Java Script is one of the mammoth and the most widely used programming languages around the world. Firstly Brandan Eich a Netscape programmer created a new programming language initially known as Mocha, renamed Live Script and finally JavaScript.Above all, it is in demand and utilised in nearly Ninety-five per cent of all existing websites viz—Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps etc. A list of the Top 10 Java Script Books for 2023 is given below.

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To illustrate if you want to become a good developer or improve your skill set there are numerous methods of learning eg. Youtube videos, seminars, online classes etc. Moreover, for a deep understanding of the subject, a scholarly book will be your best friend. Besides every web developer today knows the significance of having a good understanding of JavaScript. All the more it helps you learn from basic fundamentals to expert readings. Regularly JavaScript is widely used to add interactivity to your sites.

As a rule, Java script is utilised to create interactive content on the web and may be additionally applied in server-side scripting. Therefore if you are interested in learning the Java script language to expand your skill set, you can jumpstart your learning ranging from tutorials to courses, certificate courses and degrees. 

For this reason in this piece, I have put together a curated list of the best Java Script books which will give you useful insights and also allow you to fortify your knowledge. So then before purchasing any book please review the author and the book, will give you useful insights into your fulfilment of expectations.

1. A Smarter Way to Learn Java Script

Author:- Mark Myers. Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.

Price :- Rs 1692.00

This book has been written for beginners who are new to programming. It is also very useful for experienced developers for upskilling. Explaining basic coding concepts in  English and possessing advanced concepts eg. constructors and prototypes. If you are an intermediate Java Script Developer you benefit from this book as it contains a number of free online interactive exercises in every chapter which will give you extra practice and brush up your skills.

Topics discussed include Java Script fundamentals viz. variables, loops, strings, maths expressions, arrays and functions. It also contains prototypes, exception handling and constructors along with DOM manipulations, browser control & event handling.

2. Head First Javascript: A Brain-Friendly Guide

Author: Eric Freeman & Elizabeth Robson. Publisher: Shroff/O Reilly.

Price: Rs 1530.00

Firstly this user-friendly book enhances your knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals to very advanced topics. Subsequently, this includes the browser document object model. Usually. Moreover, it is designed with the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory which provides the readers with an amazing multisensory insight. In particular, exploring the book will entice you to solve puzzles, and play games interactively. Singularly you can build your own web applications by writing real code. Topics include:

a.The inner details of Java script.

b. The secrets of JavaScript types.

c.The power of functions

d.How Java Scripts work with the browser.

e.Making use of prototypes.

f.How to work with objects.

g.Writing & Testing applications.

h.Understanding closures.

3. Eloquent Javascript

Author: Marijn Haverbeke .     Publisher: Shroff Publishers& Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Price: Paperback- Rs 2089.

To begin with, Eloquent Javascript exhibits a complete guide to the core concepts of Java Script as a coding language. As a matter of fact, being split into three sections, this book sets a goal for each section giving the avid readers know-how of what skill, material and examples are being highlighted in each section. Consequently, learnings from this book include essential elements of programming like data, syntax and control flow.

Writing browser scripts and making basic web applications.

Building browser scripts and making basic web applications.

Building servers and utilities with Node.js

Organising to clarify your code with object-oriented and functional programming language techniques.

Using the DOM effectively to interact with the webpage.

  4. Java Script: The Definitive Guide

Author:-David Flannagan      Publisher: O’Reilly

Price: Rs 2150.

Undoubtedly this extraordinary book published a quarter century ago is a best seller and the ultimate read for the Javascript programme. Secondly, the updated 2020 version has new chapters added like meta-programming, nodules, generators and iterators. In the first place, this book is meant specially for new programmers who want to study JavaScript and for web developers who want mastery of this subject.

For instance, the curated topics are:- 

a Functions, async/await, classes, promises, modules, iterators.

b.Types, objects & arrays, values, statements, variables, operators

c. The web platform storage & threads documents, networking, and graphics.

d. Node.js -buffers, web clients & web servers, files, child process threads, streams.

5. Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja

Authors John Reasig, Bear Bibeault and Josip Maras .

  Publisher Manning Publications 

Price Rs 4240.00 

To begin with, the author John Resig is a recognised Javascript authority and the creator of jQuerylibrary. Secondly, Bear Bibeault is the author of the 1st edition being a web developer himself and co-author of Ajax in Practice. On the other hand, Josip Maras is a post-doctorate and teacher. To illustrate if you are sincere about Web Development, then you are expected to be ninja stealthy and systematic and be prepared for anything. Thereby Javascript has become a universal application for language for all types of applications, be it on a mobile device on the web, in the cloud or on the desktop. Undeniably this new edition will educate you to master key Java script concepts viz. promises, functions, prototypes, and objects. Inexplicably it covers API eg. DOM, timers and events. Consequently from the perspective of a skilled Java Practitioner, you will learn testing and cross-browser development.

6. JavaScripts-The Good Parts.

Author -Douglas Crockford       Publisher-O’Reilly Media/shroff Publishers

Price-Rs 650.00

In the first place authored by Douglas Crockford scrapes away the earlier features due to hurried publication. As an example, this edition is readable, reliable and maintainable. Not to mention, this book delves into functions, styles, syntax, objects, inheritance, arrays, methods and regular expressions. Accordingly, if you are developing a site or an application this book is vital with its lightweight, beautiful, eloquent language that lets you write effective code.

7. JavaScript and jQuery 

Author-Jon Ducket

Price- Rs 2660.00

Generally, do you want to learn Javascript and jQuery together to start Web Development? Ordinarily, it is packed with graphics and visuals for understanding code in a more appropriate and easy manner. Undoubtedly you can write your own working scripts in a flash. Accordingly progressing to the succeeding concepts is systematic and follows a rational direction in this book.

8. You don’t know JS: A set of  Six volumes.

Author: Kyle Simpson   Publisher: Shroff/O’Reilly Media

Price- Rs 2800.00

Undoubtedly You Don’t Know JS: Up and Going, Types and Grammar,

ES6 and Beyond, Async and Performance, and Scope and Closures. are books which will be covered . To be sure this collection is from the basics of JS and then scales up to the closure, objects, scopes and eventually ES 2016 changes. Anybody who goes through all six books will definitely become a master of JS.

9. Learn Javascript VISUALLY with Interactive Exercises

Author- Ivelin Demirov  Price: Rs 1770.00

This is an amazing book for Visual Learners as they always retain knowledge in an inherently different way than normal methods. It also gives guidance through online resource materials. The visual approach taught makes the complex topic very simple to learn.

10. Java Script: The Comprehensive Guide

Publisher The Rheinwerk Computing, Author-Philip Ackermann

Price Rs 2200.00

The ground basics of programming can be learnt by reading this book’s comprehensive hands-on guide. You will learn about Java script Programming from its core language concepts required for client-side tasks. This will be your all-in-one guide to Java script.


Even though we have listed 10 good books on Java script, there are countless other books available in the market to cater to your demand.

Every web developer today understands the significance of having a good understanding of JavaScript. It is a powerful programming language utilized to create interactive content on the web. It is a flexible and user-friendly programme. Attaining the skill sets of Java scripts can open the door to newer opportunities. The above books will serve you immensely in knowledge gathering and implementation.

1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language which is object-based. It is a server-side & client-side scripting language.

2. Which Javascript Book is best for beginners?

Head First JavaScript Programming: A Brain-Friendly Guide by Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson is best for beginners.

3. Can JavaScript be learnt from a book?

Yes to some extent a book may make you proficient in JavaScript, but exercises and working on projects will give you a better hands-on experience

4. Can JavaScript be learnt in 6 months?

Yes, you can master JavaScript in 6 months with full dedication to the learning process.

5. Why is it advisable to learn JavaScript Programming Language?

There is a continuous demand for JavaScript programmers in the IT Industry, as it is the most sought-after client-side programming language.

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