Are you interested in medical coding courses in Chandigarh? Then this article will give detailed information on the best institutions.

Medical coders are fundamental to the healthcare industry revenue cycle management (RCM) team. A proficient coder aids healthcare facilities, insurance payers, and patients direct the complexities of the many rules, regulations, and guidelines linked to the business side of healthcare. Another fascinating factor of a medical coding career path is that it delivers challenges and options for self-advancement without long years of schooling.


Medical coding experts play a vital role in the healthcare business. Adopting alphanumeric diagnosis and procedure codes, they communicate crucial information about medical conditions and treatments quickly and efficiently. Such medical coders also translate complex medical terminology into a standardized format. Further, it permits data to be transmitted accurately and effortlessly between healthcare providers and insurance payers.

Top Medical Coding Courses in Chandigarh

Medical coding courses in Chandigarh

1. Henry Harvin – Best Medical Coding Courses in Chandigarh

Henry Harvin Contact No:- +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp With Henry HarvinHenry Harvin Online Classes

Henry Harvin is one of Chandigarh’s top-ranked institutes for Medical coding courses. Moreover, the institute is recognized for its extraordinary training quality.  Henry Harvin’s customer base widens to 97+ countries, with headquarters in the US and India.

They offer various professional skilled programs such as College Programs, Public Programs, Corporate Programs, Skill Development Programs, Books, Assessments, and Consulting Services. The institute is famous as a career and talent-building institution.

With the vision to continuously innovate education programs, processes, people, and markets, the institute developed the highest operational efficiencies to boost customer value. 

Key Highlights of the Course 

  • Training: online and offline interactive sessions for 90 hours 
  •  Practical projects on HCPCS, ICD-10 CM, CPT, and many more
  • Internship assistance to acquire experiential understanding in Medical coding Course
  • Henry Harvin provides government-approved certification in Medical coding Course  
  • 100 percent placement assistance fortified for one year of post-completion of the Medical coding course
  • E-Learning: Access is given to varied tools and methods along with the subject-related videos and assessments
  • Henry Harvin offers Bootcamp sessions for the next twelve consecutive months of Medical coding course completion
  • Hackathons: Free Access to the subject-related Competitions 
  • Membership: A year of Gold Membership from Henry Harvin Academy for the Medical coding Course 

Details of Medical Coding Courses by Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin has strategically constructed 26 different course modules for their Medical Coding Courses.
  • However, the overall duration of the course is 90 hours here.
  • Lastly, the fee for Medical Coding Courses in Henry Harvin is INR 44,500/- only.

Henry Harvin Medical Coding Course Fees Structure:-

Henry Harvin® Medical Coding Course Ranks #1 in India by The Economic TimesNews18

Indian Cities Henry Harvin provides Medical Coding Courses physically

Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Online, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh

Other Courses Provided by Henry Harvin:


2. Resolve Medicode – Medical Coding Institute in Chandigarh

Contact No:- 91 8148452460

Resolve Medicode is among the best institution to offer Medical coding courses in Chandigarh. Additionally, the institute delivers certification courses and placement assistance to aspiring candidates.

Further, after completing the Medical coding course from this institute, the candidates get jobs in the leading MNCs. Resolve Medicode institute provide tailored Medical coding course to students and working professionals. Besides, the institute offers online and classroom training facilities.

 Reasons to Join Resolve Medicode institute.

  • Industry-relevant Medical coding training
  • Also, they have highly experienced professionals. 
  • The institute has tie-ups with the leading companies for Medical coding training
  • Also, study materials as per the course modules present at the end of each class
  • Certification in Medical coding, after the course completion 

3. Xpert Healthcare Group – Medical Coding Training in Chandigarh

Contact No:- 88260 37252

Xpert Healthcare Group is the primary specialist co-op medical services and is Certified by the American Association of Professional Coders.

Further, they provide courses like a medical coder, medical biller, or medical transcription. Besides, the course materials presented by the institute are famous for the simple work of the medical services industry.

Reasons to Join Xpert Healthcare Group

  • They divided the course into learning modules with mock exams after the finish of every module to access the advancement.
  • Moreover, the courses cover sound talks, decisive reasoning activities, and other study materials.
  • A group of approved mentors prepares mock questions to make you qualify for the exam.
  • Besides, it is a self-paced course, and students acquaint themselves well with every module at your speed.

4. Medos Healthcare Solutions – Medical Coding Classes in Chandigarh

Contact No:- +1 901-606-6062

Medos Healthcare Solutions is one of India’s most renowned institutions, providing a wide range of medical billing and coding training with inclusive content that includes everything one needs to learn for CPC certification.

So, codes, regulations, procedures, and clinical terminology are retained for the layouts for an extended period, allowing you to obtain accurate information. However, the course of this institution does not have any time duration; one can complete it at own space. 

5. Magnet Medical Coding Solutions – Medical Coding Academy in Chandigarh

Contact No:- 95406 00910

Magnet Medical Coding Solutions provide medical Coding courses in Chandigarh. They designed the course for aspirants who want to pursue a career as a Medical Coder in the healthcare business. They cover all vital modules and crucial concepts in medical coding, so even if you are a beginner, you can learn from scratch. In addition, they can participate in a live web-based study hall.

6. Genus Healthcare Solution –

Genus Healthcare Solution is a growing competition among Chandigarh’s top 12 Medical coding courses. While the institute provides a combination of the healthcare industry and Business Process Management technology.

