Do you find yourself frequently disturbed by a compelling ad for a delicious pizza when you are keenly watching a critical moment in a movie? We all have come across these ads in one way or another. It may raise the question of how businesses decide where to position their product? Advertisements that are flashed when one’s attention is highest get strongly imprinted on the viewer’s mind. Companies use business intelligence to make relevant decisions that can enhance a company’s revenue and profit. Most companies use tools to comb through vast amounts of data to acquire useful information to gain market advantage.


SAP BO Course online

SAP BO (Business Objects) is software developed by the German company SAP SE. SAP BO Course Online stands out as the leader of all the BI tools in the market. Because of the existing recognition and use of the SAP BO platform, there are various job opportunities looking for professionals with mastery over this particular skill set.  The SAE company keenly involves itself in the betterment of businesses. This software is created to assist companies to sieve through large quantities of data and presenting important information in a visually appealing manner. The process further aids the decision-makers in making critical policies and resolutions. SAP BO aims at making Data reporting and analyzing easy for business users. Its tools help in the process of predictive analysis through simplifying business data and market trends. 

1. Kodak Consulting

Kodak Consulting is a Certified Technology Consulting Company with expertise in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. It operates across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes.  

Kodak Consulting has corporate offices in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It specializes in providing enterprise application services focused on-

– SAP Business Suite S/4HANA
– SAP Cloud Platform
– Successfactors
– C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
– BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
– SAP Multi-Channel Foundation etc

 Kodak Consulting has its presence in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services.

With “Customer-first approach” Kodak consulting team helps companies buy, build, implement, service, support, and run SAP solutions to fit their unique needs.

The key area of expertise-

Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
– Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Pharma and Chemical Industries
– Agro Food Products Processing Industries
– Utilities Industry
– Infrastructure and Project-based industries

2. Henry Harvin Education

henry harvin logo

Henry Harvin Education exhibits an in-depth syllabus on the subject, handcrafted by accomplished professionals. Their world-class facility and engaging content allow their well-trained instructors to deliver one of the finest learning experiences online. The institution greatly cares about its student’s growth and ensures they are offered the best opportunities. The institution hand-holds its students right from registration all the way to their job placements. Henry Harvin snatches the indisputable first position on our list.  

The organisation has set up SAP Academy especially to impart skills relating to SAP. The SAP BO Training Course is aimed at upskilling SAP professionals.  

This SAP BO Course Covers:

  • The course starts with an introduction to SAP BO and the various components of BO.
  • Students are taught about Data Warehousing and how to utilize them in the workplace.
  • Students learn about the characteristics of Database, DCL, DML, DDL, and TCL. They are exposed to Numeric Functions, Character Functions, and Aggregate Functions.
  • Students learn about the core concepts regarding life cycle management in SAP BO. 
  • The BO universe is covered extensively. Students learn about features and various tools relating to the BO universe.
  • Students will gain an understanding of Business intelligence reports.
  • Students will be taught to create their own dashboards.
  • The students will learn about the creation of web intelligence reports and to schedule and transfer of crystal and web reports.
  • Students will learn basic performance tuning techniques.
  • The students will be taught the essential skill of error handling.
  • Students are given interview training, resume writing, and training in presentation skills. This helps to cross the bridge between knowledge acquisition and job obtainment.

Henry Harvin offers this special 9 in 1 course:

  • The training is instructed by experienced instructors who ensure to make the classes interesting and engaging.
  • Students are given multiple hands-on projects where the academic knowledge is put to use.
  •  The institution offers internships where the students can acquire practical knowledge as well as enhance their resumes.
  • Henry Harvin 100% placement assistance for up to one year after the completion of the course.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the students will receive certification from Henry Harvin, which will help add weightage to your resume.
  • The institution boasts one of the best online platforms for online learning. They offer various tools, techniques, and assessments to engrain core concepts in the student’s minds.
  • The students are given access to regular boot camps that are spread over one year starting from the time of completion of the course.
  • The institution offers Hackathons, where students are given access to competitions and #AskHenry Hackathons. 
  • They offer 1 year of gold membership. The students will be given lifetime access to content relating to their course and video recordings of their interactive online classes. 

