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What is SAP?

SAP – System Application and Products in Data Processing.

SAP was established in 1972, in Germany’s headquarters. It was initially named System Analysis Program development. Later, abbreviated as SAP.

SAP facilitates information flow and data processing across organizations.

SAP is one of the leading and active producers of software to manage business processes all over the place.

By introducing its original SAP R/2 and SAP R/3, SAP established the standard for Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software globally.

Recently, SAP S/4HANA has taken ERP to the next level by supporting advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


SAP FICO plays a wide role as a functional component in SAP ERP central component that manages all the financial data of an organization.

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With-reference to SAP FICO: 

CO represents Controlling in SAP FICO, while FI represents Financial Accounting.

The SAP FICO module allows both internal and external management of financial reports.

SAP FICO is the sub-module of SAP. This sub-module is usually used for asset accounting, accounts payables, accounts receivables, bank accounting, and general ledger accounting.

SAP FICO is the most powerful module in SAP that covers practically all the business processes in a wide range of industries.FICO is considered as the SAP’s most significant and commonly utilized module.

SAP FICO is one of the highest-paid professions in the industry.

Contents of SAP FICO Course:

SAP FI Modules SAP CO Modules
Asset accounting and Bank accounting

Profitability Analysis

Accounts payables

Cost Centre Accounting

Accounts receivables

Profit Center Accounting

General Ledger Accounting

Cost Element Accounting

Special Purpose Ledger

Product Cost Controlling

SAP FICO when described in two modules:

Reports generated by SAP FI are used both internally and externally.

The main goal of SAP FI is to record all financial transactions done by an entity and create accurate financial statements at the end of the trading session.

SAP’s Controlling (CO) is another module that offers managing and decision-making information on how the company’s money is to be spent. It primarily works as an internal cost accounting tool. It is not restricted with any legal constraints, as the SAP FI.

Top 16 SAP FICO Training institutes in Louisiana:

1. Henry Harvin (SAP Fico Training in Louisiana)

Henry Harvin ranks in the top listings for the SAP FICO training in Louisiana.

Hit on the link for Henry Harvin for further details.

Henry Harvin is ranked in the top 3 institutes for the SAP FICO training course has ranked.

Global Edtech companies have ranked Henry Harvin in the top 500 listings.

EdTech companies of India have ranked Henry Harvin amongst the top 100 listings. With a customer base in around 97+ countries.

Henry Harvin provides online programs for reskilling and upskilling the career.

The institute has well-equipped, advanced types of equipment labs and an updated version of the course material as per the latest industry standards.

The SAP FICO training course provided at Henry Harvin enriches students with detailed information on financial accounting and controlling. That helps them to get in-depth knowledge about the SAP FICO software.

For further details make a hit on Henry Harvin’s SAP FICO training in Texas .

henry harvin logo

SAP FICO Training details at Henry Harvin:

  • Training: This training institute provides 44 hours of two-way live Interactive classroom sessions.
  • Projects: Institute facilitates students to undergo projects in SAP FI, SAP CO, and many more.
  • Internship: Institute conducts internship sessions to gain practical experience in the SAP FICO domain.
  • Certification: Govt of India has recognized the SAP FICO training certification from Henry Harvin.
  • Placement: 100% placement assistance is guaranteed for 1-year of the post successful completion of the SAP FICO training.
  • E-learning: Institute gives access to e-learning by sharing video content of the live sessions and related assessments.
  • Bootcamp: Regular Bootcamp sessions are provided for around 12 months.
  • Hackathons: Institute enables free access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions.
  • Membership: Henry Harvin enriches the students by giving 1-year Gold Membership for SAP FICO.

Training Staff at Henry Harvin:

  • Expertise with 10+ years of work experience in the SAP FICO
  • Training partners select the trainers carefully from the well-recognized industries of IT.
  • Henry Harvin has delivered 500+ lectures and always work on expertise in the domain of knowledge

 Gold Membership Benefits:

  • E-Learning: Access to the related projects, case studies, and recorded videos of the classroom sessions.
  • BootCamp Sessions: Provided monthly by the experts to enhance the students for the ready to work in the IT industry.
  • Internship and Job assistance: Certification on SAP FICO training from Henry Harvin and internship assistance stock up the students for the industry.
  • Interview assistance: Helps to clear the interviews by taking mock intervals at regular intervals.
  • Resume building: Certification of SAP FICO training along with the effective building of the resume.

