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Digital marketing techniques will aid you to come across various online business tools and techniques.

In today’s world, millions of people across the world are using the internet to purchase most of their stuff from the comfort of their homes.

You can shop products online for your personal use, festivals, or even marriages. Since the last few years, the buying habits of the world have changed completely.

People now prefer to shop online rather than going to the physical market as they get better deals with good quality products.

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So What made people leave their traditional buying habits and switch to the online shopping world? This is Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing types have made it possible for buyers to easily purchase all their products online without stepping outside.

Digital Marketing not only benefited buyers but also sellers by giving them a platform where they can list their products and reach a larger number of customers.

Therefore, more and more businesses are now using different Digital Marketing types to expand their operations globally and earn more profits.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before understanding digital marketing types and techniques, it is important to first understand the concept of Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that is done by using the internet through computers, mobiles, and other electronic devices through which a company can market its product and can reach its target audience in very little time.

It is also known as Online Marketing. The introduction of digital marketing types in the business world has given a boost to our country’s economy.

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Need For Digital Marketing

When a company launches a new business, product, or service, the company needs to do its marketing to reach more and more buyers.

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Marketing is when a seller connects to the buyer at the right place and at the right time. To have a better understanding, let’s discuss the importance and need of digital marketing.

1. The smart way to connect with the customer

In today’s era, you have to connect with your customers where they spend most of their time. And that place is the internet where every age group of this world spends most of their time on their phones, laptop, youtube, online music, social networking, and many more with increasing frequency.

Thus, using different Digital marketing types helps sellers to connect to a larger number of potential buyers.

2. Easy accessibility

Digital Marketing technique is available to all businesses, whether it is big or small. Any seller can use online marketing according to their needs and budget.

Even someone selling a product from home can use digital marketing to sell the products online to their customers.

3. Cheaper than Offline Marketing

When a company does offline marketing of its product, it needs to spend a lot of money and resources on the advertisement.

On the other hand, Digital Marketing does not require much investment and you can reach a much larger section of buyers globally.

Hence, Company can earn large profits with fewer investments.

4. Time Saving for customers

Traditionally, we used to go to the market to buy everything. But today, with online marketing, we can shop for anything from clothes to groceries, furniture, electronic equipment, etc.

This way we can save a lot of time and money which we used to spend on traveling to the market initially

5. Buy and Sell anything

Digital Marketing makes it possible for us to buy almost anything under one platform. Customers are getting the flexibility to shop products and services at any time and any place with just one click.

Health services, FMCG, insurance, finance, Household equipment, etc almost everything are now online available due to digital marketing. Companies are using different platforms and techniques of digital marketing types to promote their business online.

Types of Digital Marketing

Now, we understand what digital marketing is and how it is important for both buyers and sellers across the world. Let’s discuss various digital marketing types and how to use these techniques to promote the business.

Types Of Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing Types

1. Content Marketing

It is one of the most common digital marketing types which means creating and distributing relevant, consistent, and valuable content of a product or service to reach more customers.

Content Marketing is a type of strategic marketing approach which focuses on digitally releasing quality content and descriptions of the product and making it visibly available to customers to grab their attention.

In this technique of digital marketing types, not only creating relevant content is important but its consistent distribution by using the right platform is equally necessary so that it reaches a larger group of buyers.

When to do Content Marketing – 

Content writers and marketers are hired by MNCs to curate exceptional content for their websites, products, and services.

This content is further marketed on proper channels. Content Marketing is one of a digital marketing types tool that can be used for the following purposes –  

 1. For Brand Building

The strong published content of your business and products is effective in building the brand image in people’s minds. 

2. To Attract Prospective Customers

By getting the pulse of the clients and curating content accordingly and then channelizing it to grab their attention is an effective way to increase customer count.

3. To Provide Information

Companies tend to provide information and description of their product to the buyers before buying. It helps shoppers to have proper knowledge of the product they are buying.

4. To help in SEO

Good content is relevant in improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Score and improves the ranking and visibility online.

