If you are not good at English and planning to take an English Language course in the UK, then it is the best choice to improve your language skills. However, English is an important and most famous language across the world for studies, business, diplomacy, and many more. You can take an English language course in the UK if you want to improve your English for exams or other business purposes.


English language course in the UK helps you improve grammar, vocabulary, and any conversational skills needed to uphold your career growth. If you are good at English then you can gain the confidence to learn, read, write and speak with anyone around you.

The list of the top 10 English language courses in the UK

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin has designed the English language course in UK to breakthrough your confidence and fluency in English. The course is well-structured to suit every age group of the people. The online classroom classes are interactive and engaging with the young candidate to broaden their chance of learning vocabulary and grammar skills with many interesting ways of learning. Improve your child’s English reading, speaking, and writing skills with the help of experienced and amiable trainers.

There are multiple Juniors to learning English

  • Junior Level A1

Demonstrates the English Language Skills to help learn the basics of English like the alphabet, directions, colors, body parts, and many more.

  • Junior Level A2 

This level of the English language course can help candidates to listen and speak English.

  • Junior Level B1

Learn to express yourself such as through self-introduction. Learning English grammar like pronouns, future tense, etc.

  • Junior Level B2

You can enhance the skills of your child to interact fluently in English. This can help your child to boost their knowledge in school, personally or professionally.

Duration & Fee structure

A130 HoursINR 12000/-
A230 HoursINR 12000/-
B140 HoursINR 14000/-
B240 HoursINR 14000/-

There are many other courses related to English in Henry Harvin –

  • English speaking course 
  • English writing course 
  • Business English Teacher course

2. British council

Regardless of your English proficiency level, the English language course in UK offers courses, workshops, and activities for both young and adult candidates. These help to get certification that is recognized internationally. With the support of the British Council, you may open up a whole new world of opportunities by learning English. This is the spot to start learning, whether you want to learn online, attend a live session, or study English in the UK.

Highly experienced English teachers are by your side, introducing the appropriate tools and offering guidance. They assist students all over the world in achieving incredible achievements, such as growing their level of self-assurance, speaking English fluently, and acquiring digital literacy. In an increasingly connected world, you can continue to study and succeed as well as interact and work together with friends and coworkers.

3. Keystone Academic courses

Generally, the English language course is intended for students who want to speak comfortably and effectively in everyday challenges. Additionally, students can use this course to advance their academic careers and gain certifications like SELT B2 or C1. Students can also use this course to sharpen their already developed reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

With the help of this course, students will be able to communicate clearly in a range of settings, such as the workplace or during an international trip to an English-speaking nation.

For non-native English speakers, English Language Course in UK offers a thorough evaluation of English language proficiency and skills.

4. Westbourne Academy

For all of its candidates, whether for academic, professional, or recreational purposes, Westbourne Academy offers an English Language experience. English speaking course is encouraged once you have arrived at the school, both inside and outside of the classroom.  By the completion of the course, students are capable to speak English with more assurance in a variety of settings outside of the classroom.

The course covers the most crucial facets of learning English, such as grammar and pronunciation, which will help you advance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities.

5. Meridian School of English

The course is designed for the age group from 5-12 years. The goal of the institute is to make your child a content, competent, and happy lifelong learner. The language skills involve improving the core grammar skills of the candidates like reading, writing, listening and speaking. The child can learn to make the pronunciation of any word naturally.

Candidates can get familiar with new digital tools and become more fluent in their pronunciation. According to the theory of this institute, candidates retain material much more effectively and advance more quickly when they get it repeatedly at regular intervals.

6. The Burlington School of English

The English language course is designed for candidates of the age group above 16years, who have the interest to learn English with pleasure. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading, and writing is all topics covered in the classes. In their elective classes, students might supplement this learning. With an emphasis on communication and practical skills, these courses expand upon the language from the main sessions. All sessions are to provide students the chance to study and utilize English in practical contexts, and instructors regularly assign homework to help the candidate practice all the learned stuff.

Students learn and apply the language through a variety of teaching techniques and exercises in the lessons. A predetermined course text is used in the classes, and it is augmented with real-world materials, videos, and interactive technologies. Regular progress assessments and tutorials assist teachers to pinpoint students’ areas of strength and weakness and provide students a chance to assess their English-language development.

