If you are a working professional who wants to enhance his remuneration, or you are a professional who is looking for more responsibilities in his workplace, or you are someone who wants to change his career. If you are any one of the aforementioned professionals then this article is for you. You can do your PMP certification and fulfill your dream. This article will tell you from where to do your PMP.

Top 25 PMP certification courses online

1. Henry Harvin

The PMP Certification Trainign Course administered by Henry Harvin Institute offers 35 hours of instructor led core sessions, 24 hours of live online bootcamp sessions (optional) spread over 12 months post that, The PMP Course Online also gives unlimited access to all sessions scheduled for the next 12 months from the date of enrolment without paying anything extra. Henry Harvin has internationally acclaimed certified PMP certified trainers with + years of industry experience who are experts at giving PMP training. The trainers not only possess the topic expertise but also an enormous amount of teaching experience, having trained over 900+ individuals globally. The student can attend multiple sessions from multiple trainers.

The student gets 1- year membership of Henry Harvin Management Academy for PMP Certification Training. It also confers the prestigious alumni status on its past students who become a part of the 3,00,000 strong global alumni network. It will also give you guaranteed internship opportunity with Henry Harvin or partner firms. Weekly there will be 10+ job opportunities offered. You will also get hands on experience of working on industry projects during the training. The PMP (Project Management Professional) certification is a highly recognized credential for project managers. The PMP certification training offered by Henry Harvin Management Academy demonstrates the comprehensive knowledge and skills of the project managers.

The top 10 benefits of PMP certification training program In India  with Henry Harvin are as under:

  • Assists you to acquire advanced knowledge in project management, resource management, risk management, value management, integration, change, control, schedule management, Gantt charts, and various other cross cutting knowledge and skills.
  • Takes your business skills and project management capabilities to a higher level
  • Boost your career with PMP certification course that is accepted as the gold standard in project management across a wide range of factors
  • Enables project managers to apply PMP certification course concepts and best practices in the overall handling of all kinds of projects at different levels
  • Augments your abilities to identify, analyse and solve project management issues
  • Nurtures your project management leadership, team management, sharp thinking and customer centric management skills
  • Increases organizational productivity with exceptional time-management skills
  • Makes you eligible for over 3,000 + job listings across the globe requiring PMP certification experts
  • Know about contemporary tools used for project management such as task fragmenting, structure, resource allocation, mathematical project organizing models, Gantt charts, project cost estimation, and cost management.
  • Develop flexible strategies and adapt them to the context and constraints of specific projects. Deliver projects on time and with the allocated budget and resources

2. Georgia Institute of Technology

The PMP certification program offered at the Georgia Institute of Technology is a great program that imparts practical skills required for PMP course online to execute projects both big and small. This program is taught by experts in the field of project management. It is ideal for young professionals who are just starting out as well as mid-career professionals who wish to give their resume and edge. Pursuing PMP Certification Online Training is a superb way to network with others in this booming field in the US and worldwide. This is one of the best project management professional certification courses in the world.

3. CalTech

Do you know that now it is possible to complete your Best PMP training Course from CalTech in a period of 10 days? In a week-and-a-half, students are able to acquire real-world skills they will apply in project management jobs that will serve them well for the rest of their careers. All classes in the PMP course online are held virtually for the time being because of COVID-19, but students still get to gain high-level industry experience through industry experts. Who knew it would be possible to learn PMP certification in such a short period of time?

4. Georgetown University

Companies in the USA and around the world, only rely PMP trained professionals to make sure projects big or small are completed according to plan, on-budget, and by achieving strategic goals. A PMP course online from this university gives students the skills necessary to become a project manager who will be in demand in today’s competitive workforce. This PMP certification program emphasizes technical, theory and people skills that are fundamental to success as a project manager. Upon completion of the program, students will be eligible to complete the Project Management Professional or Certified Associate in Project Management exam.

5. University of Washington

A PMP certification from the University of Washington is a fantastic way to accelerate your career as a project management professional. This industry is always even high-demand, even now during the pandemic, as companies work hard to improve efficiency and obtain a competitive edge over others. The PMP course online is a program that comprises Predictive and Agile methodologies and offers transparent, upfront pricing to give prospective students peace of mind that their ROI will be worth it. The professional and continuing education department from the University of Washington has many certificate offerings, which includes PMP training, that are perfect for young professionals and anyone who is interested in enhancing their skill set.

