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Why Online Education?

When we talk about online education, what exactly do we mean?  Teachers and students can decide their learning pace, without giving up anything. And what do you think about the future of online education in India? Education in a physical classroom is not only the option for acquiring knowledge.All it needs is a strong presence of mind. There is a bright future for India’s online education with an increase in online classes.

Indian Market For Online Education


The education market is poised to progress at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 19.50% during the forecast period of 2022-2026.  One of the prime reasons driving this market over the next few years is Cloud Computing.  

Future Of Online Education

Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Online Education

Cloud computing is an on-demand availability of data storage and computing power without direct active management by the user.  It provides easy and quick access to a huge database, which is stored on various servers called data centers.  

In education, it works as a platform which gives students easier access to study material and learning resources in various forms.

Future Of Online Education

Why is Online Learning important?

It is an aid for many students facing physical disabilities as well as for those facing obstacles due to geographical boundaries.  With so many opportunities for courses spread widely, it gets easier for such students to access data at the ease of their homes, with immediate access to experts as well.

How does Online Education work?  

Online education works on various types of systems like AI & Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver lectures and materials, monitor the student’s progress, and assess and accept the completed work.  Though it seems to have been introduced recently, it has proved to be as effective as traditional coursework.

What Is The Future Of Online Education In India?

Due to the pandemic, schools and the education system have been majorly affected.  Many institutional organizations were shut down, some children dropped out of school due to family pressures. Having to be staying indoors at all times, students were thus deprived of their knowledge.  Looking to bridge this gap, the government looked for an alternative to restore the education system, considering the children’s future was at stake.

With the online classes in places, the education system started to get a base. But will this be the future of education in India?

These platforms are extremely essential for the youth of today.  Considering the nature of this highly competitive world today, a step like this is a must, because the candidate would be able to access all the necessary resources to boost his preparation for the future.

Drawbacks Of Online Education

  • Internet Drawbacks – Full internet access is not available yet in many parts of India.
  • Mental Health Of Students – The concentration span of children between the age of 5-10 is quite small. At that age, activity-based learning is what enhances their skills.
  • Excessive Screen Time – Too much screen time, affects the eyes and is not good for their mental health as well.
  • More inactivity – Because of long screen hours, with assignments to submit, students are unable to give any time to physical activities leading to health issues.
  • Body language and eye contact – Teachers are not able to gain eye contact with the students as they move away from the screens or are busy with other activities.

Good Things About Online Education:

  •       Reduces overhead expenses
  •       Flexibility of timings
  •       Environment Friendly
  •     Wide selection of programs
  •       Easily Accessible

Educational Benefits Of Learning Online

  •       Helps us to explore and learn new features and tools which could benefit us
  •       Change language as per our expectation
  •     Having a limited number of students builds a close bond between teacher and student
  •       Availability of teachers as per convenience

What are the requirements for Online Education?

A simple concept that doesn’t involve any investment.  All you require is a device to access your online sessions, a proper internet connection and the necessary software or hardware required for your class.


E-Learning In Educational Technology

E-learning or technology in education is the in-thing for today’s modern-day learners.  The introduction of technologies in classroom training has advanced student interaction within classroom sessions.

E-learning Technology Tool

Using e-learning technology, the interaction between the student and the teacher is more productive.  Teachers are using tools like multimedia, dramatics and many more.  This has proven to be more interesting for students and goes beyond the old style of book learning. It reduces the chances of boredom in the students and they tend to remain attentive at all times.

Common E-learning Tools

  •       Skype
  •     E-books
  •       Smartboards
  •       Podcasts

How Can We Make Online Education More Effective?

Online education involves the child taking the classes in the comfort of his home, where he remains in an over-protective environment, so at times it becomes difficult for the teachers to discipline the child, as effectively as it would be in the classroom.  Or in remote places where there are no gadgets or the parents are not well-educated, how can online education have a future?  

Tips To Make Online Education More Effective

1.    Training teachers to work towards effective education – Advanced training on how to use more tools on laptops/desktops to monitor the child’s work, instead of just creating a group chat and sharing the information over it.  Certain tools like the use of Spreadsheets, data sheets and many more can be used to record more detailed information about the student’s activities.