Check Henry Harvin SAP Courses 

SAP FICO Course | SAP MM COURSE SAP HR Course | SAP Hana Course SAP ABAP Course SAP Ariba Training |

Cities in India where Henry Harvin SAP FICO Course is provided:

DelhiHyderabadMumbaiGurgaonPune, IndoreOnlineBangaloreKolkataChennai

3. Udemy 

 Udmey logoUdemy offers a wide range of courses on varied subjects at a reasonable price. It aims at taking knowledge to people around the world and has made its courses available in multiple languages. The institution offers certification upon completing the course. The main downside to attending courses in udemy is that their certification cannot be used as a formal accreditation.

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform course is aimed at individuals and professionals who focus on mastering SAP BO tools. During this course, you will learn to install SAP Business Objects and client tools. The course focuses on teaching the basic concepts of enterprise reporting and data visualization. By the end of the course, you will be able to create reports and dashboards using SAP BO tools.

Duration / Cost: 24 hours is the total duration needed to complete the course. The cost for this course stands at Rs 455.

Prerequisites: The course requires the applicant to know RDBMS/SQL and Data Warehouse concepts.

This SAP BO Course Covers:

  • The students will learn about Data Warehouse Architecture.
  • Students take a deep dive into SAP BO BI4 Platform Architecture. They learn about the important features, tools, applications, and advantages of the platform.
  • Students are taught about Universal Design Tool.
  • Students are made to design and create reports using Universal Design Tool.


ACTE logo

ACTE provides both online classes, one-to-one training, classroom training, and customized training. One can select the courses depending on their particular needs and the budget set aside for the course. The institute offers courses to individuals and corporate trainees who are looking to upskill. It harbours trainers with 7 plus years of experience in their respective domains. The institute offers job opportunities through partner placement in top corporations and through employee referral processes where the students can get placed in the companies where their trainers are currently working.

ACTE is an accredited institution and their certification can help amplify your resume. Enrolling in the SAP BO training course enables the student to avail lifetime access to study materials, videos, and recorded sessions. The institute offers 24/7 access to course material.

This SAP BO Course Covers:

  • The course starts with an introduction to SAP and Business Objects. The students learn about Data Warehousing Architecture and BO Architecture.
  • Students are introduced to SQL statements, DDL, DML, DQL, DCL, and TCS.
  • Students learn about built-in functions such as numeric function, Data function, Conversion and aggregate functions.
  • Students are exposed to information design tool and SAP BO BI 4.0 Universal Design tool.
  • Students are given an introduction to web intelligence and BI workspace.
  • Multiple projects are offered to offer practical knowledge.

Duration: The total time that one needs to set aside to complete the SAP BO course online is 40 plus hours. This includes 25 plus assignments and 3 hands-on projects.

Check out- SAP FICO course in Hyderabad

5. Zarantech


Zarantech aims to prepare its students with a strong understanding of the features of SAP BO software. It arms them with practical knowledge that is required for real-life situations. The students will be equipped to fit into appropriate job positions by the end of the course. SAP BO4.2 Training course is aimed at upskilling students with SAP BO software. The course imparts detailed knowledge of Business Intelligence tools offered by SAP. It also offers assessments and quizzes to help students to evaluate themselves. 

This SAP BO course covers:

  • Students are taught about Business Object explorer.
  • Students are exposed to Data Warehousing and Multi-Dimensional modeling. 
  • Students learn enhancement of BO and Architectural overview.
  • Students are made to create reports for enterprises. The SAP BO BI can help you to simply and filter out useful information from the vast amounts of Datavbbg. 
  • Students learn Information Design Tool – BO Universe.
  • Students are introduced to Web Intelligence and crystal reports.

Prerequisites: This course requires applicants to have a basic understanding of SQL, Database, and Datawarehouse. They also require one to have primary knowledge of SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0. The course notifies that a prior understanding of business processes would be advantageous to the learner.

Duration / Costs: 65 hours is the duration needed to complete the self-paced course. The self-paced courses cost USD 499. 


  • To impart practical knowledge, the course allows students to take part in projects and case studies that need up to 2 hours. 
  • The students can attempt assignments and quizzes that require up to 5 hours of the student’s time.
  • The institute provides 24/7 online support for any queries relating to the course.
  • The students get 1-year access to the Learning Management system where there is abundant material for the courses. Apart from this, the students are given lifetime access to courses and study material on the cloud.

