Are finance and technology your strong suits? Would you like to know how to combine the two fields into a lucrative career? Get acquainted with SAP FICO. Scroll below to learn about the top 12 SAP FICO training courses in North Carolina.

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System Applications and Products, specifically called SAP, is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It is the most demanded software in business applications. SAP FICO-Finance and Controlling is a module in the SAP ERP which relates to financial accounting and controlling. 

Needless to say, individuals with SAP FICO training in North Carolina are also in great demand. Recruiters are constantly looking for candidates who have SAP FICO training certification.

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North Carolina, a state in the southeastern United States, is a fast-growing industrial and agricultural state. Due to the growth of the technology sector, the state capital, Raleigh, was ranked as the third best city of technology in 2020.

North Carolina is not only prosperous but also has been voted the third best state in business. Given these points, if you have  SAP FICO credentials against your name, you’re ready to make a good salary in this fast-growing economy.

So, without much further ado, let’s dive into the top 12 SAP FICO training in North Carolina:

1. Henry Harvin (SAP Fico Training in North Carolina)

About Henry Harvin SAP FICO training

Henry Harvin’s SAP FICO training course ranked third among other SAP courses,  is an instructor-led, live, online certified course. This course is the most comprehensive SAP FICO training in North Carolina

This course not only provides experience with SAP FICO software but also provides knowledge on how to use this software on the upgraded S/4 HANA server. That means 2 modules in one course! Additionally, this course provides specific financial accounting and control information that will help achieve excellence in using SAP FICO in S/4HANA software.

A well-structured course, affordable fees, and highly experienced instructors set SAP FICO training apart. To list some details of the training: 

  • 44 hours of virtual interactive sessions
  • E-learning allowance with videos, assessments, and essential tools and techniques.
  • 12 modules for SAP FI and SAP CO. Also, a module to integrate both.
  • In addition, a complimentary soft skills training and resume writing module.
  • Industry recognized learning material
  • Also, recorded videos of sessions along with a free subscription to the Henry Harvin Learning Management system (LMS)

Benefits of the training

Beyond that, the benefits of training are manifold. To list just a few:

  • SAP FICO Training has an industry-recognized curriculum 
  • Additionally, boot camp sessions each month spread over 12 months 
  • Furthermore, Gold Membership with guaranteed interview and job support 
  • Training includes both the SAP FICO module and the updated S/4 HANA server module. 
  • Also, the curriculum builds skills and encourages professional growth. 
  • Ultimately, stand out from your peers and peers in your workgroup. Also, earn financial support for  skills acquired 
  • Placement support and excellent internship opportunities

Suitable for

Although this is an open virtual program, it would be more beneficial for finance executives or graduates in technology or finance fields. Likewise, professionals looking to improve their career prospects or employees seeking recognition in their work community may choose SAP FICO training in North Carolina. 


Ultimately, we come to the course fees. After all, this is the most important part of any training program. Henry Harvin offers the formation of SAP FICO  in two ways. While self-paced learning costs INR 26550/-, online classroom training costs INR 29500/-. 

Co-working Address in North Carolina – 1053 E Whitaker Mill Rd #115, Raleigh, NC 27604, United States

2. Zarantech

About Zarantech SAP FICO Training

Another institute that offers SAP FICO Training in North Carolina is Zaran Tech. This company focuses on providing IT training and certification courses to individuals as well as corporates. SAP FICO training includes modules on SAP FI and SAP CO to help create an SAP FICO expert.

Below are a few details of the training:

  • Introduction to concepts of Finance and Controlling.
  • Gain an understanding of the use and application of general ledger, payables and receivables accounts, accounting related to banks, and fund management in financial analysis.
  • Gain insight into business processes and how FICO works.
  • In addition, instructions for implementation and integration with other modules.
  • Moreover, real-time Training and end-to-end implementation.