The following are some recognitions of Henry Harvin:

  • Is the winner of Top Corporate Training Award, under 40 Business World Award, Game-Based learning institute of the year.
  • A member of the American Association of EFL, MSME, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, UKAF, UKCert, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified.
  • Reviews: 200+ Youtube Testimonials, 1400+ Google Reviews. Top rated on Trustpilot, Gooverseas, and Goaboard.

Other Courses provided by Henry Harvin are

  • SAP Basis
  • SAP CRM 
  • SAP BW 
  • SAP PP
  • SAP HANA and so on…

2. Cloud Foundation

Cloud Foundation logoThis has the best trainers for SAP FICO training in Louisiana. This institute provides online training, thereafter providing the tutorials as per the convenience of the students. So as to align them with the course learning.

The trainers here are well qualified and guide the students in all possible ways to crack the interviews.

Furthermost, this institute has partnered with SAP FICO technologies. Hence, helping students to get placed in the best MNCs.

Key Features of Cloud Foundation:

  • Lifetime access to the videos 
  • Access to the Real-time case studies 
  • Included live projects as part of the curriculum
  • 24*7 support assistance

Course Contents:

  • Definition of the company
  • Financial Accounting details
  • Accounts Receivables and Payables
  • Cross Company Code Transactions
  • Asset Accounting
  • Ariba supplier Life cycle and Performance
  • Bank Accountings

Other related courses provided by Cloud Foundation are:

  • MuleSoft training
  • SailPoint training
  • WorkDay training
  • Pega training

3. Texas School of Continuing Education and Recruitment(TSCER)

Texas School of Continuing Education and Recruitment(TSCER) is one of the top SAP FICO training institutes in Texas. The institute provides financial assistance to need-based, disabled, unemployed, eligible veterans, and other educational training programs.

TSCER provides online and on-site classes with well-qualified and SAP FICO expertise. The course duration is 8 weeks.

Course Contents:

  • Accounts Payable(FI-AP)
  • Bank Accounting(FI-BL)
  • Accounts Receivable(FI-AR)
  • Travel Management(FI-FM)
  • General Ledger(Fi-GL)
  • Asset Accounting(FI-AA)
  • Special Purpose Ledger(FI-SL)
  • Funds Management(FI-FM)

Benefits provided by TSCER

  • Well-timed training schedules.
  • Offline and virtual training
  • Provides licensed software and servers for practice. Hence helping students to work on real-time projects
  • Placement support

Contact address:


San Antonio 


13017 Jess Pirtle Blvd 

Suite 125 Sugarland,

TX 77478

4203 Woodcocock Drive

Suite 209 San Antonio


13140 Coit Road, Suite 

370, Dallas,

TX 75240

4. LearnSAP (SAP Fico Training in Louisiana)

LearnSAP  logoThe institute provides SAP training for all the modules. This institute is one of the best SAP FICO institutes in Texas.

The institute provides customized study material used in the IT and Business training course.

LearnSAP has a team of trainers, selected from an award-winning and dedicated team of 12 courseware development professionals.

They provide cost-effective and quality SAP FICO training in Texas.

They offer online and on-site course facilities.

The institute has provided 800+ hours of e-learning and around 2,000 hours of instructor-led training course content.

SAP FICO Training on-site:

The institute works on tailoring the course as per the needs of the students which is cost-effective. The SAP FICO training coordinator prepares the training materials with a scheduled timetable and manages the delivery of all training.

LearnSAP holds its unlikeness by incorporating case studies, templates, and methodology. Enhancing the skill development of students.

Rapid e-learning:

Rapid e-Learning provides online presentations which typically comprises of short, ten to fifteen linear minutes.

These modules contain static graphics and synchronized training audio with a short shelf life.

Onsite training with e-Learning Conversion

Subject matter discussed in the classes is mirrored into e-Learning materials that reduce the learning time of the students up to 50%.

The institute includes static and animated graphics to synchronize instructor audio and learner assessments.

Live- Remote labs

Live-Remote labs are available for a real-time experience. So as to ensure the real-time scenarios are dealt with by students. These labs are customized and securely located. Available at any time.

5. Crescent IT Solutions

Crescent IT Solutions logoThis Institute is the world’s largest online training and placement in Texas. The institute is one of the fast-growing IT Consulting firms.

