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PMP courses or Project Management Professional certifications are globally recognized certificates. It assesses a candidate’s caliber in managing processes, business, and people of a professional project. It is the gold standard of project management certifications. Getting certified in PMP courses in Bangalore-the silicon valley of India will give you a great opportunity to get a career and salary boost. Promisingly, it is a course that will make project managers stand out from the rest of the crowd. 

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PMP certification is one of the most sought-after skills in professionals across many industries. This certification will enable you to earn at least 20% more than your non-certified counterparts. There is an increased chance of getting lucrative jobs across multiple industries such as Marketing, IT, Healthcare, Finance, etc.

Are you looking for the best PMP courses in Bangalore? Well, you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at the top PMP courses in the city.

1. Henry HarvinHH logo  

Henry Harvin Management Academy is one of the best academies offering online PMP courses in Bangalore. Aligned with the latest PMP examination content outline 2021, the academy boasts of being a partner with the world’s leading authority on project management ‘PMI 2021’. You will get a hallmark certification that is affiliated with IASSC, ASQ, NSDC, MSME, and ISO too. This academy has partnered with many companies such as Accenture, L&T, Maruti Suzuki, Hitachi, BSNL, ESPN, HP, Oracle, etc as hiring partners. 

To begin with, its curriculum includes modules such as Creating a high-performance team, Starting a project, Doing the work, Keeping the team on track, and Keeping the business in mind. You will also get two modules as a bonus that is included in the course. With experienced and highly qualified trainers, Henry Harvin’s PMP courses in Bangalore have a total duration of 36 hours of the learning period. With a reasonable fee of 14,900 INR charged per candidate, it also has provided an installment payment option. 

Benefits of getting PMP certification from Henry Harvin 

  • Gain the comprehensive knowledge and excellent skills expected in a project manager.
  • Gain the competency required to manage and lead complex projects in an effortless manner.
  • Achieve organizational goals which will require you to instigate, execute, manage, and conclude projects. 
  • Obtain updated knowledge, practices, and core competencies required to become a successful project manager.
  • Enhance your ability to identify project management issues, then analyze and solve them.
  • Gain thorough knowledge of tools such as Gantt charts, project cost estimation, fragmentation, structure, resource allocation, and cost management.
  • Receive exceptional training which will help you land lucrative positions in various job sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, IT, Marketing, etc.

Additional benefits of enrolling for PMP courses at Henry Harvin

  • Hallmark certification
  • Placement support
  • Internship assistance
  • Bootcamps
  • 1-year gold membership

Other cities where Henry Harvin provides PMP courses are Delhi, Noida, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

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2. ExcelRexcelR logo

ExcelR is another reputed training center to get PMP courses in Bangalore. With options for live virtual classrooms and self-paced learning, the academy has the best trainers to equip you with all the necessary techniques and knowledge. The curriculum of this course involves modules like Introduction to PMP, Project management framework, and processes, Project integration, scope, cost and quality management, Project risk management, etc. 

Live virtual classroom training which will cost a fee of 12,999 INR comes with benefits such as 

  • 35 contact hours (PDU) Certificate
  • more than 3000 practice questions and 5 simulated tests
  • ExcelR Prep Plan to crack PMP exam in the first attempt
  • Exclusive Jumbo Pass for 1 year

Self-paced learning with a fee of 8999 INR has the following benefits 

  • E-learning videos from excellent trainers
  • 35 contact hours (PDU) Certificate
  • more than 3000 practice questions and 5 simulated tests
  • Lifetime access to self-paced learning
  • Post-training support and guidance

3. Itechgurus Education Solutionsitechgurus logo

This training institute located in the capital city of Karnataka provides both online and offline training. With various PMI-authorized certification programs offered in project management, it remains one of the best institutes to get PMP courses in Bangalore. Its unique way of training such as the use of flashcards and quizzes of terms and concepts makes the learning process easy. Both internal assessment and final exam (Q&A) training prepares you with all the necessary skills and techniques expected in a PMP professional. 

The course curriculum includes modules such as PM concepts, Project integration management, Project scope, and schedule management, Project cost and quality management, etc. With a fee of 11,999 INR for either online or classroom training, the course gives you 35 hours of PMI-approved contact hours. There will be 5 days of classes followed by internal evaluation and extended learning. Itechgurus Education Solutions also offers CAPM certification courses along with other training such as Business analysis, AI, Digital marketing, DevOps certification, etc.  

4. SKILLOGICskillogic logo

If you are looking for convenient and flexible training in PMP courses in Bangalore then Skillogic academy is the right place. With three types of training modes such as classroom, live online and self-paced learning it has a blended learning model. Another unique feature that sets Skillogic apart is its case-study-based training. Therefore you get real-life experiences in problem-solving. Here, all the skills and techniques learned will be exercised for the best learning outcome.   