The institute supports students in getting solutions rated on industrial practices. Moreover, it ensures to deliver the best service in providing knowledge. They offer high-standard training with the most excellent infrastructure, technologies, and rendering solutions in varied dimensions of medical care.

Therefore, the Medical coding course modules include the CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM codes, and coding guidelines.

Reasons to Join Genus Healthcare Solution 

  • 80 hours course duration for the working professional in class
  • 120 hours course duration for beginners in class
  • Also, the CPC exam scheduled after the completion of the course modules
  • Weekday classroom sessions are conducted for two hours from Monday-Friday
  • Weekend and evening sessions are also available for the working candidates
  • Also, training will cover basic principles and guidelines for Medical coding 

7. Elate Academy –

Elate Academy institute is ranked one of the top institutions for Medical coding courses in Chandigarh. Moreover, the institute demonstrates the fundamentals of Medical coding to prepare its candidates for certification and guide them to fetch a better career in the Medical coding industry.

Besides, they offer online training at the AAPC learning portal to enhance the students with study materials, interactive training sessions, mock tests, etc.

Why select Elate Academy for Medical coding course

  • Around 60+ Certified trainers on deck 
  • 215 updated courses available at the academy
  • Moreover, 1015 mock tests held
  • 1070 interactive lectures are presented
  • Besides 24*7 technical support  for doubt clearance
  • The institute is the first AAPC-approved organization in India
  • Additionally, one month of free internship after the course completion of the Medical coding 
  • Flexible online learning through the AAPC learning platform

8. Academy of Medical Coders in India –

The Academy of medical coders in India is an isolated division of IGMPI(Institute of goods manufacturing India). It is one of the top consultancies in India.

Certainly, the Institute of Medical Coders in India (IMCI) is devoted to offering a practical open, intelligent worldwide stage. It will help to grant broadly scattered training programs in medical coding. It guides the changing business situation through contextual investigations, writing, articles, diaries, pamphlets, and learning modules. So, Affirmed medical coding industry specialists created IMCI to give a stage to explore the impending difficulties for successfully executing medical coding in the medical services industry.

Reasons to Join the Academy of medical coders in India

  • Further, they offer a certificate after the course completes, which is valid in healthcare companies.
  • They do Continuous assessments to make them confident about their grasp of the subject.
  • Moreover, flexible batch timing for the students
  • Trainers are also very friendly and dedicated.
  •  Surely, they provide training on soft skills. 

9. Cigma Medical Coding Academy –

Cigma Medical Coding Academy delivers medical coding courses in Chandigarh. Moreover, They illustrate and build innovative techniques in programs that lead to work, advancement, and growth in the medical services and fastest-growing fields.

They provide medical care programs and teach the most incredible foundation with great study halls and lab offices. So, all the information they give covers assisting and engaging students by focusing on their professional development and future.

Reasons to Join Cigma Medical Coding Academy

  • Both online and offline training is available
  • Customized educational plan
  • Excellent guidance for AAPC-prepared 
  • Moreover, a Certificate after completing the course is approved in every industry.
  • Surely, job assistance in top MNCs
  • Highly experienced and dedicated mentors
  • Further, regular mock exams are taken to assess the understanding of the students.
  • Candidates get soft skills training to appear for the interview.

10. Resolve Medical Code

Resolve medical code provides medical coding courses in Chandigarh. Additionally, they deliver different courses on Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare enterprises.

This institution presents complete video training on medical coding. Customized courses for aspirant students for the best strategies and demonstrations for optimal application. They mentor the exam objective coverage that is easy to understand, apply in the workplace and achieve in the exam.

Reasons to Join the Resolve medical code.

  • Self-spaced course materials are accessible with updated study materials. 
  • Seven mock tests and detailed feedback on the result
  • Moreover, mentors are highly experienced and share tips and tricks to crack the AAPC exam.


Medical coding helps to transform healthcare diagnoses, trials, medical services, and types of apparatus used to treat patients into universal medical alphanumeric codes. Hence, the Medical coding course includes abstracting information from documents, applying the appropriate codes, and developing the claim for the insurance companies to pay.

Therefore, medical coding professionals confirm the correct code is applied during medical billing. A massive number of Medical coding professionals are necessary for Medical care to code the record of the patients. So if you want to enroll in this course, pick an institution that can help you understand the updated modules properly.

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Q1. How to become a Medical coder?

Ans. To become an established Medical coder, you should follow-
– Enroll in the Medical coding course 
– Pass the respective examination
– Earn the appropriate experience

Q2. Is Medical coding the correct option to pick?

Ans. Yes, as per Medical Healthcare, the requirement for Medical coding professionals will grow by 40%-50% in the coming years.

Q3. Which is the most valuable certification in Medical coding training in India?

Ans. CPC( certified professional coder) with AHIMA credentials is the most valued certification in India.

Ques 4. What are the key points to consider while choosing a medical coding course in Chandigarh?

Ans. Whenever you choose a Medical Coding course in Chandigarh, look for the course content, training syllabus, institution accreditation, reviews, and placement assistance support.

Ques 5. What minimum qualification is needed to enroll in a Medical coding course in Chandigarh?

Ans. Some institutions ask for the qualification and some do not. Having a science background with knowledge in healthcare and related fields is always advantageous.

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