6. TechData

TechData logoTechData offers the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform: Designing and Deploying a solution course in both virtual format and classroom format. The course is offered in partnership with SAP and is based on SAP BO BI platform 4.2. The course caters to individuals who acquire or are planning to acquire the position of System Architect or administrator. This SAP BO course covers identifying requirements, planning a deployment, deployment design and sizing, disaster recovery in SAP BI platform, content management planning and deployment replication.

Duration / Costs: The course is spread over 5 days. The tuition costs sway to the expensive side and totals to USD 4,090.

Prerequisites: The applicants need to have prior knowledge of BOE310 and BOE320.

Skills gained through this SAP BO Course:

  • Students will become fluent in designing and deploying the SAP BO platform.
  • Students will learn concepts of high availability, scalability, sizing, disaster recovery, and lifecycle management. With this, they are equipped to design solutions according to the requirements arising in businesses. 
  • Students will be empowered to design, build and troubleshoot a system.
  • By the end of the course, students will be able to use advanced security and replication techniques.

7. Multisoft

Multisoft Virtual Academy logoMultisoft virtual academy provides SAP Business Objects (BO) Certification Training course. This is structured to be an instructor-led online training. The course is a blend of lectures and hands-on lab exercises where students will learn to implement concepts learned during lectures. The institute strives to ensure its students are ready to take on real-life situations with the skills they acquire during the training process.       

Duration / Costs: The total time required to complete the course is 30 hours. The cost of the SAP BO course online stands at Rs 25,000.

Also check- SAP FICO Course in Pune

This SAP BO Course covers:

  • The course starts with an introduction to Data Warehouse and covers basic concepts of the same.
  • Students get an overview of Business Objects.
  • Students learn about process flow and the life cycle of data warehousing.
  • Students are made to understand modeling concepts.
  • Students learn universe designing and management.
  • Students will be able to create their own reports by the end of the course. They will be equipped to manage and format reports. 
  • Students will learn Business Object tools, Designer Tolls, and Supervisor Tools. They will be able to Drill down and drill up reports in BO tools.

8. Ecorp training

Ecorp training logoEcorp training has designed their courses to suit their applicants. It offers courses to individuals as well as corporate professionals. Individuals can opt for either in-person classroom training or online training depending on personal preference. Private classrooms are arranged on request with a minimum of 4 students per batch. The time duration for the courses is split into 40% of the time dedicated to the theory and 60% of the time dedicated to imparting practical knowledge through hands-on experience with projects and case studies.

SAP BO 4.2 Training Course’s main goal is to familiarise the students with the SAP BO software. This SAP BO course covers Data Warehousing, multi-dimensional modelling of SAP BW 7.3, BOBI 4.2 Architecture, Information design tool, and Universal design tool. Students also learn about web intelligence. They are made to design crystal reports and create appealing dashboards to best present the given data. 

Prerequisites: The applicants require a basic understanding of SQL.

Duration: The online training requires around 35-40 hours of training and the courses are spread out as a 20-day program. The corporate program is compressed into a 5-day program and requires dedicated 8 hours of effort for each day.

9. TekSlate

Tekslate  logoTekSlate offers high-quality educational videos. It ensures students acquire experiential knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge crafted by industry experts. SAP BO BI training course consists of trainer lead online virtual classes and student engagement in live projects. 

The SAP BO course covers

  • Oracle, Database and SQL concepts, 
  • SAP business objects,
  •  Web I reporting, Web I Rich Client,
  • Universe creation and development,
  • Report creation: Cross Tab reports, Charts,
  • Administration: Group creation, Assignment privileges, and report Bursting.

Duration: It requires a total of 30 hours to complete the course. 

This course is offered to both individuals and corporate professionals. Individuals are presented with self-paced courses where they get pre-defined recordings from trainers. The course offered to corporate groups proposes a more attractive ensemble. The corporate clients are provided with a live presentation of theory and a demo of features of SAP BO BI software. Although their courses are held as per daily scheduling, they are given access to recordings of the training classes for future reference. Their courses begin with a doubt session where candidates can pose any query regarding the contents of their previous class or the projects they are working on. 

10. MHR Analytics:

MHR Analytics logoMHR Analytics offers courses that are end-goal oriented. The institution mainly targets corporate employees to deliver their courses. The courses can be availed with a yearly subscription. Unlock the true potential of the SAP BusinessObjects course focuses on delivering quality content to its applicants.

