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SAP ABAP Courses in India: SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. SAP founded in 1972, helps industries and organizations to work better and manage data by providing required Business software solutions. SAP Applications expanded over time from small to medium-sized companies. Today SAP is listed as the leader of Enterprise Applications. 

What is SAP ABAP?

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is regarded as a 4th Generation High-level Programming language generated by the German Software company SAP SE. The language is extracted from base computer languages C++, Java, C, and Python. The key component of the ABAP run time system is the ‘Database Interface’ that handles communication with a relational database.

The SAP ABAP COURSE emphasizes two types of executable programs that focus on how to create a structure in the ABAP Directory with advanced debugging and modularization techniques.

Demand for the SAP ABAP Certificate Course is increasing with a large number of fresh graduates and working professionals looking to upgrade their skills in SAP.  Young individuals upskill their present existing skills to have an upper hand in various job opportunities. Skills like coding are required for software applications in several sectors. This will build your CV professional with technical skill sets and make you ready for top job roles in the Industry.

Looking forward, SAP ABAP is regarded as a widely used language that helps to build enterprise applications for different businesses and Financial Institutions on the SAP platform. SAP ABAP is used for the development of Standard and Custom applications software for SAP.

The components of ABAP:

  • ABAP dictionary 
  • ABAP editor 
  • Screen painter
  • Test an analysis tool
  • Data Modeler
  • Function builder
  • Repository browser 
  • Repository information system
  • Workbench organizer
Top SAP ABAP Courses in India

The scope of SAP ABAP Courses in India is Increasing tremendously with the increase in demand of various small and large businesses. Today, ABAP runs effectively more than 1lakh SAP systems with more than 4.5 million registered developers accessing the services. This makes it an important course to upgrade your skills and access good business exposure.

Here we have listed out the 10 Best SAP ABAP courses in INDIA

1. Kodakco: Top SAP Institute in India with Placement 

kodakco Logo


Kodakco is a Certified EdTech Technology Company with expertise in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. It operates across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes.  Kodakco has corporate offices in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It specializes in providing enterprise application services focused on-
– SAP Business Suite S/4HANA
– SAP Cloud Platform
– Success factors
– C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
– BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
– SAP Multi-Channel Foundation etc

 Kodakco has its presence in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services. With a “Customer-first approach” the Kodakco team helps companies buy, build, implement, service, support, and run SAP solutions to fit their unique needs.
The key area of expertise-
-Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
– Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Pharma and Chemical Industries
– Agro Food Products Processing Industries
– Utilities Industry
– Infrastructure and Project-based industries

Why SAP ABAP Course from Kodakco?

  • Kodakco is a globally recognized and reputed institute offering various technical skilled online courses that are created as per upcoming technology requirements from various industrial sectors. 
  • Kodakco provides the best training and support services at every stage of Lerner Journey upgrading you to move ahead in this competitive field of SAP Professionals.
  • Learning the SAP ABAP Course from Kodakco will provide you with knowledge of various business promotion applications that are designed to boost your business growth. 

Excel in SAP ABAP Training at Kodakco

SAP technology is constantly evolving, so make sure to stay updated with the latest developments, updates, and trends in the SAP ecosystem. With the advancement in technology, working professionals need to upgrade their technical skill set with new tools and techniques and be competitive ahead. 

So, boost your career with SAP ABAP Training Programs from Kodakco. We create SAP ABAP Courses as per the specific requirements in the various sectors implementing SAP in their SOPs for smooth workflow.  With the right guidance, resources, and commitment from Kodakco, you can become proficient in SAP ABAP development and enhance your career opportunities.

Competitive Advantages of Studying SAP ABAP Course from Kodakco:

  • Upgrading SAP ABAP language with the latest tools, and upgraded techniques.
  • Flexible learning options for the convenience of students. Kodakco provides online certified courses or training programs that match well with the available period of students at their convenience.
  • SAP ABAP Exam Assistance
  • 24 X 7 Lifetime Support & Access
  • Attend Unlimited Sessions with Multiple Trainers
  • Learn from professionally qualified and experienced trainers
  • 100% Practical Training – Practical learning and exposure with live projects. Experience the practical insights from industry experts 
  • Get the advantage of getting an SAP ABAP Training Certificate from Kodakco, a reputed and globally recognized EdTech.
  • Avail the benefit of 100% placement support to kick-start or advance your career and get hired by Top Brand Companies.