They offer SAP FICO training and placement assistance online.

They have online and classroom class facilities, which students can reserve as per their request.

This institute provides 10 weeks of training program.

Benefits of the institute:

  • Provision of the assignments at the end of each class
  • Practical implementation of the course topics
  • Keeping track of the progress of each student thoroughly
  • Discussion of the Live projects scenarios
  • Questionnaire after completion of each module in the curriculum

6. GPStrategies (SAP Fico Training in Louisiana)

GPStrategies logoGPStrategies is the top-ranked SAP FICO training institute in Louisiana.

The main factor of this institute is to provide adequate training. They provide online training with blended learning techniques. It is the combination of digital learning methods along with instructor-led training and just-in-time support.

The institute ensures the goodwill of each student by upholding the process, technology, and organization level as per the latest technologies.

Focus areas of the institute:

  • Organizational Change Management: The organization draws upon the deep experience in the learning approaches and transformational change. The change management consultants hand over the custom solutions to businesses all over the world.
  • Project Team Effectiveness: Trains the trainees to skills and knowledge to work effectively and drive project completion on time.
  • Sustainable learning: The institute directs to sustainable learning.

Other than SAP FICO, the institute offers some other SAP Industry Solutions like

  • SAP Data Science
  • SAP for Insurance
  • SAP for Banking
  • SAP for Defence and Security
  • SAP for Automotive and so on…

7. MileStone Technical Institute(MTI)

MTI logoMilestone Technical Institute(MTI) is a licensed career school providing SAP FICO training in-class and online. The institute yields day, night, evening, and weekend classes. They dedicate themselves to helping trainees achieve educational and career goals. 

They provide SAP FICO training in-class and online as per the time convenience of the trainee.

The duration of the course is around 8 weeks. The count of the students in each class is limited.

The trainers teaching here are certified instructors with the IT industry and teaching experience.

Fellowship is also available to those who qualify. And available for the unemployed and receiving benefits and for Military division.

MTI is a vendor for the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Service(DARS).

The institute is also authorized under Federal law to issue 1-20 students for M-1 student visa status.

In addition, the SAP FICO training can be accessed online from anywhere in the U.S.

Along with SAP FICO, the institute offers 

  • IT courses, from Microsoft Certification training, Cisco, CompTIA.
  • SAP HR Management and Administration
  • SAP Management Accounting
  • SAP Web Intelligence and so on…

8. Kanshe Infotech:

Kanshe Infotech logoKanshe Infotech provides the best SAP FICO training in Texas. The institute has expertise in software development and solutions.

The institute is formed by a group of people having extensive industry experience. The vision of the institute is to create cost-effective and high-value solutions.

This consulting firm provides world-class training and placement assistance.

They provide online training, a blend of Remote training and real-time experience.

The main motto of the training is to engage students with motivational and knowledge-sharing sessions.

They provide demo classes for the first sign-up.

Key features of the Kanshe Infotech are

  • Top-quality instruction for Online IT training.
  • Technical and training supports are provided as and when required.
  • Training sessions are recorded and circulated to the batch after each class.
  • Interview assistance and training are provided with the well-trained staff
  • Study materials are given after the completion of each class

SAP FICO training includes

  • FICO module in R/3
  • Business Process
  • Integration with other modules
  • Real-time training 

9. Crescent IT Solutions (SAP Fico Training in Louisiana)


Crescent IT Solutions logoCrescent IT Solutions is a high-profile IT training institute. This institute provides cost-effective and customized training methods for SAP FICO training in Texas.

They have well-skilled technical expertise providing real-time training.

There are approximately 350+ trainers around the globe with five to twenty years of industry experience.

They conduct online services where the trainers interact remotely using Webex/Skype and Gotomeeting conference calls.

SAP FICO training program includes

  • SAP CS
  • SAP FSCM and so on…

10. Verity Solutions

Verity Solutions logoVerity Solutions is one of the specifically designed institutes to provide a basic understanding of the SAP FICO training in Texas.

They cover the process of creating and implementing SAP FICO applications along with the Business process management. Also, serve the plans and access the business needs and specifications in SAP FICO.

Top of all, the institute provides free SAP FICO training tutorials which help beginners and intermediate users to understand the basics of SAP FI and SAP CO modules.