7. The Essential English Centre

English classes are taught at the Manchester city center’s Essential English Centre, a school recognized by the British Council. We provide a range of English language experiences, including academic programs and British cultural experiences. Students are taught by qualified academic staff and receive all-around help from the amiable student support staff. All employees in the institution are dedicated to making sure that their high standards of education are consistently reached to help students get the education and experience they desire and deserve. For many of the students, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study, experience, and grow. As the institute is so concerned about students’ future aspirations.

8. Speak Up London

You can learn how to communicate in a general English lesson. You can sharpen your grammar and vocabulary, practice using daily English in a range of situations, and talk and listen more fluently. You can concentrate on formality, learn how to sound more serious through language, and discover friend-friendly terms. You can learn the techniques for approaching written and auditory text as well as the abilities required to grasp with the proper pronunciation. Pick up a common language that can help you sound more natural as you learn how to talk. You can refresh your cultural knowledge by learning about Britain, other English-speaking nations, and the countries of your peers.

9. Communicate School

You can gain proficiency in a variety of areas of the English language, including speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. The engaging and enjoyable classes are delivered by well-qualified trainers using effective communicative teaching techniques. The English language course is designed to suit the candidate of age group above 16+ years. The fundamental preparations of the basic English examinations are planned and encouraged to help exhale in the career.

10. EC English Language Schools: London

The general English language courses are the most well-liked of their offerings, and they are offered in the best cities. The English schools are for those students who wish to expand their networks and share their educational experiences with driven, like-minded individuals in a dynamic, laser-focused setting. You can attend a core of 20 lessons per week on the General English Course, which will give practical knowledge of the language and lead to the way to proficiency in English English. As the trainers teach the four communication skills speaking, listening, reading, and writing, your confidence will rise. With these add-ons, you can also decide to increase the length and difficulty of your 20 weekly classes.

Importance of learning English language course in UK

  • English is considered the global language which is accepted across the globe. People from different countries can communicate easily with the help of English, as it has made a path bridge of communication between multiple communities of people.
  • If you know English then your scope of learning in foreign countries also increases, you can make friends from different countries and enhance your growth in foreign countries.
  • Knowing English can help you fetch the best job opportunities across the world. You can crack any interview and land your dream job. 
  • Many multinational companies are hiring people with fluent English to enhance their business with multiple clients across the globe.
  • Today education, entertainment, and media have grown far away from the English language. So, if you know English then you can excel in your career and enjoy multiple language movies, songs, videos, etc.
  • No need to mention about, but there are so many books in the English language  compared to other languages on the market. 
  • Internet also uses English as the basic language for surfing the browsers.


Hence, it is important to equip students with the skills and information they require to succeed, whether in the classroom or the workplace. Learning English language course in the UK can help to under the basic customs and cultures of the UK. If you are planning to join the  English language course in the UK, then the above list can help you to take an appropriate decision. As mentioned above, learning English is important in many ways from education, and entertainment to the career growth of an individual.

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Q.1 How is it possible to learn an English language course in the UK?

Ans. It is possible to learn the English language course in the UK by enrolling in any of the institutions or schools. There are plenty of such institutions which can help you get better guidance about the custom and culture of the UK. You can select one of the institutes which I have mentioned in the above blog.

Q.2 What are the criteria to enroll English language course in the UK?

Ans. There are no such criteria to enroll English language course in the UK. There are many institutions providing courses for young candidates, adults, and working professionals also. Many institutions are providing English language courses in the UK for candidates starting at the age of 6 years.

Q.3 Is it possible to change the General English course to a Cambridge Preparation course or an IELTS course?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to switch from the General English course to Cambridge or IELTS course. If you are good at general English then it would be beneficial for you as you gain much knowledge and details about English for your further education or studies.

Q.4 I know English but I find UK English to be a bit different. How do you think I can get a good grasp of the English language?

Ans. Many people land in the UK but do not know English properly. But you know English at least, this can be the best starting point for you to get a grip on UK English. You can start speaking with native people, listen to native music, and also can join any of the institutes that I have mentioned in my above blog.

Q.5 What are the 7 major components of the English language?

Ans. The English language mainly has grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. So,  many of the institutes include these components in the English language course in the UK.

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