Advantages of the training

The benefits of the course are equally compelling. To list a few:

  • Role-based courses emphasize the business process in its entirety, as well as the roles that individuals play within them.
  • Also, on-site mentoring for real-world experience.
  • Furthermore, real-time projects deepen acquired practical knowledge.
  • Assistance in securing placements
  • Zaran Tech’s training requires only a basic knowledge of information technology. What is more, is that they provide finance-related materials free of cost upon enrolment, in case anyone is interested in understanding financial concepts.

Suitable for

No matter what level of experience you have in IT or Finance, professionals such as:

  • Developers and testers
  • Analysts (data)
  • Data scientists
  • Project managers etc.
  • Graduates can enroll in this course with Zaran Tech.


Zaran Tech is one of the competent SAP FICO Training in North Carolina. Hence, this training has a price of USD 899/-.

3. UnitedSkill

About UnitedSkill SAP FICO Training

Moving further on our list of SAP FICO training in North Carolina, we have SAP FICO training from UnitedSkill. In this training, the two components of SAP FICO are separated. In addition, it emphasizes the central aspect of training and managing all financial data. Further, the use of reports (preparing financial statements), learning how to deal with internal reports, and other topics are covered. 

The syllabus includes in detail:

  • Introduction to ERP and SAP
  • Financial and General Ledger Accounting
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables
  • Assets accounting
  • Controlling
  • Profit center accounting
  • Integration

Advantages of the training

The same applies to the enrollment in the course at UnitedSkill, as it comes with its advantages. Namely:

  • Outperform your peers by staying ahead in your niche. UnitedSkill develops future relevant skills today.
  • Also, the program connects professionals and learners globally.
  • In addition, there are certified and experienced working professionals as guides to learn real on-job training
  • Furthermore, mock interviews and resume writing will help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Life-time support 24*7


There are two learning options available for UnitedSkill’s SAP FICO training course. The first is self-paced learning and the second is instructor-led virtual training. The fee structure for this course is available upon request.

4. Udemy

About Udemy’s SAP FICO Training

It doesn’t matter if it’s an SAP FICO training course in North Carolina, India, or anywhere in the world. Udemy, the most popular open e-learning platform, offers another  SAP FICO training virtual course. 

Equally important is the content of the course. It is created by those people who are not only qualified but also have personally worked in this field. Technological advances led these courses to be regularly updated and adapted to the needs of the industry. 

 The course content is divided into 8 major modules, namely:

  • Organization structure
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Asset accounting
  • Treasury
  • Controlling
  • Conclusion

Benefits of the training

These sections cover all the sub-topics that are related to the SAP FICO module. Specifically, the benefits of the course are:

  • Clarity of  basic and advanced concepts 
  • All the new features and nuances of SAP FICO that will be covered in the course 
  • Plus, Installation, integration, and syntax learning 
  • Also, Exercises that clarify the concept of programming  
  • Lifetime access to a Course material also available on mobile and TV 
  • Certificate of Completion


Interestingly, Udemy offers this training at the most affordable cost of INR 3,499/-. Another key point here is the fact that Udemy offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the course doesn’t meet your needs. 

5. Multisoft Virtual Academy

About MVA’s SAP FICO training

Multisoft Virtual Academy offers SAP FICO Training in North Carolina. This training focuses on the Financial Accounting and Controlling potential of the SAP ERP tool.

Here, students will learn how to prepare accurate financial statements for companies by taking the SAP ERP FI/CO online course. Not only the financial statements of an organization as a whole but also its units, such as a profit center, a regional office, a department on another continent, etc. 

