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Instructional Design Certification Training Course Agra

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No. 2 Ranking in Instructional Design Certification in India | Trained 2765+ Participants | Get Exposure to 12+ projects | Gain Expertise In Identifying Learning Goals, Conducting Information Processing Analysis And Developing Learning Objectives| Classroom and Live Both Online Options Available

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Key Features


Henry Harvin Instructional Design Online Course has been ranked among Top in the industry by Trainings360

Expert and Certified Trainers

Receive Training From Expert Trainers + Complete Guidance + Imparts Practical Project Knowledge Through Experience + Focus on Practical Use

Acquire Instructional Design Certification with 12+ Projects

Enhance your skills of developing curriculum in this Instructional Design Online Course with 12+ Projects + Learn to identify the learners and customize a program that suits training programs + Upgrade your skills with constant learning over a period of 1 year

Job Assistance and 1-year support of Content Academy

Total job guidance + Exclusive session for skills required for interview + E-Learning Access + 12 Monthly Brush Up Sessions

Globally Accepted Curriculum and Alumni Status

Globally accepted Curriculum of Instructional Design Course + Henry Harvin Alumni Status to network with more than 1755 satisfied alumni + Certification CGW

Trusted by 180+ Corporates and 75+ Colleges

Trusted by Leading Corporates such as Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, Hostbooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments & More. And 12+ IIM's including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta, and 7+ IIT's including IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi.

About the Course

Duration of Instructional Design Certification Course

    • Duration:
      Classroom Training: 8 hrs duration
      Live Online Training: 8 hrs duration
    • As soon as the candidates clear an online exam after the Instructional design certification course, they are provided with the certificate.
    • End-to-End support for the project with case studies along with monthly Brush Up sessions for 1 year is provided.

About the Instructional Design Course Online

    Attain a globally acclaimed testimonial of Instructional Design certification after the training. Certified Instructional Design Specialist (CIDS) credentials will add to your prior achievements with upgraded skills. Use it as a symbol of Instructional Design expertise with your name. Eg. Sandeep Kumar (CIDS)

Trainer Profile of Instructional Design Certification Course

    Trainers expert in their field who convert the instructional design into engagement, learning, and retention provides training in Henry Harvin. Their intensive knowledge about the subject and experience adds to the success. The main aim of these trainers is to upgrade your skills so that you can cultivate compelling curriculums that benefit and nurtures both employers and learners by providing the required results.

Membership Program:

    Henry Harvin Content Academy provides 1-Year Membership along with;
    E-Learning Access: With Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
    Brushup Sessions: Free 12 Brush Up sessions monthly for 1-Year
    Internship: Henry Harvin or partner firms internships are assured
    Job Opportunities: Total Job support with regular emails regarding openings
    Interview Skills: Assistance in acquiring skills to clear interviews with Corporates

Career Benefits

    • With us at Henry Harvin evolve your curriculum designing skills by enrolling for one of the best Instructional Design courses online
    • Learn to develop training materials that increase retention rapidly.
    • Acquire the skills of making an attractive training curriculum for getting more and more job opportunities.
    • Make sure your trainees are successful at their job as this portrays your skills of instructional design.
    • Gain expertise in identifying learning goals, conducting information processing analysis, and developing learning objectives to be a professional Instructional Design Specialist.
    • Learn to identify the performance, skills, knowledge, information, and attitude gaps of a targeted audience and prepare a suitable training curriculum to be successful in your career.
    • Completing an Instructional Design Certification will open a large number of options for working in the field of Education and also in the Corporate sector.
    • To develop and design training modules, e-learning modules, or mobile apps, instructional designers are required in the corporate sector.
    • Enhance and diversify your skills to be able to tap the opportunities in the education sector. There is a huge demand to create or revise teaching materials or curriculum from elementary-aged children to college students.
    • Learn key aspects to add a skill to your career. The instructional design certification will add value to your resume or freelance career.
    • Gain insight as to how to provide the best experience for both trainers and users.
    • Achieve eligibility for better job opportunities and networks to grow in the field of Instructional Design.
    • Make yourself available with a specialization in Instructional Design course online for higher positions in this field.

