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Financial Analytics Certification Training with R

Certified Financial Analytics Practitioner' (CFAP) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program

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‘Information is the oil of the 21st century and analytics is it’s combustion engine.’

Analyzing finance is an interesting thing but what matters is that you do it right. If finance sparks the fire in you and you desire to learn more about it then opting a good financial analytics course with R is the right thing for you.

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R is a really engaging programming language used for analyzing data. A good financial analytics course with R would train you right for it.

There are many great financial analytics courses with R in India. India is a country that excels in all the fields and no way can we be left behind in Financial analytics.

Here are the Best 10 financial analytics course with R in India:

1. Henry Harvin Financial Analytics Course with R

Henry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin is an institute which conducts courses on a variety of topics. The Henry Harvin team is set on providing its customers with the best of education. Each learner is given personal attention in the interactive classes. Henry Harvin institute has got widespread media recognition on various platforms. It is an award winning training education. It aims at providing the very best of the educational facilities. Henry Harvin has branches all over India. It has a significant presence in the U S A. They ensure a complete understanding of the topic and even boost your confidence. Henry Harvin conducts many webinars and has one of the best online courses throughout India.

Henry Harvin’s Financial Analytics Course is a really illuminating Course.

The Course Highlights:

  • Explore, Analyze and solve big business problems using analytical tools like Excel Advanced and R
  • Know all about the concept of Data Collection
  • Gain practice on industry related data measurement and analysis
  • Communication on Business objectives is done in a focused manner with business analysts 
  • Get help in better evaluation of data
  • Development of goal oriented business strategies
  • Access, integrate and Analyze customer data through engage customers and multiple sources in Real- time
  • Gain a full view of customers across different channels
  • Understand the product affinity by analyzing the transactional data
  • Learn about financial decision making based on analytics that helps drive company’s ROIs
  • Be able to take actionable and data driven decisions to increase your country’s share in the market
  • Adjust to the Macro changes in the predictive models

Additional benefits of this financial analytics course with R in India:

  • After course completion you become eligible for all the analytics job requiring background
  • Open all the doors of job opportunities in abroad that demand specialization
  • Become the one to grab the empty seats of high paying jobs that require skilled people
  • Get a quick promotion due to the newly harnessed skills
  • Get a separate profile than your peers in the interview
  • Earn an industrially recognized certification
  • Upgrade your qualification with the addition of CFAP professional added next to your name
  • Improve your CV and LinkedIn profile with the addition of Henry Harvin certification
  • Build an analytics startup
  •  Gain e-learning access with all the recorded sessions
  • Gain Henry Harvin internship opportunities
  • Job opportunities providing daily on your mail
  • Clear all the job interviews with confidence
  • One year membership of Analytics Academy
  • Gain an Alumni status 
  • 100% practical financial analytics course

Course Duration:

32 hours

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Cities in India where Henry Harvin Financial Analytics Course is Provided:


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2. Jigsaw Academy Financial Analytics course with R


Jigsaw academy provides a good range of courses. It is a part of Manipal Global Education services and has been providing courses all over the world for a decade. 

It has over a hundred hiring partners. It guarantees a shoot up in your salary by 42%. It is a really good provider of financial analytics courses with R in India.

Analytics students would gain a lot from this course as it will help them make a stand in the e-commerce domain. Even professionals will gain a new experience.

The Course Highlights:

  • An overview of banking analytics
  • Gain a glossary of all the important terms
  • Acquisition of assets in marketing
  • Do many interesting case studies
  • Learn the concept of retention
  • Collections and recovery from loss tips
  • Find out the fraud financing options
  • The regulatory system framework
  • A scorecard model
  • Debt collection
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • How to manage a campaign
  • R software is the main tool of the programme and its aspects would be covered throughout
  • Attain acquisition data know how
  • Cross selling strategies explanation
  • In- depth knowledge on financial analysis
  • Learn to make crucial business decisions

Additional benefits of this financial analytics course with R:

  • Online self paced course
  • Access all resources for 6 months
  • Jigsaw Academy provides a certification after course
  • Faculty is co-operative
  • Technical assistance is provided
  • Get access to the mobile app
  • Go through well researched and analyze the case studies
  • Become an alumni and get a successful career
  • Work on new technologies
  • Go though all the well organized resources
  • Learn more about analytics from their YouTube page
  • Their Analytics training blog consist of good reading material that would increase your skill
  • Different modes of payment accepted for enrollment. Ranging from credit cards to PayPal

