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If you love writing and have a penchant to work with Doctors and drug-related researches then Medical Writing is the best opportunity to create a fantastic career.Medical writers blend the ‘art of writing’ and ‘medical terminology’ to decode clinical information in simple terms for public knowledge. And if you are still worried about developing niche skills then we have you covered. 


Medical writing courses will enable you to understand scientific and medical terminology, and interpret it in a way that the target audience understands. The target audience can include patients, physicians, drug regulators and the general public. Post-Covid, it is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after professions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical market.

Skills needed to become a top-notch Medical Writer:

  • Give attention to minuscule details.
  • Know your target audience.
  • Good writing skills with accurate interpretation.
  • Research from appropriate and ethical sources of medical information.
  • Listening and interpersonal skills.
  • Create your own writing style.

And most indispensable one is to have a strong passion to move forward in your chosen career. A prime requisite of being a medical writer is to be adept at researching medical articles and editing them for publication.

There are a lot of upcoming opportunities to work as a freelance medical writer and also to work with big brand names. 

 To expedite your writing skills and strengthen your career as a medical writer, we have compiled a list of the best medical writing courses in Chandigarh.

1. Henry Harvin


Certified Medical Writing (CMW)

Henry Harvin offers one of the most well-designed and modeled medical writing course in Chandigarh. The institute offer both online and offline mediums of study sessions. It is designed to enhance and enrich the standards of editing regulated medical documents.  

This unique certification course helps you decode pharmaceutical and medico marketing writing. You get access to e-learning modules, boot camps and industry-driven experience as an internship. It just doesn’t end here, the institute also offer full placement support for one year post the completion of your course. After the completion of Henry Harvin medical writing course you will be able to land multiple job opportunities with renowned healthcare websites, magazines, research organisations and pharmaceutical companies.

About The Course

  • The course modules provide complete knowledge of clinical and non-clinical summaries, laboratory practice and various clinical guidelines.

  • Full-time training and a sneak peek into the ethics and values of scientific publications.
  • Detailed information about various categories of medical writing.
  • Learn extensively regarding scientific reviews and news and provide the students with complete know-how of scientific writing. 
  • Medical writing course enables the students to make detailed Risk Management Strategies, Clinical Evaluation Report (CER), Perfromation Evaluation Report (PER) and Clinical study report (CSR).

  • Get familiarized with pharmacovigilance methodologies, inspections and compliance. 
  • Learn to communicate effectively about medical terminology to the generic audience.
  • This course enables the students to be confident and stand apart from the crowd in terms of skills, competence and business acumen.

Duration of the Course

  • The medical writing course includes 24 hours of interactive live online classroom sessions.
  • The course offers a self-paced learning program with weekly Bootcamp sessions. 
  • Students can also avail One year of Gold membership which offer E-learning modules through videos, projects and recorded session.


  • Henry Harvin trainers are eminent Industry experts with a broad knowledge spectrum and experience of over 15 years.
  • The trainers have been invited over to several keynote sessions.

  • They are specifically picked out for their years of professional expertise by esteemed training partners. 
  • The faculty offers thorough guidance via internships and project submissions.
  • The coaches offer in-depth learning and multiple doubt-clearing sessions to the students.

Course Fees

The medical writing course is available for INR15,000 only. The students also have an option to pay via affordable EMIs. 

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2. Udemy

Medical Writing Skills For Beginners

This online medical writing course offers you skills and knowledge through which you can flourish in the medical writing business. If you are a novice but want to understand the techniques used while writing website content and medical journals then you can enrol for this course. It will also facilitate you to learn the basics of taxes, finances and how to formulate freelance contracts. You can master the art of interpreting client briefings and structuring the literature as per industry standards.

About The Course

  • The medical writing course provided by Udemy includes ten sections and 1.5 hours of video sessions.
  • Become proficient in researching at the right places to make educational literature for websites, healthcare magazines and researchers.
  • This course will also provide you with general writing tips and techniques e.g., titles, ideal spacing between paras and the word limit.
  • The curriculum is designed in a way that it will show you how to avoid particular keywords as per industry norms.
  • By the end of the modules, you will be an expert in writing anchor texts, medical abbreviations, editing and proofreading. 
  • Towards the end of the curriculum, you will gain a list of website and book recommendations which will help you throughout your journey.
  • You will receive a completion Certificate that will help you gain new opportunities.
  • Full-time access to the material and downloadable resources.

