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In today’s post, we’re about to give a comprehensive summary of the 15 highest paying digital marketing skills that will help digital marketers hit their revenue goals effortlessly. 

But before we dive into the list, let’s completely understand why digital marketers are in demand and how they help businesses. 

Why Are Digital Marketers In Demand?

An average internet user spends at least 170 minutes a day on the internet!

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An average social media user spends at least 145 minutes a day on social media!

The numbers and statistics above help us understand how effective digital marketing campaigns could be and how they would help businesses skyrocket their growth.

With the number of internet users increasing day by day, many businesses and brands are trying really hard to make a mark online.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, even small and local businesses understand the importance of having an online presence.

But, building a strong online presence isn’t easy. It involves consistent and strategic marketing efforts. 

Digital marketers are expected to wear different hats and work closely with designers, editors and the company’s sales team.

They have the responsibility to plan and manage marketing campaigns that help promote a company’s products and services. They also help companies establish themselves as an authority online. 

Now that you have a clear understanding of the scope and significance of digital marketers, let’s learn about the highest paying digital marketing skills that are currently in demand. 

Make sure you read till the end, as we also share an additional list of the 10 highest paying digital marketing jobs as an additional bonus!

15 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Skills

1. Content Strategy

digital marketing skills - content strategy

Content strategists play a vital role in every step of the content creation process.

They analyze business goals and try to develop promotional strategies that help convert a sizable chunk of the target audience into customers. 

Content strategists research, plan, brief, create, edit, optimize and publish content by developing effective content strategies after a thorough analysis of market trends. 

To establish yourself as a content strategist, you would need a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience in any of the related fields such as content management, content editing or content writing.

Do you want to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing? Check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course now!

2. SEO

15 highest paying digital marketing skills 2021- SEO image

Search Engine Optimization help brands rank higher in the search engines and help them increase their visibility, search traffic, ROI and conversion rates effectively.

It also helps direct the right kind of organic traffic to websites. Various types of search engine optimization techniques are,

  • On-Page SEO,
  • Off-Page SEO,
  • Technical SEO,
  • White Hat SEO,
  • Black Hat SEO,
  • Grey Hat SEO and
  • Negative SEO. 

While it’s always wise to concentrate on On-page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO and White Hat SEO, it’s better to stay away from Black Hat and Negative SEO practices. The latter SEO practices do no good and can work negatively.

3. Email Marketing

15 highest paying digital marketing skills 2021- email marketing

Remember the recent breakdown of social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram? 

A lot of marketers and social media users seemed very annoyed with the temporary breakdown of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. 

Since these platforms helped brands market their services and products, the temporary shutdown affected their daily promotional activities. That’s when many marketers understood the true potential of email marketing. 

Email marketing has a return on investment of 4200% and yields better results than other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

There are a ton of companies actively looking out for talented email marketers. If you have a knack for writing strategic yet conversational email copies, consider yourself lucky!

4. Content Marketing

15 highest paying digital marketing skills 2021- content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective marketing techniques in practice. It attracts potential customers, nurtures them, keeps them engaged. Some of the successful content marketing channels are,

  • YouTube, 
  • Social media handles (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc), 
  • Webinars, 
  • Podcasts, 
  • Blogs and
  • Email sequences.

Once a brand establishes itself as an authority in the domain, it becomes easy to gain people’s trust. And once people trust a brand, they are more likely to buy its products or services. 

It helps establish a direct relationship with the audience as consumers themselves search for information, land on a brand’s marketing channel(blog/YouTube) and have their doubts or queries sorted.

It is based on creating value and helping its audience. 

Unlike content marketing, other forms of traditional marketing models are interruptive in nature as they try to appear in front of their audience and make sales without their permission.

Often regarded as one of the highest paying digital marketing skills, content marketing stands as the most reliable form of marketing. 

5. Mobile Marketing 

Mobile marketing image

Mobile marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on reaching a brand’s target audience via mobiles, tablets and other related mobile devices. 

With more than 5 billion active mobile users, the amount of traffic generated by mobile internet users is almost equal to 50% of the entire web traffic. 

Mobile marketers reach out to their audiences via SMS, MMS, push notifications, etc. Prominent mobile marketing strategies in use are:

  • In-app marketing, 
  • Social media marketing, 
  • SMS and MMS marketing, 
  • Location-based marketing and 
  • Proximity marketing. 

