LMS For Education:

Since the pandemic, everything went online today including learning. Thanks to those technologies that help us to learn various programs across the world, many people are learning many different courses. This eliminates the need for transportation and wasting time, etc. Yet, this has increased the demand for the best LS software for academies and as well as for various corporate organizations to train individuals. Hence this blog discusses the 15 best LMS for education.

Following is the list of 15 Best LMS for Education of the year 2022:

1. Absorb:


It is a cloud-based LMS for education that is designed to inspire learners and also helps in increasing productivity in a business. The LMS system works by fueling content retention and engaging the learners thereby providing amazing learning experiences. They have won more than 100 awards with over 1500 customers across the globe. A free trial is available for those who want to try out a demo. 

Features of Absorb LMS:

  • Have a built-in e-commerce that helps in selling the courses.
  • Access to anyone from anywhere even on mobile too.
  • Availability and learner course dashboards to track your progress.


The pricing of the software depends on two main factors that are

  • The purpose you are using the software
  • Number of learners you intend to train

2. Talent LMS:

LMS for Education

It is also a cloud-based software that is the no.1 platform for online learning. This software offers an intuitive interface and provides easy access to any device. We can avoid time wasting on setting up our courses and with this LMS, we can set up our courses with a simple click. This platform can be used in many types of training and they have about 70,000 learners with this portal.


  • A variety of test options
  • Survey engines are built-in to offer insights about the training.
  • Able to customize the learning experience to match one’s goals.




No. of users








6 – 40




20 – 100




50 – 500




400 – 1000


3. iSpring Learn:

A cloud-based LMS system that is used to create training and courses with a simple click suitable especially for corporate training. It can be used for various purposes such as training newcomers, product and sales training, compliance training, and certification. This platform enables the fast and easy process of creating training and is available at a fair price. One can start by uploading the content one already have with this LMS for education.


  • Availability of SCORM support.
  • No limitations on storage space.
  • Able to add self-test questions and feedback to the courses.
  • Easy to track the learning of the students.


The platform offers different pricing plans for freelancers, business owners, and for academic purposes. Apart from that, many different pricing plans are available for iSpring Suite Max and iSpring Suite depending on the users. So it is best to check the pricing on their website.

4. Moodle:

LMS for Education

Moodle LMS for education is an open-source learning platform where one can get support and ask questions to fellow learners. It is useful for educators, administrators, and learners in creating a customizable learning environment. The platform has a single, robust, secure, and integrated system. The software is easily downloadable on any web server. This platform is used by Microsoft, Open University, the London School of Economics, and many more.


  • It offers easy to use interface with drag-and-drop features.
  • Always up-to-date according to the needs of the user.
  • Most importantly, it is free software with no licensing fees.
  • Have multilingual capabilities and serves as an all-in-one learning platform.

5. SAP Litmos:

They have more than 30 million users worldwide in 150 countries across the globe. This software helps organizations train people according to the plans of the individual organization. SAP Litmos can be used in almost all departments such as sales, employees, customers, gig workers, contractors, etc. It also offers universal accessibility, 24/7, and robust reporting of learning and performance of the individuals.


SAP Litmos offers a 14-day free trial period without any risk or obligation. For the pricing, you have to get a quote from them separately as they offer 3 different plans.

  • SAP Litmos LMS
  • Litmos Courses
  • SAP Litmos LMS + Courses

6. Docebo:

LMS for Education

It is an AI-based LMS for education that helps its users in creating and managing content. More than 2000 leading brands such as Walmart and acoustic use Docebo. They aim to build products that will help businesses to succeed. It gives a branded look and feels to its customers. Custom dashboards are available to help the admin to monitor the learning process of each individual.


  • It is easy to create those courses and content with just a few clicks.
  • Helps to measure the effectiveness of the learning programs.
  • It uses the industry’s updated learning content.
  • They accept payment only for active learners.


For pricing, one needs to contact Docebo as they offer different plans. One can also get free from how the LMS works on their website.

7. Learnworlds:

It is basically software that is used to create and sell courses which also offers a cloud-based LMS for education that is suitable for all the training needs. The software offers a free 30-day trial which requires no information on credit cards along with 24/7 support. More than 4500 organizations across 5 continents are using this LMS platform. The training needs such as employee training, partners training and enablement, compliance training, and sales training can be given.


  • Access to the fully customizable site builder.
  • Offers best-in-class tools to create courses, ebooks, assessments, etc.
  • Advanced reporting tools.
  • It is also an e-commerce tool with the availability of various payment gateways.