The institute has skilled trainers to provide advanced study support for SAP FICO certification.

Furthermore, the institute provides theoretical and practical classes to boost the students’ understanding and practical knowledge of the subject.

Benefits of getting certification in SAP FICO:

  • Essential principles from fundamentals and comprehensions are covered.
  • Trainers are well-qualified in SAP FICO
  • Tutorial videos are given during the training
  • Interview questions and answers are circulated to the batch in the form of the pdf after completion of the SAP FICO training
  • Instructors are available 24*7

Contact details at different locations:

Houston main Office

2500 Citywest Blvd,

Suite #1650,

Houston, TX 77042

Chicago office:

161 N Clark St,

Suite #1290

Chicago, IL 60601

Bay Area Office

2160 Lundy Ave,

Suite #2100

San Jose, CA‎

Hyderabad, India

301, B-Block,

Balaji Towers, 

Beside Prime Hospital(Mythri),

Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500038, 

Telangana, India.

11. HKR Training

HKR training institute is offering one of the leading SAP FICO training in Texas. Trainers are experts in the SAP FICO with real-time hands-on experience. So, the institute emphasizes working on real-time projects to get a good grip in the SAP FICO stream.

During the training period, they provide the opportunity of exploring the fundamentals of finance and controlling modules. And also learn about accounts receivable, payable, banking accounts, fund management, and how are they operated in R/3.

SAP FICO training highlights:

  • Learn on your available schedule
  • Instructor-led training for 30 hours
  • Access to the study material
  • Easy access to the online community forum
  • Project-based real-time learning
  • Customized course
  • 24*7 online support

Training advantages of SAP FICO in HKR training institute in Texas:

  • SAP FICO has great career opportunities
  • Salaries are very high for the certificated professionals
  • Great learning scopes
  • Provide fast track to the career

Benefits from the institute:

  • Live Online Training: Live interaction with industrial experts, Flexible class timings, and free demo before enrolment of the course
  • 1:1 Live Online Training: Customized curriculum with 1:1 dedicated trainers 
  • E-learning: E-learning videos are given to learn whenever and wherever possible. And provide lifetime free upgradation
  • Corporate training: Live classroom/online and self-paced live customized training from industry experts with over a decade of experience. Live classroom/online and self-paced live customized training from industry experts with over a decade of experience.

HKR’s SAP FICO training institutes are located all over the cities:

  • Florence
  • North Carolina
  • Arizona
  • Phoenix
  • Minnesota
  • Dallas
  • Florida
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • New-York
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • Hyderabad
  • Delhi
  • Chennai and so on…

12. NobleProg

NobleProg is an internal training and consultancy for the SAP FICO training in Louisiana. They aim to offer high-quality courses in every area of education.

The mission of this institute is to provide consultancy solutions and comprehensive training all over the world, in an effective and customized tailored syllabus.

The institute has trained more than 50000 people from over 6000 companies and organizations in the last 15 years.

The institute includes instructor-led online and classroom(both closed and public) as the choice and flexibility of the time, budget, and level of expertise needed by students.

They practice new technologies and methods to teach and continuously upgrade and improve the courses as per the latest technologies and developments.

The duration of the SAP FICO training is 28 hours.

Results from SAP FICO training

By the end of the training, the student will be capable to

  • Install SAP FICO and related modules.
  • Define an organization’s structure and gather business requirements
  • Configuring SAP FI and CO modules to manage the financial transactions within an organization.
  • Uncover the opportunities for optimizing workflow by improving the organization’s processes at reduced costs.

Other courses provided by the institute:

  • SAP HCM(Human Capital Management)
  • SAP Automation with UIPath
  • SAP HANA for Data Analysis
  • SAP ERP and so on…

13. GangBoard

GangBoard institute is one of the top SAP FICO training institutes in Texas.

The institute provides online training with flexible time schedules. They focus on practical and Certificate oriented programs with 100% placement support in the top MNCs.

Students from New York, Dallas, Chicago, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and many other cities of the USA are certificated by online Certification courses.

Focus areas of SAP FICO training are

  • Accounting
  • Cash and Bank Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Asset Accounting
  • Controlling Areas
  • Master Records
  • General Ledger Accounting and so on…

Main features of the GangBoard institute:

  • Trainers: Trainers are well qualified and have hands-on experience as IT professionals.
  • Low-cost fees: The fees are affordable and can be paid in installments.
  • Expert Counseling: The institute has a Counseling team to help perfect the project’s projection.
  • Course Materials: After each class, the institute provides course materials to the student of the batch.
  • Hands-On training: The institute gives hands-on training for the students.

