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Income Tax Course Online is a term with which no one is unfamiliar. At the end of the financial year, every year, it is tax consultants that everyone seeks. 

Income tax is a term that refers to a percentage of an amount deducted from income; directly credited to the government. 


A question that everyone asks concerning taxes is, “Why should I pay taxes?” Another common question is, “How will I benefit from paying taxes to the government?”

So, a person who can answer these questions is the one who knows all about income taxes and taxes.

Now, you must have realized the importance of a person who knows income taxes and can consult others appropriately.

So, if you are the one who desires to attain a degree in income tax; and you are looking for an income tax course specifically in your area, Coimbatore. Then, fear not for I bring you good tidings of great joy; I have got a list of Top 10 Income Tax Courses in Coimbatore created especially for YOU!!!

So, be quick to check the list below:

1. Henry Harvin Education:

If you are looking for the best income tax institute in Coimbatore, then choosing Henry Harvin Education is the best decision.

Why choose Henry Harvin?

Trainings360 has ranked Henry Harvin at the first position in the industry. Not only this, Henry Harvin’s Income Tax Course in Coimbatore is a course accredited by AAEFL, UKAF, PMI, UK Cert, and MSME.

Many reputed companies and firms such as IBM, HP, Adobe, Accenture, McAfee, and others trust the courses and courses certification of Henry Harvin.

Additionally, Henry Harvin is an institute featured by Aaj Tak, NDTV, Hindustan Times, etc.

How much time to complete the course?

  • The Income Tax Course by Henry Harvin is a 32-hour course. The trainers who are experts in the field will be guiding the students throughout the course. 
  • Henry Harvin conducts the course over the weekend, on Saturdays and Sundays. 

How much to sow?

Henry Harvin offers self-paced and virtual classroom sessions. 

  • The fee for a self-paced course is INR 11,250.
  • The fee for the virtual classroom is INR 12,500.

What topics will be covered?

  • The Income Tax Course by Henry Harvin covers the lengths and breadths of Income Tax.
  • The course starts with litigation management, going to another topic which is TDS and TCS. 
  • The trainers will also teach you about capital gain, business income, tax audits, and much more.
  • Along with the topics concerning Income Tax, the students will also develop soft skills and learn how to write a resume. 

What benefits will you reap?

  • With the completion of the Income Tax course with Henry Harvin, the student will attain a globally acclaimed hallmark of Income Tax Specialist Certification (CITS). With this hallmark after your name, you can call yourself an expert in the field.
  • As the course is 100% practical, the students gain hands-on practice in all the topics covered in the curriculum.
  • The students will also have the privilege to attend classes with different trainers. 
  • With the enrollment in the course, the students will gain access to the recorded video sessions for a lifetime. 
  • Henry Harvin also gives 1-year Gold Membership to the virtual classroom enrollers. With 1-year Gold Membership, the students will benefit by getting job support from the institute and guaranteed internships with the institute or the partner firm. 

Where to contact?

If you have more queries, you can contact Henry Harvin at +91-9015266266 or visit their website:

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Income tax Course is provided:

2. Udemy:

Why choose Udemy?

Udemy is one of the leading online platforms known for providing self-paced courses across the globe. Seeing the potential of offering free online assistance to students, three friends, Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar, founded this academy in 2010. 

Most of the courses offered on the platform of Udemy are discounted ones. The students get a discount of approximately 90-95% on most of the programs on Udemy. 

How much time to complete the course?

Udemy offers many courses on income tax on its platform. The program that covers a wide range of topics is Direct Taxation in India A Comprehensive Study. 

The course takes 25 hours and 43 minutes to complete. 

As the program is a self-paced mode of learning, the students can learn as per their timing. 

How much to sow?

The fee of the course is INR 8, 640 slashed to INR 455. The student gets a discount of 95% on the program. 

What topics will be covered?

The topics covered in the program include basic concepts of direct taxation, types of income that do not count in total revenue, calculating total income and tax payable, advance tax, TDS, and much more.  

What benefits will you reap?