Benefits of this SAP BO course:

  • The course is designed to be engaging and flexible. This helps to fit the classes around the busy work schedules of employees.
  • The course aims at offering expert tips and tricks that can stand you apart from others in the field.
  • Certification can be gathered upon completion of every course.
  • Candidates can self-assess with the varied range of tests and quizzes offered as a part of the course. 
  • Candidates are given access to revisit courses in case they need to revisit any particular topic.
  • The course tries to cater to every learning style and keeps the content interesting.
  • The managers will be able to easily track employee learning and development.
  • The employees of the organisation will become highly skilled at SAP Business objects at the end of their learning journey.

A Game Changer in the Business World:

The new way of implementing business involves data-driven decision-making. Many popular companies hunt for good business analysts who are used to decipher important information from the available data. SAP BO provides a toolset to break down complex data and present it through captivating dashboards and reports. It helps business administrators to make important decisions that can benefit the company. With proper analysis of data, businesses are equipped to see the gaps and errors taking place in the various operations of the organisation. Relevant data can greatly enhance a business and offer a considerable advantage over other market competitors. This need has created a large number of job openings for professionals skilled at SAP BO, like business analysts, data scientists, etc. This is an era where you need to arm yourself with talent that is highly sought after.

SAP BO Course Online

The SAP BO courses online can prove beneficial to both employed professionals and individuals looking to procure a job in this domain. Most classes are self-paced and can fit into your existing busy schedules. Certification obtained from recognised institutions can enhance your resume. SAP BO skills are highly sought after and professionals with this skill set are offered positions with substantial remuneration.

11. SAP Training

SAP Training logoSAP SE offers courses to enlighten people regarding the functions and features of its own creation: SAP BO Platform. The subject they offer is limited to SAP software. The course is directed towards individuals and professionals who are looking to acquire knowledge about SAP BO. Although their courses have exhaustive coverage over the topics, the institute does not offer guidance relating to job placement. 

Introduction to SAP Business Objects BI solutions course is a beginner-level course that focuses on familiarising the system to the student. The course is set to teach the basic functions of important reporting tools.

This SAP BO Course Covers:

  • The course starts with an overview of SAP Business Objects and an introduction to components of the SAP BO platform.
  • Students are taught about the Data Sources for Reporting tools.
  • Students learn SAP Lumira Designer and they learn to create visualizations and applications on the same.
  • The learners are initiated into SAP BO software, edition for Microsoft Office. Students will learn to create workbooks and presentations on Microsoft Office and MS PowerPoint.
  • The trainers teach how to position and create documents with SAP BO Web Intelligence.
  • Students are made to create reports in SAP Crystal Reports. 
  • Students learn the positioning of the SAP Analytics Cloud.
  • SAP BO BI platform also runs features through mobile devices. Students are taught to report using mobile devices.

Duration / Costs: The course is broken into 8 hours of class spread over 3 days. 24 hours is the total duration one needs to set aside to complete the course. The course leans a little to the expensive side and stands at Rs 1,13,643.

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Q.1 What is SAP BO?

Ans.SAP BO is a tool used to filter important business data from the existing vast quantities of data. This extracted information is then presented through visually appealing dashboards and reports to help the business administration to make market-relevant decisions. The SAP BO tool is widely recognized and is being used by many companies and corporations. Therefore an SAP BO course is seen as a beneficial skill for any employee or individual aiming to venture in this direction.

Q.2 How will this course help me, job opportunities?

Ans.The job market for SAP BO skills is vast. Many companies have turned to smart ways of doing business. A proper decision of product placement can greatly improve revenue and profits for companies. Businesses need professionals with a clear understanding of SAP BO skills to manoeuvre them to make appropriate decisions. The SAP BO certification can greatly enhance your resume and add a boost to your goal of becoming a reputed business analyst.  

Q.3 Are there any prerequisites to attend this course?

Ans.Many online courses do not persist on any prerequisites while some do. You may be relieved to know that you are not required to know any programming languages. A few online institutions require a basic understanding of Data Warehouse, SQL, and Database. If you don’t fulfill these prerequisites you need not worry, you can opt for the online courses that don’t require any prerequisites.

Q.4 Do I require any prior programming knowledge?

Ans.No, there is no need to have any prior knowledge of programming language to undertake an SAP BO course. However, a basic understanding of Data Warehouse will come in handy.

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