about this technology is you don’t need bank permission to access or move it.

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In today’s time blockchain technology is still a little mysterious and intimidating. Once people get used to it and adopt this technology, they will love this technology and adopt it quickly. Especially young generations and office goers will love this technology.

Blockchain king of cryptocurrency

Who Founded and Owns Blockchain Technology?

Satoshi Nakamoto(presumed pseudonym for a person or group of people) invented and implemented the first blockchain network just after setting up the world’s first digital currency, Bitcoin. Blockchain technology is like the internet which means anyone can use this technology to run and own their blockchains.

Let’s dive in and learn more about blockchain technology. Grab a cup of coffee and continue reading this amazing blog on this new technology.

List of 10 Best Blockchain Certification Training Courses in India:-

Without wasting much time here is the list of the 10 best blockchain certification training course in India. These courses provide authorized certifications after which you can become a blockchain developer.

The best thing about all the blockchain certification training course is that they not only cover the theory part of the course. But they also provide you with practical training in which they will make you understand the theory behind all kinds of cryptocurrency transactions. Along with that, they will show you how to create a blockchain project step-by-step with real-world coding.

Below is the list of the 10 best blockchain certification training course in India:-

1. Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin’s Education’s course is ranked amongst the top 3 Blockchain certification training courses in India. After enrolling in the blockchain academy, you get flexible batch slots with different trainers to imbibe as much knowledge and expertise as you can. At Henry Harvin, you are provided with both self-paced and live-instructor-based training. You can also ask for one-one instructor-based training to better learn and gather deeper insights about the topics.

Duration of course-

  • It is 32 hours of intensive training and a certificate program ie instructor-led.

Return on Investment from Henry Harvin’s-

  • Provides you with updated industry-oriented study material
  • Unlimited access to recorded videos 
  • Gives monthly Bootcamp sessions
  • Unlimited access to all batches for 1 year from the date of enrollment of course that too without spending a penny on it.
  • Gives 100% placement assistance, internship opportunity, along project support under blockchain certification training course.
  • Provided with all kinds of supplements such as Logo software, E-books, project guides, mobile apps, etc.
  • It has an 18,000+ strong alumni network worldwide
  • This course will let you experience a hands-on experience with industry projects


After completion of the blockchain certification training course, you will receive a globally acclaimed testimonial certification. The certificate showcases that you are a Certified Blockchain Practitioner(CBP) and credentials will revamp your achievements as a Blockchain expert. This certificate is used as a symbol of upgraded expertise against your name.

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Henry Harvin Blockchain  Certification training course fee


Henry Harvin also provides these courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Korean Language Course is Provided:

AgraAhmedabad, Noida, Mumbai, BangaloreDelhiKolkata, Kanpur, OnlinePuna

2. L2L International

L2L International

L2L International is a well-known established brand and provides mentoring and training. They aim to provide the best quality of training to its professionals, experts and trainers. Their core services include coworking/mentoring, IT language training, leadership/entrepreneurship. They also provide corporate training in which they discuss the basics of communication, financial planning, handling criticism.

L2LInternational is considered one of the best blockchain certification training course in Noida. At L2LInternational they make sure to give updated technology to its students. They also provide 100% assured placement assistance to its students. They help you fulfill your dreams. Moreover, they make sure to give maximum practical knowledge to their students and also help you to solve their life problems. They also conduct workshops in colleges and corporate settings. They provide you with proper certification in blockchain technology.

Eligibility criteria-

To apply for this course at L2L international students should have at least 50%  or higher than that in both class 12th and graduation.

Its training program includes-

  • 6months of certified industrial training
  • Scholarship up to 100%
  • Provides cloud-based learning
  • The special training internship program
  • Live projects 
  • 700+ real-time problems solved
  • 5000+ students placed in the software industry

Training program-

  • Duration of the course 90hrs
  • They provide both online and offline classes

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3. Edureka

Edureka is a part of the fastest growing industry and they have the highest completion rate in the industry. At Edureka they are fully committed to their students. They provide 24×7 online support and they make sure that the students complete the course properly and with full dedication. They educate their learners with professional skills. The blockchain certification training course at Edureka is curated by top industry experts and is designed to meet industry benchmarks.