  • One of the benefits of this course is the flexibility of time. 
  • Another benefit that a student will reap is getting trained by an international instructor, CA Raja Natarajan. 
  • Once the students purchase this course, they will have lifetime access to it. 
  • Udemy also guarantees 30 days money-back to the unsatisfactory students.
  • The learners can access the course through mobile or TV. 
  • There is an article and one downloadable resource also for the students. 
  • Lastly, the students will also receive a certificate on the completion of the course. 

3. Saga Institute of Management Studies (SIMS):

Why choose Saga Institute of Management Studies (SIMS)?

SIMS is one of the chief providers of distance learning in South India. The institute is spread across 25 cities in India. Malappuram, the minority capital of Kerala, is the home to SIMS. The institute also holds the ISO 9001-2008 Awards. 

Thus, anyone residing in South India and looking for distance education can approach the institute to gain knowledge in various fields such as design, GST, taxation, animation, etc.

How much time to complete the course?

The Diploma in Law of Taxation program will take 1-year to complete.

Where to contact?

For further information, the students can contact on their helpline number: +91 9349 89 89 89.

4. CA Club India:

Why choose CA Club India?

CA Club India is one of the principal online platforms developed to assist in the fields of taxes and audits. The platform saw its beginnings in 1999, and since then, it has been assisting taxpayers and accountants in their respective areas.

The journey of CA Club India started when a few CA’s came together to share their knowledge, only to get develop into a web of professionals sharing their expertise and assisting others.

So, it is also the best platform to attain guidance from working professionals and experts in the industry.

How much time to complete the course?

The CA Inter Income Tax by CA Arvind Tuli is a 118.8 Hours long course. 

How much to sow?

The fee for the course is INR 4199 (inclusive of 18% GST).

What topics will be covered?

The trainer covers the far and wide topics of taxation. It includes basics of income tax; rules for calculating taxes and residential status; filling of forms for taxation; special income and normal income; books and audits; angel tax; and much more. 

What benefits will you reap?

  • The foremost benefit for Indian students is that the course is bilingual, Hindi, and English. So, students will be able to gain a piece of thorough knowledge, and language will be no barrier.
  • The students will receive a 32-page e-book for their reference.
  • The program also includes a physical book that will be shipped only to Indian residents.
  • Those students who live in an area with a feeble network connection can opt for this program as the videos do not consume much data.
  • A student can also opt for the pen drive, deliverable within 3-4 working days.
  • The trainer for the course will be CA Arvind Tuli, a prominent name in the industry.

Where to contact?

The students desiring to gain more information about the course can contact the counselor at 088803-20003. 

5. TaxGuru Edu:

Why choose TaxGuru Edu?

TaxGuru Edu is an educational faction of Tax Guru. Tax Guru is a portal known for providing updates to the CAs, CSs, Cost Accountants, and people in the industry. The portal also helps people belonging to accounting and taxation fields with tools such as forms, Income Tax calculators, challan forms, and much more.

TaxGuru Edu brings the best of the certification courses online. The platform specializes in taxation and GST topics. 

How much time to complete the course?

The Self-Learning Certification Course on Income Tax Course is self-paced, so the duration of the program is flexible. 

How much to sow?

The course costs INR 8000+ 18% GST. 

What topics will be covered?

  • The program covers a wide range of topics starting from the basics to the advanced level. 
  • It covers the topics of tax planning, filling ITR, advance tax, TDS, etc.

What benefits will you reap?

  • The trainer for this course will be CA Pankaj Saraogi, a practitioner CA and the holder of 10th rank in the CA final.
  • The student will receive a certificate after the completion of the course.
  • The students will have access to e-study material. 
  • The topics are covered in detail. 

Where to contact?

For further assistance, the student can reach out to them at 88-99-11-77-01.

Check out the Income Tax Course in Delhi

6. TIPA (The Institute of Professional Accountants):

Why choose TIPA (The Institute of Professional Accountants)?

The Institute of Professional Accountants is a leading institute in Job-oriented skills training. The institute specializes in Accounting Finance Taxation Banking. As a leading institute, IPA aims to embellish the knowledge and employable skills of its students.

The Institute of Professional Accountants is a firm contributing dedicatedly towards the upskilling of the graduated students.  

