About the Mandarin Language

Mandarin is the Chinese language that is spoken in various north and southwestern part of China. This is considered an official language of the People’s Republic of China since the early 20th century.

In today’s English “Mandarin” is known as “Chinese”. Now, the United Nations has considered the Mandarin language to be one of the official languages in their country. There are much more reasons why mandarin is very useful for you. You can check this link that explains them all.

Mandarin language courses are being taught in many places around the world. Since people would not be able to travel so far, online courses are available. These online courses help you know more about the mandarin language and its benefits in detail.

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Unknown Facts about Mandarin:

  • In the early 20th century the whole nation of China wanted one common language to keep them united. They decided to fight illiteracy and make their country both economically and creatively wiser.
  • Mandarin is one of the top official languages of mainland China from the year 1932. It is one of the official languages of the UN.
  • There are a total of 4 tones available in the mandarin language which provides a great intensity to the language. The rise and fall of the tone vary from the common English language.
  • Nowadays, mandarin is used as a language for business, tourism, and education. Even the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is familiar with Mandarin.
  •  Every day more than 7 people are learning the mandarin language. The bigger officials like Prime Minister Etc. are interested in mandarin.
  • Prince William from England loves this language and encourages more people to learn and educate. US Treasury keeps this as important as any in the world to come.

In this blog, we are going to know more about the top 12 Mandarin Language courses online.

1. Rocket Chinese (Chinese Language Course Online)

  • Rocket Chinese is an online language training facility that allows students to learn different languages with fun.
  • This facility contains podcasts and various other easy methods of teaching difficult languages with ease.
  • The dialogue delivery is so perfect which helps students to understand the language more clearly.
  • Natural learning helps students achieve better goals and this proves to be useful for them.
  • This is an application that contains a built-in voice recognition system that is accurate at its best.
  • Comprehensive levels are available here from beginner to advanced levels of learning a particular language.
  • Spoken Mandarin is focused here which allows students to read and write all Chinese characters.
  • Every level is updated in the active leader board to know the scores and how to improve or go about it.
  • Doubts in every session are cleared using an automated system that guides students on their sublime level.
CourseMandarin language
Duration2200 hours
Fee$99 – $259

2. Chinese Uncovered

  • One of the most unique ways of learning Mandarin is illustrated in this facility.
  • It is a learning facility that teaches students the Mandarin language with the use of the story-telling method.
  • There is something known as “Guided Discovery” where native Chinese faculty teaches students history.
  • This history includes old Chinese methods and how they helped those people to adopt social skills etc.
  • Since their method of teaching is by the use of narrative stories the grammar rules apply to schemes.
  • The schemes include the origin and body language needed to adapt to the mandarin language.
  • This mandarin language course helps students to have a good relationship with the native people in real life.
  • Every story that they provide is unique which helps students to get a clear picture of understanding in depth.
  • There might be some grammar that could make students feel unrelated to the topic.
  • But overall, the experience is surreal and sublime.
CourseMandarin Course
Duration100 hours

3. Chinese Class101 (Chinese Language Course Online)

  • It is one of the most popular online courses to learn the Mandarin language.
  • If students are in need to go to China and are in dire need to learn the mandarin language, this is for them.
  • With the help of their podcast lessons, students get interested to learn more about mandarin as a language.
  • Chinese Class 101 provides audio lessons that help students focus more on the spoken part of the language.
  • Students who would love to upgrade their learning skills can opt for this facility.
  • They do have course levels ranging from beginner to advanced, depending upon the need of students.
  • This Mandarin Chinese course contains essentials like vocabulary and grammar development among its other useful features.
  • Course materials which they provide are very well structured and useful in the future.
  • Once you reach an advanced level, the usage of English gets reduced which helps you speed up learning.
  • Lower levels may sometimes contain more usage of English words, but that would be useful to so many others.
CourseMandarin Language
Fee$25 / month

