Writing is an indispensable part of our life. It is one of the foremost ways to articulate our thoughts on a piece of paper. To become a successful writer, we have to think very deeply. The ardent habit of writing plays a pitch role in becoming a successful writer. Here, I want to put my perspective to achieve goals and become a successful writer.


The Habits Of Writers
The Habits of Writers

Writing is the way to express our ideas in an enthralling way. Successful writers comprehend the basics of writing. They put their ideas on paper.

Innovative ideas can make us a perfect learner as well as the writer.

Writing Skills

Writing construct curiosity in our mind. But thinking can augment our writing skills. Writing is the buzzing time for the writers. To embark on my write-up, I would like to brief writing in a few sentences. There are different pieces of writing tones and writing styles. Expository writing, descriptive writing, narrative writing, subjective writing, and creative writing are examples of writing styles.

Let’s learn the7 habits to become successful writers

1.Reading Skills

The consistent reader can be a skilled writer. If we have an ardent habit of reading newspapers, stories, novels, or myriad other books. Certainly, we can explore more in writing also. It is not obligatory to read only books. However, we can read any hoardings, advertisements, instructions written on the way. 

Writer As a Good Reader

Reading infuses the seed of writing in our mind. The successful writer sometimes reads the content without any purpose.


To enhance our dexterity, we can emulate the qualities of a successful writer. One of the most iconic writers Kurt Vonnegut has given his views on reading and writing. Writers are readers. There cannot be a successful writer without reading. Writing is incomplete without reading.

I would like to present one more writer in front of the readers. It can elucidate an important aspect of reading blended with writing. One of the eminent writers Haruki Murakami said, “I think the first task for the aspiring novelist is to read tons of novels. Sorry to start with such commonplace observation, but no training is more crucial. To write a completely unique, you must first understand at a physical level how one is put together. It is especially important to wade through as many novels as you’ll while you’re still young.

Becoming a successful writer is not a tough task if we have strong determination and dedication to reading and writing. If we want to set the exemplar of hard work in our daily life the best example can be the person who has lost everything in their life and are still, ready to face the hard challenges of life.

When we will read then only, we will be able to write. Once we will write then only one can pinpoint our mistakes. In the same way, if we will sit in the examination then only, we can pass or fail. By reading we can imbibe many innovative ideas in our mind.

Reader can imbibe qualities of writing and devising

Reading can mould our thinking and writing drastically. We can read the habits of writers and imbibe diverse characteristics from them. Way to becoming successful writer advents by becoming a good reader. In nutshell, I conclude reading is the path to successful writing.

2. Research of topics

Research is an imperative aspect of every area. Without researching the particular topic, we can’t be assured about the right content of the topics. Research enlightens us with precise knowledge. This is also a perfect way of becoming a successful writer. The habits of writers are always to research something. For example, if we visit any place in our country, we can research the incredible matter of that particular place. Meagre research can’t help us to become a successful writer.

To Gain Almost Full Information

We have to explore in such a way that writing can become a very easy task for us. It is the most challenging part of the writer. To gain full information and reach utopia is not possible. But we can get the most facts and data.

There are myriad questions that come in our mind while researching the topics. For example, how the seasons are changing? How can we see different objects? Why oxygen is essential for living organisms? Why we suffer from diseases? What are the causes of diseases? Etc. questions arise in our minds. It can be scientific or related to social science, mathematics, English, and many more.

Analysis can unlock magnificent facts. A writer is also a researcher. Writers can take shrewd ideas from the research. Research can solve the mystery of the topics. It can expedite our skills and evoke the better aspects of the subject matter. Exploring the habits of writers can improve our writing skills.

Exploration can infuse creativity and motivates us to write. We can evolve into writing by reading a research paper. The best way to sharpen the knife or any other material is to know everything about the knife. In the same way, if we want to know about a particular topic, we need to know the full information about the subject.

Research As a Wonderful Tool

Research can help us to know about the product of writing. Research is vital because it’s a tool for building knowledge. It can facilitate learning. It is a seed to love reading, writing, and analysing useful information. Invention and exploration can inspire us to devise.

3.Write regularly

Habits of writers are to write any material every day to reinforce the writing skills. The fascinating write up can intrigue people to read. It can be possible only when we start learning in the writing process. We should write more content regularly for a better result in writing skills. One can explore the habits of writers. We can read that they use to read and write regularly.

It is said, “practice makes a man perfect”. Anyone wants to reach high in the particular field. They should practice. Practice can expand our talent. Reading the theories will not solely develop our prowess. However, we need to write also for becoming a successful writer.

If anyone wants to learn cooking. They have to read the recipe. Moreover, they also have to implement it. It is obligatory for everyone to heed and practise it on regular basis.

Mesmerising Quote

“The arts are not how to form a living.

They are a real human way of creating a life more bearable. Practising an art, no matter regardless of how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow, for heaven’s sake. Sing in the shower. Dance to the radio. Tell stories. Write a poem to a lover, even a lousy poem. Do it as well as you possibly can. You will get an enormous reward. You will have created something.” Inspiring lines quoted by Vonnegut.

Basically, anything we want to learn. We have to practice. No matter how we start it. But definitely, it can teach us a new way of life. Eventually, I conclude writing regularly is the key to become a successful writer.

4.Build up confidence

Confidence can also be a pointer factor in becoming a successful writer. Faith can only trigger new ideas in our mind and one can be able to put those ideas in front of everyone. There are many live examples where because of the determination. Many warriors brawled and defeated their enemies like laziness, anger, and other bad qualities. For example, if any person is addicted to alcohol and wants to get rid of it. It is willpower and confidence from which we can be able to do that.