How to do Content Marketing

There are many techniques to carry out content marketing techniques of digital marketing types. We can do continent marketing by –

1. Writing Blogs and Articles

Sellers write various blogs and articles on their products and services and post them on different online platforms where they expect to have maximum viewership.

2. Making Videos

Content can also be in the form of video. A well-detailed video featuring all the aspects of a product can be circulated on youtube channels or various websites for promotion.

3. Webinars

Creating virtual events for the target audience for promotion.

4. Infographics

Giving information about the product and service with the effective use of graphics and pictures.

5. Cartoons and Animations

Making videos explaining product features by using cartoons and animation effects. If it is a child-friendly product then this technique is very successful in improving sales.

6. Quizzes

By posting quizzes online relating to the product and service to know the knowledge of the buyer and his interest in the product and thus, creating awareness about it.

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

It is one of the most powerful tools of digital marketing types to route organic traffic to your website. It is a sustainable way as the traffic on your website will be organic and genuine but not paid.

SEO is a practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website on a webpage by improving rankings on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

But mainly it is done for Google search engine as more than 95% of internet users use Google.

So SEO is a process of telling Google that your website exists and by doing effective SEO, you impress Google and users to rank on top in relevant searches.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When to do SEO – 

In today’s digital world, SEO is the backbone of digital marketing types.

It is about anticipating the needs of the customers and then designing the website in a way that is visible to the customers when they search for the products on search engines.

Thus, SEO plays a very important role in any online business. We do SEO too –

1. Improve Ranking on Search Engines

The main purpose of doing SEO is when a business wants its website to rank on top of a search engine when a user searches for a relevant product.

2. Brand Building

SEO enhances the image of the business in customers’ minds as ranking on top helps them to create their brand awareness.

3. Earn more Traffic

By doing smart SEO, a website can rank on top, and when it happens it will attract more customers and users to that website. Generally, a user tends to explore those top-ranking websites that are appearing on the first page of their search.

4. No investment

Making your site optimized is free. If your website is ranking on top on Google without paying a cent for any ads, it is because of smart SEO, thus providing value to your customers.

5. Easy to measure

SEO is easily measurable in terms of the results. When you do SEO, you can virtually check by Google Analytics tool, how successful your SEO is.

You can see how much traffic your website gets, converted into sales, billing, demographic details of buyers, and much more information.

How to do SEO

SEO is the art of knowing customers’ buying pulse and then modifying and designing the website accordingly.

Companies hire SEO specialists with exceptional skills who are experts in designing the content of websites in such a way that it impresses Google and its users and thus ranks on top.

SEO is narrowing down to the important keywords which a user enters in Google to search for a product and then using these keywords in optimizing the website. Let’s see how to do SEO – 

1. On-Page SEO

It is a practice of optimizing content within the website to make it attractive. In On-page SEO, relevant keywords are inserted in the internal links, keywords, selection, Meta descriptions tags, Header, Title, Content, and Alt tags.

It is a game of keywords and how you play matters the most. Proper insertion of keywords in all the places impacts the site performance on search engines.

2. Off-Page SEO

This technique of digital marketing types helps strengthen the influence and relationship your website has with other websites.

Therefore, Off-page SEO is done outside the website to promote it on the internet. You can do this by backlinking the URL of your website on other pages so that Google notices it and your website ranks.

The more Off-page SEO you do, the greater the benefit you will get out of it. Off-Page SEO can be done by-

  • Blog Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Forum Posting
  • Video Promotions
  • Events Submissions
  • Review Writing
  • Online Answers Posting
  • PDF Submissions
  • Directory Submissions

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) Marketing

PPC Marketing is a form of online advertising in which a business spends money when users click on their advertisements. In the PPC model, the advertiser of the product bids on the estimated value of a click concerning the selected keywords, targetted audience, and platforms.

The cost is not always the same. In PPC, you need to target your audience only. Suppose you have a business in shoe manufacturing, so you will target only those who are looking to buy shoes and are interested in them.