2.    Adapting different styles of teaching – Continuous video sessions can lead to boredom in students very fast, so the teachers can make use of audio clips or conduct debates or prepare quiz time sessions in between which will enhance the child to look forward to the upcoming classes.

3.    Adapting to video conferencing sessions – The teachers can schedule their sessions in various batches for different subjects so that they will be able to focus on how the students are conducting themselves more effectively during video conferencing sessions.

Future Prospects & Trends in Online Education

It has been observed that India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world, offering UG & PG e-learning courses to students.  In comparison with graduation and diploma courses, the demand for online higher education is more dominated by PG courses like :

  •       MBA / PGDM
  •       MCA
  •       MTech / MS
  •       B.Ed / M.Ed / NTT

These courses are in huge demand in both Metro & Non-Metro cities as well and are growing faster by the day.

How is Online Education Helping students?

Online education helps students prepare for various competitive exams in various ways without having to come out of their homes.

  •     Webinar
  •       Mock Tests
  •       Videos
  •       Counseling

Future Of Online Education – Age No Bar

During the pandemic, offices were shut, many people lost their jobs and some people would carry out their Work From Home, which till today continues.  This work from home option has a huge benefit on the adult population, who want to enhance their key interests but are unable to because of various reasons.  Many companies today are offering opportunities to their employees to take up more courses online during their working schedule to enhance their skills.  

Learning online is not restricted only to the students, but today a lot of adults are also opting to take online courses in various fields to keep up with the skills trending in today’s world.  Having such an opportunity, we can reach out to a huge number of learners, using up only a  small amount of investment in education infrastructure and making it more cost-effective.

Adults can get to choose a time, rhythm, and place compatible with work and family responsibilities.

Opportunities In Online Education

1.    Increase in Mobile Learning – With the surge in mobile users of 4G, the network providers are now focusing on new technologies like 5G to provide better quality data services at affordable prices which can help them to penetrate the market of the rural areas where the use of mobiles is not far advanced.

2.    Investor’s Interest – A large number of entrepreneurs are venturing into online education because of the upward trend that is being observed.  Thus, going forward there will be more entrepreneurs, and investors and will bring in more funding to the economy.

3.    Blended Model – The combination of online digital media with traditional classroom methods is a blended model.  Though this model will need the physical presence of both the teacher and the student, the latter will have the control to select the place, time, path and pace of the session.

4.    New Courses – There will be more demand for unexpected subjects, like culinary management, photography, and personality development, which are at a slower pace today as compared to IT courses.

Trends That Will Drive The Future Of Online Education

From year to year, lots of changes are observed in all industries including education.

Some Trends in Online Education

  1. Digital Trend – With the technical advancements, the rise of online education in urban regions has also emerged, with the growing use of the internet and the sale of smartphones.  So both the rural and urban population has benefited from this advancement.
  2. Vocational Training – Courses and programs which provide students with hands-on training in specific career options.
  3. Learning Approaches – Personalized learning methods help to segregate students as per their strengths and weaknesses by providing adaptable solutions.
  4. Remote Learning – A trend that allows both the teacher and the student to remain connected and engaged with the content from their respective locations.

Top Online Learning Platforms For Students & Corporates

Future Of Online Education

Why Henry Harvin as an Online Education Partner?

An educational platform providing over 300+ courses in various fields.  Based on your need, the Relation Manager will guide you through what is the best suitable course for you. They have various partners and help in job placements as well.

Online Courses provided by Henry Harvin

·      Six Sigma Course

·      Accounting & Taxation Course

·      PG Program In Data Science

·      French Language Course

IIM Skills

IIM Skills is another leading ed-tech institute in India which provides the best professional courses to help in shaping your career.  Apart from these courses they also provide coaching to prepare you towards CAT (Common Admission Test).

List Of Online Courses

  • Content Writing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Advanced SEO Course

Online Learning Vs Distance Learning

When we talk about online learning, it involves in-person interaction between the teacher and the student.  It is a blend of learning techniques along with other teaching strategies.   So, distance learning does not include any in-person interaction. Though both of them involve similar tools used to conduct their sessions, they vary due to their in-person interactions. 

Tools Used For Online Learning

  •     Google Classroom
  •       Zoom
  •       Web Whiteboard
  •     Ted Talks

Steps Taken By Government Of India To Promote Online Education

A program initiative named “SWAYAM” started by the Government of India, is available to achieve three cardinal principles of education policy that is, access, equity and quality.  The motive behind this initiative is to enhance the best learning resources all over the country.  