Some of the popular tools that mobile marketers use are: 

  • Google Analytics, 
  • Geo-fencing advertising, 
  • Yelp, 
  • Medium, 
  • Slideshare, etc.

6. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation image

In the marketing world, a lot of repetitive tasks are done with the help of software. This helps marketers save a lot of time.

For instance, repetitive email campaigns such as sending welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, subscription alert emails, lead nurturing emails, can easily be automated. 

Some of the popular marketing automation tools in use are: 

  • Hubspot Marketing Hub, 
  • Klaviyo, 
  • ActiveCampaign, 
  • Omnisend, 
  • SharpSpring, etc.

7. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing image- digital marketing jobs

Since a lot of people actively use various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Tik-Tok, marketing on social media platforms helps brands reach out to a larger chunk of their target audience effectively. 

The main role of social media marketers is to help companies establish a strong online presence. 

They create effective marketing campaigns, post engaging content, audit and analyze the performance of a company’s social media handles and respond to comments.

The Bureau of Labour’s Statistics (BLS) indicates that social media marketing jobs are expected to grow by eight percent within 2028. With more businesses moving online, the demand for talented social media marketers is also on the rise.

8. Copywriting 

copywriting image

Think about any creative ad that made you smile. 

It could be anything!

Anything as simple as a push notification from a food delivery app like Zoamto or a funny notification from a productivity app that reminded you to prioritize things in life!

Who do you think writes the scripts for these creative advertisements?

A copywriter!

The role of a copywriter is to write scripts or text in the form of copies for all kinds of advertisements.

These could involve social media ads, online ads, print ads, landing page copies, sales copies, email sequences, blog posts, scripts for television and speeches.

Though the highest paying digital marketing skills such as copywriting and content marketing are easy to learn and get started with, it takes time and requires consistent practise to master these skills.

9. Digital Analytics

Digital analysts have access to multiple records of data that they use to process information. 

Data analysis helps marketing teams and sales teams develop effective marketing and sales strategies.

Since all these data and statistics provide insights on various trends, it helps them analyze, review, correct and implement better strategies.

This again is one of the highest paying digital marketing skills that helps digital marketers increase their paychecks.

10. PPC

Pay per click advertising, unlike other traditional advertising techniques, is a form of advertising that isn’t spammy or interruptive by nature.

When people search for certain products or services on popular search engines such as Google and Bing, the businesses that offer those services populate on top of their search engine pages.

When a user clicks on the ad, the company is expected to pay a small commission fee to these search engines. 

However, the amount to be paid is only calculated on the number of clicks. That’s why this form of advertising is called pay per click advertising. 

Local brands can build their online presence and visibility by investing in PPC ads as more than 85% of internet users use search engines to know more about local shops, products and businesses.

Since more than 45% of small businesses invest in PPC, a digital marketer who specializes in PPC would be a great asset to any company.

Hence, without a doubt, this becomes one of the highest paying digital marketing skills in demand. 

11. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is the art of strategically analyzing a brand’s website via streamlined processes such as A/B testing and multivariate testing.

Relevant ideas and changes that help brands increase their conversion rate are suggested. 

A proper evaluation is often helpful in increasing a brand’s subscribers, leads, and customers.

It requires proficiency in user experience, website design and copywriting. 

Some helpful tools that you can learn are:

  • Google Analytics, 
  • Optimizely, 
  • Google Optimize, 
  • Heap, 
  • Crazy Egg and 
  • Hotjar.

12. Influencer Marketing

15 highest paying digital marketing skills 2021- influencer image

With more and more influencers gaining popularity in social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok and Snapchat, influencer marketing is gaining more traction than ever!

Initially, business owners select a list of influencers and try to collaborate with them. Through this collaboration, they request influencers to promote the company’s products or services in exchange for money.

That’s why this form of marketing is beneficial for both influencers and business owners. 

Influencer marketing managers and influencer marketing agencies manage end-to-end operations of a company’s influencer marketing campaign. 

However, if you’re knowledgeable about a certain niche, you can also establish yourself as an authority and build your own personal brand around that niche.

For instance, if you’re a marketer, you can establish yourself as an influencer for other marketers out there by providing marketing tips regularly. Thus you become an influencer as well!