Recognition Of Talent

Suppose a student wants to score ninety- nine percent. That student has to put an extra effort. Furthermore, confidence can also be a requirement to achieve our goals. Confident students can always be a winner. How can build up confidence? This question sometimes arises in our mind. We can build up credence by recognizing skills.

Writer and Mentor

The mentor guides us and shows us the right path in life. The most important thing, when we are among the optimistic people. We can learn the lesson of life. Positive vibes can always motivate us. Motivation can build up confidence. We can also read the habits of writers to set the goals.

Confidence Boost Us

Learning is the modification of behaviour. We can also learn it from the kids. How curious they are. They are confident when they start walking first. Confidence can ramp up skills. A Plethora of writer’s thoughts can give us an idea to survive in the contemporary world.

The mesmerizing quotes can help us to understand the requisite facts of success. It is in our hands to form our future bright. Whatever, we put on the paper it should captivate the reader’s mind. Successful writers can be the best guide for the new writer. When anyone advent their career in the writing field he should possess the quality of positivity. So, we should keep reading and writing positive thoughts.

5.Tranquil mind and atmosphere

How to culminate writing habits by following the above criteria? If our mind is in peace and surrounding is full of positivity. We can write the content in good mood. It triggers diverse ideas in our minds. I tend to write, whenever my mind is free of stress. Stress stops our brain to work. When I start, writing in the morning with a grin on my face. I feel energetic and delighted. That moment motivates me to write

Morning Breeze

The morning breeze refreshes my mind. I get several points by looking at nature. Our surroundings should be full of happiness and zeal. I want to illustrate one instance to explain the importance of a peaceful mind and atmosphere.

Eradicate Negativity

One of my friends was an intellectual person. She was having an in-depth knowledge of content. She was well equipped with lexical resources. However, because of mental tension, she was not able to write efficiently.

Due to the negativity, at her home. She became a pessimist. Moreover, she thought of herself as a loser. It was because of silly fights at her home she loses her confidence.

It is merely not the writing regularly that helps us to ameliorate. But work without distraction can help us to become a successful writer. Becoming a successful writer is not an easy task. We have to take care of everything.

Emotional Intelligence

The person who carries low emotional intelligence can move to a devastating path. Peace and freedom from disturbance gives us divine power to perform our activities. One can be a successful writer if he can imbibe the positive qualities of a person. Writers are not too perplexed in their minds with negative vibes.  Writers should stay away from the person who always spread negativity.

It is said that better alone than in a bad company. We should not live in the proximity of a person who shows a detrimental aspect of life. It is our view of how we see it. Life is like a stage, we are actors. It depends upon us how we act? Which way we choose? How do we feel about life? All questions have one answer that is positivity.

Set A Goal

If we set positive goals in life. The inference will be surely positive. The writer should keep his eyes on goals.

It is possible only when our environment is healthy. We should be mentally and physically strong. A Healthy environment leads to a healthy mind. A healthy mind can inspire us to write content in a proper way.  

We should always be one step ahead. If our mind is free from mental tension. Sometimes if we are acclaimed, that moment can be a booster for us to write. Even we can be at the top because of appreciation. It is also one of the reasons, we should be among the optimistic people.

A self-motivated person can achieve anything in their life. By reading the habits of writers, we can be self-motivated. Becoming a successful writer is not an easy task. However, if any person is self-motivated, he can grab the golden opportunities.


For example, if anyone feels his writing is not good. Suppose he has written on any topic. He published it. But at the same time, his work is not appreciated by the readers. He can lose his hopes in writing. In that case, our internal force pushes us to do that work. This is called self-motivation. Self -motivation pushes us to evolve, achieve, grow, and move ahead for the future.

We need to learn self-motivation ability. Sometimes we get influenced by the people and do mistakes in our life. Moreover, in the end, we regret our bad conduct. Self- motivation can act as a sword for the writers. The Internal driving force can only help us to see the splendid view of life. When we feel agitated no one can help us to come out of the problems.

In the contemporary world, everyone wants to pull each other. So, we can’t show credence to anyone. Anyone can take advantage. For instance, if a medical student is failed in his examination. Certainly, that moment can demotivate a medical student. However, most people can use a taunting tone at that time. For some classmates, it can be a hilarious moment.

That time our determination and willpower can help us to achieve success. No matter who supports us at that time. We should be self-supportive to reach victory in our life. Because self- motivation plays an important role to reach the radical approach.

Everything in life is ephemeral. Furthermore, if I will talk about happiness, it is also transient. But our qualities like determination and self-motivation will refrain our career to impede.

Self motivated Person

The self-motivated person can be the best mentor for everyone. He can spread positive vibes among the people. Self-motivated is the gem who motivates everyone for the correct path. Becoming a successful writer is possible if we are self-motivated. The habits of writers should be to enhance the quality of writing. Happiness is transient but a self-motivated person can make it eternal by coping with the hard challenges of life.

7.Healthy mind and body

Becoming a successful writer is not an easy task. We have to look after our minds and body as well. Insane people can’t reach their goals. One should be physically and mentally strong to enjoy the victory.

If anyone has the potential to write down, he’s mentally and physically weak then he can’t be ready to write. Habits of writers teach us to do some physical activities for successful writing. Walking, cycling is an exercise which can refresh our minds and makes our body fit.

The main secret of success is to know our strengths and weakness. Distress and despair can be controlled by our mind. If anyone wants to be a successful writer he has to endeavour.

A healthy diet is also very important for the growth of the body and brain. A person who is suffering from mental illness cannot be able to write properly. The brain needs a balanced diet. We should eat a healthy diet also to become successful.

The brain will work then only we can work. A healthy mind and body can give us a way of a successful path.


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