A free E-Learning platform, which is one of the largest portals for educational courses, for schoolers to postgraduates and other professional courses.  

What Are The Benefits Of SWAYAM?

1.     Swayam is for schoolers who miss out on attending classes due to unavoidable circumstances.

2.     Covers a wide variety of study material, quizzes, educational video clips, self-assessment tests and many more.

3.     Avails the benefit of gaining certification for online courses they avail for by paying a fee and clearing the examination.

Which Are The Specialized Courses On SWAYAM?

1.     Education

2.     Humanity & Arts

3.     Architecture & Planning

4.     AICET-NITTT Course

5.     Engineering & Technology

6.     Annual Refresher Program In Teaching (ARPIT)

7.     School

8.     Mathematics & Science

9.     Management & Commerce

10.  Law

Online Education Resourses For Students

  1. PM eVIDYA
  2. e-Pathshala
  3. NPTEL
  4. MHRD
  5. National Digital Library Of India

Future Of Indian Market with E-Learning Localization

As per the New Education Policy, recommendations are up for setting up institutes to promote and offer scientific literature in classical Indian languages.

Along with classical Indian Languages, the NEP is also focused on facilitating Lok Vidya, which are the traditional long-lost arts of India.  So all these will be available for easy access through online portals.

India’s First Recognized Online School

India has already started moving toward its bright future of online education and has established its first Online School called K8 school.  They only operate Online unlike other schools.  The curriculum helps to follow students’ interests.

Parents do not need to worry about sending their kids to separate tuitions because this online school is complete in itself.

India’s First Digital University

Kerala University Of Digital Sciences, Innovation, and Technology (KUDSIT)– is India’s first digital university.  It offers a wide range of post-graduate programs and research in various fields of digital technology. 

Schools Delivering These Online Courses

  • School Of Computer Science and Engineering
  • School Of Digital Humanities and Liberal Arts
  • School Of Digital Sciences
  • School Of Electronic Systems and Automation
  • School Of Informatics

Academic Programmes Conducted Online

  • Post Doctoral Programmes
  • Doctoral Programmes
  • PG Programmes for – M.Tech / M.Sc / MBA
  • Diploma Programmes
  • Executive Education Programmes

Uniform And Effective Online Education – The Road Forward

To make online education more effective, easy and safer, more programs for students and teachers, using various resources are available.  But that is not enough.  

Working towards new possibilities for innovative and personalized approaches is a need of the hour, as this will cater to the different learning abilities of any individual who uses online for self-learning.  Monitoring eye contact, motion, and other parameters help to further improve online learning in the future.

Future Of Online Education- 4 Things To Look Forward To

  1. Skill Development
  2. Metaverse Or ‘Mirror World’- a virtual learning experience, which involves the concept of Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR).
  3. Blockchain in education for data security – though yet in the initial stage, blockchain moves the future towards data security.
  4. Safeguarding innovations with IPR – Having many IT teams, there is a higher risk of data leakage.  Blockchain is a decentralised technology, which includes impenetrable information infrastructure, transparency and other tools.

Conclusion- Future Of Online Education

Seeing the pros and cons, we can see that online is the future of the education system.  Yet, replacing traditional schooling completely would have some difficulties.

All subjects that do not need hands-on skills can come under the online category. Other being competency-based skills, need to come under both online and offline modes.


Q.1. Is online learning effective?

Yes, it is and is more widespread than you can think.

Q.2. How can I choose which board I prefer in online education?

Board selection is already on the application shared by the school itself.

Q.3. Which are the best learning apps for online classes?

BYJU’s, Vedantu, and Vedic Math are some of the commonly used applications.

Q.4. Will I have to pay an additional amount as a tuition fee for online school classes or is it included in the current fees?

You don’t need to pay any extra money.  This is a provision as a precaution against any unexpected calamities.

Q.5. Will I have an actual instructor, or will it be pre-recorded sessions?

All the sessions are conducted live.  Timetables and schedules will be shared with you via email or chat group with all relevant information about the upcoming session.

Q.6. Will my certificate be globally acknowledged if the course is done online?

Most of the online courses are globally recognized.

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