13. Storytelling

Story telling picture-

Stories have the ability to connect and move people. When marketing campaigns and web copies are stitched to a connected story, it helps people relate better.

That’s why marketing campaigns run by popular brands such as Google, Airbnb, Disney, Coca-Cola, Apple and Vodafone involved stories. 

Some famous examples of ads that had remarkable stories stitched to their marketing campaigns are 

  • The Nike commercial that involved Serena Williams and Tiger Woods, 
  • Google’s Sheroes Trend and 
  • Gillette’s “We Believe” brand story video campaign.

14. Designing 

For most digital marketers, learning a few additional skills such as designing, video making and editing would prove to be beneficial. 

Since most digital marketers run online marketing campaigns, being able to learn how to make banners, ads, flyers, etc will help them save a lot of time and money. 

Tools required to master designing: 

  • Canva, 
  • Adobe Illustrator, 
  • Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Tools required to master video editing: 

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

15. WordPress Fundamentals 

Wordpress image

WordPress is one of the most reliable content management systems. It helps users build websites at an affordable price. 

Being knowledgeable about various features and plug-ins in WordPress will help digital marketers perform and manage their tasks seamlessly as it is one of the most commonly used websites for small businesses.

Just like how additional design skills and editing skills help digital marketers stand out amongst competitors in interviews, having additional knowledge in WordPress fundamentals helps digital marketers land lucrative digital marketing jobs in the market.

What Are The Roles & Responsibilities of Digital Marketers?

A skilled digital marketer can help build a strong online presence, target the right kind of prospects, nurture them, gain their trust, and finally try to convert them into customers. They need to be strategic in their approach and should be able to follow proven marketing techniques. 

If you stay updated on current digital marketing trends and are ready to learn any of these highest paying digital marketing skills listed above, you will be able to hit your revenue goals easily.

Unfortunately, a lot of digital marketers fail to do this as they aren’t open to learning relevant skills that help them scale their careers.

10 Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

Want to know what kind of digital marketing jobs help you skyrocket your digital marketing career?

Here is an additional list of the 10 hot digital marketing jobs (in no

  1. SEO / SEM Specialists
  2. Content Strategists
  3. Marketing Analysts
  4. Growth Hackers
  5. Brand Marketing Experts
  6. Digital Project Managers
  7. Social Media Marketers
  8. Email Marketers
  9. Pay-Per-Click Managers
  10. E-Commerce Specialists 

We made sure we listed the highest paying digital marketing skills and jobs in demand. Now, it’s your turn to take action.

Keep upskilling and working towards your goals!

Which of these highest paying digital marketing skills are you going to choose to hit your income goals?  

Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Q1. What are some of the easiest digital marketing jobs for freshers?

Ans. Some of the easiest entry-level digital marketing jobs for freshers are:
– Social Media Marketing Executive, 
– Search Engine Optimization Executive,
– Email Marketing Executive,
– Content Marketing Executive, etc.


Q2. How to transition my career to digital marketing?

Ans. In order to transition your career to digital marketing, it’s important to learn skills that are relevant.
Try experimenting with a personal website or blog as it helps get an idea about what works and what doesn’t.
By doing this, you also understand various marketing and advertising trends being adopted by other competitors.
Once you are confident with your skillset, you can try pitching for freelance digital marketing jobs and internships.


Q3. How long will it take to master a few of these highest paying digital marketing skills?

Ans. It might take a minimum of 12 weeks to get familiar with the basic concepts of the highest paying digital marketing skills listed above.


Q4. What are some additional soft skills that one has to master in order to become a digital marketer?

Ans. Some of the essential soft skills that digital marketers require are: 
– Adaptability,
– Honesty,
– Communication,
– Leadership,
– Creativity and 
– Problem Solving.


Q5. Can digital marketing jobs be automated?

Ans. Let’s admit it. Irrespective of what field we’re employed in, we all have the fear that we would be replaced by AI.
A few repetitive jobs in the market had already been taken over by AI.
But, we strongly believe that there’s still a long way to go before we reach a stage where digital marketing becomes completely automated.


Q6. What is the scope of digital marketing in the future?

Ans. Since digital marketing includes all forms of online marketing, it is going to survive as long as the internet is up and running!
With a lot of small and local businesses trying to move their presence online, the demand for talented digital marketers is constantly increasing.
Hence, there is immense scope for digital marketers.


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