How much time to complete the course?

Diploma in Taxation Course (DTL) is a 3-month or 80-hour long course. IPA has kept in mind the current pandemic scenario and the importance of upskilling for working professionals. So, the Institute of Professional Accountants also offers flexible timings. 

There are three options available to choose the timings. 

  • In the first option, the students can go for 1 hour of the class daily. 
  • In the second option, the students can opt for 2-hours of class on alternate days. 
  • And, in the third option, the students can choose 6 hours of classes over weekends. 

What topics will be covered?

The topics that the course covers are basics and advanced levels of income tax, online ITR, online GST filing, etc.

What benefits will you reap?

  • The benefit that students reap from this program is a 100% practical course.
  • The students will have trainers who carry experience and are experts in CA faculties.
  • After the successful completion of the course, the students will receive a recognized diploma certificate.
  • It is a virtual and live online classroom, where students can interact and ask questions to the trainer.
  • The institute also guarantees 100% job assistance to its learners.


Why choose

REED is a firm founded by Sir Alec Reed CBE in 1960. The company was born with the purpose of recruiting employees. London, United Kingdom, is the home to REED company. Now the company is offering training, outsourcing, and human resource consultancy services. 

The creation of the company’s website,, took place in 1995, and it became the first employment website in the United Kingdom. 

The unique aim of the company is to make employees love going to their offices on Mondays. The website serves as a platform where course providers advertise their programs.

How much time to complete the course?

Tax Planning 2019: Tax Planning for Beginners (Strategies, Training) course is 8 hours long. 

As the course is self-paced, it gives flexibility to the learner to learn at their own pace.

How much to sow?

The course costs £99 inclusive of VAT. Converting the cost in Indian rupees, it will cost INR 10170. also enables students to pay the fees in installments. 

The installment created is £33 per month. So, the cost in Indian rupees will be INR 3390 per month. 

What topics will be covered?

The topic that the program covers is tax planning. The course will train the students completely on tax planning, its basic concepts, its strategies, etc. The course also covers other topics such as residential status buying or leasing of assets, etc.

What benefits will you reap?

  • One of the perks of this course is that the Course Provider of this program is EduCBA. Edu CBA leads the chart in providing skill-based education across the globe. It is the largest ed-tech firm based in Asia. 
  • The course consists of 8+ hours of high-definition videos. 
  • The students will reap the fruit of practical skill development on completion of the program.
  • The students gain lifetime and unlimited access to the videos.
  • The course is accessible through any device.
  • The students can also access the course through a mobile application. 

8. Accopedia:

Why choose Accopedia?

Accopedia is an institute built with an aim of imparting practical knowledge to the students and equipping them with skills. It is to make the learners fit for their role in the industry.

The eccentricity of this institute is that it does not only train entrepreneurs but also their family members, even if they do not have a commerce background.

Accopedi specializes in the fields of accounting, taxation, and finance. The students get trained with an aim to upskill them and narrow the gap between industry requirements and available skills. Gopalapuram, Coimbatore is domicile of Accopedia. 

How much time to complete the course?

Accopedia offers various courses in the fields of accounting, taxation, and finance. Programs like First Accountant, Accountant Plus, Know Your Numbers, etc., can be opted for by the students. The duration of each of these courses varies. 

What topics will be covered?

The topics that these programs cover are the basics of accounting, income tax, banking, TDS, GST, PF, code of conduct in business, Tally, MS Excel, MS Word, ESI, and much more. 

What benefits will you reap?

  • The students will earn the certificate on the finalization of the course. 
  • Students will gain practical learning through seminars and workshops. 
  • Along with training, the institute is known for providing career counseling to commerce students.
  • There will be guest lectures as well on hot topics.

Where to contact?

The students can contact them on their helpline number at 0422-4373100.

9. PR Academy:

Why choose PR Academy?

PR Academy- Professionalism Redefined- is an academy renowned for training students in Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, ACCA, and CMA. 

The academy is located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, an industrial hub of the South. The institute also offers hostel facilities to its students. 

How much time to complete it?

The academy offers graduate-level of education and assists students in CA, CS, ACCA, and CMA. The duration for all the courses is 3 years. 