In this course, the participants will acquire knowledge of general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc. in the context of SAP. The course content specifically includes: 

  • SAP overview and functional modules 
  • Introduction to FICO 
  • Business structure, configurations, and methods 
  • General ledger transactions, data 
  • Financial reports, taxes, and cash journal 
  • Asset management accounts payable and accounts payable, as and related transactions

Benefits of the SAP FICO training

Below are the main benefits of  MVA’s SAP FICO training: 

  •  24-hour training.
  •  In addition, weekend planning to meet the needs of working professionals 
  •  Moreover, experienced trainers 
  •  Plus, 24*7 access to learning  
  •  Furthermore, projects and 4 assignments to provide the authentic working feel  on the module
  • SAP FICO certified after completing the training

Suitable for

Notably, this course provides an overview of SAP and its functional modules. Therefore, this training is suitable for those who have mastered financial concepts. Additionally, finance, SAP, or developer professionals interested in understanding SAP FICO will benefit from this course.


With its 360° learning solution, the Multisoft Virtual Academy has proven to be one of the most affordable institutes for SAP FICO training in North Carolina. The course fee is INR 22500/.

6. Atos

About SAP FICO training Atos

When it comes to SAP FICO training courses in North Carolina, this list cannot be complete without mentioning Atos. Atos is an institute dedicated to providing the best education and knowledge in the field of SAP  for more than 20 years. In other words, Atos is the main authorized partner of SAP. 

Atos’ experience is such that they offer flexible courses to meet everyone’s needs. A recent graduate as well as a seasoned business professional, they have a course for everyone. You can get SAP certified by requesting SAP certification for:

  • Individual (Virtual live classroom, Instructor-led training, online training, etc.)
  • Also, Corporates
  • Education institutes
  • ERP foundation courses

Advantages of Atos SAP FICO

Any course has its duration, nature, and scope. and eligibility. You are free to choose any SAP FICO training in North Carolina that suits your needs. With Atos you have: 

  •  Global reach to train enthusiastic learners.
  •  Advanced training facilities and cutting-edge methodologies. 
  •  Flexibility in course selection. 
  •  20+ years of experience in SAP training and coaching. 
  •  High placement rate.

Owing to its expertise in SAP education, and a high placement rate, Atos may be one of your top choices for SAP FICO training in North Carolina.

7. HKR Trainings

About HKR Trainings SAP FICO course

HKR Training offers industry-recognized SAP FICO training. Notably, this 30-hour, instructor-led training focuses on mastering the skills to work with the SAP FICO module.

Students become familiar with financial and controlling modules, such as ledgers, bank accounts, management of funds, payables, and receivables. Additionally, they are made aware of business processes and implementation of business processes with other integration modules.

So, the course includes:

  • 13 modules on all aspects of SAP FI and SAP CO
  • Additionally, practice tests, mock interviews, and technical job support
  • Lifetime access to LMS and faculty members
  • Real-time project-based learning
  • 24/7 expert support online


The fees for this course are available upon request. Nonetheless, HKR Trainings also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for courses that don’t meet learners’ expectations.

8. AUMtech solutions

About AUMtech solutions SAP FICO training

This institute consists of a dedicated team of SAP consultants who have extensive experience in global SAP implementation. Likewise, the SAP FICO training provided by the institute provides knowledge of SAP financial and business process control aspects, configuration, testing, etc.

Topics such as enterprise structure, general ledger, accounts payable, receivable, bank accounting, electronic bank statements, dunning, etc. are covered as well. Broadly, the course content covers topics such as:

  • Enterprise structure
  • Company code global settings
  • General ledger
  • Foreign currency valuation
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Electronic vendor payments
  • Dunning
  • Bank accounting and electronic bank statements
  • Automation
  • Asset accounting
  • Lockbox, etc.

Benefits of the SAP FICO training

Equally important is the inclusion of some unique topics. A large part of this is due to the expertise of the institution’s instructors. To enumerate the benefits of the course:

  • Includes 103 video lectures
  • Notably, a comprehensive course
  • In addition, flexibility to cover all the topics or choose one of interest
  • Inclusion of current topics and relevance
  • Career growth opportunity

This SAP FICO training in North Carolina is designed by Certified SAP Consultants. Consequently, this ensures success in SAP for either a Business user or an aspiring SAP consultant, or even an experienced SAP professional who wants to build on his skills.