This blockchain course is both instructor-led and self-paced. They provide you with hands-on demonstrations. The online live instructor-led class is for 36 hours. Each class at Edureka is followed by practical assignments to assess your learning. It provides you with lifetime access to LMS where all your presentations, quizzes, class recordings, etc. After completion of the course, you will be working on live projects. Edureka certifies you as a “Blockchain Developer” based upon your projects.

They also run a community forum for all their customers which facilitates learning through peer interaction and knowledge sharing.

Course price-

  • ₹19,995/-

4. Intellipaat

At Intellipaat they have an ideology that democratization of the education sector is related to 4 pillars-

  • High-quality training
  • Training pedagogy
  • 24×7 support
  • Job assistance

They provide professional help and make sure that learners can find lucrative jobs after completion of blockchain certification training course from Intellipaat. They conduct mock interview sessions and help each student to create a high-quality resume. Intellipaat’s online blockchain certification training course offers definitive training which includes many things such as programming, hyper ledger, MultiChain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and many more. They make you work on real-world projects,case-studies which will gain hands-on experience.

Key features-

  • 24×7 Lifetime support and access
  • Flexible schedule
  • Provides certification and job assistance
  • Has both instructor-led and self-paced training and videos of 32 hrs
  • It has 40hr project work and exercises

Fees structure-

  • Self-paced training- ₹12,027
  • Live instructor based-₹19,038

5. Mind Majix

Mind Majix

Mind Majix is a software training institute located in Hyderabad.MindMajix is a live and interactive e-learning platform that offers professional online education, which helps companies and improves their profitability drastically. At Mind Majix courses are perfectly designed for the individuals who further want professional recognition and independent certification. This enhances their course outcome and qualities.

Features of Mind Majix-

  • Learn online hassle-free
  • Have expert and certified trainers
  • They provide video and audio courses
  • Provide certified certifications
  • Have professional courses
  • Provides 25 hrs live training
  • Provides 10hr lab sessions
  • Certification assistance
  • Career assistance
  • Flexible schedule
  • 24/7 lifetime support
  • Provide both online live instructor-led sessions as well as self-paced

At Mind Majix you can leverage the demand for certified blockchain professionals once you complete the course of blockchain certification training course. The course at Mind Majix is designed in such a way that it explains everything about core topics such as Etherum Blockchain, Bitcoin cryptography, Blockchain mining, supply chain management, and many more. You can become a blockchain developer once you gain relevant skills taught by all the industry experts in this Blockchain certification training course.

6. Kelly Technologies

The primary objective of Kelly technologies is to offer superior IT training services and support for different business organizations. At kelly technologies, they believe that people are the main assets for continual success in offering qualitative IT training services. They have vast experience in customized online IT training support on various IT courses and technologies. They offer integrated career orientation, constant IT service portfolio.


  • Specially designed course material
  • Provides tailor-made curriculum
  • Industry expert trainers
  • Affordable fee structure
  • Industry centric approach
  • Provide world-class teaching methodology

Blockchain certification training course in India with the help of this course it becomes quite easy to record any mode of financial transactions. This technology is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the present digital era. This advanced blockchain certification training course helps students and professionals to master their knowledge in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, bitcoin mining, and much more. After the completion of this course, students will be ready as blockchain experts in the industry. The course duration of the blockchain certification training course in India at kelly technologies is of 45 hours.

7. TekSlate

TekSlate is a high-quality online video tutorial of various courses in IT. They provide both self-paced video courses, e-learning, and various IT training videos. It was founded in 2012 to provide quality content at low cost by avoiding traditional classroom techniques which are becoming expensive nowadays. For all those who are interested in learning blockchain courses then TekSlate provides the best blockchain certification training course in India. This course at TekSlate enables you to get an overview of platforms like Bitcoin, Etherum, HyperLedger, etc.TekSlate enables you to attain a blockchain certification training course in India.