The course fee is 20,900 INR for classroom sessions, 14,900 INR for live online training, and 12,900 INR for self-learning. Choose the best-suited approach for you to get certified as a PMP professional. Upon completion of the course, you get 35 contact hours (PDU) Certificate as well. With excellent and skilled trainers, Skillogic also promises 24×7 customer support to its candidates.

5. Edurekaedureka logo

Edureka boasts of having 100+ live online courses for professionals and students. It is one of the best places to get PMP courses in Bangalore. Flexible, three types of training offered such as corporate, online classroom, and self-paced learning gives you the best learning outcomes in PMP courses. There are many benefits of the training in terms of career options, credibility, and increased income.

The course curriculum includes modules such as Introduction to PMP, Creating a high-performing team, Starting the project, Keep the team on track, etc. The course fee is 8,495 INR for self-paced learning and 13,999 INR for live online classes. However, there is an option for installment payment too. Additionally, there is lifetime access to the course content and 24×7 support provided for the candidates.

6. StarAgilestaragile logo

This reputed institute offering PMP courses in Bangalore boasts of having the best domain experts design the course. Staragile provides 35 hours of live virtual training that is aligned with the latest PMBOK guide-6th edition. Furthermore, all the enrolled candidates get access to case studies, 35 PDUs, simulations, PMP application assistance, etc. To begin with, the course will start with basic topics of this field and gradually move to advanced concepts.  

The course content involves modules like Creating a high-performance team, Starting the project, Doing the work, Keeping the team on track, etc. Upon completion of the course, you will have greater job opportunities, substantial pay rise, organizational adaptability, increased network opportunities, and invaluable experience. A nominal fee of 11,499 INR is charged for its PMP courses. 

7. PMI Bangalore ChapterPMI Bangalore

Next on our list of best PMP courses in Bangalore is the Project Management Institute or PMI Bangalore chapter. It provides exclusive, PMI-authorized training content. All the instructors will strive to provide high-quality exam preparation with updated training methodologies on relevant topics. Since all the trainers are working professionals, they are available for virtual classes on weekends. Hence, the classes take place on two consecutive weekends. These are preferably towards the end of each month.

The course content involves modules like Starting the project, Doing the work, Creating a high-performance team, Keeping the team on track, etc. Sample tests conducted at the end of each session will prepare you for the PMP certification exam. The virtual classes are held between 9 AM and 6 PM on the four assigned days of training. However, these are mostly weekends. The PMP exam costs 42,863 INR for non-members of PMI and 23,459 INR for a member. 

8. Knowledgehut Upgradknowledgehut logo

Based in many countries like India, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, etc, this training academy delivers one of the best PMP courses in Bangalore. It provides a good platform to boost your tech career. Knowledgehut Upgrad provides comprehensive PMP course training. It believes that you will be well equipped to crack the exam on the first attempt. 

The training involves 35+24 PDUs with live training and on-demand learning, 5 simulation mock tests, more than 2000 questions, and study plans created by top experts. A unique method of Knowledgehut training is that it provides experimental workshops and 6 months of post-training support to help you overcome any challenges you are facing. The course fee is 18,999 INR for weekend comprehensive training and 11,849 INR for weekday classes. Therefore, you will achieve learning outcomes such as team building, managing conflict, negotiating project agreements, and choosing the right project methodology.

9. GlobalSkillupGlobalskillup logo 

Next on our list of top PMP courses in Bangalore is GlobalSkillup. This institute provides multiple training options such as live virtual classes, classroom training, private coaching, and online self-paced learning. Dedicatedly, the coaching is directed towards project management excellence with an aim to help project managers. 

The course curriculum involves topics such as PM fundamentals, project case studies, drive processes, establishing people perspectives, etc. Furthermore, through this extensive training, you will master skills such as resource management, general management, cost and risk management, leadership and strategy, stakeholder management, project communications, etc.

The course fee is as follows- Private PMP coaching which is 1-on-1 as per your convenience costs 60k,000 INR. Live virtual or classroom training is charged 14,500 INR and a refresher course of 8500 INR. This course fee excludes taxes. As for PMP exam fee, there is an additional amount charged as per PMI guidelines for members and non-members differently. 

10. iCert Globalicertglobal logo

Another excellent institute offering the best PMP courses in Bangalore is iCert Global. This academy has multiple training platforms like classroom training, live virtual classes, E-learning, and corporate training. It has partnered with companies like AWS, cisco, Bank of America, IBM, Microsoft, etc.

The course fee is between 16,000 INR for instructor-led live classes and 5999 INR for self-paced E-learning. It gives you 4 days of intensive PMP training that gives you in-depth knowledge about the best project management practices. However, this course also trains you for the exam through various prep classes, practice questions, and boot camps. Upon course completion, you will have skills such as real-life project management, in-depth knowledge about various tools and technologies, establish credibility and gain international recognition.

