Natural language Processing have you heard about this course? I am sure you all must be thinking that it’s related to the technical world and may sound boring to you. But wait it is not, here I’ll share with you some interesting facts and information which many are unaware of.

Machine is Learning Human Language

We all know that it’s not that simple to train the machines according to human communication, isn’t it? But due to the existence of technological advancements and innovations, it is possible. The computers have been enabled with software that allows them to recognize the language of communication and interpret it well.


This blog will further cover all the basic elements and important components of artificial intelligence. Grab your favorite place to sit and get ready to be part of the digitalized journey in which you will learn so much about interactions between a computer and human language. I hope you enjoy reading my blog based upon Natural Language Processing Courses in India.

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What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing

This technology describes the interaction between human language and computers. Moreover, it is a part of artificial intelligence. It is used by us daily and has been around for years, but we all took this technology for granted. Let me reveal that secret which many of you would have been unaware of.

The examples of this technology which we use on our day-to-day basis are as follows-

  • Sire, Alexa, or google assistant
  • Spell Check
  • Autocomplete
  • Spam Filters
  • Voice Text Messaging
  • Related Keywords on Search Engine

Now, tell me who all were aware of this technology? I guess many of you were not. But don’t worry because I’m here to share much more informational content based upon Natural Language Processing Courses in India. The main aim of this technology is to read, understand and decode human language in a valuable manner. Most Natural Language Processing techniques are highly dependent on machine learning obtained from human language.

The interaction between machines and human language while using NLP techniques are responsible for the following-

  • A human may talk to the computer
  • Text data is processed
  • Data can be converted into audio
  • Audio for text conversion 
  • A computer can capture the audio

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List of 10 Best Natural Language Processing Courses in India:-

Here, we will discuss which 10 best institutes provides the Natural Language Processing(NLP) courses and are the best fit for you all. Natural Language Processing allows the computer to understand the human language – speech or text.

Do you know in Natural Language Processing computers are first trained upon human language? Once, computers can understand the basics of the language and answer simple questions and commands then it may hit a success rate in a jiffy. Without wasting much time let’s quickly hop upon the 10 best Natural Language Processing Courses in India.

1.Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is a  developmental organization that focuses upon value creation. Mr Kounal Gupta is recognized as the founder and CEO of Henry Harvin Education. They are involved in providing business training, skill development, assessment centers, content services, and higher education.

Henry Harvin was originated in 2013, they were early players in the room of Ed-tech. They have a rich portfolio of 100+ courses. Courses are delivered both online by live instructors and classrooms globally with the US and India being major markets offering 9+key deliverables. They have trained around 3,00,000 professionals across 25+ cities and 4+countries. Henry Harvin Education is a trusted training partner with 60+ colleges and 150+ corporates PAN India.

What you will learn from Natural Language processing at Henry Harvin-

  • Highly proficient in NLP among various areas such as speech recognition, Sentiment analysis, Lemmatization
  • Experience and work upon tools for word and sentence embedding
  • Get Familiarized with speech recognition techniques along with speech libraries
  • Implement and learn about the work pipeline
  • Be proficient in concepts like Machine translation, neural models, Deep Semantic Similarity Models(DSSM) much more

 The curriculum of Natural Language Processing Courses -:

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Feature Engineering on Text data
  • Natural Language Understanding Techniques
  • Natural Language Generation
  • NLP Libraries
  • NLP with Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
  • Speech Recognition Techniques
  • Soft Skill development
  • Resume writing

Career Opportunities:-

  • Exposed to millions of jobs globally in the realm of Natural Language Processing
  • Hired by top international brands like Google, Amazon other top brands as a certified Natural Language Processing Professional.
  • Highly paid profession both as a freelancer or a full-time job after competition of Natural Language Processing Courses.
  • Earn a certified certification from Henry Harvin Education a recognized institute- Certified NLP Professional Course(NLP)
  • Be distinguished and stand out from the crowd and be promoted as a certified NLP professional with the most in-demand skills

Facilities Provided at Henry Harvin Education-

  • 16 hours of live online training by the instructor
  • Regular Bootcamps held for over next 12 months
  • E-learning access comprises abundant tools and techniques, including video content, assessments, and much more.
  • Avail 1 year of gold membership of henry Harvin Education analytics academy 
  • Free brush up sessions for 1 year if availing for the gold membership
  • Guaranteed internship with Henry Hevin or partner firms
  • 10+ Job opportunities are offered weekly 

Fee structure-

  • Self-paced- ₹11250/-
  • Live Online Classroom – ₹12500/-

All those who want to enhance their skills but don’t have enough time in hand due to job or another thing. Then Henry Harvin Education is a perfect fit for you to learn and upskill yourself with a great variety of courses and that too with flexible timings.