  • Course duration- 21 hours
  • Live projects-2
  • Join free blockchain demo session
  • Provide both self-paced learning and live online blockchain training
  • Trusted by companies worldwide and 32,052+ learners
  • Provide training to both individuals and corporates

8. Udemy

The main motive of Udemy is to improve lives through learning. Udemy is considered as the global marketplace for learning and instruction where you connect with students all over the world with one of the best instructors. It also helps individuals to reach out their goals and fulfill their dreams. Udemy could be a great place to grow.

Core values-

  • Mission-inspired and obsessed with results
  • Always keep on learning
  • Individually humble and collectively proud
  • Earnestly authentic

At Udemy you may explore 1613 categories under the blockchain course. You have courses at Udemy started from beginner, moving towards intermediary till advanced level. The best thing about Udemy is that its courses are pocket-friendly. At Udemy these courses are majorly designed for office people who want to add on skills and don’t have much time to dedicate to a full-time course. Udemy provides you with blockchain certification training course in India as well as across nations best suited for students and professionals. Moreover, its courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not sure that course is best suited to you or not. Udemy also comes with student deals that apply to new users only. At Udemy you will get highly trained professionals and experts for instructor-based live sessions. This way you may consider Udemy as providing the best blockchain certification training course in India.

9. myTectra

myTectra is a global learning solutions company that transforms people and organizations to gain real and lasting benefits. Its corporate training is flexible, cost-effective which allows the corporates to the employees as you need. Its courses are specially curated by the experts who monitor the IT industry and respond according to their expectations.myTectra offers classroom training, Instructor-led live online training, and corporate training along with 24/7 on-demand and support.

Why choose myTectra-

  • Provide high-quality training 
  • Has top technical trainers and experts
  • Comprehensive course curriculum
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Internship on real-time projects

Get ready to become a hands-on expert as a blockchain developer while doing a blockchain certification training course in India. The blockchain certification course offered by myTectra is the most powerful blockchain training offered by its top-quality trainers at the best price. Along with that, they provide you with certification and 24/7 customer care support. With myTectra you can learn virtually from anywhere and at any time best suited according to you.

The blockchain certification training course in India at myTectra provides you with in-depth knowledge of blockchain and Etherum. After completion of this course, you will receive certification and official course material issued by myTectra.

Training features-

  • Live-online training
  • Real-life case studies
  • Global community forums
  • 24×7 Expert support
  • Certification

10. GTA Academy

GTA Academy provides result-oriented training programs to professionals and students. Their impactful programs can be customized and help you get the most out of them. Trainers at GTA Academy are highly recognized and trained and along with that they share their experiences with the students and guide them on what is best for the industry.GTA Academy has designed a 20-hour learning program on blockchain certification training course in India. They will provide in-depth knowledge of Blockchain to its individuals and professionals. It involves discussion upon various concepts such as smart contracts, transactions and blocks, blockchain architecture, cryptocurrency concepts, and many others. Successful completion of this course will enable the students to upskill themselves and further build blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses.

Focus upon-

  • 20 hour on instructor-led live sessions
  • Session recordings
  • GT material for reference purpose
  • Access to GTA Academy LMS for 1 yr
  • Certificate after successfully passing the final assessment 

Fee structure-

INR 15,000+ GST

Advantages and Disadvantages of Blockchain:-


Blockchain technology has entered recently into the market and it has witnessed many industries gaining great advantages with it. Below are some of the advantages which showcase why you should apply for a blockchain certification training course in India.

Trustworthy Distributed Systems

Its transaction process acts as an intermediary party like a bank, credit card, etc. It charges extra in form of a transaction fee. Here in blockchain technology, every transaction is made publicly. The overall cost of blockchain technology is also reduced to a great extent. The distributed network nodes of the blockchain technology make sure to check every transaction phase and relace them with the intermediaries if needed. This technology never fails to monitor the transactional phases and keep the frauds at bay. Also, the elimination of intermediaries reduces the risk of relying upon a single organization and down the costs too.