4. Yoyo Chinese

  • Yoyo Chinese Chinese Language Course Online has been the most popular and long-time existing platform for learning Chinese mandarin courses.
  • They provide a very comfortable learning space for students of all ages and are well-respected.
  • They make sure that the students get adapted easily in each session for their entire curriculum.
  • The explanations provided by them are crystal clear and are used in the most futuristic ways possible.
  • Yoyo Chinese was founded by Yangyang who herself is a very sweet and fun-loving person.
  • When it comes to the structure of the course they provide a good job in the same that reciprocates with the students.
  • Each lesson covered is bite-sized and perfectly elaborate to meet the need of each individual.
  • Sometimes data interference may delude the function but small glitches don’t matter much.
  • Prices for the course are moderate and affordable.
CourseMandarin course
Duration6 months
Fee$129 – $299

5. Mandarin HQ

  • The founder and the host of this Mandarin HQ facility are Ms. Angel who put together this course all by herself.
  • In this facility, the quality of video provided is better comparatively.
  • It has a one-time fee provision which is very less expensive in comparison with other facilities.
  • There are no subscription plans available in this facility to maintain a certain decorum.
  • The founder herself is a great presenter and has good explanation skills.
  • This helps students from across the globe to connect and get benefitted.
  • The repetition method used in this facility provides students with a clear vision of things to be handled.
  • Here there are no comprehensive learning methods provided that help students understand precisely.
  • With the help of their affordable fee structure, people can participate and get useful.
CourseMandarin Course
Fee$67 – $87

6. Glossika Mandarin (Chinese Language Course Online)

  • Glossika is considered to be one of the most powerful learning kits to study the Mandarin Chinese language.
  • The founder of this facility is Mike Campbell who speaks very fluent Mandarin.
  • It uses a unique set of skills to help kids learn the Mandarin language to pick up conversational level fluency.
  • This is application-based learning where a monthly subscription is available for people across the globe.
  • From low to high all levels are available in this facility which helps benefit the beginners and difficult stages.
  • They provide a different approach to teaching a new language to non-native speakers.
  • When it comes to learning, repetition is the key and Glossika has mastered it.
  • Even though it is quite a little pricey for a monthly subscription I’d say it’s worth it.
  • Grammar indications are quite less which might get difficult at times but other than that it is perfect.
CourseMandarin language
Fee$30 / month

7. Pimsleur (Mandarin Chinese)

  • Pimsleur is one of the favorite Mandarin learning facilities voted by many people.
  • When it comes to learning a new language we need to focus more on the expressions and vocabulary.
  • This facility gives importance to both which makes people understand and learn at a faster pace.
  • Their syllabus includes greetings, vocabulary, common phrases, etc which would be needed for an immediate trip to China.
  • When in dire need of an emergency visit to China, Pimsleur helps people learn basic mandarin a lot faster.
  • This online facility is very affordable and easily subscribed to by many people across the world.
  • We can either go for the subscribed option or the full program of the same that includes up to 30 lessons.
  • This application concentrated more on the part of the repeating phrase which allows students to get a better idea of the language.
CourseMandarin Language
Duration30 lessons

8. Mondly (Chinese)

  • Mondly is not just for the Chinese language it offers various other languages studied across the globe.
  • It is an application-based language studying technique that used AI for better interaction with students.
  • Their method of lesson delivery is in a variety of styles which helps impress all types of students enrolled.
  • Navigation within the application would give pleasure to people who require impressions.
  • The design of this application stands out not just to impress but to express in a people-luring way.
  • The Northern Asian part of the language courses is very well designed to create an impact.
  • They give importance to vocabulary when it comes to learning any language.
  • The effect given in each study tool helps students understand in a very logically fun way.
  • Students would love to spend more time in the process of learning which helps them build a career.
  • They also provide some challenging quizzes to boost the enthusiasm for learning a new language.
  • This course is at such an affordable price for people across the globe.
CourseMandarin Course
Fee$9.99 / month

9. Mandarin Blueprint

  • Mandarin blueprint is a facility that allows non-native Mandarin learners to get more info and learn more.
  • They offer a course of language learning so outstanding that provides a clear description.
  • The quality of videos that they pose online is very effective and informative to any native professionals.
  • Their learning skill includes comprehensive details that provide a variety of descriptiveness.
  • Even though this application was created by non-native speakers, it is considered to be one of the best.
  • They know what makes students struggle and strive to provide them with better options to overcome them.
  • This facility is a little bit expensive because of the materials that they provide but still worth a while.
  • It contains a video library that allows people to browse their various catalogs in detail.
  • They give importance to the improvement of vocabulary in their students regularly.
CourseMandarin Course
Fee$799 (lifetime)