Learning Benefits

    • We ensure that you learn to identify the needs, goals, and desires of your audience.
    • Understand the importance of end-users receiving the right tools so that they can do their job.
    • Learn to understand the needs of the user before designing the course.
    • Gain insight as to how to make an easy curriculum for your end-users to learn.
    • Gain expertise in making an exclusive and irresistible training curriculum.
    • Learn how to reach every learner while training the class by making learning easy and enjoyable.
    • Master the art of working in a time frame with a visually attractive and clear curriculum.
    • Learn core techniques as to how to design effectively.
    • Learn to understand, follow, and execute complex instructions.
    • Understand emerging technologies that can assist you to focus on being successful in obtaining the desired results.
    • Gain expertise in the real-time application of the learned concepts.

Know the complete offerings of our Instructional Design Certification Training Course

Course Curriculum

    • Identify and discuss the concepts
    • Discuss foundations
    • The landscape of instructional design
    • Identify with your audience
    • Identify what they do
    • Organize what they do
    • Determine what to teach
    • Organize what to teach
    • Determine the initial class structure
    • Determine why they want it
    • Research teaching strategies
    • Research teaching tools
    • Select teaching strategies & tools
    • Make it real to them
    • Proof the specific class structure
    • Curriculum Production
    • Create facilitator guides
    • Create in-class activities and assessments
    • Create learner workbooks and handouts
    • Create a slideshow
    • Create evaluation surveys
    • Create marketing materials
    • Context Analysis
    • Needs Assessment
    • Environment Analysis
    • Target learner Analysis and Characteristics.
    • The Curriculum Life Cycle; Engagement-Retention-Application.
    • Participant Centered Needs; 8 audience-centered building blocks
    • Theoretical Foundations
    • Instructional Theories
    • Instructional Design Models and Characteristics.
    • New Training Curriculum
    • Remodel Existing Curriculum
    • Curriculum-Based on Business Needs.
    • Talent Development
    • Teaching Design Mastery - strategies and tools
    • Final Assessment
    • Certificate Dispatch
    • Monthly Brushup Sessions- Live Online (12months)

Know the complete offerings of our Instructional Design Course

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Get Ahead with Henry Harvin® Instructional Design Course Certification

  • Grow with CIDS Certification

    Get acclaimed and grow in the field with our explicit and specific Instructional Design Course online. The Instructional Design Certification represents the fact that you have substantial expertise as to how to build an attractive training curriculum that converts the instructional design into engagement, learning, and retention. You are eligible to make an entire curriculum for an educational purpose, or design training modules, e-learning modules, or mobile apps, for the corporate sector. This skill will upgrade your accomplishments in a career and will help you grow further.

  • Learn To Make Irresistible Curriculum With Instructional Design Course Online

    Instructional Design Course is an essential skill required for acquiring tools for the curriculum life cycle. With the knowledge of understanding the learners, you can achieve design mastery in making the curriculum as per business needs. The tools and strategies will prepare you to advance in a career in Instructional Design to set you ahead in any organization to achieve their goals. Many companies search for professional Instructional design specialists and you can benefit from it in your career growth.

  • Display your Accomplishments

    Present your Certification of Instructional Design Online Course - on LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; Magnify your resume and share with your network across different domains.

Our courses and Course Certificates are trusted by these industry leaders

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Why Henry Harvin for Instructional Design Certification Training Course


It is one of the best Instructional Design Course online by Trainings360

Project Evaluation

Thorough monthly brushup sessions over a period of 12 months. Get personalized feedback and support from our experienced Instructional Design Certification Experts.

100% Fund Reimbursement

Get guaranteed reimbursement of your money if not contented after your first session.

Technical Mentor Support

Receive personal mentor support, skill enhancement, and career guidance with regular brush up sessions. Total assistance with video recordings, preparation for interviews, and answers for all your technical questions even after training sessions are over.


Henry Harvin Education cherishes affiliations from the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India & many more.

Know more about what makes Henry Harvin Instructional Design Course Best in the Industry

Instructional Design Course Training Certification Process



For one of the best Instructional Design Course online, get your registration.


