What is IoT

IoT refers to the Internet of Things which is a collective network technology, rooted in software, sensors, and other technologies required for broadcasting data.

IoT is used to communicate with various devices and the cloud, also within the devices themselves over the Internet.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the face of businesses, homes, and cities around the world. With IoT solutions, we can monitor, analyze, and manage connected devices through software instead of manual controls.

Therefore, people can track their cars from their phones or keep tabs on their houses from work. They also have access to a range of appliances that they can control remotely and which notify them if there’s a problem, so they don’t have to check in on them regularly. With this technology becoming more widespread and accessible every day, you must take note of what the future has in store for this exciting field. If you are planning your career to begin in IoT you need to be skilled in the field, for which many institutes provide IoT Courses online. Here is some information about the Top 10 IoT Courses online you need to know.

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1. Henry Harvin  –  (IoT Courses online)

If you are looking for a perfect place to educate yourself in IoT Courses, without any second thought you can kick start your learning at Henry Harvin. They have 15+ years of expertise in molding the learners perfecf for what they want to succeed. It is one of the leading Ed-tech institutions offering IoT courses online globally with skilled staffs and mentors.

Henry Harvin has won many awards and recognition from many leading Publishers.

It received 1400+ positive Google Reviews, 4.5+ Rating from Goabroad, GoOverseas & Trustpilot along with 200+ Youtube Testimonial videos.

Henry Harvin provides a 9-in-1 course benefit that includes 50 hrs of live interactive sessions, Projects, Internship, Certification, 100% placement, E-learning access, Bootcamps, Hackathons, and Gold Membership for 1 year.

So don’t miss out to check on the IoT Courses from Henry Harvin.

2. Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform – ( IoT courses online by Coursera).

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents a convergence of industrial processes, data analytics, and cloud computing.

This is one of the familiar IoT Courses online that provides 18 hours of Beginner level skills along with subtitles.

This IoT courses from Coursera gives  flexibility in Scheduling or Resetting the deadlines to the students according to their availability which is notably unique from other IoT Courses.

The instructor takes learners on the architectural structure of an IoT network, covering all necessary sensors, devices, and analysis of the technology.

They also use simulated tools to explain the cloud aspect of IoT techniques in depth.

The course covers topics like Instruction on concepts such as device communication, scalability, and streaming data processing. Through these IoT courses, Students learn more about the IoT Architecture by Google

This is a free IoT course online offered by the Google Cloud Training team to help every student who is really in thirst of searching for IoT courses.

3. Complete Guide to Build IoT  [IoT Courses online by Udemy ]

Udemy is one of the best education platforms that provide top-notch teachings for beginners right from Scratch to a Pro-level in the market.

This is one of the IoT Courses online that acts as a complete guide to the technology. IoT Courses by this author Junaid Ahmed has been rated 4.3 out of 5 by 2657 enrolled students.

It has a curriculum designed in such a way that lets you know how to build an IoT product with the help of Arduino, NodeMCU, ESP8266, Displays, Sensors, Keypads,IOT Platforms like Casting, Relays PCB’s & more.

The course includes 5.5 hours of on-demand lectures (videos), with 3 articles and 32 downloadable resources for a lifetime which can be accessed either from Mobile or TV. After the session is wrapped up you can claim your reward or Certificate as proof of your Course Completion. Therefore this course comes third in the list of IoT courses online (2022).

During the session, you will be asked to create 3 products for 3 different sectors related to IoT courses.

  • IoT courses online – project 1(Home Automation) – Creation of Smart lights and devices.
  • IoT courses online -project 2 (Building Safety) – Creation of Motion detector with email notification feature.
  • IoT courses online -project 3 (Healthcare Industry) – Creation of Panic Alarm for the Elderly.

4. Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things – ( IoT courses online by NPTEL)

Industry 4.0 is one of the IoT courses that involve the transformation of industrial techniques through the incorporation of modern technologies like communication, sensors and computational processing. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing are considered to be the various drivers crucial for the transformation. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) functions as a software application of IoT in the industries to revise many existing industrial networks. IIoT links the automation system with enterprise, planning, and product lifecycle.

This is an online course that is intended for CSE, EEE, EC, IT, and Industrial Engineering professionals or students that goes on for 12 weeks.

