Indeed, a PMP certification permits you to improve your credibility in your project management career. PMP certification has a considerable scope in Saudi Arabia due to the unexpected growth of commercial enterprises. PMP training can open up diverse opportunities in Saudi Arabia. But before you start your PMP journey, you must know the fee you must pay for the certification. This could help you make better plans.

PMP Certification Cost 

PMP Certification Cost

The total PMP certification cost combines examination prices, training charges, and studying material expenditures. There is likewise a price involved for the practice test simulator. The exam charge for the PMP in Saudi Arabian forex is SAR 2060. The overall PMP certification price can pass in the variety of SAR 3700- SAR 11200. Let’s talk about the types of charges you need to pay for PMP certification. 

Exam Fee For PMP Certification

An aspiring PMP exam candidate must pay the exam price set by the Project Management Institute, i.e., PMI. This is a governing organization for the certification. The PMP examination charge varies for the PMI members and nonmembers.

Exam for PMI members-  SAR 1522

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PMP exam fee for nonmembers – SAR 2086 

As we can see, PMI members get a discount on the PMP exam fee. However, they must pay the PMI membership fee to become a member. PMI membership fee is SAR 485.


Members of PMI usually revel in discounted examination charges, making it superb to enroll in the organization before registering for the exam. They also get many other benefits, such as discounts on re-examination and certification renewal expenses.

Training Fee

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You must undergo a PMP course to take the PMP examination. The PMP training fee can vary between the price of SAR 1100 and SAR 7500. It depends on factors like mode of training, training provider, course period, and what exam preparation guarantee they give. 

You can carefully evaluate all these factors and choose the right PMP training provider for your PMP course. 

If you are looking for an online PMP course, then you can take your PMP course between  SAR 1100 and SAR 1800.

Practice Tests Fee

The following PMP certification cost includes the fee for practice test simulators. This ranges between SAR 225 and SAR 1100.

No doubt, you can find multiple options for free practice tests on the internet. But the paid practice tests allow you to assess your knowledge level by taking question papers set by the experts in the industry. A practice test is one of the important parts of you are preparing for the PMP exam.

PMBOK Guide Fee

You can buy a PMBOK guide for SAR 165 on online platforms. Also, it is available on the PMI website, retailers, and bookstores. 

Fee for Buying Books

Moreover, you can increase your knowledge by investing in books related to the PMP  exam. You can find multiple books available in the market. Buying books related to the PMP exam can cost between  SAR 150 – and SAR 375. 

Cost of Re-examination

To clear the PMP exam, all candidates get three attempts in case they don’t clear in the first attempt. A re-examination fee must be paid for each attempt. Fees differ for PMI members and non-members.

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The re-examination for members is SAR 1033, and for members, it is SAR 1409.

PMP Certification Renewal Fee

You must pay This fee every three years to maintain your PMP certificate. The PMP certification fee for PMI members is SAR 225, and for non-members, it is SAR 564. 

This fee needs to be paid every three years by the certificate holder. Candidate must have PDUs by continuing training or working in this field.

Henry Harvin’s PMP Certification Course

Everyone wants the best PMP training provider at an affordable rate. Henry Harvin is a leading name for training and education in the market. They are offering job-oriented and upskilling courses across the globe. 

We offer the PMP course in the range of  SAR 1100 and SAR 1800. With us, you will learn from the best trainers in this industry. 

It is a 36-hour two-way interactive course with 35+ PDUs and access to the PMI’s digital material. You also get 1500+ Practice Questions. 


Doing a PMP certification will open up many job opportunities, but it has a cost. These are the PMP examination, training, PMBOK, practice simulator,  and book fees.

However, there is no option for saving money on examination fees, but you can save money by choosing Henry Harvin for the PMP training course. Henry Harvin offers a very affordable PMP course along with world-class quality. Get an idea of the whole cost involved and decide to start your PMP certification journey with Henry Harvin. 

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Q1- What is PMP certification?

Ans-  It is a certificate awarded by PMI, recognized globally. This is awarded to candidates with expertise in project management principles and practices. This is given to those who clear the PMP exam. 

Q2- Can I know the eligibility criteria for taking the PMP exam?

Ans- The candidate should have a relevant degree with five years of experience in the project management field. If not these, one should have done at least 35 hours of PMP course.

Q3- How many questions are there in the PMP exam?

Ans- There are 180 MCQs, and it is four hours.

Q4- How will I clear my doubts about online PMP training? 

Ans- Henry Harvin offers an online two-way interactive PMP course. This means you can ask and clear your questions during the live class. You also get an option to post your query after the live class. 

Q5-  What option is there if I don’t clear the PMP exam on the first attempt? 

Ans- Don’t worry. You will get three attempts to clear your PMP exam. You just need to pay a re-examination fee for each attempt.

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