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The necessity of the Instagram followers hack for the budding Instagrammers:

Instagram has become the linchpin for many brands, businesses, enterprises, as well as influencers, showcasing their social presence worldwide. However, This social media platform drives profitable traffic to the landing pages of entrepreneurs and brands, building an increasing flow of engaging audiences. Therefore, being an entrepreneur or an influencer, your Instagram presence has to be robust enough to get real, organic followers on Instagram. Here comes the need for Instagram followers hack. Chiefly, these hacks teach how to sharpen your strategies for getting profitable organic traffic on your Instagram. 

Why are the audiences crucial for your growth on Instagram?

Especially, the larger your audience grows in your profile, the more opportunities you’ll have to communicate and understand your customers. Eventually, you’ll create unique experiences for them making them visit your business landing pages.

However, it’s crucial to maintain the traffic distinction organic. Though, sometimes brands take the easier path to get more Instagram followers using the ‘Pay for likes and followers’ sites. Still, these shortcuts are never worth applying because the Instagram algorithm updates regularly to weed out low-quality, paid accounts and interactions.

The number of Instagram followers ultimately doesn’t count if it doesn’t represent an engaged fan following that visits your landing pages, makes purchases, and advocates for your brands with friends and followers. So, start building your presence the right way with these Instagram flowers hack to get real, organic Instagram followers.

Instagram followers hack

Without further delay, let’s jump into the top 10 Instagram followers hack, the main objective of the blog.

Top 10 Instagram followers hack to grow a robust Instagram profile with organic traffic flow:

The Instagram followers hack discussed below is best utilized when the social media manager of a specific business becomes a follower of the concerned business’s Instagram page. Then the business page’s followers base and the social media manager grow rapidly and organically because the consumers start following them in huge numbers.

1. Account Optimization as Instagram followers hack:

Before figuring out how to gain followers on Instagram, the crucial Instagram followers hack is to have your IG account fully optimized because your brand’s Instagram bio serves as the ‘Homepage’ of your IG account. Consequently, if a profile-bio, a username, profile image, or an image caption is missing, how will the audience know the account belongs to a specific brand or a person? Though it seems obvious, still on Instagram, your bio and image build the foundations of your brand identity. Therefore, the link in your bio is your one spot to drive organic Instagram traffic to your site’s landing page. So, optimizing your account is the first thing to do.

Link Bio:

If you cannot decide where to link your bio, try marketing or product pages that relate to specific keywords, hashtags, or campaigns on your Instagram account. Linking your homepage to your IG bio is necessary. However, viewers visiting your profile can have a cohesive experience when moving from your bio to a site. The IG-linked landing pages host relevant links to the pieces of content mentioned on a brand’s feed and “link in bio” posts. It helps audiences drive to those links.

User name:

As a matter of fact, keep your username as search-friendly as possible. Although, It primarily means sticking to your actual brand name. If your business name seems long, shorten it to something recognizable to your audience. Adding numbers or special characters to your username is a big no. Instead, keep your user IG name in line with the other social media handles you already have.

However, the best way to optimize your account is to create and follow an Instagram marketing strategy. Check the digital marketing course by Henry Harvin for that.

2. Scheduling Instagram Posts in advance using Software and Apps:

You can schedule your social media contents to get posted on IG in a predetermined time interval in data queues. For example, you can pre-schedule a post to declare a new year deal ought to start on Jan 1st at midnight sharp. On the other hand, if a company has to announce 5-anniversary offers at different timings within a day, they schedule the posts on Instagram in this case. Therefore, the scheduling apps help businesses to manage their account seamlessly. 

There are a few apps and software to schedule the posts and announcements on Instagram. Most of them have a limited free usage span used in organic promotion. Though,  in the long run, these are usable with a paid subscription.