Course Duration

3 Months

Course Fees

Rs.24,000+ taxes

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3. Talent Edge Financial Analytics Course with R

talentedge logo

Talent Edge provides live and interactive courses on various topics. It helps to choose the right career for you. It has access to 70 premier organizations. You get a chance to choose from a platter of 250 courses. Online face to face learning helps in shortening the distances. You can connect to the well trained faculty while sitting anywhere. Classroom type atmosphere is maintained even generally. Give wings to your career with Talent Edge and touch new horizons. The financial analytics course with R in India, offered by Talent Edge is having a great scope.

Highlights of this financial analytics course with R

  • Learn powerful tools like R and Python in deep detail
  • Practical assignments to calculate finance with help of R and Python
  • Hands on experience in data of finance, sources of data
  • Cleaning data and how to pre- process data
  • Explore Data analysis in Finance
  • Build models using the accounting Data
  • Understand the stock price behavior
  • Analysis of time series in finance
  • Evaluation of stock
  • Learn to forecast stock prices by machine learning
  • What is credit risk modelling
  • News and sentiment analysis in finance

Additional Benefits of this course:

  • Certification of completion by the XLRI
  • A good mix of practical and theoretical learning
  • Gain a hands on experience in building advance financial models
  • Eminent and experienced faculty from XLRI impart all the lessons
  • Model stock prices with the help of machines
  • Fall in love with programmes such as R and Python
  • Analysts, financial professionals and executives would be especially benefited
  • Case study learning makes things interesting
  • Gain 92% satisfactory score and increase your referability to 78%
  • Learn from anywhere online
  • Weekend schedules don’t hinder your weekly activities
  • Mobile platform is enabled

Course Duration:

5 Months

Course Fees:

Rs. 75,000+ GST

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4. 360 Digi TMG Financial Analytics course with R

360DiGiTMG logo

DigiTMG is one of India’s first domain specific data science courses. It provides well planned job placement training. It gives personalized mentoring. It offers a choice of 16 plus domain specified courses. They partner with industry leaders like Panasonic, Nasscom, Skill India,IBM, TUV, UTM and City Guilds.

On campus training makes it accessible. Instructor led live monitoring sessions would streamline learning. Working professionals can get a flexible schedule. Real life projects are given which are assigned by analytics companies.

Their financial analytics course with R can be a good choice for you.

Highlights of this financial analytics course with R:

  • Know about financial services insurance overview
  • Understand the various financial analysis and results
  • Know about pricing models
  • Get acquainted with analysts who work with financial Analytics
  • Time series forecasting would help gauge financial analytics risk
  • Develop understanding of descriptive analysis
  • Know about predictive analytics
  • Data driven machine learning application to make business decisions
  • Applications of data optimization in the financial services industry or companies
  • Represent data in an easy and appealing way by using data visualization
  • Optimizing data aptly

Additional Benefits of this Financial analytics course with R in India:

  • Well trained trainers from ISB, IIT and IIM
  • 40 hours of intensive classroom learning and online sessions to improve your learning
  • Practical assignments are given more than 60 hours
  • IBM certification one of the technology leaders
  • 2 live projects of Capstone
  • Get assistance in job placement
  • R , Python and Jupyter are covered
  • Live and free webinars
  • 24/7 instant support given
  • LMS access is provided till infinity
  • Offline hiring events are conducted
  • Gain hands on experience in live projects
  • Complementary courses of your interest
  • Unlimited mock interview and questions for quizzes
  • Get placement in finance analytics field
  • LinkedIn sessions for resume given

Course Duration

1 Month

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a laptop

5. XLRI Financial Analytics Course with R

XLRI logo

XLRI Xavier School of Management undertakes many courses. Their vision is to aim at excellence and nurture responsible global leaders. For a common good and better and brighter future.

 As every industry is generating tons of data hence they believe that every leader should be well adept in analysing the data. They help you drive better business strategies. A predictive insight can only help in the success of an institute. This institute helps you make them.