How much to sow?

  • The fee for CA is INR 25000 in addition to GST. 
  • The cost for CS is INR 25000 in addition to GST.
  • The price for ACCA is INR 10000 in addition to GST.
  • The fee for CMA is INR 25000 in addition to GST.

What topics will be covered in the course?

These courses cover the lengths and breadths of accounting and taxation. As the courses are graduate-level programs, the academy covers all the aspects of accounting and taxation. 

What will you reap?

  • The students will gain practical knowledge of the topics. 
  • There is study material provided to the students for assistance.
  • Model tests to give the real-life experience of exams; reducing the stress of exams. 
  • The students, who require improvement, receive special attention to help them improve.
  • The trained experts take classes for these programs.

Where to contact?

For further information, the students can reach them at 9788871555.

10. Sooriya Academy:

Why choose Sooriya Academy?

Sooriya Academy is an academy based in Coimbatore and provides coaching in CA and CMA. The academy is serving in the industry for many years now. Sooriya Academy was born in June 2015 and aims to provide quality education.

Understanding the demand and value of talents in finance and accounting, the academy works to produce talented students in the field.

How much time to complete the course?

The institute provides coaching to the students throughout the levels of CA, that is, three levels. So, the duration will vary accordingly.

What topics will be covered?

  • All the topics concerning the subject will be covered under this coaching. 
  • At the CPT level of CA, the students will learn topics such as the basics of business laws, business economics, commercial knowledge, etc.
  • At the IPCC level of CA, the topics covered are the basics and advanced levels of accounting, auditing, strategic management, and much more. 
  • At the final level of CA, the topics are financial reporting, strategic financial management, laws, etc.

Where to contact?

For further information, the students can contact them at 919994034446. 

So, these are the Top 10 institutes that offer certification, diploma, and graduate courses in income tax in Coimbatore. Now choose the course wisely and conquer the world through your talent!

Wait! Before we part ways, I have some additional information for you below. Do read them!

What are the requirements for applying to the Income Tax Course?

The requirements for applying to the Income Tax Course in Coimbatore are:

  • The students are required to have at least the basic knowledge or background in commerce and accounting. This will enable them to understand the advanced levels of concepts easily. 
  • Another important requirement for applying online courses is to have a high-speed internet connection. If you opt for a virtual classroom, then having a good internet connection is a must. A good internet connection will enable you to attend the virtual class without any interruptions.
  • And, if you opt for self-paced courses, then dedication is another requirement. Although self-paced course gives the flexibility of timing to the students, they must be dedicated to giving proper time to learn.


Well, I enjoyed going through these listicles with you, and I hope you too did! In the end, I would give you a piece of advice that is wise in choosing the right institute. Always go through the curriculum or the topics that the institute covers. It will help you to know whether they have the topics that you want to learn. At last, I wish you great success in your career

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Ques 1. What is tax planning?

Ans. Tax Planning is a concept that helps taxpayers to analyze their financial situation or plan. By doing this, they can decrease the amount of paying taxes to the government.

Ques 2. Why is it important to pay tax?

Ans. a. Paying taxes to the government is important for all the citizens of a country. The taxes that the government receives from its citizens they utilized towards the development of the nation. 
b. Plato once said, “When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income.”
c. So, as a learner of tax, it is your responsibility to educate people around you concerning taxes.

Ques 3. What will be the mode of payment?

Ans. Due to the current pandemic condition, filling of forms and payment mode will be online. The students can pay through various online payment modes as depositing directly to the account or using UPI.

Ques 4. Do I need to have more space on my device?

Ans. This requirement of having more space on the device is for self-paced courses, where students want to download videos. Because most institutes have made their courses on various learning applications.

Ques 5. What Skills Can I Gain in Income Tax Courses?

Ans- Students will acquire skills in tax preparation, analysing financial data, interpreting tax laws, attention to detail, and effective communication to assist clients in tax-related matters during the Income Tax Courses.

Ques 6. Can I do Income Tax courses online?

Ans- Yes, Income Tax courses online by Henry Harvin are very interactive, and Online courses offer flexibility, allowing you to study at your own pace,


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