In this case, your ad should be visible to them searching for shoes online, and when it is visible they will click it.

Hence, you are paying to make your ad or website visible and the cost you are paying is according to the number of clicks your website is getting. 

When to do PPC Marketing – 

PPC Marketing is one of the most popular techniques of digital marketing types which is very fast in giving quick results. It is a paid version of digital marketing types. Now, let’s see when should you choose to do the PPC Marketing technique for your business- 

1. For Instant Results

With the PPC technique, your business can have a quick entry into the digital world. You bid on the most popular and relevant keywords that users are actively searching for.

Thus, the chance of your getting an instant deal is very high and fast.

You don’t have to wait much longer while using PPC to rank on the top of the search page for the queries that are related directly to your products.

2. Only Pay for Clicks

This technique of digital marketing types saves your money as compared to the traditional advertising methods.

Payment is done only for the clicks you are getting. You might be paying a small amount for each click but the return in terms of sales that you will get from these clicks will be much higher. You don’t need to invest a large sum of money in this marketing.

3. To measure Results

You can measure and track the results of clicks and conversions virtually. It is easy to check the traffic of your website, the number of users who clicked, and those who bought from the website.

4. To have Full Control on Budget

When you start campaigning in PPC, you begin with a flexible budget. You will have full control over the amount you are spending and the schedule of payments in PPC marketing.

If at any point, you feel that you are paying more for each click, you can change the keyword and convert it into a low-cost paying plan.

You can adjust the spending and even turn off those campaigns that are not doing well at any time.

How to do PPC Marketing –

Pay-per-click is a digital marketing type technique that involves running the ad for your websites so that you rank on the search result page for the relevant search done by users.

Now, PPC will be done on those platforms which have high traffic for search. Mainly it is done on Google as it is the largest PPC platform and you can also do it on the Bing search engine. Steps for PPC Marketing are – 

  • Keyword Research and target audience for the advertisement
  • Choose the main platform
  • Creation of Ad. It is Google Ad if using Google for PPC.
  • Development of Landing Page of the website
  • Installation and testing of advertisement
  • Launch your campaign online
  • Monitor the performance of the campaign
  • Assessment and analysis of campaign’s performance

4. Email Marketing

It is one of the frequently used digital marketing types technique that uses email as a tool to deliver commercial messages and generate sales.

It is a strategy used to market products and services and nurture relationships humanly and helpfully through the use of email channels. Email is the most popular way to stay connected to existing customers.

By providing valuable information, updates, and asking for feedback, email can help organizations to build a relationship of trust with the buyer and thus, retaining them.

It is the best way of reaching out to thousands of customers with just a single click. It allows you to measure the performance of email campaigns on a real-time basis.

When to do Email Marketing:

Although this is an era of digitization, everyone is having access to their email all the time, hence this is the most sought for digital marketing types techniques. Let’s discuss when do companies use this for- 

1. To Drive Website Traffic

You can send emails to thousands of prospective customers globally with your website’s URL in it. It will instantly drive traffic to your website.

2. Personalize message

You can impress the target customers by drafting messages in your way. You can provide information about upcoming products, discounted prices, product benefits, deals, offers, and many more and get their attention.

3. To get Feedbacks

Companies extensively use email marketing to get feedback about their products and services from customers. It is a most effective way to collect instant feedback in terms of suggestions, complaints, experience, etc from customers globally.

4. Cost-Effective

Sending an email does not require you to incur high costs like other traditional marketing methods. No amount needs to be spent on printing, postage, or billboard exposure fee. For an effective tracking system, you can buy the software but costs will be much lower.

5. For instant results

Email marketing gets you instant results in terms of sales. When a customer reads a promotional mail, gets interested, he can buy directly by clicking on the link provided. It is hassle-free, hence instant action.

How to do Email marketing

Following are the steps to ahead with your Email Marketing Campaign – 

1. Goal Setting

Before launching an Email campaign, first, decide the purpose of it. Set clear goals behind the campaign. It can be for multiple reasons like introducing a new product, promoting the sales of an existing one, feedback purpose, giving offers and discounts, information exchange, etc.