The financial analytics course with R in India can be the right choice for you.

Highlights of this financial Analytics course with R:

  • A quick peek into python and R for their introduction
  • Understanding financial data and know about the sources of data
  • Cleaning of the financial data
  • Pre-processing process of the collected data
  • Financial data exploration activities
  • Build the right model for yourself using the accounting data
  • Understanding the behavior of stock price
  • Analyzing time series in finance
  • The true value of stocks
  • Forecast stock prices using the machines in hand
  • Credit risk modelling aspects
  • Analyzing financial news

Additional Benefits of this Course:

  • Get XLRI certification
  • Live lectures induce interaction
  • They follow ethical conduct
  • They are sensitive towards social conscience
  • They follow integrity
  • Guarantee excellence in your field
  • Learn to innovate and be creative
  • Experienced and cooperative teachers
  • A test is conducted to gain certification
  • Learn programming like R and python in an easy way
  • Access to SLIQ Cloud Campus
  • Doubt clearance is provided
  • Presentations used to explain the lectures
  • Classroom exercises given to induce interest
  • General discussions and interactions
  • Gain loads of reference material
  • Projects and assignment provided
  • Reach out to the professor for your doubts

Course Duration

5 months

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6. SPJIMR Financial Analytics Course with R

S P Jain Institute of Management and Research logo

Get ‘Business Ready’ with the wonderful programmes provided by SPJIMR. It has a wide variety of courses to choose from. It teaches you planning and strategizing techniques. This course helps you stay relevant and ahead of the other competitors in this corporate world. The course’s content is designed based on a strong analytical understanding of the market trends which would be taken up in the future. 

The financial analytics course with R in India offered by SPJIMR offers a lot of opportunities that can be fruitful for you.

Highlights of this financial analytics course with R

  • Learn about some major statistical concepts
  • Get an insight on probability
  • Normal and lognormal distribution properties understanding
  • Learn about simple linear models
  • How can regression be used in finance
  • Understand the programming language R to the fullest and know its use in analytics of financial information
  • Preparing and analyzing cash flow statement
  • Model and forecast financial statements
  • Budgeting of capital
  • Concept of NPV and IRR their application and issues faced in them
  • Using real options and decisions for better financial outcomes
  • Using the real financial statement for the cash flow stimulation

Additional benefits of this course:

  • Skills learnt from the programme will help in effective capital budgeting
  • Well versed in managing the company’s working capital
  • Cash flow management would be done wisely
  • Optimal capital management could be undertaken by you
  • Analyze real life financial proposals with complete understanding to retrieve a lot of success
  • Leadership development is provided
  • They help in broadening your perspective
  • Successful planning for your organization
  • This institute builds your capabilities
  • Attract new skills and refresh your earlier concepts
  • Strengthen bottom line of your organization
  • Boost your productivity and morale
  • Accepting risks as they can be a way to success

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7. Nulearn Financial Analytics with R course

Nulearn logo

Nulearn institute offers executive certification programmes from the premium institutes. It hones your existing skills and even imparts the latest ones according to changing trends. It gives extensive solutions to all your problems. It aims at the quality and relevance of the teaching it is imparting. For them the customer always comes first and they are ever ready to help. Your requirements are kept in the spotlight. They have got 20 plus courses in their institute and even a 100 plus staff and faculty to train you and provide the best learning experience. Their financial analytics course with R can be a good option 

Highlights of this financial analytics course with R in India:

  • Analyzing the common financial statement
  • Value of money with the passing of time
  • Bond analyses
  • Learning long term financing
  • How to go through basic portfolio analysis
  • Equity valuation or valuation of your firm or business
  • Analyzing the capital structure and budgeting
  • Learn to apply financial derivatives
  • Estimation of the worth brought out by a risk and backtesting
  • Leasing concepts and terminologies
  • Linear form of regression
  • Predicting binary outcomes
  • Learn to make your own decision tree

Additional Benefits of this course:

  • Receive quality certification from IIM at Kashipur
  • Sessions are specifically centered around case studies
  • Get a chance to be taught by top faculty of the country
  • Visit the campus because of the course membership
  • Weekend class schedule to brighten the lousy days
  • Financial data analytics insights
  • Sessions from industry experts are also conducted
  • Live and interactive sessions are conducted
  • Connect with the help of nulearn
  • Alumni network to help you find projects
  • Most premium institutes are brought under one platform
  • Senior advisory panel lays strong foundation
  • Career counselling and other events organized