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2. Gang Board(GangBoard): SAP ABAP TrainingGangBoard  logoGangBoard SAP ABAP training is the #3 SAP ABAP course In India which provides an extensive learning beginners program of 30 hours + the course-based assignments of 15 hours. Talking about GangBoard is a branch of Besant Technologies which is among the leading brands that provide IT advanced training. The agenda of this program is to educate students about the core concepts as well as principles of the ABAP program and its SAP application.

 Following is the list of topics covered:

->  Logical database Connections, Internal tables, Open SQL, Change and Transport System (CTS). 

Enrolling in this course will make you learn coding and programming on the application server by top trainers with certified experience and knowledge of the industry. Along with extensive learning, it will provide you with job-oriented training. A wide range of topics is covered in their whole extensive package ranging from data dictionary to Internal tables + modularization + open SQL+ reporting+ dial programming + AVL and Interactive, forms, and many more.

If we list out one of the Benefits of joining this course is that it also ensures you a salary package of more than 7lakh as per growing trends. GangBoard Also offers two modes just like the other courses- self-paced & live instructor training with virtual classrooms. This course also offers you flexibility in learning in a way that is convenient and helps you work on weak spots. If you have the respective budget for training this course would be beneficial.

Fees: One-on-One Training Rs.38,000 (with discount)

Group Class Rs.25,000 (with discount)

3. Udemy (Udemy): SAP ABAP Programming for Beginners 

 Udmey logoUdemy SAP ABAP Program is the #4 SAP ABAP course in India this course is one go-to course for all because of its low cost making it Budget-friendly for all and also flexible to access anywhere. If we look forward to Udemy it’s a familiar name for every person, is the utmost reliable Channel for any learning resource.

This course of SAP ABAP by Udemy is a beginner’s program that is recommended for everyone including financial experts, SAP Financial consultants, or SAP Project Team members. The course includes 13 hours of on-demand training videos, 4 articles, and 38 downloadable resources including lifetime access to the enrolled course. The discount rate at which various courses are provided makes it more engaging and suitable for investment. You can check out more curriculum-oriented videos regarding the course on Udemy.

Fees: Rs. 6,080 (discounted rate is Rs. 455)

4. ACTE: SAP ABAP Training with Certificate

ACTE logoBeing in Chennai, you cannot miss on ACTE SAP ABAP course being on our list as the #5 SAP ABAP course in India. The training Institute located in Chennai provides online training as well. It provides 40 hours of practical training for the SAP ABAP Programme with lifetime access to the student portal. The course structure provided by ACTE is well organized as per beginners’ needs.

The team guide is available 24×7 to help prospective students with its demonstrating videos which solve their doubts and provide accuracy in learning. Online learning is conducted by ACTE on weekdays as well as on weekends for 2-3 months. The course curriculum under ACTE makes students work on 2 live projects under the watchful eyes of the trainer.

Looking ahead it also has different modes of learning- one one-on-one training where the trainer directly focuses on his trainee and the other group training where everyone is under one training guide. ACTE is a good institute to learn this course as it is an authorized partner of many MNCs such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, Pearson Due Exam Centre, PSI Exam Centre, AWS, and the National Institute of Education (NIE) Singapore.

Fees: One-on-One Rs.26,000

Group Class Rs.24,000

5. Shape My Skills: Best SAP ABAP Online Courses 

Shape my skills logoShape my Skills SAP ABAP Programme is the #6 SAP ABAP COURSES IN INDIA guides you by providing full practical training apart from theoretical training. Which makes the student job-ready already. The course provided by Shape My Skills is not a beginner’s program whereas it’s for people who already have a basic understanding of Java and Database technologies such as SQL/PL.

The atmosphere of learning under Shape My Skills is quite friendly and approachable which helps you clear your doubts. Shape My Skills assures its student client reputation with promising services and guarantees a placement record of 100%. To join their course, you can also attend the demo session to make your respective decision.  