9. Thinktree

About Thinktree SAP FICO training

The training provided by ThinkTree Technologies Inc. is another notable contribution to the SAP FICO training in North Carolina. ThinkTree has been involved in SAP consulting and training for more than two decades.

The course content includes topics from the SAP Finance and Control modules. There are also topics such as sales integration, materials management, and production planning and control. Moreover, an overview of S/4HANA and implementations are also part of this course.

Benefits of the training

Let’s get to the key features/benefits of this training:

  • Faculty members have over 20 plus years of extensive SAP teaching experience.
  • Plus, 80 hours of training hours.
  • Video recording of each session for 12 months.
  • In addition, SAP server access for 12 months.
  • Classroom as well as virtual training options to choose from.
  • Additionally, resume writing, job placement, and mock interviews.
  • On-job support.

Suitable for

Needless to say, the SAP FICO training course is the most popular SAP module training. This SAP FICO training in North Carolina from ThinkTree Technologies Inc. is a must for students and/or professionals in the SAP field. This includes professionals such as: 

  • Data scientists
  • IT Developers or testers
  • Data analysts
  • ERP consultants
  • Graduate from IT or Finance discipline


Now the fee structure for the course. As this institute is based out of New Jersey, learners residing in the USA, for instance, those with green cards, citizenship, H1B, and H4 visas can pay USD 790 to enroll in this course. Alternatively, those with student visas (OPT and F1) may pay USD 290 to get the benefits of this course.

10. NobleProg

About NobleProg SAP FICO training

This Charlotte-based institute is by far the closest center for SAP FICO training in North Carolina. NobleProg, an international consulting and training company, focuses on providing quality courses for various IT fields.

SAP FICO is the essential module of the SAP ERP tool. This SAP FICO training is specifically designed for SAP users to improve their skills in implementing and configuring SAP FICO in an organization.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Put in place SAP FICO and its sub-modules
  • Plus, collate business requirements and define organization structure
  • In addition, set up SAP FI and CO modules for the management of an organization’s financials
  • Improve and discover opportunities to discover workflow and minimize costs.

Benefits of the Training

Moreover, this SAP FICO training in North Carolina enables SAP users to immediately familiarize themselves with SAP FICO and apply it to a company’s organizational structure. This differs from the SAP FICO exam. As for the benefits this course provides:

  • Interactive sessions with lots of discussion on the topic.
  • Numerous exercises and practice.
  • Experiential implementation through the live-lab environment.


Learners can customize their courses upon request. As a result, the fee varies for onsite and online courses. The fee for the onsite SAP FICO training course starts from USD 6600 and the online course starts from USD 5800.

11. Besant Technologies

About Besant Technologies SAP FICO training

Another institute that offers SAP FICO training alongside all others is Besant Technologies. However, this institute is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Nonetheless, its online presence makes it a worthwhile SAP FICO training in North Carolina.

The course trains you in aspects of financial planning such as risk management and corporate governance. In addition, you will learn to analyze operational and financial data. Moreover, you master the functionalities of the SAP FICO module.

The course syllabus includes:

  • Accounting – General Ledger
  • Cash and Bank accounting
  • Accounts payable and receivable 
  • Accounting- asset
  • Controlling area
  • Master records
  • Cost Element
  • Cost center accounting
  • Transaction-based posting
  • Profit center accounting

Advantages of the training

So, let’s see the advantages of the course.

  • More than 30 hours of training.
  • In addition, expert and reputable trainers.
  • Flexible batches to adjust working professionals.
  • Moreover, a free demo class to acquaint yourself with the trainers.
  • 100% placement upon completion.


We’ve seen the benefits of the training from Besant Technologies. Now, let’s take a look at the course fee, too. This online training for SAP FICO costs INR 23,000/-.