0% Interference of Government

This technology tends to control all the major systems which are controlled by existing governments more efficiently. It creates, stores, and proceeds with information based on every single transaction being made. This technology has no control by the government or any financial institutions over virtual currencies. The interference of the government further leads to the devaluation of various currencies.

Increased Stability

Companies are now relying on these new systems which have higher retention in their services. When data is saved in a digital ledger, it becomes hard to remove it. Such kind of stable system makes the process easier than before. The data which is been saved on the blockchain is visible and accessible to the people who have permission access to it. It is easy to trace the previous records and also easy to conduct audit trails in bitcoin transactions.No need to create multiple ledgers for different members since a single stable ledger is distributed among the members who have the least fraudulent activities.


Blockchain technology also has some disadvantages as in this there are some kinds of attacks happening in block technology in today’s time. Below are some of the disadvantages of blockchain.

Private Key issues

In blockchain technology, each address is made up of individual private keys. Each person has access to private keys to make their operations. Cryptography deals with public-key blockchain processes. In this, the public key address is shared with all the individuals where they access via their private keys. If somehow a person loses their private key then the process will turn into complete failure.

Issues in Scalability

The no. of transactions made per node in blockchain technology is limited. At times users have to consume several hours to complete their procedure. It says, that the increasing number of active user’s according to blockchain transaction speed is not practical. Moreover, this proves that classic banking procedures are more rapid and scalable as compared to that of blockchain technology.

Security Issues

Blockchain technology is supposed to offer maximum security compared to all other transaction methodologies. Still, this technology is not completely secure and it faces 51% attacks. This percentage of attack can be sometimes so critical that the intruders may gain control over the system. Such networks can be affected by double-spending too. In blockchain technology, anonymity is fine but identifying the culprits who attempt illicit transactions is quite difficult here. In this, less transparency is a downside of blockchain technology so far.

Wrapping up-

The above-listed blockchain certification training course in India will give you a clear image and help you decide which institute is the best fit for you. I am sure my blog will help you to decide and make the perfect decision about your training institute. Most importantly being in this pandemic you can upgrade your skill by learning this new technology that too completely hassle-free. The best thing about these institutes is they all provide online live-instructor-led training which means you don’t need to go to an old school classroom to attend this course.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog about blockchain and provided training institutes for this course. Have a look at our website Henand learn more about blockchain technology.


Q-1. Who all are eligible for the blockchain certification training course in India?

Ans. Anyone who belongs to a technology background is eligible to apply for this course. In some institutions, this course is also offered to graduates and undergraduates as well. However, the person applying for that course should have basic knowledge and idea of coding along with programming language before starting the course.

Q-2. What all are the job openings after completion of the blockchain certification training course in India?

Ans. Blockchain has now become a buzzword and it is considered as one of the highly-paid professions in the technology sector. Below are some of the job opportunities after completion of this course-
1.Blockchain developer
2.Blockchain solution architect
3.Blockchain UX designer
4.Blockchain quality engineer
5. Blockchain project manager
6.Blockchain legal consultant
8.Crypto broker many more

Q-3. How much does a blockchain professional earn after completing a blockchain certification training course in India?

Ans. Blockchain technology is considered to be upcoming in the market in a good position. India does demand blockchain professionals and according, to research analysts blockchain professionals are getting paid 50% to 100% higher as compared to conventional IT professionals.

Q-4. What all programming languages are used in blockchain?

Ans. There are many programming languages been used in blockchain some of them are as follows-
6.Simplicity much more

Q-5. Why should you pursue a blockchain certification training course in India?

Ans. Blockchain is an upcoming and trendy technology that supports data transparency and decentralization. Its extensive features are applicable in various industries such as banking, healthcare, finance, etc. Moreover, at many job portals, the pay scale of a blockchain developer is $76,526 per annum. It may also vary upon the amount of experience you have in that field.

Q-6. Who should attend the blockchain certification training course in India?

Ans. All those individuals who belong to technological job roles such as software developers, software testing developers, project managers, solution architects, etc all are ideal for this training. Also, anyone who wants to build their career in the blockchain field should also attend this training course.



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