11. PROTHOUGHTSprothoughts logo

Prothoughts is a premier institute that provides PMP courses in Bangalore. There are Flexi-learning options like classroom training, online learning, and corporate training. A comprehensive 4 days of training includes 35 PDUs training. There are a variety of game-based learning activities like quizzes, crosswords, rapid-fire rounds, flash card memorizer, etc. that makes the training fun and interactive.

The course curriculum includes various modules on topics such as Creating a high-performing team, Starting the project, Doing the work, Keeping the team on track, and Keeping the business in mind. Upon completion of the training, you will demonstrate a solid knowledge of PM tools and techniques as per the latest PMBOK guide. Therefore, you will also be able to apply all the concepts learned in class to real-life projects and understand good management practices.

12. ProPM Academy

Finally, to end our list of top best academies offering PMP courses in Bangalore, we have ProPM Academy which provides PMP courses online and offline. The course duration is 4 full days of weekends. Well-experienced and skilled trainers give the best learning outcomes. Therefore, you will learn to solve dynamic project situations such as stakeholders of varied interests and power, management risks, project constraints, etc. A fee of 12,500 INR is charged for the certification course.

Let’s know more about PMP courses!

Eligibility for PMP courses

PMI recognized PMP certification as the gold standard in Project Management training. To take the exam there is a fee of around 43,000 INR for non-PMI members and 23,500 INR for members. All the institutes only charge for the training they provide and you have to pay an additional exam fee. The eligibility criteria for PMP exam are a 4-year degree with 4500 hours of PM experience along with 35 hours of PM education and a secondary degree like a diploma or associate degree with 7500 hours of PM experience along with 35 hours of PM education.

Scope for PMP Courses

PMP courses increase your creativity, responsiveness, competitiveness, and agility. All these skills are expected in a project manager who should be able to work in any industry, any location, and with any methodology. As proven, PMP-certified managers earn at least 20% more than their non-certified peers. PMP-certified professionals are sought by companies and industries across the world. The demand is ever-increasing. Evidently, PMP-certified candidates are hired quickly by companies because they know that the expected prerequisite skills are already present in them. The display of this certification in your resume speaks volumes about your abilities.

Expectedly, after the completion of PMP courses, you have a globally recognized certificate and a drastic hike in your salary. The success rate of PMP-led projects is higher. Although the entire process of taking PMP exam might seem laborious and expensive, the advantages you reap after getting the certification outweighs the disadvantages. PMP certification provides unbiased proof of an individual’s project management and competency ability.


PMP professionals are in demand in companies around the world. Uniformly, all the global companies want to ensure that projects, big and small run smoothly and on budget while meeting strategic goals. Hence they look for the best in the field. Not just the IT industry but other industries like Marketing, Healthcare, Finance, etc also seek PMP-qualified personnel. Additionally, Project Management Professional Training will equip you with skills such as leadership, time management, budget control, and effective communication. The training will empower you to solve real-life project management issues effortlessly. Therefore, PMP courses and professionals are in great demand globally and IT hub such as Bangalore city is one of the best places to get PMP certification. 

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Q.1. Are only IT professionals eligible for PMP courses?

Not necessarily. Although many IT professionals seek PMP courses, they can be pursued by anyone who is willing to improve project management skills. Nonetheless, it is not limited to the IT industry alone. Other sectors such as Finance and Marketing also require training in PMP courses.

Q.2. Can I still apply for PMP certification if I’m not a project manager?

Yes, you can apply for PMP certification even if you are not a project manager, i.e if you haven’t led the project alone. You are eligible even if you have handled parts of projects if not entire projects from start to end.

Q.3. My bachelor’s degree included a course on project management. Does that make me eligible for PMP training?

The project management subject you studied in your bachelor’s curriculum will only meet the educational requirement for PMP training. However, you should have 3 years of project management experience along with 35 hours of training.

Q.4. I am experienced only in managing operations. Am I eligible for taking PMP exam?

No. Project management differs from operations management. Operations are repeatable but projects are one-time and they have a specific start and end date. To enroll for PMP, you need to have project management experience.

Q.5. If I fail the PMP exam on the first attempt, do I get another chance to write the exam?

Yes, you can retake the exam two more times within a year’s eligibility period. However, there will be fees associated with re-examinations. All this information will be given in the handbook provided to you when you apply for PMP exam.

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  4. In order to improve our professional and strategic understanding as well as our position within the business and in the bigger global environment, the project management course in Banglore strongly stresses these issues.HENRY HARVIN is the instructor of this course.

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  8. The project management course in Bangalore emphasizes these topics extensively in order to improve our professional and strategic understanding as well as our position within the organization and in the larger global environment. This course is offered by HENRY HARVIN.

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