Other Related Courses-


Also, Henry Harvin provides other courses

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Business Accounting & Taxation course
GST Course 
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2. Coursera

Natural Language Processing Courses are offered by Coursera. They have a mission which states “We envision a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to transform their lives through learning”.Coursera has recently received a B-corp certification in February 2021, which means they now have a legal duty not only to shareholders but can also make a positive impact on society. They are partners with more than 200 leading universities and companies. Moreover, they also provide a range of learning opportunities along with projects,job-ready certificates, and degree programs.

Skills you will learn in this course-

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Word embeddings 
  • N-gram language models
  • Transformers
  • Machine translation
  • Parts-of-speech tagging

After completing this course, you will be able to design NLP applications that perform question-answering and create tools to translate language and summarize text and build chatbots. At Coursera, you get 100% online courses along with flexible schedules. Once, the course gets completed you will receive a certificate and complete hands-on project experience which you can share on your LinkedIn profile with prospective employers and your professional network.

There are 4 Courses under Natural Language Processing Courses:-

  1. Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces
  2. Natural Language Processing with Probabilistic Models
  3. Natural Language Processing with Sequence Models
  4. Natural Language Processing with Attention Models

3. Udemy

Udemy shares knowledge with the world. They change the concept of learning for the better tomorrow. It is a global learning platform where people connect through knowledge. The instructors of Udemy are people who are passionate about sharing their knowledge with students all over the world. Udemy also transforms life and gives a new direction to the career of people which they want to pursue in the future. Whatever your learning style is at Udemy they help you choose the course that fits you best. Their instructors are from all over the world and their courses are available in 65 languages and they cover everything in the course which you should know about in it. Udemy provides 155k courses with 56k instructors their global community and course catalog get bigger every day.

Natural Language Processing Courses is Designed for-

  • Anyone who is not familiar with the world of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing and is looking for a start then this course is a perfect fit for them.

Basic Requirements for the Natural Language Processing Courses in India at Udemy-

  • A computer having any operating system such as windows, Linux, ios,macOS, Ubuntu
  • Should have basic Python programming knowledge

Course Content of Natural Language Processing Courses in India at Udemy-

  • Course Introduction
  • Setup
  • Python Refresher
  • NLTK and the Basics
  • Tokenization, Tagging, and Chunking
  • Custom Sources
  • Projects
  • Appendixes

What will you learn in Natural Language Processing Courses-

  • Working with text data by using the Natural Language tool kit
  • Loading and manipulating custom text data
  • Able to analyze the text to discover, important keywords, statistics, etc

This Course includes-

  • Full-time access
  • 16 downloadable resources
  • Certification of completion 
  • Access on mobile and TV too
  • 3 hours on-demand video

Fee Structure-

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing- ₹6,400/

4. edx

edx empowers millions of learners and professionals so that they could unlock their future potential and become the changemakers of the nation. This could have happened only due to the existence of online education. At edx, they have 3000+ courses,160 partners,15000 instructors, and around 35 million users.edx is building, partnering, and promoting a software platform that brings together all the best universities across the nation. They are responsible for creating courses for everyone and everywhere in the world which could be possible only with the help of dedicated and talented people.

About the Natural Language Processing Courses Provided at edx-

  • This course offers an overview of both NLP and Natural Language Understanding for learners, professionals, researchers, leaders.