SAP ABAP course by Shape My Skills is over a 2-month long program with 32 hrs training. It helps you assist your learning with assignments and mock tests. Shape My Skills offers relatively affordable fees for their program.

Fees: Rs.25,000+ GST

6. 3RI Technologies: Top SAP ABAP Training Program

3RI Technologies SAP ABAP course is the #7 SAP ABAP course in India which provides you full assistance on extensive learning with a 6-week training module curriculum where it also provides 2 live projects. The instructors under 3RI Technology are professionals under their domain with 20 years of excellent training experience, they guide their students and are adaptable to their problems by regularly providing interactive solutions and learning methods.

They provide 24/7 assistance to their students. Under 3RI Technologies, extensive practical training is provided which helps you to be job-ready. 3RI Technology provides the course in both online and offline ways. They assure the placement of their students with potential employers. The fee mechanism of 3RI is favorable for people as it provides an EMI Plan, 70% within the first month of joining, and the final installment in the second month. Before enrolling in their program, you can consult them regarding any ongoing discount.

Fees: Rs. 27,000

7.  ATOS Pune: SAP ABAP training with Placement Assistance

atos logoATOS Pune SAP ABAP course is the #8 SAP ABAP course in India and provides you with an opportunity to learn the ABAP Course under an extensive learning mechanism of 20 days in a virtual format. They provide you with 200 hrs training and self-study with around 3 months of server access. The 20-day program has led to Classroom training. It provides you facility of self-learning using the SAP Learning Hub. ATOS PUNE has maintained certain prerequisites for SAP Aspirant such as:

  • Basic Knowledge of any programming Language
  • Professional qualification: B. E / B. Tech in computer science / MCA /B.Sc. in computer science/ BCA or any graduate with 1 year of programming experience.
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of DBMS and OOPS concepts is a plus

Fees: INR 30,000 + 14.5% Service Tax = INR 34,350

8. APTRON: Best SAP ABAP Training Courses in India

APTRON logoAPTRON SAP ABAP Training is our #9 SAP ABAP course in India which is regarded as the best SAP training in Delhi. It provides one-to-one training or online, group, and fast-track training programs. Training for the SAP ABAP program is held during weekdays or weekends.

The program curriculum assures 100 % placement support in various MNCs located in Delhi or Noida. This training Institute of Delhi provides a lab facility that is fully equipped with resources for extensive practice. The lab is open for 24 hours,7 Days a week, and 365 days a year. The trainee guides of APTRON are Individuals with heavy Industry experience of around 15+ years. The Course provides numerous benefits –

  • Free of-cost seminars for personality development & personal presentation.
  • It provides the facility to retake classes at no charge.
  • Facilitate regular, weekend, and customized SAP training in Delhi.
  • Free Study Material, PDFs, Video Training, Sample Questions, Exam Preparation, Interview Questions, and Lab Guides.
  • Globally recognized course completion certificate.

Fees: around 30-35k 

9. SAP ABAP Training- In Plain English (Udemy):

SAP ABAP training -UDEMY Is our #10 SAP ABAP Course in India, this course is suitable for people who are absolute beginners, who have very little knowledge of programming, and who are unaware of different coding languages with no Knowledge of SAP programs. This course by Udemy doesn’t provide live training but it lays the foundation as an absolute newbie.

The Foundation of this program is to teach you from scratch and make you an advanced level of SAP ABAP. The instructor guide provided under this course is trained personnel who provide you with 18.5 hours of intensive on-demand videos which are accessible to you for a lifetime with a course certificate. This Course is very good provided you are new due to its excellent learning facility.

You can enroll in this course after going through the demo session. The courses under Udemy keep having discount offers you can enjoy these benefits even.