Some other courses of the institute:

  • SAP MM
  • SAP BI
  • SAP SuccessFactor training and so on…

14. Icon IT Inc

Icon IT Inc training institute is one of the growing institutes in the SAP FICO training institute in Texas. They offer top-notch training and world-class teaching techniques to groom the technical ability of students.

Faculties in the SAP FICO training are subject matter experts with the pitch in the real-time projects in the IT firm. The main focus is on engaging the online teaching to strengthen the core concepts and assist to implement them in real scenarios of projects. Hence, providing exposure to real-time projects and placement support.

IconITInc is a world-class online training institute for SAP FICO with the aim of providing practical support for all students and companies based on current industry trends.

Key Features of Icon IT Inc:

  • Institute offers more than 150+ courses
  • Over 300 students have been trained by the institute to date
  • Total of 300+ instructors are available 
  • Training and placement support are provided
  • Course materials are provided as and when the class is over.
  • Trainers are IT professionals with hands-on experience
  • Course fees are very cheap and affordable

Courses included in the curriculum other than SAP FICO:

  • SAP BO
  • SAS and so on…

15. Nova It Software

Nova It Software is the fastest growing institute of the SAP FICO training institute in Texas.

They offer online training facilities with a 100% guarantee of job opportunities. The institute is cost-effective and the quality of the training is well organized.

The institute is robust in education with varied ways to expand learning and advance the career in SAP FICO.

They provide online classes all around the world.

.Key Features of this institute:

  • Institute offers more than 50+ courses
  • Over 8000 students have been trained by the institute to date
  • Total of 100+ instructors are available 
  • Online Training and placement facility is given
  • Course materials are given to the students after the class is over.
  • Trainers are highly qualified with hands-on experience on real-time projects
  • Course fees are affordable

Other courses included are

  • SAP BO
  • SAS
  • SAP BASIS and so on…

16. Sytel Software Solutions

Sytel Software Solutions is an IT consulting institute with an uncompromised commitment to quality.

This institute is one of the growing SAP FICO training institutes in Texas. Its motto is to develop a workforce with the necessary skills to meet changing IT demands.

The institute provides classroom and instructor-led online classes. Students are prepared with real-time projects to get practical knowledge.

They have trained thousands of students with both technical and non-technical backgrounds for various IT career paths.

Highlights of this institute:

  • Institute offers more than 200+ courses
  • Over 700 students have been trained by the institute to date
  • Total of 350+ instructors are available 
  • Online Training and placement facility is given 
  • Course materials are uploaded to the Learning Management System(LMS) after the completion of each class
  • Trainers are well qualified with hands-on experience on real-time projects
  • Course fees are low-cost

Some other courses available

  • SAP BO
  • SAS
  • SAP BASIS and so on…


SAP FICO plays a crucial role in increasing business growth. It helps organizations to expand themselves on a robust foundation to meet all the financial and accounting requirements of the organization.

SAP FICO has two modules, SAP Finance (FI) and SAP Controlling (CO), each of these modules is used to carry out specific financial processes in an organization.

In SAP ERP Central Component, SAP FICO plays an important role that allows an organization to manage all of its financial data.

Organizations can store a complete version of their financial transaction data with the help of SAP FICO.

SAP FICO specialists at any level of experience are in demand to changing trends of the supply chain, finance, and HR in any organization.

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Q.1 Can I enroll in the SAP FICO training after graduation?

Ans. Yes, SAP FICO training can be taken after graduation.

Q.2 I have a career break in IT, now shall I join the SAP FICO training after 10 years?

Ans. Yes, you can opt for the SAP FICO training after a break. It is the best option to kick start the career with a good package.

Q.3 Does online SAP FICO training enough to fetch a good job?

Ans. Yes, you can get into the IT profession with the certification in the SAP FICO.

Q.4 Is SAP FICO a good job to choose for the career?

Ans. Yes, it is the best job to choose. This profile has earnings in the IT industry.

Q.5 Can I learn SAP FICO from home?

Ans. Yes, you can learn SAP FICO from any end of the world. There are many institutions providing online courses with real-time projects.


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