Learning from Natural Language Processing Courses at edx-

  • It will give you an understanding of key concepts both Natural Language Processing(NLP) and  Natural Language Understanding(NLU)
  • Tools and techniques used to analyze unstructured data in the learning of analytics research
  • How to analyze unstructured data in the educational research training setup

Syllabus Covered-

  • Common Natural Language Processing(NLP) Research Questions and Tools in Learning Analytics
  • Data cleaning and Analysis concepts in NLP
  • Concepts and Emerging tools of NLU

Duration of the course-

  • Estimated 3 weeks (5-7 hours of training per week)

Facilities Provided by edx-

  • Access to course material
  • Edx support access
  • Certification after completion of course
  • Graded assignments, projects, and exams

Pricing of this Course-

  • ₹ 7386/-

5. Intellipaat

Intellipaat focuses upon the value of education delivered to its learners, educators, students not the volume, so with them you will be given chance to showcase your talent and fulfill all your dreams. They are closely related to the 4 pillars which include-

  • High-quality content
  • Training pedagogy
  • 24/7 support
  • Job assistance

At Intellipaat they have a unique approach towards the speculation and formation of its course contents. Moreover, they provide their learners with lifelong support and lifetime access to course material. They provide expert help and ensure that their learners can find lucrative jobs. They conduct mock interviews and help their students to create a high-quality resume.

Facilities Provided-

  • 20 hrs instructor-led online training
  • Flexible time schedules
  • Certification and job assistance
  • 24/7 Lifetime Support Access

After Completion of Natural Language Processing Courses from Intellipaat-

  • You will become highly proficient in text processing and classifying texts
  • Understanding of topics such as Text Mining, Text Classification, Tokenization, Lemmatization, Sentence Structure, Sequence Tagging, Language Modelling.
  • You will be able to design your text classifier with the help of practical demonstrations being conducted at the end of the program.

The curriculum of Natural Language Processing Courses-

  • Overview of NLP and Text Mining 
  • Text Mining, Cleaning, and Pre-Processing
  • Text Classification
  • Sentence Structure, Sequence Tagging, many more tools
  • Introduction to Semantics and Vector Space Models
  • Dialog Systems

Certificate provided by Intellipaat-     

Intellipaat certification is given to the student after competition of project work and scoring at least 60% in the quiz. Its certification is recognized among the top 80+ MNC such as Erricson, Cisco, etc.   

Price Structure for Natural Language Processing Courses in India-         

  • Self Paced Training – ₹17,043
  • Online Classroom Training – ₹29,982

6. Datamites

Datamites are one of the best training providers who offer cost-effective, qualitative training courses over a wide range in the analytics field. They offer specialization courses such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep learning, and many more. Their main motive is to create such professionals who could withstand the complexities of the analytics field. Training courses at Datamites are curated and updated by experts with great experience who transmit better knowledge to the candidates who attendees the sessions or training. Moreover, they make sure to provide cost-effective and qualitative training to their prospective learners.

Why Choose Datamites for  Natural Language Processing Courses-

  • They have Global Recognitions with IABC Certification
  • Qualified and Expert trainers
  • Career Guidance by experts and professionals
  • Specialized Syllabus provided


  • Introduction to NLP
  • Language Modelling
  • Sequence to Sequence models
  • Transformers and Bert

Benefits of Pursuing Natural Language Processing Courses from Datamites- 

  • IABC Global Recognition and Certification
  • 3 months training
  • 10 Capstone along with 1 client-based project
  • Cloud Lab access
  • Internship and job assistance provided

Certified Natural Language Processing Courses in India training cost-

  • Live Virtual Training – ₹35,000
  • Blended Learning ₹21,000
  • Classroom Training-₹44,000

7. Codecademy

 Codecademy curate the education that the world deserves. Their goal is to give prospective learners and educators the ability to learn the skills which they would require to succeed in the 21st century. At Codecademy they try to create some interactive and creative ways of learning which make the learning more engaging, flexible and makes it more of a two-way process between learners and trainers. They are highly committed to empowering the people so that they continue to learn, grow and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Why Learn Natural Language Processing Courses in India from Codecademy-

  • You will get the ability to understand how the computer works with Human Language
  • Expansion of Knowledge along with that you will learn new techniques and libraries for data analysis
  • You will be able to create natural language processing tools

Kinds of Skills developed from Natural Language Processing Courses-

  • Language Parsing
  • Text Generation
  • Neural Networks

Things to Learn from Natural Language Processing Courses in India at Codecademy-

  • Introduced with NLP Skil Path
  • Overview of NLP
  • Text Preprocessing
  • Language Parsing
  • Language Quantification 
  • Text Generation
  • NLP Portfolio Project

After completion of Natural Language Processing Courses, you will earn a certificate from Codecademy.