Following are the scheduling apps and software:

  • Sendible:  It has features like texting and commenting on social inboxes. It has social media calendars to set scheduled posts with repeating choices to post the same promotion over and over.
  • Later: There is an Instagram analytics feature in this app. It finds the customers’  engagement marked within a calendar.
  • Agorapulse:  It is a social media management software. It partners officially with Instagram. The features of this software include social media listening, report generation for the particular profile growth, and gaining knowledge for improvisations.
  • Awario: it finds social media influencers to make collaboration content. The app also generates report models on the progress of growth and tracks, fellow competitors.

3. Relevant Hashtags on your IG posts as Instagram followers hack:

Hashtags play a vital role in organic searches on the internet.  A short and specific keyword in Instagram efficiently becomes a part of Search Engine Result Pages.

  • You can use hashtags with short texts or images. Put the hashtag symbol (#) before the keyword, like  #officewearstyle.
  • You can explore tools like ‘Google keyword planner,’ ‘Keywords Everywhere,’ and websites like ‘answer the’ for getting many ideas on hashtags.
  • There are Instagram hashtag generator apps available to get ideas as well. However, most of them perform an AI-based selection of words from previous searches to provide hashtag ideas and captions. A few of these apps include #Hashme, Ingrammer, Sistrix, All Hashtag, etc.

Although, you can type a lot of hashtags on Instagram and look for a popular one among them. If the hashtag shows post-counts above a few thousand, it will be in the most trending category. Therefore, people prefer writing a hashtag topic around it.

Hashtags for Instagram Followers hack
Hashtags for Instagram Followers hack

4. Activate the CTAs and Chatbots for your visitor’s convenience:

Your visitors on Instagram are responsible for the organic traffic flow towards your business. Therefore, you need to understand and satisfy their queries and needs. So, there has to be a way they can converse with you directly. The ‘Call To Actions’ and the ‘Chatbots’ are the tools to make you more alive to your visitors.

Call To Action (CTA):

The CTA proves your business actions to be dynamic and lively to your IG page visitors. For example, the ‘enter the poll’ tab, ‘please click here’ tab, and ‘register for offer’ tab for lightning deals, free delivery, and cashback attract consumers to engage, click to buy, and lead the organic traffic to your account. Moreover, timely updating of the CTAs is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. People won’t prefer to visit any brand and source referrals when there are inactive CTAs.


The ‘Chatbots’ are AI-based software programs to assist people in finding answers to their various queries.  If consumers are satisfied with the answers to their doubts, there will be a gain in followers-base on Instagram. The popular Chatbots are as follows:

  • MobileMonkey bot
  • Socialmonk
  • Chat-Gen
  • ManyChat
  • Chatimize etc.

However, you can customize your chatbots for individual purposes. These days, Chatbots and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology merge to achieve better results. The RPA technology automates predictable businesses, repetitive processes, and routines as a cost-cutting strategy.

5. Using the Bacon Technology as Instagram followers hack:

Beacons are powerful Bluetooth low-energy transmitters installed in physical locations. It helps to detect the business locations and proximity marketing.

For example:

Suppose a mall enabled a beacon and holds an Instagram account as well. Then the details inside the mall, an entire list of shops, a list of customers coming to purchase, etc., are noted with location details. Bacon notes the information through written programs. Otherwise, a direct survey of customers regarding shops and their purchases do the same using Bacon.

Therefore, the store in the mall gains popularity with customers using its business location in organic searches. Moreover, Bacon leads more frequent visitors notified of brands and products without direct payment by the concerned Instagrammers’ store. The store located at the mall with an IG account associated with Bacon get its business promoted organically.

Bacon technology for Instagram followers hack
Bacon technology for Instagram followers hack

6. Posting content according to the ‘Insight’ tab’s inputs on your IG account:

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The ‘Insights’ tab on Instagram gives the best infographics about activity, content, and audience engagement. Regular checking of all three parameters will optimize feeds,  the total number of viewer-reach, have an eye on the weekly activity monitor, and count the stories and feeds posted.