Fees: Rs.8,640 (Discount fees 499)

10. Kits Online Training Institute: SAP ABAP Online Training Courses

Kits Online Training logoKits SAP ABAP Course is the #2 SAP ABAP course in India that provides you with an extensive online learning program of 40 hrs made specifically for beginners who are trying to learn to code. It offers an inclusive training course designed by the IT industry and Professionals where they provide experience in application programming taking you from the basic level of understanding to the advanced level. It encourages you to learn the best practical cases related to SAP ABAP. The SAP

ABAP course of kits is fully flexible and is provided by highly experienced tutors and IT Industry specialists. ABAP is a part of the SAP administration system which links the database and the operating system. You can have deep and extensive learning by joining the KITS SAP ABAP program which is provided in different modes as well: self-paced, one-on-one, and batch cooperative training. Reach out today for the demo session and enroll if suitable.

Fees for the programme:20000

11. Keen Technologies: SAP ABAP Online Courses

Keen Technologies is one of the largest and most recognized IT service providers globally. Moreover, it offers the finest SAP training in India and other countries. The SAP courses reflect current market trends. In addition, professional instructors employ a hands-on approach to assist students in implementing the course material. KeenTechnologies exceeds the candidates’ expectations in every way. Candidates are captivated by the highly interactive SAP courses, which allow accelerated learning. In addition, KeenTechnologies ensures that every candidate’s SAP training is 100 percent satisfactory.

SAP ABAP course details: 

  • Standardized and Accredited SAP Courses
  • Advanced Technology Infrastructure
  • 24×7 Administrative Assistance
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Employment Support

SAP ABAP course fees: 38000

12. Oasis Technologies

Since 1996, Oasis Technologies has distinguished itself as one of India’s best SAP training institutes. It provides several SAP courses, including SAP-ABAP, SAP-HANA, SAP HR and SAP-FICO. Oasis Technologies has a dedicated staff of educators and trainers in relevant disciplines led by seasoned professionals. Moreover, the SAP courses are designed to help students, working professionals, and aspiring IT professionals better their knowledge of the subject. Their experienced faculty members improve the placement of candidates by expanding their job prospects.

SAP ABAP course details: 

  • Flexible Timings
  • Online and Classroom Training
  • Project Stimulus
  • 24/7 Support

SAP ABAP course fees: 33000

13. Advantex: Online SAP ABAP Certificate Courses

Advantex is a prominent SAP training organization in India. It has assisted numerous experts in enhancing their abilities by providing substantial instruction. In addition, Advantex offers several optimization techniques to boost skill adoption, expedite the learning curve, and ultimately promote career advancement. In addition, the SAP courses provide access to outstanding professors and exceptional hands-on instruction. Advantex SAP training will equip you with the knowledge and abilities needed to compete in real-world situations. In addition, Advantex offers SAP training both online and in-person at your convenience. It also delivers both functional and technical SAP training programs.

SAP ABAP course details: 

  • Certified SAP Trainers
  • Assistance with Job
  • Oriented Training Placement
  • Flexible Schedules

SAP ABAP course fees: 29000

14. I Grow Soft: Top Online SAP ABAP Certificate Courses 

In India, I Grow Soft Solution is a specialist SAP Training Institute. Additionally, it provides the best SAP courses in multiple cities, including Hyderabad. The classroom instruction creates an atmosphere for SAP development that is unparalleled. Thus it enables a balanced setting for both theoretical and practical SAP training. In addition, the SAP courses will raise awareness of SAP deployment and skills. The objective-oriented classes help create the foundation for following SAP courses. The prominent trainers’ timetables are flexible to accommodate the needs of each candidate.

SAP ABAP course details: 

  • Expert Faculty
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Study Material
  • Excellent Lab Facility

SAP ABAP course fees: 34000

15. Mind Q Systems: Online SAP ABAP Courses in India

Mind Q Systems is India’s premier provider of IT services and training. In addition, it highlights the significance of establishing solid customer and corporate relationships. This training powerhouse serves nearly one thousand candidates. Mind Q Systems provides SAP courses like SAP FICO, SAP SD, SAP MM, SAP ABAP, and SAP TAO. The course is meant to offer students with industry-specific hands-on experience. In addition, upon completion of the training, Mind Q Systems gives a certificate assessing your knowledge and skills in installing SAP solutions.