6. University of California, Berkeley

A PMP certification from the University of California, Berkeley, sets graduates apart from the pack. Their fully online PMP course online enables students to study concepts that they can quickly apply to their jobs. Instructors have plenty of industry-knowledge and real world experience to impart PMP training to students and emphasis is always on problem solving skills. Students who plan to take the PMP and CAPM certification are invited to take the helpful elective courses that hone in on the skills needed to pass with flying colors.

7. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia PMP Course Certification Trainign In Delhi program is ideal for project management professionals of all kinds, including entry-level and executive employees who wish to enhance their skill set in this area. Project management skills including leadership, budget control, time-management, and effective communication are fundamentally important in a wide range of industries. The PMP course online is available at the same cost for in-state and out-of-state students and can be completed in an average of 12 months by taking PMP training. The continuing education and professional studies department of this university is open for business online to students of all kinds.

Baruch College

Obtaining a PMP certification from this college affords students the opportunity to acquire a host of essential skills in project management industry. The program imparts knowledge necessary for successfully passing PMP and CAPM exams. All students are required to complete PMP training in Fundamentals of Project Management, Advanced Professional Project Management, Microsoft Project, and Negotiation, Decision Making and Conflict Management. After obtaining a PMP course online certificate students and workers are valued for their contributions in their current work position and are better positioned to take the next advancing step in their career trajectory.

North Carolina State University

A PMP certification from this University is the perfect investment in any individual’s career. There is always a demand for project management experts, and a certificate from North Carolina State University will take your skill set to a whole new level. Required courses in PMP course online include Project management tools, principles, and practices. How to communicate, influence and negotiate in project management. This certification program is given after PMP training. This certification serves as a gateway for students to access the incredible, intellectual, and technical resources at NCU. It also has a wide range network for NCSU alumni that graduates can connect with to enhance their job searches.

University of Minnesota

The PMP certification offered at the University of Minnesota program offers students the opportunity to learn and polish their process and human interaction skills in order to perform well at their current position and reach the next few rungs on their career ladder. Students through PMP course online learn conflict negotiation and resolution, team-building and leadership, risk management and adaptability skills, and more. Pricing for the entire certificate program is transparent and rather affordable. PMP training professionals who graduated from this university, develop initiative, give highly efficient solutions, confidently utilize technology to achieve strategic goals and express themselves clearly in writing and in person.

Rutgers University

With a Rutgers University PMP certification, you can do a lot and more. This PMP training program is ideal for the whole range of people, including those interested in those taking the PMP exam, assimilating basic project management knowledge to apply in one’s current position or preparing to switch to taking your career in a different direction. This self paced PMP course online program at Rutgers University gives students the guidance and technical and personal skills necessary to keep projects large or small on tracks, on time, and in line with budgetary parameters. The teachers are experts in this field who impart incredible knowledge in this sought after program.

Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University offers a PMP certification course that prepares students for demanding project management industry, which is only becoming more fast paced and complex as companies scramble to improve efficiency and achieve strategic goals. This program is an excellent preparation for the PMP course online- it includes a full, online practice exam that helps students feel extra prepared to pass the PMP examination with flying colors. All certificate programs at this University and open-enrolment, non-credit bearing programs that are designed to enhance the careers of professionals who wish to increase their skills so that they can get a promotion in their current jobs or launch into a new direction after taking the PMP training.

University of California, Davis

Getting a PMP certification from this university, requires a significant investment of time, energy and money. But the vast majority of graduates who pass out every year from this place feel that it is worth it. The PMP training that they receive here has 6 online classes that provide practical training that students are able to apply on the job immediately. There is a fast track option too in which you take the PMP course online. This is perfect for people who are ready to take their careers to the next level ASAP.  So they should stop wasting time, bingeing on TV and sign up immediately.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago program management certificate is a wise course of study to complete for all kinds of people – those who are starting out in the workforce, those who wish to contribute more to their current work place and those who are looking to move on to their next position. This PMP certification program, which is part of the Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies, provides students with principle technical and interpersonal skills necessary for professional growth by taking PMP training to take the PMP course online. A certificate or degree from this university makes you stand out from the crowd.  

San Diego State University

The San Diego State University offers a professional certification in PMP certification that makes people’s careers actually take off. The PMP course online is usually completed in an average of 8 months. Anyone interested in a career in project management, or to simply enhance their career in another industry, would benefit from pursuing a professional certificate in project management by taking PMP training from this university. The SDSU is committed to giving back to San Diego community especially during this especially difficult time during the pandemic. As a result, SDSU is offering free virtual classes to first responders, it’s just their small way of saying, “thank you for your service”.