To get the Insights info, you must hold a ‘business account’ or ‘creator account’ on Instagram. Moreover, the ‘Audience’ section is the best feature of the ‘Insights’ because the ‘Growth’ subsection provides the number of viewers who followed and unfollowed the business account on Instagram. Therefore, ‘insights’ is the best analytics tool to promote any inbound marketing strategy that nourishes the B2C relationship.

‘Insights’ also helps the social media manager by providing the top locations the audience concentrates on, the gender, and the age range of the audience. It shows the most active times the audience is available on Instagram to demystify consumer engagement and allows businesses to post the content at the exact time.

7. Using the passionate blogging skills of a social media manager:

If the social media manager of a brand is also an avid blogger, the followers following the posts on the brand’s IG account will achieve a good reach. Since the blogger’s popularity drives organic traffic to their blogs, the business page gets promoted along the way. Therefore, they can take up the task of reaching the target audience with their content writing skills, language skills, good vocabulary usage, grammar, and SEO strategies.

However, the newbies can also gain popularity and reachability by writing for Quora, Blogosphere, Medium, HubSpot, Facebook, etc., along with Instagram. Moreover, you can link multiple Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc., accounts with your IG business account to promote the content for better reach.

Blogger to manage IG account
Blogger to manage IG account

8. Using the ‘Social Media Listening’ strategies:

‘Social Media Listening’ is crucial Instagram followers hack and one of the vital parameters for target audience research. It tracks the customers’ conversations regarding the brand, the products, and the brand’s business competitors. It helps the business owner to understand the customer’s needs as well.

For example:

Answering the queries of customers posted in comments is considered ‘social media listening.’ It satisfies the customers to get instant answers to their inquiries.

Moreover, If the brand manager replies to the customer query not mentioned in the user manual of their products, the consumer feels glad to get the extra information. However, this gesture may also make other people follow the brand’s IG account at their convenience.

There are some tools available for ‘social media listening, like:

  • Reddit Keyword Monitor
  • Synthesio
  • ReviewTrackers
  • Brandwatch consumer research
  • BrandMentions etc.

These tools help with insightful reviews from customers, a reputational score, targeting a specific audience group, customer information, and analytics on consumers’ other social media platforms. Moreover, these tools pay attention to the business competitors’ tactics like brand promotion, survey strategies, upcoming product launches, and understanding their customer service. So, the ‘social media listening’ tools help attract consumers organically.

9. Utilizing the Instagram Planner apps:

There are plenty of Instagram planner apps to reduce account holders’ stress. These apps have features to plan the IGTV contents, stories, caption ideas, visual displays, and analytics. To announce an event, you can rely on planner apps to avoid unnecessary chaos amidst a stressful day.

Some of the planner apps used on Instagram are as follows:

  • Preview app: It is a visual planner app that helps plan the feeds before posting them on Instagram. The drag and drop options are available in this app. Moreover, you can fix the time to post the content through the app. It will set a reminder for the user at the scheduled time.
  • Planoly: It is a business-friendly app because It has shopping strategies as one of its unique features. Therefore, the brand entrepreneurs can schedule and sell their products at a specific time by tagging products.
  • Plann app:  Along with the post-scheduling feature, it adds other features like stickers, colors, borders, resizing pictures, etc.
  • HopperHQ: It allows promoting the same content to other social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. It schedules the post, adds filters, adjusts the content’s orientations, etc.
  • Later: It can add multiple links to a post, provide hashtag suggestions, drag and drop feed planner, etc., without compromising the simplicity of the post.

10. Posting alluring IG stories and feeds:

In a B2C model, the social media manager can post stories around a particular product to compel the target audience. However, the social media manager should create it sensibly from the consumer’s point of view because IG stories can attract a person more efficiently than text-based posts. Therefore, this Instagram followers hack is crucial to allure organic traffic.