SAP ABAP course details: 

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Real-World Circumstances
  • Active customers assistance 
  • Flexible Timetables

SAP ABAP course fees: 39000

What is the role of an SAP ABAP Developer:

SAP ABAP developer is used for designing and preparing Software applications and related programs with the help of SAP and ABAP programming codes. SAP ABAP developer also ensures adherence of new applications and various existing applications to specified meters of Standard quality and Requirements by conducting multiple diagnostic tests.

The other responsibilities of SAP ABAP developers are to provide technical resolutions to end-users to prevent reoccurrence and control system failures by providing upgraded Infrastructure. Learning of SAP ABAP course helps you with smooth navigation and operational skills.

Who can Study the SAP ABAP Course:

The SAP ABAP Course is for Everyone. The SAP Programme is developed in such a way that it benefits professionals in the finance industry by providing their businesses with a result-oriented approach. This course is for everyone:

  • Beginners through to season SAP Consultants
  • Finance Executives 
  • Employees who want to increase their skills want to have better job prospects 
  • Financial Generalist
  • Professionals trying to improve their skills
  • SAP Project Team members
  • SAP BW Consultants – ABAP plays a BIG part in this role
  • SAP Functional Consultants looking to learn ABAP skills
  • Candidates with a degree in BCom/BBA/ Btech/BSc or hold any master’s degree.
  • College Students wanting to get ahead with their studies
  • SAP BASIS Consultants want to expand their knowledge.

What is the Salary of SAP ABAP Developer:

SAP ABAP helps to provide Industries with business-oriented Applications to boost their growth. The rapid increase in its demand makes it important for businesses to their SAP ABAP Developer. In the current scenario the National salary package of the SAP

ABAP Developer stands for ₹ 5.46 lakhs per year (as per Glassdoor Co.). Whereas salaries in developed countries range from $60000 to $130000.

Salaries by different Top Business Organizations in India are:


The Scope of SAP Training is wide and is changing rapidly as many businesses whether small or large requires the application of SAP to handle their businesses. Today many companies, as well as MNCs, are looking forward to skilled ABAP Consultants to handle their business.

With the Rapid Increase in people’s demand the applicability of SAP ABAP courses Increases which makes it important for employees to develop their knowledge for the same. After the course, you can attain various positions such as:

  • SAP ABAP Technical Consultant
  • SAP ABAP Developer • SAP ABAP Programmer
  • SAP ABAP Associate or Consultant etc.

Other Career Benefits of SAP ABAP courses are:

  • It provides you with an opportunity to be a part of Top Global brands such as Google, JP Morgan, Amazon, and other related brands.
  • It benefits you by providing millions of job opportunities in the arena of SAP ABAP.
  • It makes you stand on par with other freelancers and lets you earn high incentives.
  • It lets you upgrade your skills and build your CV with technical and professional development. 
  • The Course certification provides you Job security with and exceptional growth opportunities. 

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Q1. What are the benefits of joining an online training program on SAP ABAP?

Ans. SAP ABAP course is one of the reputed courses to upgrade your skills. It provides various benefits with some of our:
• It helps you to boost the growth of the business by providing Business-oriented applications.
•  It provides you with Intense learning to create Programmes using Loops, Module pools, file handling, and scripting  
•  It helps you apprehend different types of dictionary concepts of ABAP including data structure, table, buffers, and Indexes.
•   It provides you with placement after gaining certification under various reputed companies.

Q2. Will SAP ABAP be a good career choice?

Ans. Yes, SAP ABAP is a good career choice as many companies are looking forward to skilled SAP ABAP specialists and consultants. Also, this niche is High in demand with supply very less which makes training in SAP ABAP courses important.

Q3. Who can attend SAP ABAP Training?

Ans. SAP ABAP course prerequisites depend upon the course from where you are purchasing. Some courses provide a beginner’s package whereas some determine their prerequisites for joining like basic knowledge of any programming language or some Bachelor’s degree in the tech field. Normally it depends from course to course.

Q4. Can a Fresher get a job after completion of the course?

Ans. Yes, every Training Institute provides their guaranteed placement to the candidate in a respective organization. To gain placement freshers should have good practical knowledge in a certain area regardless of good training it’s hard to earn Incentives.


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