8. NobleProg

NobleProg is an international and consulting agency that delivers premium courses to every sector. Which covers all the major sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, IT management, and many more. For the past 15 years, they have provided training to more than 50,000 educators over 6000 companies and organizations.NobleProg uses great technologies methods for teaching and makes sure to continuously upgrade it and improve their course structure by being updated with all kinds of latest developments. They make sure that the trainers hired are experts in their field with a rigorous amount of interviews taking place for it. All the courses at NobleProg are evaluated by the delegates and all kinds of improvements required are made accordingly.

At NobleProg they not only give importance to the latest trends and technology they also focus upon bringing positive change in society. Also, they deliver academic knowledge along with practical skills required by every participant on their day to day basis.

Key requirements for Learning Natural Language Processing Courses from NobleProg-

  • No such background of NLP is required for this course
  • Should be familiar with programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, etc
  • Reasonable maths skills are required and should be aware of probability, statistics, and calculus

Course Outline Structure of Natural Language Processing Courses in India at NobleProg-

  • NLP learning methods
    • Word and sentence tokenization
    • Text Classification
    • Spelling correction
    • Information Extraction
    • Parsing
    • Question answering
    • Sentiment analysis and many more
  • NLP Theory 
    • Machine learning
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • N-gram modeling
    • Sequence models
    • Probalistic dependency
    • Vector-space models of meaning

Duration of the Course-

  • 21 hours of extensive training with practical experience

Fee Structure-

  • ₹65,772


Gangboard is an interactive and learning platform for software training. Its courses are designed well by some of the highly experienced experts. This way they will be able to respond to the revolutionizing corporate world and make the prospective learners adapt to the changes required from the industry. They have enormous experience in online live class training and are highly flexible by keeping in mind the learning needs of working professionals.

They offer a wide range of online courses such as Big Data, Analytics, Digital Marketing, software testing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, etc. You may master any of these skills from your comfort zone. These courses are conducted by certified professionals and experts who have a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. Learners are encouraged to clear all their doubts and questions they have and all of them are answered by the instructors at their convenience.GangBoard provides you with 100% placement assistance after the competition of your training certification course.

Who all can take Natural Language Processing Courses in India at GangBoard-

  • The course is designed for data engineers and data science aspirants

What all you’ll learn in this course-

  • Gain knowledge about language modeling, probability, information theory, and much more
  • Non-probability parsing, edit distance, the dynamic network for memory 
  • You will also learn about chatbot creation used in many businesses, e-mail analysis, advertisement funerals.

Training Facilities provided by Natural Language Processing Courses in India at GangBoard are-

  • One-on-one training
  • Online training in a virtual classroom
  • Book trials 

Program Features of GangBoard-

  • IT Professionals as trainers
  • Hands-on Training experience
  • Affordable fees rates
  • Counseling session by experts
  • Lifetime access to course material

GangBoard awards its participant with a certificate after competition of the NLP course. That certification is accredited by all major companies across the nation. The certificate is awarded after the completion of both theoretical and practical sessions. This certificate may increase the value of your resume and can also attain job posts in leading MNC’s.

NLP Program fee

  • ₹20,000/-

10. Udacity

Udacity is the best institute for lifelong learners who want to upskill themselves so that they could apply for their dream jobs and build the lives they deserve. Their mission is to train the youth workforce so that they can build their career. They are partners with some of the leading technology companies and teach all those critical tech skills which most of the companies want from their workforce. 

Udacity provides a Nanodegree program that will surely make you a certified Natural Language Processing Expert after completion of this course. Master the skills to make the computers understand by manipulating the human language. Along with that get hands-on experience with machine translation, sentiment analysis, and many more.

What will you learn in Natural Language Processing Courses-

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Computing with Natural Language
  • Communicating with Natural Language

Programs of Udacity include-

  • Real-world projects by industry experts
  • Technical support
  • Career services
  • Flexible learning

Duration of the Nanodegree Program-

  • 3 months

Fee Structure of the Course-

  • ₹47,967/-

Benefits of Natural Language Processing in Business-

Below is a list of some of the benefits of Natural Language Processing-

1.It offers immediate customer service-

Natural Language Processing is a language being used by chatbots so that it could help its customers with immediate answers and could resolve them with time not been an issue. Chatbots run predefined answers so that customers don’t have to wait for the service desk response. We live in the 21st century where everyone is in a hurry and impatient everyone wants their work to be given first priority. In this situation thanks to the advanced machine learning techniques by which chatbots can now detect a user’s intention within a couple of seconds.