Duration of the Course

The course includes 10 sections which will be covered in 65 lectures and a video session of one hour 30 minutes. You can accommodate the sessions as per your schedule and availability. 


  • The trainer is M Pharm by qualification and an expert in medical journalism with a specialization in medical copywriting. 
  • Trainers at Udemy have a wide range of experience ranging from pharmacist to freelancer, in social media and website content. 
  • You can drop in your messages and queries, and the trainer replies within 24 hours and solves your doubts.

Course Fee

The fee for this course is INR 3299 only. 

3. Jehangir Centre For Learning

JCL Clinical Research | Jehangir Centre for Learning

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Writing

A training and education institute with medical writing course in Chandigarh since 2008. JCL offers a variety of clinical education and training programs to students and is one of the most competent research centres in Pune.

About The Course

  • This course provides detailed knowledge of the clinical research industry, Protocol designing, CRFs and ICD.
  • Be adept in various tools such as writing styles, references and scientific writing.
  • This course will help you garner adequate knowledge to write clinical journals. 
  • Proofread, quality check and edit the medical manuscripts.

Duration of the Course

The Post Graduate Diploma course is for three months and students can opt for either online or offline medium. Both are equally equipped with interactive sessions to benefit the students. 


  • Faculty with 20+ years of experience in the industry.
  • The trainers offer Live sessions and digital notes so students can understand the topic at their own pace.
  • The trainers also train and teach the students with complete proficiency in industry standards and regulations.

Course Fee

The fee for this Post Graduate course is INR 50,000 only.

4. Symbiosis School For Open and Digital Learning (SSODL)

SSODL | Symbiosis School For Open And Distance Learning

SSODL is a division of Symbiosis International and has a great set of digital programmes for the healthcare and pharmaceutical market. Along with the Indian student, their medical writing course in Chandigarh is also very eminent among International students aspiring to become medical writers. 

About the Course

  • Get a detailed insight into technical and medical writing.
  • It provides thorough information on marketing, clinical documentation and journals as per regulatory bodies.
  • This course would equip you with tools and techniques that will enable you to grow in this industry.
  • Learn to customize the medical information as per regulators, scientists and investors.

Duration of the course

The Certificate Medical Writing (CMW) course is for a six-month duration.

Course Fee

The course fee of this six-month program for Indian students is INR 27500 only.

For International students, it is INR 41500 only.

5. BioMed Informatics Medwin Hospital

Medical Writing/Scientific Writing

BioMed Informatics is one of the premium institutes for clinical research that provides an online medical writing course in Chandigarh and various other cities. It is a pioneer in offering an online clinical training program that helps a wide range of healthcare professionals and freshers opt for clinical and scientific writing careers. 

About the Course

  • The course extensively trains you to review and analyse Clinical study journals
  • Study detailed information on consent forms and case journals.
  • Regulatory guidelines for US FDA and ICH.
  • Thorough know-how about the Ethics committees and investigating brochures
  • SOPs and eCRF
  • Development and aggregate safety reports.
  • Web-based case studies.
  • Clinical protocol information
  • International regulatory submissions.

Duration of the Course

The certification course is of one-month duration.

Course Fee

The Fee for the medical writing course is only INR 10,000.

6. Clini India

The demand for medical writers is on the all-time rise and the clinical research and scientific writing techniques this institute offers enable aspirants to kick start their careers. With the consistent rise in the number of new medical supplies and clinical trials, this medical writing course will equip you with the required proofreading and writing guidelines. 

About the Course

  • Learn the ethical practices to implement and monitor while writing and editing complicated medical journals and clinical trials.
  • Gain an understanding of preparing clinical manuscripts from medical journals and scientific meetings
  • Develop your style guide, while still adhering to the style of various departments.
  • Learn to keep a track of brand new regulatory updates and format your writing accordingly.


Industry specialists as faculty to prepare you to understand your new line of work.

Course Fee

  • For offline details, you can visit their center, the institute has a presence in almost all the major cities and they offer medical writing course in Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
  • For information on online live session, visit their website and fill up the contact form for fee

7. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India (IGMPI)

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India | New Delhi | IGMPI

IGMPI is registered as a non-profit organisation that provides a varied number of professional courses such as pharma, food industry and healthcare sectors. The institute offers online and offline courses, interactive webinars and training sessions. 