Acquire Training sessions for Instructional Design Course Online

Be available for the Instructional Design Certification Course for gaining expertise in the required skillset of preparing training modules and be eligible for the certification. In addition to it, if you missed or want to revisit some of the training sessions, you are provided with recorded videos of the sessions.


Understanding Instructional Design Course From Industry Experts

Gather experience with real-world assignments and practical projects to enhance the skills for Instructional Design. Get the CIDS certification for mastering the teaching design for making exclusive and quality curriculums that companies search for.


Receive CIDS Certification

No sooner you complete your Instructional Design course online, receive a CIDS Certification from Henry Harvin, and add the Hallmark of CIDS next to your name (For Example, Sandeep Kumar (CIDS). Post it on social media or get framed and increase your value in the industry.

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Upcoming Batches

Dates Batch Type Price Enroll
Weekend Batch Live Virtual Classroom INR 3,000.00

Registrations Open
Weekend Batch Live Virtual Classroom INR 3,000.00

Registrations Open
Sunday Batch Live Virtual Classroom INR 3,000.00

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Self Paced Course Live Virtual Classroom INR 999.00

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Nikita Lobo
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I am working in the field of education for some time now and was looking for an Instructional Design online course to get further in my field. The Instructional Design certification course at Henry Harvin was precise and provided techniques for preparing smarter curriculums. I benefitted from the topics and received an insight into the key factors that are essential before preparing any training module. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a career in Instructional Design.

Anuradha Garg
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The Instructional Design Course online at Henry Harvin was satisfactory as it provided in-detail insight as to how to prepare good training modules and e-learning modules. The course is perfect for aspirants looking for a career in Instructional Design to work in organizations that require these skills on a regular basis. If you are interested in preparing training curriculums and modules, the course will guide you to gain the core knowledge of Instructional Design. It will help you use the digital platform effectively for gaining success.

Know the complete offerings of our Instructional Design Course

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Know the complete offerings of our Instructional Design Course

Commonly Asked Questions

There are numerous advantages while enrolling with Henry Harvin including mainly 1-year Project experience sessions along with refresher sessions. It is the best Instructional Design course online with No 2 ranking. The course is trained by experienced and multi-domain expert trainers who provide complete guidance that will make you industry-ready.

By enrolling for the Instructional Design course you will be able to analyze the requirements of the learner, identify learning objectives, and develop the design accordingly. You will learn the main components of making a training module. The course will teach you to convert the design into retention. It will enhance your ability to create curriculums thoughtfully and strategically. You will learn to reach your goal in a specific time frame. You will be able to start your career in Instructional Design effectively by offering a complete approach to your clients.

With the Instructional Design course at Henry Harvin, you will become skilled in creating attractive training modules. You will have the desired tools to prepare easy to understand, enjoyable curriculum which fulfills the requirement of the user. You will be able to offer complete dedication and approach to Instructional Design. You will be able to make curriculums that benefit both employees and trainers by providing desired results. You will learn to achieve your goals in the set time. This course is perfect for professionals as well as freshers looking out for a career in Instructional Design.

Anyone can enroll in the course. However, it is advisable if you are at least a graduate and have basic knowledge of computer and writing.

There are a few options available if in case you miss a class. You can view recorded videos of your class or either attend the same class in another ongoing batch. You also have the option of changing your batch entirely.

No, there is no difference between the classroom course and the online course. The online course is provided for your convenience in regard to time, place, and device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc.)

Excited to Learn?

The most important aspect of becoming a successful Instructional Design Specialist is learning the ability to understand the need of the learner.
The Instructional Design course online will help you to provide you with the necessary tools and techniques for preparing an amazing curriculum. The
Instructional Design online course at Henry Harvin is designed to not only help you to learn to prepare training modules but also to know how to target the right audience.
The Instructional Design course online uses real examples to help you understand. You will also learn how instructional design can help in the growth of an organization.
The Instructional Design online course includes tips and strategies that make irresistible training modules that attract learners. The course will help you get in-depth knowledge of making training as well as e-modules. You will be prepared for better job opportunities and networks in the education and corporate sector to grow in the field of Instructional Design.

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