2.Boosts the conversion ratio rate-

In today’s time, every business wants to enjoy higher conversion rates, it’s possible with the NLP solutions. Chatbots include simple features like auto-complete text and much more advanced search functionality. When more and more visitors visit and spend time upon your websites that means they are willing to make purchases and use your services. Basically, with Natural Language Processing your website becomes more engaging and visible and people would further like to make a visit and purchase from your website.

3.It improves the end-user experience-

What all things make your website user friendly-

  • The chatbots help you find things that you are looking for using semantic search engines
  • You will only be showcase high-quality content and all sorts of spam, speech, etc can be avoided using user-generated content(UGC) moderation tools

4.Enhances employee satisfaction-

The Natural Language Processing software does the consuming or routine task of employees in the company in a jiffy for eg-

  • To answer the repetitive questions
  • Acting as customer support
  • Classifying e-mails
  • Spell check
  • Scanning documents for keywords and filtering them in CV’s many more

5.High rank on Search Result Pages(SERP’S)-

Search Engine Optimization plays the most important role in every business also every business aspires to be ranked at the top position on SERP’S which is possible by Natural Language Processing. They can detect and suggest related keywords, saves time spent on research while optimizing the content. This way the SEO site of companies will be improved and become more visible.

Final Words on Natural Language Processing Courses-

Hope you all enjoyed the journey of the digital world in which I share a brief outline about artificial Intelligence and machine learning including NLP. The blog was based on the 10 best Natural Language Processing courses in India. This blog was to give you a clear understanding of which Institute could be the best option for you to pursue your dream course that is Natural Language Processing(NLP).

Also, the best thing about all the institutes is they all provide you with a live online instructor. It means you can attend the course from anywhere across the nation and according, to your suitable time. Natural Language Processing is considered one of the most important elements in Artificial Intelligence. This is the reason why more and more companies are investing high income in NLP solutions. Altogether, if you apply for Natural Language Processing courses in India then it is surely going to be beneficial for you and you will earn a lot after completion of this from some of the reputed and well-established institutes all over India.

Henry Harvin Education could be one of the institutes you would like to begin your career in Natural Language Processing. Without wasting much time go and apply for the Natural Language Processing Courses in India before all seats get filled. 

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Q.1 Who should enrol for Natural Language Processing Courses in India?

Ans.1 This course is suitable for people who want to build their career in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Also, this course is for software engineers who want to learn and gain a deeper understanding of how Natural Language Processing Models work and how are they supposed to be applied.

Q.2How to start learning Natural Language Processing Courses?

Ans. The best way to learn this course is to search for some reputed and recognized online institutions which provide certified certification. Henry Harvin Education provides you with certified certification as a Natural Language Processing expert and it also provides its students with 100% placement assistance along with hands-on experience.

Q.3 Is the Natural Language Processing course easy to learn?

Ans. Any course is easy to learn until you have the zeal, curiosity, discipline if you have all this in you then you may learn Natural Language Processing in an enjoyable manner.

Q.4 How much time does it takes to learn Natural Language Programming courses in India?

Ans. It depends upon the institute ideally it may take around 3-6 months at max for a certificate course. Some institutes may take a month to complete the course. Also, some institutes have levels like beginner, advanced, and so on. At Henry Hevin Education you can learn this language certification course in 1 month. This institute is highly recognized they also give access to 1 yr of free brushup sessions and lifetime support along with the LMS system.

Q.5 List of jobs after completion of Natural Language Courses in India?

Ans. The list of jobs which you can apply for are as follows-
2.The motivational speaker
4.NLP developer
5.NLP engineer
7.Data scientists and many more

Q.6 What software and versions are required for Natural Language Processing Courses?

Ans. For this course, all you need is a computer running with a 64 -bit Operating system such as Linux, Windows, OS, etc. Along with 8 GB RAM, you need an administrator account permission to install programs such as python and other supporting packages. The network should allow secure connections to remote hosts.

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