Do you have a firm grasp of medical and scientific concepts and are passionate about writing, then you should consider Medical writing courses in Mumbai.


Medical Writing is a type of writing that deals with the terminologies related to Medical Science. So, the writing covers intense research, facts and point-to-point information. The field is an excellent ride of interest and exploration for someone who loves doing research and investigation. So if you have that knack for research and the ability to brief any format, then this is something that you surely must try to explore. 

They also create and update departmental editorial style standards by arranging and recreating a style guide. Besides, they develop guidance on writing to authors of regulatory submissions and prepare and update general writing guidelines by drafting and revising an author’s guide.

Top 10 Medical writing courses in Mumbai

1. Henry Harvin – Best Medical Writing Course in Mumbai

Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp With Henry Harvin  henry-harvin-logo

Henry Harvin is the best choice for mastering the medical writing course. They have their head offices in the US and Delhi. It is one of the fastest-growing Edtech companies. This institution provides more than 200 highly in-demand courses for professionals and upgrading personnel in career advancement. 

The course helps you understand several aspects of Medical Writing and provides a platform to help you uplift your writing abilities. Anyone coming from a Medical or Associated background can indeed be a part of the program and can research the area of expertise.

Key Highlights of the Course

  • Follows updated Curriculum designed by specific field professionals 
  • Adapted study material and recorded videos of the sessions are accessible for revision
  •  Internship programs, practical training, case studies, and also support in gaining scholarly awareness. 
  • Moreover, training on soft skills and Resume writing
  • Monthly Boot camps offered by the institution to cater to related current trends 
  • Courseware available in the mobile app that delivers the ease of joining the session from anywhere
  • Additionally, One year of Gold membership in this institution facilitates connecting with different mentors and students.
  • Guaranteed weekly job alerts from Herny Harvin as they have tied up with various companies.

Course Fees– 15000

Course Duration- 40 Hours

Details of Medical Writing Courses by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin has strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Medical Coding Courses.
  • However, the overall duration of the course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, the fee for Medical Coding Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Fees Structure:-

Henry Harvin Medical Writing Course Duration:-

24 hour online training

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Writing Courses physically


Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Udemy  

udemy logo

Post Graduate Program in Medical Writing

Henry Harvin® Medical Writing Course Ranks #1 online by Higher Education Digest | Strengthen your writing prowess as you boost your skills as a Medical and Scientific Writer

View Course

Udemy is an exploring platform; You can learn anything and everything you desire. Here you will get guidance and supervision from the best professionals from worldwide. Therefore, these professionals have solid experience in their relevant fields and serve you with the best knowledge. 

Additionally, the certifications you receive here are globally accepted and get numerous doors of opportunities for you globally. 

You will find different courses related to Medical Writing here. So, You can select according to your need. The Freelance Medical Writing course is the best-rated course offered on Udemy.

Course Fees and Inclusions:

  1. It provides 1-hour on-demand video
  2. Gives 2 downloadable resources
  3. Provides Full lifetime access to the students
  4. Has the access on mobile and TV
  5. Certificate of completion is handed over to the students

Course fee:

Rs. 1043/-

Course Duration: 

22.5 hours on-demand video

3. Clini India – Medical Writing Institute in Mumbai

Contact No:- 888-690-4030

Clini India marks the third position in the top 10 Medical Writing courses in India. Further, it is one of the progressive Clinical Research Institute that has achieved an outstanding reputation over the years for its excellence and innovative approach.

The main objective of Clini India is to nurture Clinical Research education for professionals. Moreover, they have started their journey through the quality educational system for clinical research to favour quality resources to satisfy worldwide research standards.

Course Duration: 

Online – 4 Months 

Course fees:

4. Symbiosis InternationalMedical Writing Training in Mumbai

Contact No:- +91-20-28116051

Symbiosis is another worthy addition to the list to count on if you plan to chase a career in Medical Writing. The course contributes here is highly qualitative and has several advantages you can acquire as a learner. 

It also helps you understand several aspects of Medical Writing and provides a platform to help you uplift your writing abilities. The duration of the course is six months long and can be applied online. 

Course Duration: 

Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(Except on Sundays & Holidays)

5. Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India Medical Writing Classes in Mumbai

Contact No:- 11 2651 2850

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India aims to train interested Medical Writers who want to explore and research the Medical Writing industry globally. Indeed, this program seeks to educate and uplift the learners of this field by delivering relevant guidance and supervision. 

The Executive Diploma in Medical Writing here is for six months. It includes 14 modules with several merits like Online Learning, Executive Learning, and new and & Updated Work Methodologies. 

Therefore, to be eligible to join the program, you must have a Medical background. 

Course fee:

Rs. 25,000/- (700 USD)

Course Duration:

Regular Classroom | Online Modes

6. Emediwrite PVT. LTD – Medical Writing Academy in Mumbai

Contact No:- 98116 46864

The need for Medical Writers is constantly growing in the country so is the demand for aspiring writers. Thus, it becomes a social responsibility to deliver a platform where these candidates can learn and explore. 

Mediaite has come with Certificate Program in MedComms ( CPMC ) program. This program trains the early aspiring who want to pursue an impactful career as a Medical Writer. 

Anyone coming from a Medical or Associated background can indeed be a part of the program and can research the area of expertise. The program also assures 100% placement assistance. 