About the course

  • Informative and well-designed programme by industry experts targeting medical writing skills.
  • Access to various e-tools to browse through the study materials, online database and assessment protocols.
  • Prepare dossier in CTD formats and submissions.
  • Learn to write in the right flow while writing medical journals.
  • To look for unethical practices and copyright issues. 
  • Industry-related case studies.
  • Introduction to abstract writing and review scientific articles.

Duration of the Course

One year

Course Fee

The institute offers three kinds of medical writing program and their fees is as follows:

  • PG Diploma INR 40,000/- (900 USD) 
  • Executive Diploma INR 30,000/- (800 USD) 
  • Industry certificate INR 30,000/- (700 USD) 

8. Ingenious Healthcare.

Ingenious Healthcare | LinkedIn

A prominent healthcare company that offers training and educational programs such as medical writing and emergency health support. Along with theoretical knowledge, the institute provides practical case studies and skills. Ingenious healthcare is reputable for its innovative approach to medical writing and clinical research.

About the course

  • Learn to create well structured medical documents including medical journals and content for websites.
  • Become an expert in two types of medical writing Regulatory and Educational medical writing.
  • The institute also conducts a wide range of webinars on relevant topics such as ‘career opportunities for medical writing professionals’.

9. RAPS (Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society)

Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society | RAPS

Introductory Medical Writing

Medical writing course in this institute provides a complete knowledge about regulatory product development about clinical process. You will be learning the skills to optimize the quality of medical documents and clinical journals.

About the Course

  • Regulatory guidelines for medical write-ups and delivering an effective message.
  • Basic statistics to improvise clinical documents.
  • A detailed information on investigative applications such as IDE, IND, IMPD and many more.
  • Medical Writing, as per pharmaceutical markets keeping in mind the marketing authorization application.

Duration of the Course

Six months

10. Health Writer Hub

Online Medical Writing Courses | Certification | Health Writer Hub

Breaking Into Health Writing

This course would enable you to be a successful medical writer even if you are a fresher. This medical writing course in Chandigarh via online medium and teaches you essential skill-sets, writing styles and other important details . It will be immensely helpful to new academic writers, freelancers, health professionals and medical communicators.

About the course

  • Flexible modules accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Compact, cohesive and comprehensive sessions to help you become a successful medical writer.
  • Up to date with industry regulations and laws.
  • How to jump into freelancing and making a valuable network?
  • Webinars with detailed topics such as employment essentials, contracts and marketing. 
  • E-learning tools for quality learning.

Duration of the course

Self-paced online learning program, with 12 audio sessions and theoretical modules.

Course Fee

The cost of this medical writing course is INR 15, 848 only.


Medical writing field is a very competitive career option and require long working hours. It involves dedication in order to develop and produce ethical documents with important information from medical and clinical journals. But it all becomes fruitful as the profits and earnings could be huge.

This profession becomes even more attractive if you have a certificate that strengthens your resume and opens a world of options for you. Medical Writers are swooped up in no time especially on platforms like LinkedIn. This is the time to convert your dreams into reality and get a profitable career option out of it.

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Is medical writing profession in demand?

The world’s largest freelance program has statistically observed a 50% demand in the rise of the clinical and medical writers, particularly after the pandemic.

What are the common blunders made by Medical Writers?

Avoid the use of complicated jargon and words. Keep the data simple and readable for your target audience.

How do I start my career as a Medical Writer?

Join a medical writing certificate program and learn about the craft. Build a professional network and good Resume. It is important to forward your written samples and Resume to potential recruiters.

What kind of job profiles are there for medical writers?

Medical writers can work under various job titles such as Medical Communicator, Medical Liaison, Clinical Researcher and Health-care website content writer to name a few.

What is the minimum qualification needed to become a medical writer?

To become a medical writer, you should be a graduate preferably a degree in Science , Pharmacy, M B B S, Nursing or any other Bio Science credential is optimum.

Is it worth having a medical writing certificate?

The certificate would portray your skill-sets to prospective recruiters and that you are serious about the profession. Most of the institutes offer placement support or internship opportunities which would help kick-start your career .

Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 online by Higher Education Digest | Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a Medical and Scientific Writer

View Course

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