12. SAP Training

About SAP Training SAP FICO course

As a licensed SAP trainer, this institute conducts training courses for many of the SAP modules. The institute:

  • Conduct live virtual training for the modules in SAP FICO. Applicants can either take one module or opt for all the modules of SAP FICO as well.

  • Additionally, the course teaches the basics of SAP FICO to make you proficient in its applications.

  • Beginner, intermediate as well as and advanced demarcation for a better understanding of the module.

Suitable for

Given that the institute is a licensed trainer, a basic understanding of financial concepts and management is expected. Although no prior experience is needed, a beginner should have a keen interest in the field of accounting and technology. Likewise, SAP consultants, Business analysts, and other experienced professionals may enroll to advance in their careers.

All in all, many institutes offer SAP FICO Training in North Carolina. Owing to these institutes, learners anywhere on the globe can upskill themselves and enhance their career opportunities.

A Brief on SAP and SAP FICO

For the uninitiated, SAP is the name of the company that produces software (of the same name) for business processes, devising solutions that provide effective data processing and flow of information across companies.

Formerly known as Systemanalyse Programmentwicklung when translated mean System Analysis Program Development, the company was founded in 1972. Later the name was abbreviated to SAP. From then to now, SAP has grown from a small, personal project to a multinational enterprise. With more than 105,000 employees in more than 120 countries, it is based in Walldorf, Germany.

Need for SAP FICO

Finance is an essential part of any industry requiring exceptional management skills. At present, managing financial accounting and controlling manually is a herculean task. Thus, the need for the SAP FICO module.

The SAP FICO module is an integral part of SAP ERP. Primarily, the purpose of SAP FICO is to support the organization with efficient management of all financial statements required for analysis and reporting. Moreover, assist with business planning and decision-making. SAP FI module focuses on complete financial reporting and accounting while SAP CO emphasizes planning and monitoring costs. Originally released as distinct modules, SAP FI and SAP CO are now so strongly integrated that many people refer to them as a single module.

Need for Training in SAP FICO

Specifically, SAP FICO is the most demanding module of the SAP ERP tool. Therefore, SAP FICO Training certified personnel will also be in high demand. SAP FICO training provides great career prospects; not only locally but also globally.

Currently, there are very few SAP experts in the field today. Hence, the requirement for SAP professionals is high. Expertise in the SAP FICO module can be added to your repertoire of professional qualifications. SAP certified professionals gain a competitive edge in the hiring process.

SAP is a growing industry. The scope of SAP FICO is still significant as it forms the base of the SAP Financial Application. Thus, if you choose to be an SAP FICO consultant, you surely have an intense career ahead.


To sum up, the demand for SAP FICO professionals is high globally. An uptrend can be seen in the usage of SAP and SAP FICO software. Currently, SAP is widely used in various enterprises, to improve business processes and simplify process flows. The constant evolution of SAP products has become an essential part of growing businesses. So, put on your learning caps, get certified, and stay competitive in the ever-changing IT market!

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Q.1. What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO means the Finance and Controlling module of the SAP ERP module. Financial Accounting is represented by FI, and Controlling by CO. It is one of the essential modules in SAP that comprises all business processes implemented in different industries.

Q.2. Is SAP FICO helpful for my career?

Yes, it is the most sought-after module. SAP is the most popular ERP tool and a career in SAP FICO is considered very lucrative.

Q.3. Is learning SAP FICO easy?

SAP FICO combines finance and controlling. If you are from a finance background, it is fairly easy to learn. That said, SAP FICO is about the system and knowing how to achieve accounting results.

Q.4. I was an IT professional and am now a housewife with a career break. Will this training be of any advantage to me?

Certainly. Your experience in IT coupled with SAP FICO training will open up opportunities as an SAP FICO consultant in IT companies. Not to mention the handsome salary!

Q.5. Will SAP be obsolete?

Unless the company SAP changes its core methodology (which is highly unlikely), SAP FICO cannot be outdated. It is by far the most demanding module of the SAP ERP tool.

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