The course Curriculum is as follows:

  • Week 1: Introduction and about Communication-Part 1,Part II,Glimpse on Sensing & actuation, Networking-Part I & II
  • Week 2: Industry 4.0: The Fourth Revolution, Globalization and it’s issues,Smart and Connected Business and LEAN Production Systems and  Smart scale industries.
  • Week 3: Cyber-Physical Systems and Next Generation IoT Sensors, Product Lifecycle and Collaborative Platform, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, Big Data, Advanced Analysis and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Week 4:  Basics of Industrial IoT, Importance of Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet Systems, Industrial Processes Part I,Part II,  and Industrial Sensing & Actuation.
  • Week 5 : IIoT Introduction, Business Models Part I, & II,  Referece Architecture IIoT- Part I &Part II.
  • Week 6 : Communication of IIoT part I, Industrial IoT Layers Sensing Part I &II, IIoT Processing Part I & Part II,
  • Week 7 : Communication-Part II, Industrial IoT- Layers- Part III, IIoT Networking-Part I, II, and III.
  • Week 8:  Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networks of Industrial IIoT,R and Julia Programming, Introduction to IIoT Analytics, Machine Learning, and Data Science  Part I, Part II, and Data Management with Hadoop. The basic insight of computers and the internet is necessary for availing these IoT Courses online as it requires quick grasping ability to understand the classes.
  •  Week 9: It covers Big Data Analytics and Software Defined Networks (SDN) in 2 parts, Data Center Networks, Security, Cloud Computing (IoT) Part I, & II.
  • Week 10: Industrial IoT-Security and Fog Computing – Fog Computing in IIoT, Security in IIoT-Part I, Part II, Industrial IoT- Application Domains: Factories and Assembly Line, Food Industry.
  • Week 11 :  Healthcare, Inventory Management , Quality Control,Power Plant Safety and Security and Facility Management.
  • Week 12 : Application Domains like chemical and medicine industry, Oil, Applications of UAVs in Industries, and Real time Case studies.

5. Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT courses online by Edx)

This is one of the promising IoT courses that illustrates the basic concepts of IoT conducted for 6 weeks providing sessions for 5-6 hours in a week. To enroll in this students need to have basic knowledge of electronic devices and idea about programming languages. It covers various components that make up an IoT system and also includes protocols that connects them to obtain many IoT’s benefits. EdX’s course helps the students to have a primary idea of how to carry out IoT in the field of cybersecurity and privacy issues that enfold it.

Through this IoT course you will be able to –

  • Understand the basic theories of electronics necessary for programming microcontrollers in different ways such as analog, digital,communication buses, PWM, timers, etc.
  • Teaches you to  program ESP and Arduino machines.
  •  Trains you to go over the data from ambient and environmental sensors for humidity, temperature and light.
  • Provides guidance to control the actuators like fan, light or a water pump using a device called as relay.
  • Assists in displaying  information on LCD monitor to print data of your gadget.
  • Also instructs you to use switches and  RGB LEDs to develop a basic user interface.

Edx benefits you to Access the course materials in two ways – 1) Free – limited  2) Subscription – unlimited. Finally, they share a graded certificate upon completion after the submission of assignments and taking up the exams.

6. Internet of Things and Security Expert Training by Cognixia

The Internet of Things Security Expert is a comprehensive CAM training offered by Cognixia that covers an array of key topics related to IoT Security. The program is customized to provide practical, hands-on training over 37 hours of current technologies used in the field. Through this program, professionals gain a 360-degree view of IoT Security tools allowing them to calculate and implement comprehensive solutions for their businesses.

Their programs, are promising in providing advanced training to assure you for getting placed in a dominant position in the IoT field.

The course curriculum includes full integration of training sessions starting with Python and advanced IoT training and  security, all of which are found to be essential for IoT. This will provide a solid foundation and take a competitive edge in the learning process.

This is a great course that is primarily taught totech-savvy individuals and people who have an active interest in becoming more engaged with the emerging IoT industry and believe that they can advance their career within the domain of IoT by applying their existing knowledge of the Python programming language.

7. RWTH International Academy’s IoT Courses

The 21st-century economy keeps getting more complex, which requires an ongoing accumulation of professional qualifications and learning. This is where RWTH’s IoT courses come in, offering you creative sessions so that you can update the skills needed to stay competitive.