10. Yabla Chinese (Chinese Language Course Online)

  • Yabla Chinese is an online mandarin course website that teaches languages.
  • It uses interactive video sessions which allow students to get more practical knowledge development.
  • They provide a lot of content which sometimes seems like too much to handle.
  • Their large collection of Chinese videos allows students to understand the language descriptively.
  • The price of the course is very affordable across the globe.
  • The reputation in which they provide each skill set to students sets a trademark on their own.
  • Each student gets a clear set of skills acquired from this whole process.
  • Sometimes it may feel like their interface is a little bit outdated.
  • Updates are being made regularly to the whole application now and then.
  • Insufficiency of course materials is never a problem here.
CourseMandarin Language
Fee$12.95 / month

11. Chinese Pod

  • Chinese Pod is an application that is a Hong Kong-based course provider.
  • It has been for quite a long time now and has real-time benefits compared to other sets of tools.
  • All the Chinese lessons put together becomes a long process of sorting out each course.
  • People need to spend a long time for the sake of dealing with learning a particular language.
  • This Hong Kong provider gives a better resolution and deals with goals on the same day.
  • They focus more on the vocabulary part and provide a perfect solution in terms of navigating.
  • Repetition is also used here to deal with the thoroughness of the whole course.
  • The Chinese Mandarin course can be fully completed with the help of every tool provision.
  • Sometimes users experience sloppiness in the navigation within the application.
  • The presenters who teach the course do a wonderful job which is more enjoyable every day.
  • The quality of the video which is provided by them is good for a vintage application.
CourseMandarin Language
Fee$14 / month

12. Rosetta Stone Chinese

  • Rosetta Stone is one of the most vintage famous Chinese learning courses in my native country.
  • Their household name is famous among the biggest nations of all time.
  • The immersion process which they currently have provides them with unique abilities moving forward.
  • By the use of the intuition of every individual, we can learn how each language can be processed.
  • Students should be able to learn Speaking skills, grammar, and vocabulary on their own.
  • The subscription rate is pretty less compared to so many other monthly payout applications or facilities.
  • Chinese Mandarin language is promoted in very simple terms for layman’s sake.
  • The words or the rules specified shouldn’t have to be memorized by every scheme of choices.
  • Patterns which they use to teach the language to the clients are often easy to recognize.
CourseMandarin language
Fee$6.49 / month


Chinese Mandarin courses are available in so many places all over the world. People who wouldn’t be able to meet in person can also attend classes online anytime and anywhere.

So many facilities provide students with various benefits when it comes to learning a new language. If people want to learn the language a little earlier than the expected date, they can do so. Some applications help them out with that.

It is not just about learning new languages; you can also learn more in detail about other subjects at ease too. This is all about one person’s mental ability to do so.

Thinking about all those extra times which we would have wasted and regretted not having grown more in the said time. Making sure it does not happen again is necessary.

The above-listed mandarin course gives us a clear picture of choosing one based on the specifications mentioned along with it. We need to make sure we have chosen the right option before committing to it.

Things may feel like going out of hand sometimes but never fail to keep your hopes up. For those hopes will one-day sprout wings and take you to places you have never imagined you would be.

Hope the top institutes mentioned were useful to find the right facility for your mandarin language needs. Until next time.


Q1. Are Mandarin Courses taught in many places?

Mandarin course is taught across the globe

Q2. Is subscribing monthly for the course better than full payment?

This completely depends on the comfort zone of each people. If they find monthly subscription better they can go for it. If they feel confident, full payment can be useful.

Q3. How many hours does it take to complete the mandarin language course?

The total hours to learn the mandarin language is 2200 hours.

Q4. Which facility provides a voice recognition feature?

The Rocket Chinese facility provides a voice-recognition feature that benefits clients all around.

Q5. How many lessons does the Pimsleur facility provide?

A maximum of 30 lessons are provided by the Pimsleur facility.

Q6. Is it true that the CEO of Facebook speaks Mandarin?

The CEO of Facebook indeed speaks fluent Mandarin.

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