Hence, you can create IG stories in the following ways:

  • Make a short video content regarding the product or brand.
  • Create a countdown sticker or a survey to make a user-interactive story. It can tell when to launch a new promotion to the consumer’s convenience.
  • Use Giphy from the GIF apps to create a catchy theme related to a product.
  • Create stories consistently to engage the customers.
  • Make the stories crisp and reachable to the audience concerning their time limits.
  • Value the feedback given by the customers as shorts or smiley animations for added advantages.

That’s all for Instagram followers hack in our discussion. Now, let’s take a quick peek at the basics of Instagram and organic traffic. It’ll demystify the Instagram followers hack to the amateurs on social media platforms.

Instagram followers hack: stories
Instagram followers hack: stories

About Instagram and organic growth for social media newbies:


As all know, Instagram is a social media app. Previously it was built only for ios and android mobile phones but later used on PCs. 

After creating an account on Instagram, a user can flourish by-

  • creating posts 
  • Applying hashtags 
  • Making short stories with text, images, and short videos
  • Adding large videos called the IGTVs
  • Tagging locations
  • Increasing brand recognition using feeds
  • Operating apps that schedule regular account updates and feed product descriptions, news, etc. 

It is a popular social media platform for business purposes and to use as a personal account. It allows you to reach and connect the masses.

Traffic measures on Instagram are of 2 types: 

  • Followers-  The number of people who follow a particular account holder.
  • Following-  Denotes the number of accounts a specific account holder is ‘following.’

What is organic Instagram growth?

The organic growth in Instagram comes with the organic traffic stream. However, organic traffic is the visits to a particular Instagram (IG) account by a search for any specific topic in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing without spending anything on it. Only good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and timely up-gradation of the IG account can get you the rank in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). Satisfying these needs is crucial for a long-lasting relationship with customers and leads. However, organic traffic is the secondary source of attracting traffic for the digital marketing field in the internet world, while direct traffic is the primary one.

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Tips for Organic Instagram Growth
Tips for Organic Instagram Growth

Now, let’s conclude the discussion over the Instagram followers hack with more tips for your presence on Instagram.

Concluding with a few tips for your Instagram presence:

In the modern-day era of digitalization, Instagram continues to gain popularity among audiences. Therefore, it is attracting more and more organic traffic to one’s convenience. So, taking advantage of these tips will help you increase your audience reach, increase followers, and give you a robust Instagram presence.

Developing an Instagram following with an organic traffic stream is a dextrous process. Therefore, the wholesome knowledge of best practices on the network will structure your strategies more effectively. Learn more about the most crucial Instagram essentials with the following recommended blogs.

Recommended Reads:


Q1. How to earn money using the Instagram account?

Ans: You can earn money on Instagram by creating sponsored posts for existing brands. Become a brand affiliate and earn commissions for selling that brand’s products to earn money. you can also be a brand ambassador to endorse the brand as a social media influencer. Create and sell products or services to establish your brand or Sell licenses for your photography or video courtesy to make money on Instagram.


Q2.How does hashtags increase the potential to reach followers?

Ans: You can use the hashtags for fun, industry-specific words, and current trending words to gain more popularity. While upgrading the IG profile, you can choose long-tail keywords for hashtags. Hashtags are necessary to reach more views and allow more followers to visit your profile. There are some hashtag generators available online to use.


Q3. When should I post On Instagram for more views?

Ans: You should post your content when your followers are active on Instagram. Check your ‘Insights’ to analyze your customer activity.


Q4. What does ‘social media listening’ mean?

Ans: The ‘social media listening’ refers to the listening sentiments and conversations of people who are expressing them. In the case of B2C activities, people review a brand or product in their feedback.  Therefore, the feedback helps the business track and engage in more activities with target audiences on social media. The apps for ‘social media listening’ are BrandMentions, Synthesio, and ReviewTrackers.


Q5. What are the planner apps used for Instagram?

Ans: The planner apps used for Instagram are Preview, Planoly, Later, HopperHQ, and Plann. They analyze, schedule, and edit features of a feed before posting it.

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