Villanova University

Villanova University offers an applied PMP certification program that focuses on essential, results driven skills to take graduates careers up a notch. Students are able to utilize the skills they glean in the classes at this university immediately on the job in order to positively impact outcomes right away. Graduates are well prepared to take the PMP training or CAPM exam offered by PMI. According to the Villanova website, project management managers who have taken the PMP course online  have a median salary of $120,000 and project management positions are expected to increase by 22 million by 2027.

University of Central Florida

You can now achieve your career and education goals with a PMP certification from this university. Course work options include introductions to project management, senior level project management, PDU courses for maintaining project management credentials. Those of you who are preparing to take the project management certification exams would be wise to take this PMP training through this PMP course online. This will make you a complete project manager. This university is a treasure trove or resources for different kinds of certifications. This is to boost their career potential and transform their future.

University of California, Santa Cruz

The University of California, Santa Cruz, offers a very good program which covers both project management and program management. These two certifications enable people to excel in the project management field in various industries. So many companies need PMP certification professionals to execute their complex projects efficiently and effectively such that their client is happy and comes back to them with his business. The industry will pay handsome salaries to such project managers who have taken PMP training and have undergone a PMP course online. Such is the nature of this PMP certification that it is applicable to all industries.

Southern Methodist University

Do you wish you could learn more valuable skills for your career in project management? Check out this PMP certification provided by Southen Methodist University. This program is geared towards those who wish to begin a career in project management, switch from another career path by doing their PMP course online, or simply enhance their skills for their current workplaces. Southern Methodist University is a great place to learn for those who want to advance their career, increase their earning power, or change the trajectory of their professional path. True to its word, this PMP training course is one among the best in the industry.

University of Miami

Check out the University of Miami PMP certification program. Employers across the world including the Indian sub-continent, are looking for people with impeccable project management skills and completing the PMP certification program by taking PMP training is an excellent route to get a raise in salary. You can do your PMP course online now from the confines of your home or office. Completing your PMP certification is a great way to enhance your career and make fresh goals such that they also lead to more growth. With this certification, you can either get yourself a new job or ask your current boss for a raise in salary considering you have added to your qualifications.

UMass Lowell

Getting a PMP certification from UMass Lowell requires hard work and dedication. However, it is possible for those who have the drive to take their career to the next level. Today’s global business environment requires people who have taken PMP course online by opting for PMP training. Today’s business environment requires that an individual should be able to handle multiple projects at once. At the same time they are called to achieve business objectives on time and on budget. Those who have completed the project management certification program from UMass Lowell show potential employers that they have the skills necessary to perform at a very high level.

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester Institute of Technology offers a PMP certification program that is like none of the courses in this list. It offers a unique program. It is an advance certification that enables students to learn from fantastic instructors who are experts in this field. Depending upon how many credit hours students are able to take on per session, the program will take around 1-2 years to finish. Upon completion, graduates who have taken PMP training and have also taken their PMP course online become eligible to apply for jobs as project leaders, program coordinators, community engagement agents and more.

Florida Atlantic University

Are you aware that the world-over, companies are looking for project managers who have got their PMP certification done? This is because PMP certified professionals have the necessary skills that are required to achieve big business goals as well as maintain day-to-day operations for large and small projects. Excellent project managers such as those who have obtained their PMP course online through Florida Atlantic University are in great demand. There is so much instability in the job market nowadays it is very difficult to distinguish your resume from the crowd of applications received for a job position. However, with a PMP qualification after having taken PMP training, things become much easier.

Oakland University

Oakland University has come out with an online PMP certification course that prepares students well to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s modern workplace. This program is a wise investment for anyone seeking to become a project management expert. In fact, in 2016, Value listed their PMP course online among the top 50 best value project management certification programs. This university is an educational institute that welcomes students from across the globe to partake of their plethora of courses. This is a vibrant educational community which gives PMP training guidance to colleagues who have joined, and those who are studying the subject of project management.

San Francisco State University

A qualification in PMP certification course from the San Francisco State University is a wise investment of time and effort for any student who is serious about what he is doing. Whether you are just starting out in your career or are looking to switch your career paths, or you simply want to perform at the highest potential in your current position, the PMP course online from San Francisco State University will help you achieve your goals. It will give you PMP training in such a way that you will definitely clear your PMP exams in the first shot.

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