2. Audience segmentation

The next step is to personalize the email list to segment the audience. You might have created several campaigns and then you need to decide which campaign needs to be mailed to which audience. You need to split your mail to the targeted clients. 

3. Deciding on the Subject line

The headline should be compelling so that the user once read it should open it. Brand awareness is properly created

4. Designing Template

The template of the mail should not be confusing. You have to design it in such a way that it includes the message.

5. Creating effective content

The content to convey the message is to be created appealingly so that the customer gets interested in the product.

6. Call To Action(CTA)

The proper focus should be given to the compatibility of the design. It should be responsive and a clear CTA button should be embedded in the email which will easily allow users to take the action.

7. Analyzing Post-campaigning data

Once you launch the Email campaign, its tracking should be done in terms of how many times the email has been opened, bounced back, Click-through rate (CTR), conversions, forwards, and lead generation.

5. Social Media Marketing(SMM)

It is one of the fastly growing Digital Marketing types that include using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and many more to grow a company’s online presence.

It is the demand of the new age with the increase of online users on different social media accounts. Thus, companies are now resorting to advertising their products on social media platforms too.

In a social media campaign, a business use one or more social network to connect with the targeted audience for the product promotion and achieve desirable goals.

Therefore, efforts are made to create content that grabs customers’ attention, generates online conversations, and encourages readers to share it further.

Social Media Markeing
Social Media Marketing

When to do Social Media Marketing –

In today’s digital world, more and more businesses are adopting Social media marketing techniques for the promotion of their products and services.

As Social media platforms are rising on the internet, SMM has become a vital part of any digital marketing types strategy. Let’s discuss why and when it is to be done for –

1. To Increase Online Traffic to the Website

A smart social media optimization strategy can fetch business increased online traffic on the company’s website, blogs, landing pages, and more. Consistent SMM on different platforms increases the visibility and popularity of the brand among customers.

2. Rise in Sales and conversions

SMM is a powerful tool to boost sales, lead generation, and conversion of inquiries in sales. Effective channelization of advertising campaigns on various social media platforms gives publicity to the brand and result in high sales with the active local social media presence.

3. Global Reach

SMM has no boundaries. It permits businesses to market the products and services globally in an easy way. The world’s big part of the population has a social media presence, so with effective SMM, global reach and visibility can be gained quickly thereby achieving the goals.

4. Viral Effect

Social media campaigns get viral instantly due to the large presence of users. Appealing campaigns grab users’ attention and are shared several times. They can be shared among different social media platforms by the users benefitting business to create brand awareness and increase in sales.

5. To Engage with Audience

SMM is the most effective way to get engaged with the targeted audience. Like Zomato, a food delivery company, actively use social media platforms to get engaged to the moods and needs of the customers to become a part of people’s life. This way by constant interaction with the customers, a business can create its own space in buyers’ minds.

How to do Social Media Marketing

SMM can be done on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Whatsapp, Pinterest, and many more. Now, let us discuss its process- 

1. To Know

This is the first step where a business needs to research to know the target audience, their behavior, their needs, their active status on online social platforms, and the activities of competitors on the same.

2. To Create

It includes creating social media pages of the company, creating an online network, content to advertise, fan following or subscribers, brand image for the target audience, joining various groups.

3. To Engage

Now, engage the business with customers for trust-building and brand awareness. Engage with storytelling, facts, quick response generation, and reaching out to the community.

4. To Convert

This phase includes converting the target audience into customers by transparency, by reaching them, by sharing what they need, by being innovative, and by monitoring them.

6. Affiliate Marketing

It is when an affiliate promotes another person’s product or company through their marketing channels.

Affiliate Marketing is an innovative technique of digital marketing types where people can earn money or commission by promoting the products and services of a company on their website, blog, article, youtube channel, or on any other online social media platform.