8. Mindflash:

LMS for Education

It is a part of Trakstar Trifecta that helped this LMS to make education easier, especially for the modern workforce. More than 1000 businesses across 177 countries use this software for onboarding, employee training, virtual training, and compliance training. It offers its services for healthcare, enterprises, and city and local governments. Support and guidance will be given to customers.


  • Online course creation and learning management.
  • Helps to create quizzes and assessments.
  • Compliance with SCORM.
  • Data reporting in easy-to-understand format.


The pricing varies according to the number of learned and the features the organization requires and a quote can e placed by contacting Mind flash.

9. Canvas LMS:

It helps the teachers or the trainers to get things done in a more easier and effective way. The platform makers have it  as their mission to elevate students’ success. It is suitable for both learners and teachers for an easy learning process. This LMS for education claims to be the no.1 LMS platform on the earth and a robust foundation for teaching its learners.

Why Canvas LMS?

  • Helps to create a custom K 12 learning and it is easy to integrate all the K12 apps.
  • Can be used as a platform for higher education as well.
  • It can be used for vocational education also. 

Pricing plans:

To know the pricing plans, to get a demo, or to try it for free, one has to contact Canvas LMS through their website.

10. Masteriyo:

LMS for Education

A revolutionary WordPress LMS for education that makes it easy to create and sell courses. This software makes it easy to teach anything at any time from anywhere. It makes it easy to create any courses in a faster way both in the front end and in the back end. Offers a distraction-free mode to its students. 

Why choose Masteriyo?

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Intuitive with advanced technologies
  • Customizable to needs




Site License



Free to use on any site


49.75$ per year



74.75$ per year



124.75$ per year


It also offers a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee.

11. Learn Dash:

It is basically a WordPress plugin that can be installed on your site and can also act as LMS for education. One can also get a demo of this software on this website. It is the only WordPress LMS that has won the Capterra Top 20 Software Training winner. Brands such as Yoast, Tony Robbins, and much more use this software. It is cloud-based and can create and sell courses as much as we want.


  • Ability to create creative online courses without any limitations.
  • It can make course creation a snap using drag-and-drop features.
  • Advanced quizzing types with the ability to create different types of quizzes and question banks.
  • It can be integrated with various apps and software.


This software comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the courses.



10 sites


Pricing per year




12. Rippling:

LMS for Education

Rippling LMS for education offers the easiest way to train students. They always have almost 4.9 ratings for many software. It is easy to assign courses at the right time and deliver them along with sending reminders and tracking progress. Since it is cloud-based software, it is easy to create courses at any time. It can enable users to learn anywhere and the employees to record certifications as well.


The pricing of this software starts at $8 per user. The price varies according to the following; one can know the cost by contacting them.

  • For workforce platform
  • HR cloud
  • IT cloud
  • Finance cloud

13. Continu:

It is a learning software for modern needs suitable for modern learners and it can be integrated easily into the tech stack. The builders of this software have more than 8 years of experience. This software offers 99.5% of learning engagement and 95% completion of online training. Continu’s LMS eases learning by

  • Automating tasks
  • Classifying the learners
  • Giving real-time analytics.

This LMS for education offers 92% learner engagement and a 90% course completion rate.

14. Skyprep:

LMS for Education

This platform offers training software for modern solutions without any mess. It can be used for various purposes such as employee onboarding, virtual training, and many others purposes. This learning platform provides training according to the learning needs of an enterprise. It boosts employee engagement by 18% and a 60% increase in knowledge retention.


  • Easy to customize with the brand’s logo, colors, certificates, and many more.
  • Offers separate platforms for clients, learners, etc.
  • Provides good security of information and timely backups.


The skyprep comes with a 14-day free trial option also and it offers three different plans such as

  • Lite
  • Professional (most popular)
  • Enterprise

15. D2L Bright Space:

This platform helps to build better learning experiences and can be used for many people such as schools, higher studies, corporate learning, etc. The software helps to increase engagement, personalize learning, and for many more purposes. It offers best-in-class learning solutions. One can also request a demo of this software.

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1. What is universities’ most commonly used LMS software?

Various universities use various LMS software according to their needs.

2. Which one is the best LMS software?

It depends on the features and the needs of an organization.

3. What are some free LMS platforms?

Moodle LMS

4. Does google offer a free LMS platform?

Yes, Google also offers an LMS platform called Google Kit.

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