Course Duration

4 months

Course Fees:

Rs. 60,000

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8. Great Learning Financial Analytics course with R

greatlearning logo

Great Learning provides the most in demand skills with its multiple online certification courses. Gain jobs and upskill your learning. Learners from across 160 countries have experienced Great learning programmes. They have learnt a lot of interesting stuff from it. The free courses focus on spreading education and skill to all. Career transformations are common at this institute. It has joined hands with the top industries. Live sessions are conducted from time to time to awaken your learning spark.

Its financial analytics course with R is also offering a great learning experience. 

Highlights of this Financial Analytics course with R:

  • Python learning and harnessing it as a god analytics tool
  • Machine learning helps you stay in touch with the rapid and ever changing technology
  • Tableau of courses and topics
  • SQL features
  • Aspects of Data mining and its benefits
  • Predictive modelling of assignments and projects
  • Industry relevant skills are taught

Additional Benefits of this course:

  • Convenient learning programmes helps you to access easily
  • Online weekend classes with mentors guidance are provided
  • They are dedicated in providing the right career services
  • Resume and interview preparation in the guidance of industry experts, job fairs and experience exclusive job board
  • Learn from the best faculty from UT Austin, ISI, Stanford and Great Lakes
  • Structured programme with dedicated support
  • A programme manager ensures that all candidates make the desired progress and achieve success
  • Guaranteed Hands on learning
  • Application of all the things you have learnt makes you job ready
  • Build real life projects and gain experience
  • Business analytics sessions are provided too
  • 48% rise in salary after 6 months of course graduation
  • Exclusive recruitment drives are taken out by this institute
  • Career mentorship to choose the right way
  • Gain an access to curated jobs

Course Duration

11 Months

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9. EY Financial Analytics Course with R

EY logo

EY aims at building a better working world. IT provides courses for this very ambition. The certification in financial analytics course with R in India will give you deep business insights. You would harness the power to make quick and apt decisions of business matters. Efficiency of your business would increase due to this course. Business investments could be lowered down due to proper planning you learnt. You will surely uncover new growth opportunities.

Highlights of this financial analytics course with R:

  • A brief yet enlighlightening introduction to analytics
  • Introduction to R and learning its very basics
  • Building blocks and structures of R
  • Importing, exporting and wrangling of data via R
  • Functions, frames and loops used in R programming
  • R’s descriptive statistics formulation
  • Inferential statistics using R
  • R visualization
  • Logistic regression that is either linear or nonlinear
  • Classification and clustering of data
  • Learn algorithms by using the latest machine
  • Decision trees to make firmer and better decisions
  • Neural Networks to make wider connections
  • MCQ test before certification
  • A minimum of 50% passing marks are set

Additional Benefits of this course:

  • Online recorded videos to watch at your ease and leisure
  • Presentation and other relevant material to learn that topic
  • Post training query support would be given for 3 months so that you can ask all your doubts freely
  • Activities and practices would be given on datasets for their complete understanding
  • Assessments to keep you working hard and performing better
  • Criterion meeting candidates will gain certification post course
  • Diagnose business problems faster

Course Fees:

Rs. 15,000

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10. Imarticus Financial Analytics course with R

imarticus logo

It provides a good financial analytics course in India. London DS tock exchange Group has a strong partnership with it. A fast track through analytics and career making is guaranteed.

Highlights of this course:

  • Introduction to the financial markets and their workings
  • What is the trade life cycle
  • Risk management and benefits
  • Interview cracking tips and preparations
  • Job relevant learning

Additional Benefits of this course:

  • Gain industrially recognized certification
  • Learn on live online platforms
  • 360 degree concept insight
  • Technology enabled learning
  • Career services are ensured
  • Connect amongst industries

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Carly Fiorina once quoted that the goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.

This can only be possible if you have good guidance. Online courses would hone your skills and provide you with new ones. They would give the opportunities to reach new dimensions with your career. 

So, choose the right course for yourself and take one step towards your goal.

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