When an affiliate promotes the product of a company, it gets clicked by viewers takes them straight to the company’s website and if the user makes the purchase the affiliate gets a commission for the sale


When to do Affiliate Marketing – 

Following are the reasons for which a business can opt for the affiliate marketing technique

1. Reduced Cost

It is very cost-effective as you can start at a low cost. The commission will be paid once a sale is done. So it is quick and trouble-free. 

2. Flexible mode of payment

Affiliate Marketing offers you a flexible plan of payment where you can pay-per-sale, pay-per-click, or pay-per-lead.

3. Convenient

It is quite a convenient way of marketing as the affiliates can do this job from the comfort of their homes and at their convenient times.

4. Increased Website Traffic

Clicking more links results in higher traffic on the website which leads to more sales. It also helps in improving search engine ranking.

5. Low Investment

In this marketing technique, a business is not needed to invest a large sum of money. It is simple and easy for both sides. A business can start with affiliate marketing from low investment and affiliates also need not spend much to start with.

6. Quick Setup

It is a quick technique and can be started right away. It does not require much of the hardware systems.

7. Measurable

Businesses can easily track the results of the campaign in terms of clicks, conversions, and leads.

How to do Affiliate Marketing – 

Affiliate Marketing is a simple and easy process that is in much demand these days. This type of marketing technique is growing tremendously and making its space on the internet. Let’s see the process of Affiliate Marketing – 

1. Set Goal

The business is first required to set the goals as in for which products and services affiliate marketing needs to be done and the purpose of this marketing. The goals can be to earn revenue, increase traffic, attract new customers, increase impressions, clicks, or leads, etc.

2. Find affiliates and set commission

The next step is to recruit affiliates or promoters to do this job. The affiliate should be knowledgeable about the marketing process. A commission is to be fixed which will be paid by merchants on clicks, conversion, or leads.

3. Link Exchange

Once the affiliates get selected, the seller gives them the link, URL, or ID of the particular product or service for which marketing is to be done.

4. Link Posting

The affiliate then posts that link on their website, blog, article, youtube channel, or on their social media platform to promote the product.

5. Clicks generation

After link posting, the user views it and the interested ones will click it. Once they click, the user is taken to the seller’s website or on the product’s page.

6. Transactions

The user on redirecting to the product’s page can now choose to buy the product or to take the required action. If he chooses to buy, the transactions will take place. These transactions are recorded and tracked by the seller.

7. Sale and commission

Once the user makes the transaction, the seller gets his sale and the affiliates get their fixed commission on that sale.

Conclusion – 

So, Digital Marketing is a practice of utilizing digital technology to market products and services on the internet.

There is no doubt, that it is the future of online marketing and it will keep growing in the coming times. All digital Marketing techniques are productive and have their benefits to the buyers and sellers.

The buyer decides to choose the one that will result in the maximum benefits. Adopting these digital marketing techniques will surely enhance the company’s brand image and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Social Media Marketing effective for my business?

Ans. Definitely yes! Social Media Marketing can be done for any business be it big or small. It has proven that SMM is always effective, low cost, and ensures revenue for the business.

Q2. What is PPC?

Ans. PPC Marketing is a form of online advertising in which a business spends money when users click on their advertisements.

Pay-per-click is a digital marketing technique that involves running the ad for your websites so that businesses rank on the search result page for the relevant search done by users.

PPC is done on those platforms which have high traffic for a search like Google.

Q3. What are the common skills a digital marketer should have?

Ans. Digital Marketers should possess a specific skill set. The required skills are – 
a. He must be tech-savvy and persuasive in marketing.
b. In-depth knowledge of all the digital marketing techniques
c. Should be able to predict and assess the trends of markets
d. Good understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Serch Engine Marketing (SEM).
e. Should understand the working of Google Analytics to know the behavior of consumers and apply his knowledge to boost sales and convert leads.

Q4. What are some of the digital marketing platforms?

Ans. The most commonly used digital marketing platforms are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube where a business can promote its products and services.

Q5. What are the other types of Digital Marketing techniques?

Ans. The other Digital Marketing techniques are Viral Marketing, Text Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing, App Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.


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