The course Curriculum includes the following factors –

  • Has contents that are scientifically based and u will be taught all the latest scientific and technical  developments.
  • Encloses Strong application orientation via case studies and practical project
  • Trains High level of practical exchange between educators, participants and networking among them.
  • Getting  RWTH Aachen Executive Certificate

You can choose from a wide range of IoT courses online types available on the Internet. But in this program, basic knowledge can be acquired through seminars and certificate courses.They also help you to develop advanced knowledge through workshops.

8. AWS IoT Courses online (Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things)

The course is for amateur to intermediate students  desiring to enrich their skills. This course duration is 4 weeks. The curriculum begins with a prelude to IoT and later the course unfolds to nurture the application of AWS IoT SDKs, APIs etc.

Just like other IoT courses, they conduct group discussions every week

Where in all the verified learners get a certificate as an appreciation of completion.

Cons of the course-

The course is  unavailable in few countries like Cuba ( Crimea region of Ukraine) and Iran due to the recent U.S sanctions.

This course offers you a hybrid teaching methods with a combination of video-based demonstrations and hands-on lab activities, that will authorize you to assemble, deploy and supervise your own IoT solution by running it in your own AWS account.

9. Jigsaw Academy’s IoT Courses Online

This Institute was established in the year 2011 having it’s headquarters in Bengaluru and provide services across the globe online.

Their course duration varies from 14,13 and 19 hours based on the curriculum.

Jigsaw Academy’s IoY Courses Online has a well designed structure created to be an end to end programme by the Professional IoT practitioners.

In the course you get a hardware kit that includes Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The overall course gives insights to the students in various fields like Raspberry Pi, Arduino IoT (Cloud), IoT analytics and advanced IoT analytics.

The courses here aren’t conducted by professors or teachers , instead they have trained industry experts for making the sessions look live.

This Academy has external collaborations with Klar Systems and ACM India.

They have the most relevant curriculum in the industry unlike other IoT Courses Online.

Jigsaw IoT courses comes along with a  project specific kit wherever proposed. It is the only Course in the market that includes both IoT as well as IoT analytics.

10. Nobleprog’s IoT Courses Online

Nobleprog (Since 2005) is one of the leading Institute giving IoT courses online

It’s headquarters are in UK, Beijing, and Noida.

They are prominent in servicing Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Managers through online.

They believe more in practical rather than theory and the course duration is for 14 hours.

Its faculty to student ratio is 1:8, and 78% of its faculty members hold PhDs. In order for the participants to get experience with real-time case studies, the programme aims to keep them in touch with real-time consultation projects that are of industry standard and real-time issue statements.

The goal of the course is to introduce students to cutting-edge technology possibilities, platforms, and case studies on the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) to home and city automation, industrial internet, healthcare, government, mobile cellular, and other fields. The fundamentals of all IoT components—mechanical, electronic/sensor platform, wireless and wireline protocols, mobile to electronic integration, data analytics, and more are covered in the course.

Nobleprog also provide employment assistance to those students who are qualified in the exam. Post clearing the exam they are referred to their respective clients. They also started an employability proposal that delivers graduate-oriented classes to assist the learners to perform better in the interview.

Final words –

Technology continues to transform how businesses operate. Processes that once took days or even weeks to complete can now be done in seconds. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), industries from healthcare to hospitality can efficiently and effectively monitor and analyze data in real-time. This technological shift is also creating a demand for professionals who can help companies integrate IoT solutions into their business processes.

If you’re interested in pursuing an IoT career, you’ll need more than just a passion for technology. An IoT job is unique in that it requires specific technical skill sets and analytical abilities. With so many different roles available within the field of IoT, it’s important to understand what type of opportunities will match your interests and strengths as a future candidate.

Now you have got the information about the Top 10 IoT courses online, that helps you to flourish your career in this modern era. Filter your interests and get skilled from the right niche.


Who can opt for the IoT Courses?

Anyone who wants to be an IoT Security expert can enrol in IoT Courses Online/Classroom. But preferably these above-mentioned Courses will be of interest to those who seek in-depth knowledge as well as possessing multidisciplinary knowledge. They also need to understand the changing Field of the Internet of Things.

Is an online course effective as classroom sessions?

Yes, online IoT courses are very effective as classroom courses. Under the direction of technological professionals, you will be able to learn and comprehend the most recent technology courses from the convenience of your home.

Do I need to be aware of IoT before enrolling in IoT courses?

If you don’t want to fall behind, you must have a basic understanding of the terminology used in IoT courses or at least some knowledge of the phrases.=

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