Course Duration:

Online Modes

7. ICBIO – Medical Writing Courses in Mumbai

ICBIO offers a Post Graduation Diploma program in Medical Writing, which proved one of the most significant benefits to the aspiring Medical Writers of today. 

So the duration of the course is 10 Months long and has two Semesters. The candidates pursue on the program should compulsorily meet the eligibility criteria associated with the program. 

Therefore, to be eligible for the program, the candidate should belong to a Medical Associated Field. You must submit three presentations per semester as a part of your assessment.

 Thus, you will be guided, nurtured and supervised with all the essentials to support you achieve excellence in your writing. 

Registration fee payments can be made through any of the following modes

  • The Demand Draft should be in favour of ICBio payable at Bangalore.
  • Online payment facility through Credit card on our website
  • NEFT

Course Duration:

Online Modes

8. James Lind InstituteJames Lind Institute

James Lind institution has grabbed a crucial position among India’s top ten Medical Writing courses. Further, it is an Institute for Advanced Learning medical writing course. This institution is based in Switzerland and also has student support centres in India, Singapore, the US, Africa and the Middle East. 

Since they have highly experienced faculty from around the globe and follow a well-versed curriculum.

9. Mithra School of Medical Scribing

Mithra school of medical scribing is one of India’s most bright medical and health care institutions, among the top Medical Writing courses in Mumbai. Additionally, this institute has a talented, qualified, and experienced group of trainers and staff. They offer a certificate to the students after the course completion.

Course Duration:

9 months, three level certification program.

Course fee:


10. Biomed Informatics

Biomed Informatics provides job-oriented, globally acclaimed online/classroom training courses in Mumba. So, it performs clinical research principles in creating clinical trial documents that correctly and clearly explain research results, product use, and other medical information.

BioMed Informatics today is one of the promising Clinical Research institutes. So, this institution’s courses enjoy a very high level of approval from leading Global Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CROs, Clinical Research & IT Companies. 

Moreover, they have branches in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, and Kolkata and the USA, Mexico, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. BioMed Informatics today is the leader in the medical writing course training.

Course Duration:

Online – Regular/Fast track/Weekend individual slot


Medical writing is a career related to social responsibility as it may directly or indirectly affect people and their decision-making regarding their health. It is vital to realise that a Medical Writing course in Mumbai and abroad deliver knowledge of different factors such as data, analytics, research, compilation, and publishing. 

A Medical Writing Course can be your doorway to a satisfying professional medical career and a great way to serve humankind.

So, enrol in medical writing, and contribute to the world of medicine with your writing. 

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1.   What is the eligibility to take the Medical Writing course in Mumbai?

Ans: In India, Graduates or Postgraduates in Lifesciences, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, MBBS, Nursing, BHMS, and other allied sciences can apply for this course. Interested students from English and Journalism backgrounds and retired doctors are also eligible.

2.   What career opportunities after completing the Medical Writing course in Mumbai?

Ans: The Medical Writing Course opens doors for medical, regulatory, and scientific opportunities. It adds important value to the career of a medical professional. Jobs like Medical Advisor, Manager of Medical Affairs, Associate Manager, Medical Writer, Legal Medical Writer, Research Officer, Content Writer, and Medical Specialist take this course.

3.   Why is it true that  Medical Writing courses in India are restricted to people with an allopathic background?

Ans: It is a misconception that only allopathic medicines can take medical writing. 

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  1. Tamnaa singh Reply

    Great course on writing. The knowledge and tools covered in this course are particularly beneficial for those in the medical fields. The way of describing the Term training institute medical writing a Is Good And The Content Is Informative And Useful.

  2. Excellent comparative analysis!! Wif teh halp of this very useful information, I can now choose better. TEMPThank you for these outstanding articles! A must-read if you want to make a better choice when choosing TOP Medical writing in Mumbai.

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  5. The writers who writes this blog is so good and appriciateble as it have all the important details of the courses and this field is an excellent ride of interest and exploration for someone who loves doing research and investigation.

  6. The writers who writes this blog is so good and appriciateble as it have all the important details of the courses and this field is an excellent ride of interest and exploration for someone who loves doing research and investigation.

  7. Nikita singh Reply

    The program is easy to understand and follow along. The instructor walks you through each step of the medical writing course with placement process so that it is easy for anyone to understand.

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  9. The Medical Writing Course from HENRY HARVIN will give you insight into the various genres in medical writing training, ethics in scientific communication, and how effectively you can communicate medical details to a non-medical audience.

  10. Hello, I have completed my medical, and I am really happy to study there. I was very impressed best clinical research institute in Mumbai with how patient and kind is to clear my doubts. This course was perfect! I learned so much, and I’m so happy that I took it.

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  12. The course is designed by veteran teachers who have been teaching for years. They are experts in their field and have taught thousands of students how to code using the online method medical writer course which ensures that you learn fast and keep up with learning at ease.

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    The Henry Harvin Medical will help you get a job at once or help you pursue your dream of becoming an medical writing courses. We are committed to providing you with all the necessary tools and knowledge that you need to become a successful and qualified medical coder.

  14. Medical is the process of assigning codes to specific diagnoses, procedures, and conditions. It helps healthcare providers determine how much insurance companies should pay for services provided for their patients. medical writing free courses is also known as charge entry or claim processing.

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  22. This was a great classes in certification course, I’m excited to be able to use personally and professional We are so grateful to have found someone who is willing to work with our rescues, that I’m sure if we ever moved away.

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